Chaos and Beauty

BY : SailorPoison
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Disclaimer: These characters are taken from the Sony Playstation, who has the rights to these characters. The Storyline from a classic fairy tale. The Characters may not be accurate. This is a Zack x Vincent pairing.

Bishie Tales!

“ Chaos and Beauty”
by Sailor Poison

(Based off: Beauty and the Beast by Jeanne-Marie LePrince de Beaumont)

Once upon a time...

There was a very wealthy merchant name Cid. He raised them the best he could since the death of his wife, Shera. He has 4 children, two boys and girls, all of the handsome except for the youngest child who was exceptionally beautiful. Cid gave them all the best education possible and spared no expenses on them all. His daughters, Yuffie and Tifa, were always buying the latest in fashion and preening themselves in the mirror. They were proud and lazy. Cloud, the oldest son, was a good boy though he did have a tendency to chase girls and sometimes boys. Zack was the kindest of them all, his beauty was more then face but of heart. Cid gave him the nickname of Beauty, for the child was his pride and joy. This made his sisters very jealous. They would tease his sensible fashion tastes for they were not as flashy. While the others went to parties, Zack stayed home and read his books. He believed a strong mind was very important.

As for their social lives. The girls hardly spoke to the other merchant girls, they were too proud to make friends with just anyone. They wanted to marry a prince, Duke, or earl. This meant, they turned down many suitors. Cloud never took his dates serious anyway. Zack, the most favored of them all, also had his share of admirers. His biggest admirer, Sephiroth, was always nearby. He would politely turn them down and tell them he was too young to marry.

One day, Cid learned that his ship was lost at sea. He placed a large invent ent on these special ships, so that hurt his cash flow. Plus the bills and the costs of the girl’s shopping sprees have left him broke. Cid was forced to sell off much of his belongings to pay the bills. The sisters also found many of their suitors quickly lost interest when the family went broke. Only Zack’s suitors were still very eager to marry the now poor beauty. He refused to abandon his father. Cid sold his house and mothemthem to a county cottage that they used to vacation in when Shera was alive. Many years of neglect made it shabby. The girls were very upset to have to leave their pretty things to live in something beneath their station. Both Cloud and Zack realized how hard it was to their father’s pride and tried their best to help out. Cloud stopped his careless ways to worked with Cid in the hard manual labors around estate turned farm. Zack wanted to help, but their refused to let him work the fields, fear he might get hurt. So Zack worked around the house.

The first two months were hard. Zack would wake up 4 in the morning to start breakfast before his brother and father wake up. After they go off, do small choirs around the farm. Then goes out mid morning with a small snack and refreshment for the men, then go back and start on lunch. After all were fed, clean the dishes, get to cleaning and mending around the house before working on a hearty supper. After dishes, listen to the boys chatter, adding his opinions while mending clothes. Eventually, Zack grew used to this routine, he became healthier and was enjoying his simple life. Even Cloud was filling out nicely from all the hard labor, never begrudging Zack not working with him. Why? Cloud loved his beautiful brother and wanted to protect him. Boys were a bright spot in Cid’s life.

The girls didn’t accept country life as easily. They woke up at 9 in the morning, got out of their rooms around 10 to do nothing but wander around the house all day and whine about their pretty things being gone. They despised Zack who seemed happy, “What a poor simple fool, seems to enjoy the life of a servant.” Then get even more angry when Zack would just smile and ignore them. Hard to imagine why anyway would love housework when they lived their life being pampered. What upset them the most was how some of Zack’s suitors still came by to visit the lovely boy. Sephiroth always on the weekend making promises that may never be kept true. Zack always declining for he did not love the handsome, silver hair man.

A year passed, one day Cid received a letter in the mail. One of his vessels was found and was arriving in port. This made him very happy, he hated to see his family scrapping by in life. He made arrangements to go to the docks to learn how much of his valuables were safe. Left Cloud in charge and asked what each child would like for a gift when he returns in triumph. Cloud wanted some hand lotion, very expensive brand. Yuffie and Tifa wanted hair ribbons and dresses. Their plans to return to society in style laid out. Zack wanted none of that. Cid pressed harder on his youngest for something, since the others have requests.

Cid, “Aw, come on Beauty.... let ol pops get you something!”

Zack with a kind smile, “I would.. like a rose. I haven’t seen a rose in a long time.” Not that Zack cared if he got a flobut but wanted to make his father happy.

Cid left with high hopes and made it to the city to have them dashed. His vessel took on water damage and the good were all ruined. He couldn’t salvage any of it. The spices and the silks were soaked with salt water. Many of the jewels cracked or missing. With a heavy heart, he headed back to his cottage home. What will he tell his family? On the way home, he became lost in the woods. Heavy rains beat on his weary body. Cid saw a light ahead. A place where the storm seems to not touch. Mighty castle surrounded by vast gardens. Cid made haste to the castle, to find it seemed empty of life. Walked down the great hall to find a table and a fine feast set out before him. Being famished, Cid sat down and helped himself.

Cid, “Shit, I hope the master don’t mind me pigging out... but I’m starving.”

Foods seem to melt in his mouth. Cid waited for a while but no one showed up. Soon he became bored and wandered from the hall, along the lot passage to a room. The room was very fine and the bed looked very inviting. Cid quickly fell asleep.

The next morning a fine suit of clothes waited him on a chair with a breakfast tray. Cid was surprised to see this. He washed up and ate all the food down. The meal was a excellent as the food he ate the night before. He went to finds his horse, well cared for and waiting. Saw a rosebush. Cid remembers his beauty wai at at home and the simple request. Plucks the freshest rose from the bush.

Booming voice, “How dare you, you ungrateful vagabond! I saved your life! I fed and dressed you in fine clothes! You then steal one of my treasures? I value them beyond my jewels and silks. This sin, i shall take your life!”

Cid turns to see a frightful demon glaring down at him, “Aw shit! Hey, take it easy, my lord. I didn’t mean any harm! I wanted to bring a small gift to the most sweetest child I ever had the honor to have in my life,Beauty”

Chaos, “I am no lord... I am Chaos. I prefer people to speak to he honest and not with useless flattery. You say you did this for a loved one? I shall forgive you is this Beauty takes your place, and if not then you must return in three months to face your punishment. Go now before I change my mind.”

The merchant had no wish to sacrifice his beloved Zack to a monster. But he wants so much to see them again and agrees to this deal with plans to return himself.

Chaos, “I shall not let you go home poor. In the rose room is a treasure and two chests. Fill are you wan with the chests and then I shall send you home. When you get there, you shall find the chests waiting for you.”

Cid thinks to himself, “If I do die, least my children shall not be without, “and went to the room. The room was filled with gold bars, jewelry of rare kinds, and clothes beyond mere human ability to make. After packing the chest, he left them there for they were too heavy to carry and rode from the castle. Before he knew it, he was rounding a corner and home. His sons and daughters greeted him. Sons asking how he was and helping him down. Daughters wanted to see the gifts they got. Before he would hug them, he holds out to Zack the rose who takes it.

Cid, “Hey, my dear Beauty, for this gift holds a heavy price.”

There he told his story to them. Cloud wanted to go there and kill the beast. The girls angry that their youngest brother cause so much trouble. They would alternate between fits of tears and screaming.

Tifa, “Our brother had to be so picky and now poor father will die! Why can’t he go instead? We need you father more then an extra mouth to feed!”

Zack, “I should go. I was the cause of all this and I am not afraid to face this beast. I will die happy knowing my family will be well cared for.”

Cloud, “No, sweet brother. I would rather die then see you suffer, please let me go and kill this creature!”

Cid, “Don’t be an idiot! This creature can tear you a new asshole. My heart is warmed by your willingness to go in my stead but this is my burden to bear. I have lived a long life and you only just begun yours. I regret that I shall leave you alone.”

Zack, “You shall not go to the castle without me. Nor can you stop me form following you.”

They couldn’t change his mind. His sisters were delighted that he was going for his virtue outshone them too many times. The merchant was upset by the thought of losing his son but hoped that upon seeing the beast he might lose heart and flee. As soon as he lays upon his bed that night, both chests arrived in his room. Cid decided to only told his sons. His daughters would want to go back to the city and Cid found country life very appealing. Zack told him of the two suitors that came in his absence to court Yuffie and Tifa. Cloud vouched for them, the two men were good people with their own hard earned wealth. Zack asks Cid to give his concent for Zack, wanted them happy.

The day they left, Tifa and Yuffie rubbed onions in their eyes to produce tears. Cloud didn’t need to for he truly cared about them. Gave one last plead to go with them and slay this monster. Zack shed no tears, he didn’t want them to feel bad for him. The horse took them off down the road and almost by magic they were back at the magnificent castle. After stabling his horse, they walk into the very still castle. In the main hall, was a table set out for two. The meal as splendid as can be. Cidn’tdn’t have the heart to eat, but Zack ate his fill. Wanted to be polite after all. When they were done, they heard a terrible noise. Chaos came before them. Though his form sacred Zack, he stood up and faced it.

Chaos, “Are you willing to stay in your father’s place?”

Zack, “Yes, I am.”

Chaos, “You are an honest man. You may go in the morning. But I suggest you never come back.”

Cid, “Farewell, Chaos, “ As soon as Chaos leaves. “Dear son, why must you stay in this.. plush but creepy hell hole? Go home and live a long life, let me stay.”

Zack, “No, I shall stay here. end of discussion!”

So they went to bed. Neither figured they would be able to sleep, but upon laying down they slipped into a restful sleep anyway. That night Zack has a dream about a beautiful woman.

Aeris, “Oh beauty, you are a person of Good will. Giving up your life for the life of your father will be rewarded... Be strong.”

Zack woke nd tnd told his father of the dream. The dream did ease the pain in his heart but he still fought back some bitter tears when it was time to leave his darling son.

After his father left, Zack wanted to sit down and pity himself. Yet, he has a great deal of resolution, other words he wanted to enjoy what might be his last day on earth. Who knows when chaos would eat him up?

Decides to explore gre ground and finds a fine door written, “Beauty’s Corner.” He quickly o the the door to be magnificent library with a piano in the corner. “well, said to himself, “I know I won’t get bored...” Then thought a bit, “If I was going to die tonight, they wouldn’t have given me all these nice books. “ This lightened his soul and he began to read one of the many books. Inside in gold letters...

Welcome beauty, fear not
You are a prince and master here
Tell us what you wish, your will shall be carried out.
Quickly all you desire shall be so.

Zack, “But I want to see my father and know how he is faring...”

As soon as he said so, his eyes saw a large mirror nearby. In the mirror, he can see Cid arriving home, looking rather depressed, and greeted by his other children. Though they acted sorrowful, the sisters body language showed they were thrilled to have gotten ride of their little brother. As the image vanished, so did some of Zack’s worries.

At noon, he found the table was already set with some excellent music playing. He couldn't find where the music came from. The castle seem empty of life otherwise. At night, when he sat down for supper, he heard the noise of Chaos. Zack could not help but feel fear.

Chaos, “Beauty, will you let me watch you eat?”

Zack, nervously, ”If you wish. “

Chaos, “No, you alone are the master here. You need to desire me gone if I am to repulsive for you, and I shall go. Am I hideous?”

Zack, “Yes but your heart seems good.”

Chaos, “I am a poor foolish monster... only good at destruction.”

Zack, “Nay, a fool doesn’t know he is one nor is he as humble about his own nature.”

Chaos, “Please eat and amused yourself in the castle for everything here is yours. I would be sad if you were not happy.”

Zack, “You are very generous. I appreciate your kindness.”

Chaos, “I am still a monster, remember that well.”

Zack, “There are men who look normal but act more like animals then you.”

Chaos, “If I was wiser, I would return your fine compliments with my own. I can only thank you for your kind words.”

Zack ate a hearty meal and almost defeated his fear of Chaos, till Chaos asked one question.

Chaos, “Beauty, will you marry me?”

Zack took a moment to compose himself before he dare answer, “No, Chaos.”

The poor monster went to sigh and hiss in a frightful fashion, the whole castle seemed to share this effect. Zack quickly recovered from this.

Chaos, “Then good night, Beauty.” Gives one last look before he departs.

Zack, “What a waste that anything so kind has such an ugly body.”

Three months past for Zack. Every evening, Chaos comes to supper to talk with him. He has a plain common sense but not witty. Everyday Zack learns more appearing things about him. Each day, grows accustomed to his strange form, looking forward to their talks. He never ate with Zack. One thing that bothered him, was the same question.

Zack, “Chaos, this question of marriage leaves me uneasy. I doubt we would ever marry, thought you are a dear friend to me. Please let it be that.”

Chaos, “I do appreciate your honesty and your friendship. I will be pleased if you promise never to leave me.”

Zack blushed then, he saw in the mirror his father became ill and longed to be with him, “I could promise never to leave you completely, but I must go see my father. I will worried myself to death unless I can go to his side.”

Chaos, “I would die then see you unhappy. But if you go and never return, then I shall also die of grief.”

Zack almost crying, “No, don’t say such things. I care for you too much to want you dead. I promise to return in a week. My sisters have married and my brother joined the army, so my father is all alone now.”

Chaos, “Then tomorrow you shall go. Remember the promise. You only need to kiss your ring before you go to bed and when you wish to return. Farewell, beauty.”

Chaos sighed and wished her good night. Zack was sad to see the beast suffer but kissed the ring and went to bed. By morning, was back at home. Rang the little bell by her bed. Maid came to see her, giving a frightful scream. Cid came running to see his son has returned. This brought great joy to his heart. After hugging and crying, Zack decided it was time to dress but was worried about clothes. Maid told him a trunk arrived with his name on it. Inside where fine suits covered with tasteful amounts of gold and diamonds. He puts on one of the more simple outfits.

While Zack was dressing, Yuffie and Tifa arrive with their husbands. Both men not happy in their marriage. The Eldest was a handsome man, very fond of his mirror. He took better care of himself then his wife. The second man was rather smart and used it to tease Yuffie to no end. His sisters were green with jealousy when they saw Zack’s fine clothes. They had trouble controlling themselves when Zack told them how happy he was. They went to the garden to rant and cry. Then a plan comes to them.

Tifa, “Sister, I have an idea. If we make her break her promise, maybe he will be so angry that he will dump Zack or, better yet, eat him!”

Yuffie, “Ohhhhh, then we must be nice to him for a while, huh?”

After they were done plotting, they treated Zack so special, he brought out into tears. Even Sephiroth stopped in many times, to woo Zack. Too soon the week ended. Tifa and Yuffie put up a huge fuss, weeping and tearing at their hear. Zack then promised to stay an extra week. Though, Zack felt very uneasy about this. He began to miss Chaos and wanted to see him. Tenth night, he dreamed he was in the castle garden and saw Chaos dying on the grass. His last words asking why Zack abandoned him. Zack woke from his sleep and started to cry.

Zack, “I am cruel to treat Chaos like this! It s not his fault he is ugly and lacks much wit. He is kind and gentle... that should be good enough for me. I denied him marriage? I am better off with a demon thensistsisters and their husbands, ugly inside and lack the virtues my Chaos possesses. I love him more then a dear friend... I will no longer make him miserable. “ With that, Zack kisses his ring and went to sleep. Next morning he was back in the castle.

Zack dressed in his finest clothes and waits for Chaos to come for the evening meal. Nine o'clock and no chaos? Zack feared the demon died and ran through the castle, tears down his cheeks. After searching wio reo results, used the dream to get an idea where to look. There he was, on the ground as if dead. Zack looked for a pulse and found a weak heartbeat. Used some canal water to revive him.

Chaos, “When you didn't come, I decided to let myself die. Seeing you again, I will die happy.”

Zack, “No, don’t die! You have to so we can get married... I swear I shall take no one but you. I know now I love you! I can’t live without you.”

As soon as Zack spoke these words, the castle began to glow with light and fireworks. Music was in the air. Everything was so bright that he didn’t see chaos change form. He turned to see a handsome slender build man with long, raven black hair. The prince was the most loveliest sight of all.

Zack, “Where is Chaos?”

Vincent, “I was Chaos, my dear Beauty. I am also Prince Vincent. The fairy Hojo condemned to the form of a demon until a beautiful virgin consented to marry me. The rule was I was never to tell my true form. The fairy Aeris took pity on me and has tried to help me break the curse. Only someone as special as you could see past my shell into my true self. I want to share my crown with you, love you forever.”

Zack was very agreeable and they walked back to the castle, hand in hand. in the great hall was her family and the fairy Aeris.

Aeris, “Beauty, come and receive your reward for you choose virtue above looks and brains. You shall be a great ruler and the throne shall thrive with your virtue. “

As for the Sisters? Aeris saw their dark hearts and the malice they had for Zack. They were turned into statues to guard the gate of the castle. Their curse: they shall remain stone until they give up their faults. This shall never happen in Zack’s lifetime. Cid was given a small place on the estate where he retired and enjoyed his last days. Cloud was recruited and made Captain of the guard. A job he enjoyed thoroughly. As for Zack and Vincent? Why they lived happily ever after.

~ The End ~

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