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He struggled, pulling his leg up, until his boot popped out of the sand. One more dune crossed to add to the hundreds they’d walked over already. Why had he been so stupid? He could be with Tifa right now. Or Aerith. . . . Or both.
"I can’t believe I’m stuck walkin’ with you!" Barrett shouted, wheeling on Cloud. "Of all the crummy luck! And this . . . this is all your fault!"
"Oh shut up! You think I like your company any more then you like mine?"
" ‘Oh Cloud,’" Barrett mocked, twisting his voice into a caricature of Aerith’s, " ‘Us girls are just too weak to go alone!’"
"If you hadn’t started arguing with me, I’d have been escorting the both of them!"
"Yeah, right! They would have picked me if you hadn’t started pouting! ‘Why, we don’t want to make either of you jealous! We’ll just go with Red XIII instead!’"
"So you’re blaming me?! I offered to escort them, but you had to butt in!"
"She was already shakin’ her head no!"
"Oh come on, you know they like me more then you! You think dressing and acting like Mr. T is hip!!!"
"Tifa didn’t seem to mind that. She liked it . . . ‘til you came along . . ."
"Wha-- what are you trying to say?"
"We were good for each other! Then some ghost from her past comes waltzin’ into her life again . . ."
"She didn’t seem to have a problem with it the night before we left to take on Shinra. She was VERY happy to see me!"
Barrett’s balled fist started shaking, his veins bulging in his neck. "Why . . . you . . . you . . ." He lunged forward, swinging at Cloud who simple stepped out of the way, Barrett falling. Then Cloud was upon him, grabbing him around the waist to tackle him, pulling him down the sand dune that they’d just climbed up.


Tifa and Aerith continued to giggle to themselves over their brilliant idea. "Poor Cloud didn’t even know what hit him!" Tifa exclaimed.
"He actually thought he’d be escorting both of us to Kalm," Aerith replied, shaking her head.
"What you said at the end was brilliant. Purely brilliant."
" ‘Besides, we need alone time to talk about… GIRL STUFF!’" Aerith giggled, quoting herself.
"They probably think we’re talking about which one of them we like right now. God men can be so stupid, always thinking with their smaller head."
A gruff voice, almost a bark, issued forth from a red-haired dog striding along next to Aerith’s legs. "Hey now don’t lump me in with the likes of those two!"
Aerith reached her hand down to stroke his fur. "Awwww . . . don’t worry Red, we know you’re not just interested in us for our bodies!" Aerith and Tifa both started giggling at that. But they didn’t see the look that crossed over Red-XIII’s face in that moment, one which he choked back to hide a moment later. If they only knew, he thought to himself. If they only knew.


Barrett pushed his good arm against Cloud’s chest to try to get him off, but it was no use. Cloud was holding on tight to Barrett’s waist while trying to pummel his back, but his blows just weren’t strong enough to do much. They both tumbled down through the sand, grappling, holding on tightly, Bar swi swinging on Cloud but his fist only glancing off the back of Cloud’s neck. This was no way to fight.
They rolled down to a stop, and Barrett pushed himself up so he was straddling Cloud. "How ya like me now, sucka!" He swung his fist in a downward motion, aiming for Cloud’s head, but Cloud moved out of the way and all Barrett hit was the sand. The fist that flew up meet Barrett’s head also missed by inches as Barrett threw himself back down onto Cloud, trying to head butt him. Cloud took the opportunity to roll Barrett off him and roll himself on top. But Barrett used the momentum to keep rolling, and grappled each other back and forth, swinging wildly and usually missing or holding onto each others’ arms and tumbling.
And Cloud felt something strange. At first he had no idea what it was that he was feeling. A hard lump pressing against him every time Barrett pushed his body against Cloud’s, or straddled Cloud’s body. But realization slowly crept in as he remembered that Barrett hadn’t gotten any in over a week. Tifa had been sleeping with him, not Barrett. And Aerith… She hadn’t been sleeping with anyone as far as he could tell. He had her pegged for a virgin. Realizing the state that Barrett was in it was really no wonder.
Barrett had an erection.
And Cloud knew how to take advantage of the situation. He rolled Barrett over onto his back and straddled him. "You like that don’t you?! I can tell! You’ve got a hard on!" Cloud grabbed Barrett’s arms, pining them down. "Look at that!" Cloud lifting himself a little bit off of Barrett’s lower waist, and sure enough, a rather large bulge made a tent out of Barrett’s pants.
Barrett used his legs to push Cloud away from him, and as Cloud lost his footing, his hands slipped from Barrett’s arms. Barrett reached up to push Cloud back, then grabbed onto the waistband of his pants and tugged down. Cloud fell back into air, tumbling away, his pants sliding down in Barrett’s hands. And then sand. Cruel cruel sand against his buttocks. And Barrett on top of him.
"You seem to like it just fine yourself, pretty boy!" Barrett exclaimed, seeing Cloud’s half-erect penis stirring against his pale white body. Cloud reached down to cover himself, but Barrett was upon him, grabbing his wrists in one fist and sitting on his legs. "Look at that thing move! I think it’s wakin’ up! Maybe I should help it?"
"You’re the one who needs help!" Cloud pushed upwards with all his might, trying to roll Barrett off of him, but he only succeeded in pressing the head of his cock to Barrett’s lower abdomen..
"Oh you like that huh?" Barrett stroked the lower part his stomach up and down along the shaft of Cloud’s erection. Cloud couldn’t help himself; he closed his eyes and moaned. Barrett started moving his body up and down against the stiff member, his shirt riding up and the erection slipping under it. When Cloud felt the contact of skin against skin he groaned, loudly, and pushed his hips forward, dying for more. The head, slick with precum, slid along Barrett’s lower stomach.
But then it was over. Barrett stood up, letting go of Cloud’s wrists. "You’ve had it enough for now! I haven’t gotten to cum in over a week! So if you want me to continue, you’ll have to take care of this first." Barrett reached down and unbuckled his pants, then pushed them down. They bunched around his ankles. But Cloud’s eyes were higher up, staring at the huge snake that had slithered out of them. It wasn’t terribly thick, Barrett’s penis, but it was long. Longer then Cloud’s by a good three inches, and Cloud had a six incher himself. "Well, ya gonna stare at it all day or you gonna get busy? Better hurry if ya want me to do anything with yours!"
It was all the encouragement he needed. He crawled over to Barrett on his hands and knees, not bothering to pull his pants all the way off. Boots were in the way and that would just take too long. He almost couldn’t believe that he had just been fighting with this man and now he was about to have sex with him. But he was fuckin’ horny! Terribly so. And he’d never handled a cock this big before. He wanted at least a taste.
Leaning forward, he flicked his tongue out of his mouth like a snake, lapping up the precum that had already started to dribble out of Barrett’s big black tool. Barrett moaned softly, reached down with his good hand and thread his fingers through Cloud’s spikey mess of hair. His eyes closed, he felt a hand cupping his heavy balls, and a tongue sliding down the length of his shaft then back up again. He knew. Cloud had done this before.


Aerith lay in her sleeping bag in the tent trying hard to get some rest. But it was just no use. She’d not had a moment alone to herself since she met up with these people, and if she didn’t do something soon she was going to explode. Maybe Tifa wouldn’t hear her. Maybe Tifa was already asleep, though by the sound of her breathing, Aerith knew that wasn’t the case. Fuck it, she thought, I can’t help it, I need my sleep!
Her right hand slid across her stomach, almost completely silent, but the fabric of the sleeping bag made total silence impossible. Her other hand raised up to cup her left breast, her nipples already stiff under her nightgown. She rubbed her fingers across the front of her panties, finding them damp. Of course. Though she’d never had sex with anyone before, her libido had always been out of control for as long as she could remember. It wasn’t that she wanted to be a virgin. She had just led such a sheltered life. Always alone, always different, always on the run. It robbed her of any real friends, and thus, and chance for sex outside of one night stands, something she’d vowed she’d never do. She didn’t need a relationship, really, but she at least wanted to know the person. Half the fun of masturbating was in imagining someone she knew passingly, someone she might like to know better. The last time it had been Cloud. She’d barely seen him in the street and sold him a flower, a flower that she later found out he’d given to Tifa. But that had been enough. He seemed kind, yet dark and mysterious, and yet open as well! Such a strange man.
She pulled her panties to the side, wishing she could slip them off. But that amount of noise would rouse Tifa’s suspicions for sure. She’d just have to make due. Her fingertips softly grazed her swollen lips, stroking them lightly in an upwards motion. She shivered. She couldn’t help it. God, it felt so good. It had been too long. For her, a week without cumming was an eternity.
She grasped her left nipple between her fingertips and rolled it back and forth, as she stroked the fingers of her right hand along her pussy lips before pushing two of them into her opening. She had to bite her bottom lip to keep from moaning. Her thumb stretched up to her clit, the pad softly grazing her flesh, stroking her in a circular motion, slowly. The sleeping bag swished. Damn it! She was going to have to move slower, but she knew that would be impossible. Once she got started she wouldn’t be able to hold back. She just hoped that Tifa wouldn’t hear or become suspicious if she did.
Her fingers worked themselves in and out of her, slowly at first, but she couldn’t help it, she found a nice rhythm and stuck to it, even though the sleeping bag was making a small amount of noise every now and again. Hopefully it wouldn’t sound like what it was. She pinched her nipple hard and tugged on it, loving the sensation. She fought back a wimper. This just felt too good. Her thumb stroked circles over top of her hard clit, faster now to match the pace of her fingers. The walls of her vagina contracted around her fingers, gripping them tightly. She turned her hand slightly and pressed her ring finger to her anus, stroking the tip around it, tracing the outer edge, before shoving her finger in.
She groaned, then realized what she’d done and bit down on her lip again. But it was too late, she heard Tifa spring up, and then the girl was upon her!
Tifa grasped Aerith’s shoulders, staring down into her eyes. "Would you like me to help you with that?" Aerith let out a gasp. She’d been discovered and now… Tifa wanted to help? But hadn’t part of the excitement been the fact that she could get caught? And she had already had a nice little fantasy going on in her mind about what would happen if Tifa DID discover what she was doing. She just didn’t expect it to play itself out.
Aerith slowly nodded her head, blushing. Her first time would be with a woman? She’d never expected this, but it wasn’t as though she’d never fantasized about it. And she knew Tifa. This wasn’t just some stranger, after all. It was alright. She needed to cum anyway, and she was so worked up by now, she couldn’t have resisted if she wanted to.
Letting go of Aerith’s shoulders, Tifa tugged the zipper down on the sleeping bag, then pulled it to the side. She had to whistle. Aerith’s pert little breasts where exposed, her hand still clutching the left one. And her frilly pair of panties were pulled to the side, two thick swollen lips clutching onto her fingers. Tifa placed her hand over Aerith’s hand, and realized that one finger was pushed up into Aerith’s ass. How sexy was that? She gently pulled Aerith’s hand up to her face, then sucked the index finger into her mouth, tasting the girl’s sweet juices. Aerith’s left hand lifted from her own breast and reached up to caress Tifa’s shoulder and upper arm. God she wanted this woman badly. And she didn’t even know it until now.
"Make me cum, Tifa," she whispered, still blushing. "Please, it’s been too long since I had an orgasm."
"Have you ever had sex with a woman?"
"I…. I’ve never had sex with anyone. You’ll be my first."
Tifa leaned down and kissed Aerith’s lips, softly, sweetly, holding the kiss. Aerith melted against her, her lips opening up as Tifa’s tongue slid between them. She could feel Tifa’s hard nipples pressing against her breasts. She slipped her hand back to caress her lover’s shoulder blades then slide it down her back. This felt so right.


It was all too much. Barrett didn’t know how much longer he could hold back. Cloud was talented, that’s for sure. The things he did with his tongue… It was driving Barrett to the point of no return. First, Cloud stroked the tip up and down along Barrett’s shaft, tracing the veins whenever he came to one. Then, he slid his tongue all the way down to Barrett’s balls, weaving it through the pubic hair covering them, as he stroked his fingers lightly along Barrett’s erection, just enough to drive the man wild. Then Cloud nibbled his way up the shaft, taking a lil bit of skin between his teeth, not to hard, moving up all the way, stopping to lick the bit of skin underneath the circumsized head of Barrett’s cock. As precum dribbled out of the head, Cloud leaned back and licked the pee hole clean, then took the head between his lips, making shallow bobbing motions, his lips only stroking against the head itself, not going any further, his tongue running all over it as he sucked it in his mouth.
Barrett couldn’t help himself. He started to buck his hips, urging Cloud on. That was all the suggestion Cloud needed. He pushed his head down as far as he could, then pulled it back up again, his lips running along the length, using his tongue to caress the skin. Barrett moaned deeply, shivering, as Cloud pumped his lips up and down on Barrett’s erection.
That was it. He couldn’t hold back and longer. Barret threw his head back and howled, pushed his hips forward and let go. The cum spurted out thick and fast, and Cloud had to fight to swallow it all without choking. But he swallowed every drop, and even licked the head clean, as Barrett stroked his hair, looking down at him.
Cloud looked up. "My turn now."


Her lips parted, sucking the hard pink nipple between them, her tongue twirling over it. Aerith moaned as Tifa drew more of her breast into her mouth, sucking it down to the areola, then pulling back, dragging it out and raking her teeth against it. Aerith’s hands clutched the sleeping bag tightly on either side of her. She never imagined it would feel this good. Tifa moved down further, planting kisses along Aerith’s abdomen, her breasts stroking against the girl’s body as she went lower and lower.
The tongue swirling through her pubic hair and teasing the skin beneath made her shiver. She reached up and slid her fingers through Tifa’s hair, holding the back of her head gently. Tifa drew her tongue further down, lifting it up so that it barely grazed the top of Aerith’s swollen clit, causing her to arch her back slightly and moan. Then she was lapping at the girl’s wet lips, running her tongue between and over them. Delicious, she thought to herself, I have to find out what this girl eats so I can taste this good!
"Please," Aerith whispered, "finger my ass . . ." She blushed, but she couldn’t help herself. She loved pumping her ass while she masturbated, and if Tifa wouldn’t, she’d do it herself.
Tifa had been sucking on Aerith’s pussy lips and stroking her tongue between them, but she let go to raise her head up and smile at her. "I’ll do even better then that, babe." Aerith relaxed, feeling glad that Tifa hadn’t been offended. Then she felt a finger probing her anus before pushing itself all the way in, and then two fingers shoving into her pussy, and she arched her back, moaning. Tifa lowered her head again, pressing her lips around Aerith’s clit and suck it into her mouth. Her tongue traced symbols over and around the hard little nub as hengerngers pumped in and out of Aerith, working up a rhythm to match her tongue’s.
"Ugh . . . Ah ah ah . . . God! . . . Faster . . . Faster . . ." Aerith whispered, moaning. "I’m . . . gonna cum soon . . . " Tifa raised her head a little bit, rubbing her bottom lip up and down against Aerith’s clit, faster and faster, her fingers stroking the girl just as fast. She could feel the walls of Aerith’s pussy contracting, trembling.
And then Aerith arched her back, screaming, as an orgasm flowed through her in a tidal wave. Her whole body shuddered.
Four padded footfalls raced towards the tent, then the light of the moon shone down on them as someone entered. They both looked up to see Red-XIII standing there.
"Are you alri—" He stopped, staring. "Oh . . . I . . . uh . . . I thought you two were in danger . . . I heard her scream and . . . um . . . I’ll be going."
But both paof eof eyes had already traveled down the length of his body, had already seen his excitement. "You don’t have to leave, Red," Tifa called out, smiling. "You’re all horny because of us. It wouldn’t be fair to make you try to sleep with such a raging hard on, now would it?" She licked her lips as Aerith giggled.


Barrett bit down on Cloud’s nipple, causing Cloud to moan loudly again. The fist stroking up and down along the length of his cock might be scarred and rough, but Cloud like rough. He loved being bitten, being slapped and apanked. He liked it hard and fast, the rougher the better. And it looked like Barrett was going to be just that: rough.
The teeth nibbled and bit their way across his chest, then down his stomach. Cloud shivered, the sensations coursing through him. He could still taste Barrett’s cum on his tongue. He smiled at the after-taste.
His cock throbbed in Barrett’s hand. Barrett pulled it up and planted little kisses down the shaft, then stroked his tongue back up the length before nibbling his way back down it again. Then he caressed his tongue all over Cloud’s balls before taking them both into his mouth, closing his teeth lightly around the sac, and tugging. Cloud groaned, shivering. God, it felt good. He wouldn’t be able to hold back much longer. Barrett stroked his hand up and down the length of Cloud’s cock, moving his hand faster and faster.
Barrett’s tongue lapped against Cloud’s balls as he tugged on them, tracing every wrinkle with the tip of his tongue. He slid his hand up to the circumcized head of Cloud’s cock, placing his thumb under the ridge on top and using his index finger to stroke the skin on the underside of the head. He pumped his fist hard and fast, stroking just over the head and the bit of shaft right below it.
Cloud gasped as thick ribbons of semen spurted out, splashing Barrett’s face, the last bit dribbling down onto Barrett’s fingers. He pulled Cloud’s balls out of his mouth and looked up at him, grinning mischeviously, then licked his fingers clean before putting the head of Cloud’s cock between his lips and sucking out the last drops of cum. Then he stood up.
"Lick that offa me!" he grunted, lowering his head to Cloud’s lips. Cloud did as he was told, drawing his tongue along Barrett’s cheek, lapping up his own cum. A little bit had run down along the bridge of Barrett’s nose, and Cloud dutifully cleaned that off as well. Barrett kissed him slowly, using his good hand to grasp Cloud’s shoulder and ease him down onto the sand.
Off came the boots, Barrett’s fingers quickly untying the laces, then grabbing the boot in his hand and tugging it off, doing the same to the other one as well. Then came the pants and the boxers, until Cloud was naked from the waist down.
Cloud knew what Barrett had in mind. He raised his legs up and spread them apart as Barrett moved forward on his knees, his thick black cock swollen and red and ready for more.


The girls couldn’t help but giggle. Red wasn’t just the color of his fur, but the color of his erection as well. "Look at it sticking out!" Aerith exclaimed. "Hehehe we should nickname you ‘Lipstick Dick!’"
"Use it like lipstick and you can call me whatever you want," he replied, rolling his eyes.
Tifa stroked his fur. "We’re just teasing, big boy. Don’t let it get to you."
"I know." He turned his head and licked her arm as she stroked him. "I’m just very horny."
"Hehe we can see that!" Aerith replied, reaching down and stroking her hand over his erection. It was hot and throbbing. She’d never felt anything like this. She wondered what it tasted like.
"Hey Red," Tifa said, jokingly, "roll over!"
"Ha ha," he replied, but complied with her, knowing what would come next.
He lay there on his back as the two girls looked down on him, Aerith still absentmindedly stroking her hand over his cock. Then Tifa leaned down and flicked her tongue over the tip of his dick. He shivered, softly yelping in delight. She stroked her hand along his tummy and chest, loving the feeling of his luxurious fur. Aerith sat down on her knees, then leaned forward, getting down between his legs and licking the length of his cock. "It’s so warm!" she exclaimed, licking down to the furry part of his cock, and then down to his balls. She lapped her tongue against them rapidly, causing Red-XIII to moan loudly. Tifa sucked the tip of his cock into her mouth and started bobbing her head on it.
"I want a taste when he comes," Aerith told her, looking up. Tifa just smiled and kept sucking. Aerith knew a trick to tease the cum out of Red. It was one she used on herself all the time. She pressed her index finger to his anus, then pushed it in.
Red barked, it trailing off into a yelp. Then he started panting hard as Aerith stroked her finger in and out of his ass and went back to licking his balls, then stroked her tongue up the length of his cock and down again, then up again and down again. Red tossed his head back and forth in ecstasy. He wouldn’t be able to hold off any longer.
"I’m going to cum!" he exclaimed, his whole body trembling.
Tifa kept bobbing her head up and down on his dick as he spurted cum into her mouth. Then she lifted her head and offered the cock to Aerith, semen dribbling out of the head. Aerith quickly scrambled up to take it into her mouth, her tongue lapping up the cum when she got it in there. It tasted salty, but she liked it.
She looked at Tifa and smiled. "That tasted good."
Tifa put her arms around Aerith’s waist, pulling her against her body, and pressed her lips to hers, pushing her tongue into Aerith’s mouth. Aerith realized that Tifa hadn’t swallowed all of Red’s cum, so she lapped her tongue against Tifa’s, licking up the rest, as Tifa’s hands stroked down Aerith’s back to grab her butt. Aerith melted against the other girl, moaning in the back of her throat.
A warm wet sandpapery tongue lapped between Tifa’s ass cheeks. Aerith reached back and spread Tifa’s ass so Red-XIII could get his tongue in. He stroked the tip against Tifa’s anus.
Tifa broke off the kiss. "Fuck my ass, Red," she gasped, panting. "Fuck me good and hard and make me cum."
Aerith leaned back, laying down and pulling Tifa down with her. Tifa got down on her hands and knees over top of Aerith, who reached one hand down to Tifa’s pussy, stroking her fingers against the set of wet lips. Red-XIII climbed on top of Tifa’s back, pressing his erection to her anus. And as Aerith pushed two fingers into Tifa’s pussy, Red pushed his cock into her ass.
She gasped loudly, rocking back against them. Then Red started to pound away, pumping his hips rapidly against her. She bounced back and forth on his cock, spearing Aerith’s fingers into her as Aerith reached up with her thumb to rub Tifa’s clit. It was rough, but Tifa liked that. Her large breasts bounced in Aerith’s face. The girl stuck her tongue out, licking them with every thrust as Tifa panted away, pushing back against Aerith’s fingers and Red’s cock. She needed to cum badly. She’d stopped fucking both Cloud and Barrett because they both refused to share and she didn’t want them fighting anymore.
Aerith sucked one of Tifa’s hard little nipples into her mouth and flicked her tongue against it furiously. She thought it funny that Tifa had larger breasts then her but smaller nipples. Aerith’s nipples were almost the size of the erasers on the end of pencils. Tifa’s, on the other hand, were almost non-existent. She sucked more of Tifa’s breast into her mouth. Then Tifa pressed her lips to Aerith’s ear and whispered huskily, "Bite it, hard."
She bit down on Tifa’s areola and Tifa gasped, her whole body starting to tremble. Aerith continued to rub her tongue against the hard nipple while biting down at the same time. Red thrust against Tifa harder and faster, driving his cock into her ass again and again.
She screamed, cumming hard, her orgasm overtaking her violently. Aerith pulled her down as Red howled, shooting his cum into Tifa’s ass. They lay there in a heap, everyone trying to catch their breath.


Barrett pushed his cock into Cloud’s ass, hard. He didn’t bother lubing it up. He could tell how Cloud liked it. The same way he himself did. Hard and fast. Cloud grunted, then reached up and grabbed Barrett’s shoulders. "Fuck me!" he growled. Barrett needed no encouragement. He thrust against Cloud, pushing his cock in and pulling it back out. God Cloud was tight. But Barrett’s hard on was already working on the lubrication that he’d not provided to begin with. Precum spurted into Cloud’s ass, making the thrusting a little bit easier.
Cloud pushed up with his ass, thrusting against Barrett. A hand came down on one side of him, the barrel of a gun on the other as Barrett leaned over him, his legs against Barrett’s chest. He stroked his hands down the man’s back as far as he could, then raked his nails back up it. Barrett thrust his hips rapidly, pounding his cock into Cloud’s ass. He moved his legs, wrapping them around Barrett’s back, so his erection was pressed against Barrett’s abdomen. Every time Barrett thrust into him, his stomach would stroke Cloud’s cock. He wanted to cum when Barrett did.
The friction was driving Barrett wild, first how tight Cloud was, then the feeling of Cloud’s slick cock stroking against him. But a thought kept coming to him. The last time he made love with Tifa and how tight she’d felt. The way they seemed to fit together perfectly. She’d told him she would be sleeping with Cloud after that night, for the sake of the mission, she’d said. Bullshit, he thought. She’d wanted to do everything with him that night. To make up for it? Because she wouldn’t make love with him for awhile? He didn’t know. She’d been wild that night though. She’d begged him to fuck her ass. And of course he’d happily complied with that request.
He plunged his cock intoud hud harder, almost violently. Cloud just groa exc excited by it. Of course. Barrett fucked him harder and harder, thrusting his hips faster. Cloud raised his lower body up and down, thrusting back, matching Barrett’s rhythm. Too good. It just felt too good. He thrust forward one more time, growling, as his cock spurted cum into Cloud’s ass. Cloud came at the same time, hot semen spewing up onto Barrett’s stomach.
Barret collapsed onto Cloud, holding him. Cloud’s hands wrapped around Barrett, stroking his back. He looked down into Cloud’s eyes . . . Cloud . . . Cloud was the sum’ bitch that was all over Tifa! This was the mofo that was fuckin’ his girl!
He raised up off of Cloud and swung his fist, punching him in the jaw. "THAT’S FOR STEALIN’ MAH WOMAN!"

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