A Past He Wishes To Forget

BY : CrystallineTears
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I've kept my life a secret for so long. But just once, I'd like to tell someone. I'd like someone to know....You seem trust worthy. Can I tell you? Would you like to hear?

Life as a Turk isn't all it's cracked up to be. Touchingís a big issue, when your in the Turks, someone touching you usually means their jabbing you with some sort of poisoned daggers and such. People shoot at you, but it's really just a kill or be killed sorta thing. But, through it all, I'm glad that what happened happened. If my past didn't go the way it did, I would have never made it in the Turks, hell, I'd probably be dead by now. Or some street trash.
Some people wonder why I drink, I drink to forget. You see, I was abandoned when I was 8. I was a kid on the streets, just trying to figure out how to survive. Needless to say that there are a lotta sick people out there, and I was taken advantage of one a few months after I was abandoned. There, I was chained to the wall in a dudes house, beaten and raped for the next 3 years until I could escape. Then I became a beggar, trying to survive, that only worked for 2 years. Then I got the idea to become a whore, hell, I'd done it all those years locked up, might as well get paid for it this time. That worked for a year before I couldn't take it anymore. After that, I became a thief. But I was different from all the other thieves; I stole from the bastards on the plate. That's right, I stole from the rich mother fuckers above us. I even found a way to snag shit from the ShinRa mansion. Granted I got caught after the 7th or 8th time....but that was how I joined the Turks. I was 15 when they caught me, and in a hell of a lotta trouble. Rufus himself walked up to me and asked how I got in. So I told him the ways, mainly it was just an air duck with a loose screw that you could get in and out of, but hell, I added a few just to make him sweat.
It's 8 years later and I'm now 23. I thank whatever gods that'll listen that I'm still alive. I like it here in the Turks, it's a high risk job and I'm a high risk guy. I've even made some friends here. 'cept that Elena chick, everyone hates her. And ya know what? for the first time in my life, I'm finally and truly happy. That's why I'm glad what happened did, 'cause if I didn't go through all that misery, I wouldn't be happy now.
Hell, now that I've told ya all this, thereís no reason to drink, maybe I'll quit.....



Ya know, I'm part of the fuckin thing and I can't even get a break. *sigh* Look, I may be Reno, but for some reason I don't own this shit. So don't come crying ta me when Sephiroth slices ya in half! Feh, whatever. I'm leavin' *walks off*

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