No True Endings

BY : SailorPoison
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Cid X Vincent

Disclaimer: I have no rights over the characters in my story. This is Yaoi with character death.

Some of this is based off what has happened to a loved one, grandfather Dyke whom I miss alot. I hope you watch over me from heaven. Thanks for loving me, grandfather.

“ No True Endings “
By Sailor Poison

Older man shuffles around the kitchen trying to heat up some tea. His hair is gray without a trace of color, though it has not thinned out much. His face wrinkled and yet his sky blue eyes peer around him with the same intelligence he possessed when he was a hero years ago. Those days are long gone and remembered by few. His body isn’t as thick as it used to be but still held muscle. Cid hasn’t slacked that much in his older years. The former pilot may not fly anymore, he still has been active. He gives advice to the new town leader on occasionlly. Cid has also been a great helping in building the flight navigators for the space program. Few days ago he turned 92.

The pilot doesn’t live alone. A taller man walks in and sigh when he sees Cid in the kitchen. The taller man looks young, black hair hardly has no gray hair, eyes with a dull red glow, and a gracefully thin body. Vincent moves behind the pilot, his hand on his shoulder in a tender, gentle touch.

Vincent, “Making some tea?”

Cid, “Yeah, I’m in the mood for something.... minty. Want some?”

Vincent smiles, “Yes, that would be lovely.”

Vincent has lived with Cid for many years, since the day after the pilot confessed his love to the former Turk. Vincent always has known he will outlive his love. At times it was a painful truth that would hit him at night while he lay in bed. He would curl closer to Cid and hold him tight while the pilot slept oblivious. Years have marched past him as he watches his love age before his yes. Yet, he wouldn’t trade them in for anything.

Cid, “The air is a bit cold. Maybe I should get a better heater this year?”

Vincent heard this year after year for Cid never does it, “If you want to.”

Cid sounded a bit bored, “I don’t got alot to do today... “

Vincent, “We can always go for a picnic.”

Cid considers it, “Some of the romantic shit huh?” with a wide grin.

Vincent chuckles, “Yes.”

Cid, “Okay, if you insist then I guess I can put up with it.”

Both knew he enjoyed the picnics. This was a game they played. Make love in a lonely field. Sometimes, Cid let Vincent take control. How the Ex-turk made love to him was both sweet and done with great skill. Vincent tried to do all things like a perfectionist. The older Cid got, more he let Vincent be in charge. The times of passion became less frequent but that just made each time even more special. Sometimes it seemed it would go on forever. Sometimes the time together seem so fragile it hurt.

Vincent was making supper. A potato dish that Cid seem to love. He just moved the skillet off the old stove burner when he heard a nois the the bathroom. It took him a moment to realize he heard it for his mind was occupied.

Vincent, “Cid are you okay?” He expected a sheepish reply. Maybe Cid dropped something again. No reply came, “Cid?” His heart seem to stop a moment in his chest. What if Cid fell? Cid was a sturdy old man for his age. Helped that he stopped smoking sometime ago but still, Vincent went to the bathroom and gave a small knock, “Cid? Are you okay?”

He opens the door to see Cid’s body on the floor of the bathroom. It looks like Cid was brushing his teeth when he fell. The Ex-Turk hurried to the pilot’s side. The former pilot still had a pulse but he was unable to wake him. Vincent carried him to a doctor. s ths the door open, man cradled in his arms as he approaches a nurse.

Vincent, “This is an emergency.”

Nurse looks in shock a moment before she brings a gurney around, “Lay him down here.”

Vincent felt reluctant to let his love go now but does so anyway. They rush off a to do tests on him, leaving Vincent waiting. The wait seem long for the usual patience man. Soon, he is lead to the room Cid was put. Cid was sitting up in bed, he looked at Vincent in confusion. Relief flows through him seeing his love awake.

Cid, “Hey.”

Vincent, “Are you okay?”

Cid, “Damn... I think so. I don’t wanna die on the toilet, man.”

Vincent chuckles and holdid'id's hand tightly.

Cid, “They don’t know what I collapsed yet. I have to stay a bit to make sure I’m fine. God, I hate hospitals.”

Vincent. “I want you to be healthy as possible.”

Cid smiles at his love, “I know... I wish I had a smoke.”

Vincent, “....?! .. Cid... “

Cid, “Just kidding... I am not gonna smoke, I promise.”

Vincent eyes him a moment before settling down to keep Cid company. They watch TV and talk for a while. After a while, visiting period was over and Vincent had to go home. The house seemed colder and so empty without Cid. Vincent fixed a small meal, his appetite wasn’t very good and he had to force himself to eat. As he was washing the dishes, Vincent accidentally tipped a cup off the counter. It shattered intny pny pieces. Vincent looked down with a sigh, seeing it was one of Cid’s favorite cups. He reached down and began to pick up the pieces, one sliver sliced into his finger bringing up blood. Looked at the crimson drops with a chill. For a second sense of this felt like a bad omen. Shook it off, fod wad wasn’t dying yet.

Early morning, phone was ringing. Vincent rubs his eyes and reaches over speaking into the phone with a slightly hoarse voice.

Vincent, “Hello?”

Doctor in a serious voice, “Mr. Valentine?”

Vincent, “Yes?”

Doctor, “I am afraid there has been a complication with Mr. Highwind. Best if you come in so we can talk.”

Vincent felt his heart skip a heart. He throws some clothes on and hurries down to the hospital. There he is able to see the doctor.

Doctor, “Highwind’s left lung collapsed this morning. We thought a stroke was the initial reason for his collapse, but it seems the collapse of the lung triggered the rest of the damage to the brain.”

Vincent was in shock. A stroke? He softly asks, “Anything can be done?”

Doctor, “I wish there was.”

Cid lays in bed, unable to move all like he used to. A catheter was placed inside him because of his loss of bladder control. Vincent can see by his eyes that the former pilot was frustrated and embarrassed by it all. His ability to speak was also affected. What few words he could get out were hard to understand at first and often took much effort to make, The most bitter part, he was dying. He lost interest in eating, thus he quickly lost weight. The man wasishiishing before his eyes. Cid did express the desire to come home. Vincent has been holding it off in hopes the doctors can help him. His love was going to die and Vincent was unable to save him. His thoughts were on what was best for his love when he heard commotion in Cid’s room. Fear gripped his heart as he rushed on. Nurses trying to reason with Cid as apparently ripped the catheter out while it was still inflated. His one good arm making any attempts to put it back in impossible.

Cid in a slurred manner, “No!”

Vincent pushes the nurses away and speaks in a cold way, “He said no.”

Cid tried to smile at him though half his mouth didn’t quite get it. Cid was still Cid even if his body was failing him.

Vincent, “I shall take him home now.”

A bed was set up in the front room. Cid feels more relaxed back in his home. Smell of coffee and tea lingers in the air. Too tired anyway to be bored. Had to wear adult diapers because he no control over his bladder and bowels. He still felt embarrassed by having Vincent change him but wasn’t nearly as bad as when strangers did it. What bothered Vincent was finding something Cid was willing to eat. The man was willing to drink tea still but he declined many of his old favorites. Ice cream was in the list of accepted food. Then they got visitors. Some of their friends were unable to come. Barret had died a few years back from cancer. Tifa and Cloud have also been put to the grave. Tifa got illness of the mind and faded like a star. Cloud was found dead shortly afterward. Reeve also died not to long ago, for he died of heart failure. Yuffie came to visit, years have mellowed her to something more agreeable. Nanaki also paid his respects to them. He was grieved to be losing another one of his friends.

When Yuffie came, she brought some flowers and chocolates as a gift. Yuffie grew up to be a beautiful ninja leader and years have only gracefully dances across her features. Her outfit has changed to more conservative shorts and top. Vincent hovers protective by Cid’s bed.

Yuffie, “Hey, you old geezer! I see you aren’t playing sick.”

Cid snickers some and weakly lifts his hand to give her the middle finger while wearing a crooked attempt for a smile.

Yuffie, “Oh, gawd.... you still haven't changed.” Smiles but a tear trickles down her cheek, “I’m sorry this happened Cid.”

Cid shrugs with his good shoulder.

Vincent, “It is good to see you, Yuffie.”

Yuffie, “Can he have a chocolate?”

Vincent, “A small one.” Vincent takes care to make sure it isn’t too large when he gives it to Cid.

Yuffie, “Anything I can do?”

Cid sighs a bit.

Vincent softly, “Coming here is enough.”

Cid weakllds lds her hand to show he agrees.

Yuffie squeezes his hand gently, aware of how much meat was gone from his once solid medium build. Gave her a sense of her own mortality.

Yuffie, “Are you really.. dying Cid?”

Cid nods slowly at her.

Yuffie, “I want to say.. you are my friend. If you do die, I’ll.. “ Pause to chew on a finger nail, “I’ll miss you alot Cid.”

Nanaki’s visit came shortly after Yuffie’s. The large cat came with his mate he found not so long ago. They were both still a bit young to have cubs but both had hopes to repopulate their species. Nanaki and his one golden eye the gleaned of intelligence past most humans. His new mate sat to the side, respectfully quiet. His visit came when Cid was sleeping.

Nanaki, “I see winter has come for Cid.”

Vincent, “Too early.... We both knew he was going to die eventually.”

Nanaki, “.... Knowing doesn’t make it easier. I knew someday my grandfather would die, but it still hurt. I decided to see it has him going on a new journey. Even if Cid dies, his soul will live on and be reborn.”

Vincent growls, “... I guess I am selfish because I want him with me.”

Nanaki rubbed against Vincent's leg softly.

Vincent sighs, “Forgive me old friend, that was uncalled for.... “

Nanaki, “But understandable. How long does he have left?”

Vincent shrugs, “Hard to tell. On some days he seems to be alert, other days he hardly eats and just sleeps.”

Nanaki, “Good luck Vincent, my heart is with you both.”

Yuffie visited more often after that. She would stay with Cid so Vincent could have a break. Cid didn’t like her changing him, but not like he could do anything about it. They tried to help him change positions to prevent bed sores. His meals dropped to eating small plates of pudding or ice cream. Hard to tell he was once a fighter. Yuffie gave him a good haircut once. Vincent took care to shave his feverevery morning and keep him was dry as possible to prevent rash. Cid sometimes watched television, though mostly he slept. Vincent would read to him when he could. Those moments he felt as close to his love as ever.

The evening was warm but not oppressive with an occasional breeze. The stars were coming out now as the sun set in the horizon. All was not well. Cid’s breathing has been becoming worse and worse. He was laying on his back, breathing it self becamre are and more difficult. Vincent was growing more upset about his love’s condition. Sweat on his pale face as Cid lays trying to breath. Vincent finds it impossible to watch his love suffer, so he called up the doctor for advice.

Doctor, “I could send some oxygen, but I have an idea. Can you try laying him on his side?”

Vincent, “I’ll try that... “

Doctor, “Call back if that doesn’t work.”

Vincent hangs up and goes to Cid. Hard to turn the man over without bruising him. Cid grunted as he got onto his right side. Soon his breathing started to ease up.

Vincent, “Want another blanket Cid?”

Cid uttered a no.

Vincent, “Want me to read to you?”

Gets a nod so he grabs a book and reads to the pilot. Cid quickly falls asleep now that his breathing was easier. Vincent just sits and watches him sleep. He looked so small in the bed now. Vincent tucks the blankets around him more snug. Tears trickles down his face. He could sense that Cid might die soon but wasn’t sure when. Didn’t want the moment to pass. But the hours tick by and soon, before he knows it, he drifts to sleep in the chair.

His sleep starts off dreamless. Then he sees Cid. Standing like he was 32 again. No sign of the stroke or the weight lose. Smiles sadly at the Ex-Turk.

Vincent, “........ ?!.... Cid?”

Cid whipsers, “I love you Vincent.” Turns and walks off towards the green light.

Vincent, “...... Cid.... “ clenches his hands by his side then tries to run after him, “Wait! Cid!”

Wakes up , almost falling from the chair, and yelling for Cid to stop. Can see from the window it was sunrise. Sky color of pink and gold now. Vincent glances quickly to Cid. The pilot seemed to be so at peace. So still. Touches his cheek to feel it was more room temperature. Quick check of the pulse confirmed what Vincent’s heart already knew. Pulls the sheet over his love's face, tear trickles down his cheek. Part of him marveling on how simple it was.

Cid funeral was a huge one. Most of the people who live in Rocket town were there. Yuffie and Nanaki also appeared. There were people from other towns who wanted to be at the funeral of the famous pilot. Most of it passed in a painful blur. People gave speeches about how Cid touched their lives. Many people even cried. Vincent stood through it all with a calm face, his dim red eyes dry, and almost cold. Those who knew Vincent, were aware of how he keeps his most personal feelings secret. His training taught him how to kill his feelings. How many dark deeds has he done that require him to shut down his feelings? More then he cared to remember. He was the best of the best. Yet, his skills can’t bring people back from the dead. How useful was the ability to shoot when his enemy had no physical form. Soon the private wake was over and the people went home. Vincent was left alone in the small house. It was too cold and empty. Reminded him of the years he spent locked in the basement of the old mansion. So cold and empty except for the monsters who seemed to leave him be. Every room had its ghost. Sometimes he swore he could see Cid in his study. Wasn’t sure which was worse: the emptiness or the memories that haunted him.

People say travel is good for you. Vincent found only isolated him from people further. Traveled aimlessly from Rocket Town in no particular direction. His chocobo didn’t seem to care but was happy enough to be out and about. The air grew more cooler as he traveled. Aside sound of passing animals and his own mount, trip was spent in silence. Sometimes he was remembered the times he spent with Cid. Sometimes he avoided thinking all together, traveling in a numb state. At night, his sleep was when his thoughts were most active. Sometimes he would wake up, tears streaming down his pale cheeks. Could he live on without Cid? Time did anything but heal the pain in his heart.

Vincent finally stopped at a lonely cave. He set his chocobo loose and made a small fire inside the cave, He found he couldn’t face the countless years alone again. Nor could he go back to that coffin again. Vincent stayed in his cave till nightfall. Then he sat at the entrance, watching the stars shine down upon him. One last tim see see them maybe.

Old friends with cold comfort for he used to watch the stars with Cid. Cid loved to point out the consolations to the former Turk. Could hear in his voice he still had longing to be up there. Maybe his spirit got that chance? Maybe he was laughing up there with the stars. Vincent wished he could be with him if that was the case. His love was so honest with his emotions. How often did Cid tell him “I love you” ? Hard to count for he said so at night before slept cliamed him or while they made love. Wished he could have said it back more. Often made Vincent forget that he was a monster. Cid accepted him totally. That was the past now. Vincent slips back into the cave and feeds more sticks to the small fire.

He remembers how Cid loved to camp outside when the weather was warm. They would build a small fire and make love by it. He remembers the first camping trip they made. Cid made roasted mellows and places them between some chocolate and crackers. How he leaned in to lick the marshmallow of Vincent’s lips. How they touched each other, like two young lovers. Cid was always the one ontop but that night, he let Vincent take charge. First time Cid admitted being dominated felt good. Was scared he might get too rough with him, but Cid seemed to want more. So Vincent took him, not holding back. Their voices intermingled under the stars,

The memory made him long for his love even more. Wanted to touch him, to tell him how much he loved him. To do that he has to be with Cid in the life stream. Only way to do that would be jump in it or to die. He had no plans to go all the way to Mideel or Northern Crater to jump into it. Why? He wanted to join Cid and not visit him on a gamble. Vincent took out one of his pistols. His guns were his pride, as the planes were Cid’s pride. This gun was a friend who have saved his life many times over. Now they shall do him a final service. He held the gun to left temple, finger curling around the trigger as he closed his eyes. Hears a familiar voice say his name.

Aeris stood before him. Looks the same as the day she died. Brown hair tied back in a loose braid. Her smile as gentle as her soft brown eyes. Still in the same pink with the small red jacket.

Aeris, “Poor Vincent... “

Vincent, dryly, “What do you want?”

Aeris, “Why kill yourself?”

Vincent lowers his gun to his lap, “............ It is personal.... “

Aeris touches his shoulder, her touch is warm and he can sense the love shs fos for him, “You want to be with Cid. Cloud felt the same way about Tifa. So I let him be reincarnated with her. “ Vincent doesn’t respond. “You won’t remember this life.. but maybe you can keep just enough of your memory so you will recognize him though he shall not recognize you. If your love is strong then it shall prevail. There is no going back once you enter the lifestream.”

Vincent nods, “I want to be with Cid.... “

Aeris, “Then you shall be reborn in a new body also. One that is mortal.. as you so wished for a long time. “

She embraced him and he felt a warmth come over his body then suddenly he realizes he could see his body laying on the cave floor. Aeris took his hand and walked him towards the green light of the life stream. He felt as if he was going home again.

Nanaki has been tracking Vincent for days. For a while he feared he lost the trail but found it again. Sun was rising overhead, few clouds glide in a lazy way. He was tired and concerned for his friend. Finally came upon the cave. Chocobo walked around idly, looking for food. He could smell death nearby. The great cat looked into the cave to see the Ex-Turk laying by a dead fire. His body still and face looked peaceful. Hand on his gun but there was no wound on his body. Reminded Nanaki of when Cloud’s body was found. Holding the sword, yet no wound and a similar peaceful expression. Nanaki stepped out and have one long howl to say goodbye to Vincent.


Years go by as the world doesn’t pause. People long forgotten mako reactors and the terror or meteor. Heroes become legend and legend becomes myth. If a stranger asked about ShinRa they would get a blank stare.

Victor is a slender child with raven black hair. His father was a expert in guns and allowed his 10 year old son to own a bee bee gun. He liked to practice with small cans and other targets, perfecting his aim. His parents were a bit strict but loving. Victor had no real friends he would consider close, as if he was waiting for something.

One day, he just left his home to find a place to practice when he heard some of the local children. Curiosity drew him to the noise. Some of the local bullies were chasing a child he never seen before. He recalls his father mentioning a new family that moved into town. The child was a bit scrawny and ran funny. Blond hair wild as he runs from the kids who chased him with sticks, The stranger did a jump to grab a tree branch and scrambled his way up to branches to get away. Victor hid behind a car for now. The child, of course, was bold enough to give his tormentors the raspberry. Victor had to chuckle at this. Taunted the others and he can see his words did indeed upset them.

Child, “Yeah yeah... Climb up and get me ya fat asses!” Then moons them.

One of the four boys went off and came back with a axe. They clearly planned to cut the tree down. The stranger could get seriously hurt if that happened. That is when Victor decided to take action. Carefully aimed at one child’s rear end. The boy dropped the axe as Victor shot at the other boys’s legs. They knew they were being sniped and ran for it. When the coast was clear the stranger came down from the tree. Victor decided to make sure the other child was okay.

Victor, “You okay, kid?”

Stranger, “Yeah.... Thanks alot! I thought I was a goner!” Offered his hand, “Name is Sidney.”

Victor a bit shy, “Victor.. “ as soon as their hands touched, he felt as if his wait was over.

Sidney, “Just call me Sid... Hey Vic, since I’m all new, anything else in this town aside that losers club?”

Victor smiles softly, felt as if his life truly started. He shyly responds, “Sure.I waI was gonna practice with my gun but...”

Sid, “Cool gun! Show me around, then maybe you can show me how ta use that?”

Victor pleased to hear that, “You really want to? Okay, follow me.”

Both boys walked off for a tour of the town. Victor resisting the urge to hold the other boys hand. Both trading jokes as a bond formed between them. Though the end of this story has come for us, it is just the start of a new story for them.

There are no endings, only beginnings.

~ The End ~

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