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Chapter 13: WTF?


I sigh, frustrated. I wish I could be with Squall right now... damn adults! It's not like I missed anything anyway. My marks are at least in the 90s, it's not like I'm stupid or anything, I just have attitude problems when it comes to authority figures. Or rather, they have a problem with me.

It's not my fault that I get angry at their crummy logic. Who the hell is going to listen to someone that says, 'do it because I told you so.' It's the stupidest thing to say to teenagers. I hate it when adults talk down to me, well, emotionally speaking, considering I'm taller then all my teachers. They don't even give me lee way like some of the other brainers, simply because I'm going through a 'rebel phase.' Assholes. I went through tlittlittle phase when I was thirteen. Now I'm just independent, and proud of it!

Sure I know I need rules and what not to keep me safe among other things, but it's rules that are illogical that I hate. For example; one of my teachers has this rule that if you come to class early then you'll stay later then everyone else, due to showing off. Come on! What kind of rule is that? Being early is something you phrase, not punish. That's just stupidity.

I sigh and look up at the clock above the door. Only five more minutes. Five more minutes until freedom, or other wise known as; the weekend.

I shut my eyes and lean back into the small plastic chair, dreaming of different things to do with Squall in the hospital. It's actually kind of weird, since I've finished off my community hours a long time ago, but I keep going back to visit him. My guidance counselor knows I'm done, and she finds it weird that I'm still going. I'd never have told, bu, but the nurses that often see me there with Squall called the school to tell them what a good job I was doing, befriending their one patient that never had any friends in the place and was incredibly lonely. So you can imagine how surprised the counselor was, and she actually asked if I was getting paid from someone else to do it. Fuck.. can't they just leave a good thing alone?

I sigh in relief when the bell finally rings. Picking up my bag, I stride out the door, beating even the kids that had been sitting at the front there. I quickly walk towards my locker and push my homework into my larger bag, placing the now empty bag on the bottom of my locker, I take my large dark green bag out and wrap it around one shoulder. Slamming the locker door shut, I put the lock combination into place and stride towards the exit.

"Hey, Seifer!" Pushing through the heavy metal doors, I automatically walk towards my friend's voice near the steps, not really paying attention to what I'm looking at. "Guess who I found!" I look up, only to take a step back at seeing Squall standing there beside Irvine.

"What the fuck?" The long haired teen brings his hands up in mock surrender.

"This is Squall. I met him when I was in grade ten. This was the kid I wanted you to meet, but I never saw him again until today." I look over at the shivering brunette, wearing a strange looking bomber jacket with white fur lining the collar, and baggy leather pants that looked like they should be tighter.

"Where did he come from?" Irvine waves a hand and shrugs.

"I don't know, I just saw him walking in front of the school building when I got out." He turns to the smaller brunette. "Where have you been these past few months? I saw you in the hall ways I few times until around a year ago, then you kind of… vanished." Squall just shakes his head. Irvine looks back up at me. "Hsn'sn't talked once, it's pretty weird man." He slaps me on the shoulder, smirking, "but hey, maybe he's just shy in your presence oh Great Seifer Almasy." I smirk back at him, though I'm still horribly confused as to how Squall could be here.

"Well," he starts, turning back towards the brunette, "my job is over kiddo. This was the blonde I told you about when we first met. He's not really very open, yet everyone in the school seems to know he's gay." I frown over at him, raising an eyebrow in a 'what the hell' expression. Squall doesn't need to know I'm gay, now he's probably going to think I'm going to jump him… even if I do want to. "Ahh, don't worry about it Seifer. Squally-boy here is gay too. Man, they should have a gay matchmaker song." He smiles brightly before tipping his dorky cowboy hat to us. "See you later gentleman." He whistles as he walks away. I shake my head and quickly move closer to Squall.

"What the hell are you doing here Squall? What happened?" I ask, starting to get worried. I look around at the various students getting out of school, all of them sneaking curious glances at the smaller brunette beside me, wondering if he were new here. I also saw a few checking him out. Curling my upper lip in a snarl, I place an arm around the slender shoulders. The brunette's incredibly tense, but with the way he's looking at all the other kids, I'm going to have to say he's nervous as hell.

"Come on, lets get out of here. I'll take you to my house, my foster parents are going to be going away for the weekend. The assholes grounded me, but it's not like I do much anyway. Besides, I don't know how they expect me to follow that stupid punishment if they're not even there." I steer Squall in the direction of my house. It's only a short walk, probably around fifteen minutes tops.

* * *

Well, the usual fifteen minutes walk, turned into half an hour with how slow Squall was. I guess it's understandable, he's obviously tired and not used to walking this long.

I tighten my hold on his shoulder and dig into my pocket to get my house keys out. Pulling them out, I quickly unlock the door, and guide Squall in, kicking the door behind me.

I lead him to past the pastel coloured hallway and into the even brighter living room. I paused and went back into the hallway instead, basically dragging Squall along behind me, as we headed upstairs. At least my room would be darker.

Opening my pastel blue coloured door (believe me, not my choice. I hate bright colours), I pull Squall inside. The dark navy blue walls immediately calm me and get rid of the headache that was starting to form from all the damn colours in the house. The thick light grey carpet goes from wall to wall. A small window over my queen sized bed lets the warm breeze in, dark red curtains flutter over the dark cheery wood headboard. I cross the room and sit Squall on top of the bed. Climbing up beside him, I sit cross legged, facing him.

"Well, you going to tell me how the hell you ended up here?" The brunette looks down for a second before taking off his jacket. My eyes widen at the sight of blood on his arms. "What the hell!?" He winces slightly, and looks up. "Fuck Squall.." I whisper, grabbing onto his arm lightly. "Be right back." I run to the bathroom (just across from my door) and take out the first aide kit underneath the sink. Racing back to my room and Squall, I get back up on the bed and turn Squall so that he's facing me.

Opening the large kit, I take out the peroxide and cotton balls and set to work, gently cleaning the blood away and disinfecting the area. The younger teen winces slightly as it stings, but eventually calms down when the bubbles stop fizzing. Tossing the bloody cotton balls into the trashcan between my desk and bed, I put the bottle back and take out the gauze. Wrapping it tightly around the various cuts, both shallow and deep, I take the small clips and make sure that they're properly held in place and won't come loose.

Sitting back, I look at Squall. "So, what happened?" He sighs, his shoulders slumping. I sigh and reach out to grab his upturned hands. Giving a gentle squeeze, I wait for him to start talking. I know he'll do it hesitantly, and the easiest way to get information, and most annoying, is to keep asking questions.

"I escaped." See?


"Unlocked the cuffs with your spare key, got clothes from in the closet with the same key, and left." Woah.. Just like that?

"When did you cut yourself?" Squall sighs.

"Right after you and Quistis left." I frown in concern and squeeze his hands again. He tilts his head up and smiles weakly. I return it, and motion for him to continue. "I had a dream… no, a flashback to when-" he cuts off, small trickles of tears make their way down his cheeks. I gently pull him towards me, enveloping him in a warm and hopefully comforting hug.

"To when I killed my mom." My eyes widen and I try not to squeeze him too tightly in my surprise. He killed his mom?

"Umm… can I ask why?"

"It… it wasn't really her anymore." He chokes and presses his head further into my neck.

"What do you mean Squall?" He looks up at me, large watery dark blue eyes that almost look like they're looking right through me. And… maybe they are. Seeing shinghing else, that is.

"She used to drink a lot. That's why dad left her. She started drinking more after dad left. She cried a lot when she wasn't drunk or passed out. She started… she started having sex with me when I was younger, I can't remember the exact age." My eyes widened. Fuck… "The day I killed her- no, the day I killed it, was when it raped me after I had just found out I was gay, having met Irvine, I was for once really happy… but then another guy had overheard our conversation, and I had got beaten up, worse then ever before. I came home, and thought mom was asleep. Went to sleep myself, having the faint hope she would leave me alone until I healed, hoping that the healing process would magically speed up in my sleep. Of course it didn't, I woke up with her sitting on my lap." He pauses, licking his lips, he puts his head back down on my shoulder. I tighten my grip and rest my head on top of his.

"She raped me, and then… then she took a knife to me and gave me the scar that I still have now, and will probably always have. She said that no one would be able to hurt me now because no one would want me, so no one would leave me." He lifts a hand and runs a finger across the bridge of his nose, where the angry slash was still there. "I know she was correct in her own way, thinking that what she was doing was right. But… I was sick of it. It wasn't really her. She wasn't my mommy anymore. So I shot her."

I sigh and try not to cry at the disgusting images that his description brings up. He continues before I have a chance to really dwell in it. "I woke up after I had passed out from the blood loss. I don't think it was that long. I was a bit dizzy, but otherwise I could walk. So I did everything I told you, and left. One of the new nurses mistook me for a lost visitor because I was wearing clothes and I didn't look like I was drugged, like all the other patients. So she escorted me to the exit, and I just left. I didn't know where to go, but I started remembering Irvine and my old school, so I just started walking. I don't really know how I was able to make it, I was so dizzy and tired from the blood loss. I'm not that bad now, but I am tired." He sighs and wraps his arms around my waist.

"So, Irvine saw me and started asking a bunch of questions as to where I had been. I didn't talk to him obviously, so I think he thought I had a cold or something… I don't know. But he led me to you, so… that's about what happened."

"Fuck Squall… you can't stay here forever. My foster parents know who you are, and they won't hesitate to take you back to that hell hole." I sigh. What about his dad? Surely he would take him back? "You can stay here for the weekend, but what about your dad?" He stiffens in my hold.

"He put me in there."

"I know that Squall. But I also remember you saying that it was Ellone that put the idea into his head. So maybe he'll take you back, and he won't call anyone. And eventually… the hospital will stop looking. It's not like you're dangerous. Or maybe, your dad can just call and tell them you're safe. They can't take you away by force." Squall shakes his head. "What about if I ask if I can move in? I'm eighteen now, I can leave my foster parents if I want to."

The younger teen looks up at me, eyes large in question. "You'll really come with me?" He looks back down. "I don't know if I can face dad by myself." He admits, quietly. I smile and hug him closer.

"Yeah Squall, I'll come with. Even if your dad kicks me out, I'll just live outside the door." He chuckles and smiles up at me.

"Thanks Seifer." I smile down at him.

"No problem." Gently maneuvering him until we're both under the covers, I turn him away from me, so that I'm spooning him. I'll get his dad's phone number off of him, and then I'll call the old man on Sunday. I just hope he'll accept us in his home, and he won't call the hospital to announce where Squall is. I know Squall won't be able to make any kind of recovery in that hell hole.

I sigh and shut my eyes. Smiling when I hear the etteette's steady breathing. Yes, it's definitely a good time to get some sleep...

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