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Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VII, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Disclaimer: This story has characters I have no rights over. I used varoius versions of Cinderella aka Cinder Girl story to make this. I hope that you enjoy and leave a review for me.

Cinder Girl
By Sailor Poison

Garnet - Cinder Girl
Zidane - Prince
Reno - King
Rinoa - Queen
Edea - Fairy godmother
Aeris - Stepmother
Cid ff7 - Father
Yuffie - Older stepsister
Selphie - Younger stepsister
Sterner - Royal announcer
Seifer - Royal Servant

Chapter 1

Once upon a time . . . .

. . . . . . . . there was a happy family. Then fate dealt them a low blow. The mother got ill and died. Cid’s heart grew cold in grief and he took to traveling. He would leave his young daughter, Garnet, at home for long periods of time. Garnet would always be eagerly awaiting his return. She loved him dearly, despite his cold heart. One day he came home with a woman and two children. Her name was Aeris. Aeris pretty much was an airhead. Her two spoiled children were Yuffie and Selphie. The first week, they changed things around in Garnet’s home. She lost all her lovely dresses and was made to serve the two selfish brats. Her father was blind to this. This was a dark period for the girl. Then one day, events would change the course of her life.

The day begins like any other day. She rose before the sun, to dress in her servant clothes. She milked the cow, get eggs for the cook, and began her cleaning. As she did this, small white mice come along. All animals liked Garnet.

First mouse, “Poor cinder child.”

Second Mouse, “Let’s sing her a song!”

Mice cheered and began to sing.

“The dawn brings new hope . . Never give up.
Tomorrow can always better.
Love will finds it’s way. So don.’t . . “

Then some dynamite comes fling at the singing mice. It blows them to pieces. Cid looked at this, with a glint in his eyes. He hated singing mice.

Cid, “God-damn singing mice! ”

Garnet sighed and cleaned up the remains. She buried them in the garden. For some reason dead singing mice was good fertilizer. Then she went in for breakfast. Cid was already at the table. He grunts his morning greeting.

Aeris, “I am going to town to get some pretty stuff for my girls.”

Cid, “Just don’t waste my fucking money!”

Aeris just smiles.

Garnet knew her stepmother was going to waste money. She still kept quiet. The morning went with the stepsisters bragging. Then she went continued her chores for the day.

Aeris went to town after breakfast. She spent most of the morning going from shop to shop. She was looking into the dress shop window when the Royal announcer came to the center of town. Sterner put up a sheet. Then, he yelled out the news.

Sterner, “Hear ye, hear ye! King Reno is having a royal ball. Two nights of fun! All are welcomed. One lucky girl will become the next wife of our beloved prince

Aeris hurried over to see for herself. She squealed in joy and hurried home.

Aeris, “Girls! Come and hear the news!”

The family met her quickly, even Cid and Garnet wandered into the room.

Aeris, “There will be a royal ball tomorrow night! Prince Zidane is looking for a wife.”

Cid, “Hell, I already knew this. I got the letter in the fucking mail, ya dumb bitch.”

Yuffie and Selphie got very excited.

Yuffie, “We must get new dresses!”

Selphie, “New hair cuts!”

Garnet, “May I go father?”

Cid, “Hell, ask your damn airhead mother.”

Cid walked out of the room.

The sisters squealing in protest.

Aeris, “No, maybe next ball.”

Garnet wasrtbrrtbroken.

Chapter 2

The ball was for a special reason. Prince Zidane and his loyal servant, Seifer, just returned home for their journeys. The princes seen many lands and many girls. He had yet to find one that he wanted to settle down with. Reno came down after his son rested to have a serious talk.

Reno, “Zidane . . . you have seen much?”

Zidane, “Yes father.”

Reno, “Righted much wrong?”

Zidane, “Yes father.”

Reno, “Stared death in the face?”

Zidane, “Yes father.”

Reno, “Then how come you are still single?!”

Zidane, “I want a wholesome girl who looks hot!”

Reno, “What? Just pick one!”

The queen came in at this moment.

Rinoa, “That is so egotistic.”

Reno, “The boy needs to get married and produce an heir.”

Rinoa, “Then compromise, dear”

Reno, “I will hold several balls this week. He will find a girl and he will marry her!”

That is how the ball became important to the prince.

The same day the news went out, the balls was almost ready. The prince was practicing fencing with Seifer.

Zidane, “I hate balls! All stuffy and ridiculous.”

Seifer, “You are the prince and must do your job.”

Zidane, “How about we change positions. I can scoop out the girls and you can have fun.”

Seifer, “Will the king agree?”

Zidane, “Yeah, once I use my fast talk on him.”

Seifer, “No one in this kingdom seen you . . . . “

Zidane, “Exactly!”

Seifer smiled, “Very well . . . . .This might be fun!”

Zidane with a grin, “I will be honored to serve you, prince Zidane.”

The king wasn’t pleased at first. The queen helped Zidane talk the king into letting him do this. She thought it was quite clever. They had clothes made up and all the castle staff agreed to carry off this deception. Seifer made a very dashing prince.

Zidane, “I think we are almost ready for the ball!”

Seifer, “Now lets practice acting our parts.

Chapter 3

The day of the ball, Garnet was forced to help her stepsisters get ready. She washed their hair, put on their makeup, and helped them with their dresses. Cid also got ready, more reluctantly. He had no desire to go, but Aeris nagged him into it. Soon, it was time and the four left. Garnet’s heart sank as she watched their chocobo carriages pull away. A tear trickled down her cheek and became a light. The light became a lovely woman, with a crystal wand

Garnet, “Who are you?”

Woman, “My name is Edea. I am the fairy who grants the wishes of good hearted people.”

Garnet, “I only want to attend the ball and to see the prince.”

Edea, “Then, I shall grant that desire.”

With a wave of her wand, there was a golden carriage. Pulling it was golden chocobos.

Garnet, “I have nothing to wear. . . “

Edea waved her wand and a dress appeared on Garnet. It was made of silver and white silk. On her feet were silver shoes.

Garnet, “Thank you very much!”

Edea, “Hurry back before midnight.”

Garnet hurried into the carriage and went to the ball.

Seifer danced with all the girls. Then Zidane would talk to the ones Seifer danced with. Some were stupid, some were nasty, and some were both stupid and nasty. Garnet came into the palace. The prince saw her as she entered. He was hoping she was different from the others. Yuffie and Selphie had their dance with Seifer. Zidane even talked to them. He was not impressed. The he saw Seifer dancing with Garnet. She almost seemed to float across the floor, with grace he seen only in his mother. She thought the Prince was handsome and well mannered. Just seeing him was enough for her. Then she danced with other young men who came to see the lovely young women. Then she went to get a drink of punch. Zidane took this as a chance to talk to her.

Zidane, “Let me pour you some.”

Garnet, “Thank you, kind sir.”

He poured her some punch. She found him cute and more interesting than the prince.

Zidane, “I traveled to the different lands with the prince. I have seen much.”

Garnet, “What has the prince done?”

Zidane went over the tales. She was impressed. The she asks what he did. He told some of his childhood stories.

Soon, it was midnight and Garnet had to leave.

When her family came home, she could hear her father complaining about the time. He hated being forced to stay up late. He didn’t say much to his daughter. They all went to bed. In the morning, the others got up a bit late. Garnet went about her usual morning. Father again blew up some more mice. They were trying to wake him up in a good mood. Then explosion woke the others. Thus, began a day of whining from her stepsisters. This got on Cid’s nerves and he threatened to lock them all in the basement if they didn’t shut up. This got the point across theythey stuck to nagging Garnet. Soon, she had to get them ready for the ball. All three women were prepped and dressed. Garnet couldn’t not bear to see them go and went to the garden. Again Edea appeared before her and this time gave her a golden dress with golden slippers. She also recreated the chocobo pulled carriage. Edea then vand. d. Unknown to Garnet, her father stayed home and saw this. He thought the face was familiar the other night. She was so much like his first wife it hurt. He felt the ice in his heart melt as he remembers his first love. So he does nothing to stop her as she boarded the carriage and went to the ball.

The ball was even more splendid than the night before. Seifer danced with the girls the Prince liked and Zidane questioned them even more closely. The girls were te, te, since they thought Zidane was the close servant to the prince. He got more of an impression of theme than he cared for. Then he interviewed Selphie again. She was more Seifer’s taste then his. Yuffie was just too stupid for his taste and wasn’t on the list. He had a chance to see Garnet again. Garnet had a wonderful dance with the prince, but wanted to see that young servant again. She found him and they started to talk some more. Both lost track of time. Soon again it was almost midnight. Zidane tried to get her name, but she hurried out the doors. Zidane chased her but only found a golden slipper.

Chapter 4

The next day, he saw his parents and his father asked who he has chosen to be his bride.

Zidane, “I have find her, but I have no name. Just a slipper.”

Reno, “You forgot to get a name?”

Zidane, “Well . . . “

Reno, “You can either choose another girl or find the owner of that slipper.”

Rinoa, “I hope you find the right girl, dear.”

That is when Zidane and Seifer climbed onto their chocobos and went in search for the girl. They also kept up their masquerade. They went form home to home. None fit this delicate foot wear. Soon they came to Garnet's home.

They were ushered inside. Cid saw them approaching. He went to get his daughter ready. So, Aeris had to answer the door.

Aeris, “Hello.”

Seifer, “May I see your daughters?”

Aeris, “Oh, why?”

Seifer, “The maiden who fits this shoe is to be the next princess.”

Aeris gets excited, “Come on in.”

Both are red red inside. Aeris calls her daughters into the room.

Yuffie volunteers to fit first. Aeris takes her to a side room. Her toe is too big.

Aeris, “We’ll just cut it off!”

Yuffie, “What?!”

They cut her toe off and soon the shoe fit. So she went out the door.

Seifer and Zidane looked at her feet.

Seifer, “You know her foot is bleeding.”

So the shoe was taken off. Selphie went to another room to try it on. This time her heel was too big

Aeris, “We’ll just cut it off!”

Selphie, “What?!”

After her heel was removed, so the shoe fit. She walked into the room.

Zidane, “Does your family often have troubler with bleeding feet?”

Then Garnet came in, wearing a dress suited for her station.

Cid, “Let my child try that one.” He saw the feet of Yuffie and Selphie. “ What the hell did you do to their feet, Aeris?!”

Garnet tried it on and it fit perfectly. Zidane bowed before her and told her his story.

Zidane, “Will you marry me?”

Later Cid explained his change of heart. He had a dream the night of the ball. In his dream he saw his wife. His heart was freed of the ice that left him blind all these years. Cid then asked for his daughter’s forgiveness. She forgave him and they both rejoiced. On the way to the chapel, Cid met the royal parents. In that same chapel he gave his daughter away. The wedding itself was grand. Aeris and her children wanted to attend the wedding, but they were stuck at home cleaning. Years later Garnet became a wise queen and Zidane a wise king. They lead their kingdom into prosperity and good fortune. Selphie did marry the servant Seifer. It seems they were a perfect couple like Zidane predicted. All that matters is that the right people live happily ever after.

The End.

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