Four Bishounen Swans

BY : SailorPoison
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Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VI, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Disclaimer: These characters are taken from the Sony Playstation, who has the rights to these characters. The Storyline from a classic fairy tale. The Characters may not be accurate. This is a Sabin X Edgar pairing.

*Warning: this is a fairy tale and thus has males giving birth.

Four Bishounen Swans
by Sailor Poison
Story from The Six Swans by William and Jacob Grimm

Once Upon a Time

There was a King Setzer who was hunting in some woods. He was chasing some prey so intently, no one could keep up with him. Soon it was getting dark and Setzer realized he was lost. He sought a path out of the woods but couldn’t find one. Saw a woman on the path. Little did he know that she was a witch.

Setzer, “Good woman, would you please show me how to leave these woods?”

Terra, “Yes, I can show you the exit. I want something of you first! If you don’t do what I ask, you shall never get out and starve to death!”

Setzer, “What must I do?”

Terra, “I have a daughter who is very beautiful and deserves to find a fine person to marry. If you marry with her. I shall show you a way out.”

Setzer, “You say, beautiful? Well, if I must then I shall do it with dignity.”

She led him to a cottage where girl sat by the fire. Celes was very beautiful and but something about her left Setzer uneasy. He took her to his castle and they married. From his first marriage, Setzer had four sons named Shadow, Gau, Sabin and Cyan, whom he cared for dearly. She treated the boys okay, but they soon began to fear her for Celes was a witch. One day, Celes became pregnant. Her servant, Relm knew she was trying to give birth to the perfect child.

Relm, “She has plans to kill you all after she gives birth to the perfect child. When she gives birth I shall raise a flag. If I raise a red flag, then you must flee. If I shall raise a white flag, then you are all safe.”

Before too long, Celes went into Labor. The four left the castle and waited in the woods. After many hours, a red flag was lifted. That mean they couldn’t go home. So the four brothers fled through the woods to an old castle, long abandoned. They vowed to kill the child if they ever got their hands on it. The young boys lived there for awhile, hunting for food. Life was simple but good.

Locke lived a good deal of his early childhood, not aware he had brothers. He was a very beautiful child; was both kind and trusting. He father loved him dearly, but seemed very sad. One day, he asked Relm why his father was always sad. He learned the story about his brothers. Locke wanted to know them, so he went looking for his brothers. After a loearcearch, he found the old castle. First to arrive was Gau. When Gau learned this was his brother, he hugged Locke and cried, for it was impossible to hate such a sweet person.

Gau, “But my brothers vowed to kill you on sight. Hide here and I shall talk to them. When I give the signal, you can come out.”

Soon Shadow, Sabin, and Cyan came back. Gau asked them how they were. Then asked if their little brother came, would they still want to kill him.

Cyan, “Depends.. I guess if he was cute I would let him live.”

Sabin , “I would love to meet our little brother, for I know it was not his fault our stepmother wants us dead.”

Shadow, “Where’s the food?”

Locke pops out, “Brothers!”

They were amazed but his gentle nature soon had them hugging and cry. They all agreed that Locke shouldn’t go back and they all lived there as a family. Locke would stay home to cook and clean while his brothers hunted and gathered supplies. Soon Locke found out their father was visiting them when he could, he was keeping them secret from his wife. Setzer let Locke live with them, unwilling to break the brothers apart now. Celes was no fool. Celes wanted to know where the boys went also. She felt no peace till she could get at the three older boys. She followed Setzer on one of his trips to the old castle. Was suprised they were around her darling son. Vowed to get rid of them. So, she made some fine shirts made of a magic silk, taught to her by her mother, and each shirt had a magic charm to it. One day, when Setzer went hunting, she took the shirts and went to the old castle. There she found some of the wash on a line and replaced the normal shirts with the cursed ones. Celes was able to go home happy.

The next day, as Locke was making breakfast, the boys put their shirts on. The moment their arms went through the holes, their bodies changed into four handsome swans. Locke saw them change and fly off. All that was left was some feathers. Later Setzer came by to find Locke very upset. Setzer was in shock, for he never dreamed his wife would go this far. He kept Locke by his side, for fear his youngest might be harmed.

Locke wanted to find his brothers and snuck out of the castle that night. He wandered into the deep woods, till he could go no further. Just then, he found a small hut with 4 beds inside. Locke slipped under one bed and slept till nightfall. Just as the sun was setting, he heard wings flapping. Four gorgeous swans came flying into the window. As soon as their feathers fall from them, they were back in human form. Locke knew it was his brothers and came out of hiding. The joy they felt is very short lived.

Shadow, “You can't stay here, for this is the home of thieves. They would rape and kill you, if they should find you here.”

Gau, “We can only be human for a quarter of an hour.”

Sabin, “Soon, we shall be swans again and shall fly off to who knows where.”

Locke felt tears run down his face, “There must be a cure for this?”

Cyan, “It is impossible. You would have to be silent for four years, in that time you must sew four shirts from star flowers. If you utter one word, then the cure will not work.”

Just then, the time was up and his brothers turned back into swans to fly away. Locke was not to let his brothers down. He left the cabin and went into the deep woods. There, he collected star flowers for the shirts. He went up a tree to and began to sew. Not long before a King name Edgar came along in the forest. He was hunting with some friends and saw the bishounen in the tree branches.

King Edgar, “Who are thou, lovely sir?” The bishounen gave no reply. “Please come down and join us.”

Locke shook his head and kept knitting. They kept asking questions but he would not speak. He even threw down a gold bracelet in hopes they would leave. Then his belt and his fine silk shirt. They still wouldn’t leave. They spoke in different languages but Locke remained dumb. King Edgar fell in love with Locke. He puts his cloak around the bishounen and took him back to his castle. The king bathed and dressed Locke in the finest clothes. Locke’s beauty shone but he would not utter a word. Edgar placed him by his side at the table. Locke’s manners and grace won him totally over.

Edgar, “I shall marry this bishounen!” Soon they were mated.

His step-father was a evil man named Kefka, who didn’t approve of this marriage. He spoke behind Locke’s back, trying to taint his name.

Kefka, “This wench has unknown origins. He seems it fit not to speak to you and thus is a snob!”

Not long, Locke bore them a ch Th This being Bishounen land, it was rare but possible. Kefka was a sick man, for he stole the baby in the dead of night from the crib and accused Locke of murder. Edgar refused to believe his sweet mate would kill a baby. Locke was still sewing the shirts and found comfort there. Then a second child was born and again Kefka stole the child away. The king had to give Locke over to trial. Locke refused to utter a word in his own defense. He was quickly condemned to suffer death by fire.

It was time for Locke’s execution. By then, it was also the very day the spell was to wear off on his dear brothers. He had made the 4 shirts, all except for a left sleeve. As he was led to the stake, he placed the shirts upon his arms. Just as he was tied down and the fire about to be started, the 4 swans arrived. Locke smiled and threw the shirts over the birds. As soon as he done so, their feathers fell free and they were human again. The brothers set him free and they all hugged.

Locke spoke to Edgar, “I am innocent, dear Edgar, for Kefka stole the children. I could not speak this or my brothers would have been condemned to reman swans for the rest of their lives.”

Edgar was overcome with joy and embraced them all. That same day, Kefka was left to the stake and burn to ashes. Edgar and Locke lived out their lives in peace, with the four brothers who were now happy uncles. Yet, the spell was not completely lifted, for Sabin’s left arm was that of a swan wing because Locke never finished the shirt completely. He bore it as a sign of honor.

~ The End ~

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