Joined Worlds

BY : SailorPoison
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Cast from ff7
Cid Highwind Vincent Yuffie
Cloud Tifa Barret
Cast from ff8
Squall Cid Kramer Zell Seifer Laguna
Quistis Raijin Fujin Rinoa Irvine

Joined Worlds
by Sailor Poison

A lone man was scaling some mountains. His blond hair, that tended to spike some, was swept back by a sudden gust of wind. His mako blue eyes the only hint to his unusual past. His name is Cloud Strife. He has been climbing for the good part of the day, finding it refreshing. At the top, he could see for miles. He put his hand in his pocket and touch something hard. Raw crystal. A reminder of why he was ontop of a mountain. A quiet sigh escaped from his lips. He was about to start back down the mountain, when he saw some strange light. The light became a gateway and then something came out.

Chapter 1

Captain Cid was flying Highwind and testing out a new engine design on her. The Captain had short platinum blond hair, that was graying. Now, he wasn’t the tallest of men, since some of the crew men towered over him slightly. He wasn’t wearing his usual clothes today. He looked more like a captain than a regular pilot. Actually, his crew really flew the airship and Cid gave the orders. He hardly paid attention to where they were going. One could tell by his blue eyes, his mind was elsewhere. Cid was only paying attention to the hum of the engines. Each noise mentally noted. The engines were doing better than he expected.

Pilot, “Captain, there is some strange light ahead of us!”

Cid, “Then maneuver the airship to miss it.”

Pilot, “I already tried! We won’t be able to clear it!”

Cid, with a carefree wave of his hand, “Stop pissing on yourself, man! We’ll just have to go through it. Call ShinRa and let Reeve know we ran into something. If something goes wrong, then they’ll be alerted.”

Communications man, “Aye, Sir!”

Cid stood next to the pilot, one hand on the control panel and the other on the pilot’s shoulder. They were now passing through the strange light. The energy passes through ship and fills the bridge. The pilot thought the captain removed his hand from his shoulder, till the communications man alerted him otherwise.

Communications man, “Captain?”

The pilot realized Cid was going transparent. Cid looked at himself in puzzlement.

Cid annoyed, “What the *&%#@?”

His voice seemed to be fading with him. Cid backup as his body seemed to fade out more. They could hardly see him.

Cid, in a faint voice, “This is not good. Get this thing back to ShinRa and tell Reeve. Don’t do something stupid!”

Then he was gone. The ship left the lights without a captain.

Crewman, “What do we do?”

Pilot, “We follow our Captain’s orders. If he hears we didn’t, he will chew our ears off.”

Communications man, “If he is still alive. . . “

Pilot, “This the Captain we’re talking about! Get ShinRa on the radio!”

They called ShinRa. They were on their way to the ShinRa headquarters, they got a call from Cloud on the radio.

Communications man, “This is Highwind.”

Cloud, “Hey, is Cid there?”

Communications man, “Umm, no sir. . . . . You need something?”

Cloud, “I need a ride to ShinRa. I just saw something unusual.”

Communications man, “We were on our way there, to report a disappearance. Where is your current location?”

Cloud gives his location. They quickly pick him up before resuming their flight to ShinRa. Cloud walks onto the bridge. First thing he notices is Cid isn’t on the bridge. He also notices the tension.

Cloud, “Where is Cid?”

Communications man, “Sir, we had a problem during a trial run of a new engine. We passed through some strange energy and the Captain vanished.”

Cloud, “Cid vanished?”

Pilot, “Aye, Sir. Energy filled the cabin and he faded before our eyes.”

Cloud, “I saw some strange lights too and something appeared.”

Communications man, “We hope the captain is not in serious trouble.”

They land at the new ShinRa headquarters. Reeve boards Highwind and is little surprised to see Cloud. He gets both stories.

Reeve, “This is very disturbing. . . “

Cloud, “Well, I am clueless on what to do.”

Reeve, “I’ll start an investigation the sites. . . . Not much else we can do.”

Cloud, “Well, is there a place I can get cleaned up?”

Tifa and Barret called to say they would be there in a few days. Both Yuffie and Vincent arrive soon after. Yuffie was 18 years old, with short brown hair and soft brown eyes. She dressed in her usual style clothes. Vincent in the same style outfit that partially hide his face. His black hair hung long, only a bandana kept it from his face. Yuffie was has grown a bit more mature during the two years and was dying for an excuse to leave Wutia. Vincent refused say what he has been up, but they were happy to see him anyway.

Yuffie, “How is Tifa doing?”

Cloud shrugs, “Fine, I guess. . . I haven’t seen her for a while.”

Cloud updates them both.

Yuffie, “Whoa, that is freaky.”

Vincent nods, “....... Strange..... “

Reeve, “We have another sighting. Near Cloud’s home town, Nibelhiem.”

Cloud, “I’m on my way.”

Yuffie, “Hey, you’re taking us with you!”

Cloud shrugs, “Okay.” Not caring either way.

They use the Highwind to get there. Cid’s crew was eager to figure out where the Captain went. The three disembark from the Highwind and looked around on foot. Cloud soon spots some light floating in the air. The closer he got, the brighter it got.

Cloud yelled, “Hey, I found it!”

They walk over to his location.

Yuffie, “Cloud, your disappearing!”

He looked down at himself and noticed he was disappearing.

Cloud, “Well, it doesn’t hurt.”

Yuffie put her hand out to the light and began to disappear.

Yuffie, “Whoa... cool!”

Cloud was almost gone, his voice sounded very far away, “Hey, I can almost see

Vincent, not thrilled, “............. Great.” Puts his hand towards the light.

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