Twelve Dancing Bishounen

BY : SailorPoison
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Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VII, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Disclaimer: These characters are taken from the Sony Playstation and DBZ, so I have no rights to these characters. The Storyline from a classic fairy tale. The Characters may not be accurate. This is a Blank X Reno, Cid X Cloud pairing.

Bishie Tales!

“ Twelve Dancing Bishounen. “
By Sailor Poison
(based off Twelve Dancing Princesses )

Once upon a time....

There was a king named Vegeta who ruled with his Consort, Goku. King had twelve sons, each quite bishounen in nature. The kingdom was a thriving one and very wealthy. The only problem was every day, King was forced to buy his sons new shoes. The boys all slept in one chamber, their beds stood side by side. Every night, Vegeta locked and bolted their doors. Every morning, their shoes are found to be worn out. The mystery of how they got out puzzled the great king. Every morning he called his sons to question them. From Oldest too the youngest they line up: Zack, Gohan, Trunks, Rufus, Reno, Edgar, Sabin, Tidus, Zell, Squall, Cloud, Goten. Everyday they deny knowing anything about their shoes.

One day, the king proclaimed that whoever can discover where the princes go to dance shall choose one of them to be his mate and have the throne when the king dies. Those who fail forfeit their lives.

Not long before a prince named Hercules came take up the challenge. This prince had a good reputation of saving damsels and going on quests. He sat by their door, watching for anything funny. Not too long, the prince was unable to stay away and he fells asleep. He wakes up the next morning to find the shoes are worn out. The second and third night pass the same for the poor man. His head was cut clean off his shoulders. Many other suckers came to take up the challenge only to have their heads cut from the body. On the brighter side, the executioner was getting business.

One day, two worn out solders were walking down the road. Both men who could no longer serve their army. Blank was man who held no past beyond his term in service. His friend Cid, maybe like a brother to him, didn’t want to part company. They helped each other out while crossing the open country. Soon, they had no money and very little food left. They came across an old man named Auron.

Auron, “May I have some food?”

Blank to Cid, “Least give him our bread, we are stronger and can make it to the city for something.”

Cid, “This is our last piece but.. he is old. Hell, why not!”

Blank offers it to the man who eats it quickly.

Auron, “Where are you two kind men going?

Blank, “To the next kingdom. I want to take up the challenge and discover the secret of the dancing princes.”

Auron, “You are kind and I shall help you out. First, do not drink or eat anything they give you. ” Pulls up a cloak and pair of boots, “This cloak you shall be invisible and the boots allow you to walk on water. May they help you out.”

Cid, “Now that is sure handy.”

The soldiers thank him for the advice and hurry on with earnest. Cid had some misgivings but Blank was eager to get about the challenge. They are taken straight to the king. After he announced himself as a suitor, the king gave Blank some royal clothes and fed them both some fine food. Blank bade Cid a good night and took his spot on a chair inside the anti chamber of the Princes’ room. Zack came out and offering him some wine. He poured it into a plant pot when the prince wasn’t looking. Then he went to lay down, as if very tired, and pretended to sleep.

Zack laughed, “Poor guy, shame he is going to die like the rest.”

The princes got dressed into their fine party clothes.

Rufus, “He is cute....”

Cloud, “Thou say that about them all.”

Tidus, “Must he die?”

Edgar snorts and Sabin shakes his head.

Edgar, “Thou think he won’t tattle?”

Goten, “I don’t know... I feel guilty about it. The man is nice. Plus, I have a bad feeling about tonight.”

Squall, “ Maybe we should stay back?”

Rufus, “This ring match my eyes?”

Cloud, “Yes, the ring looks good on thee.”

Zack, “Don’t thou dare turn chicken! Many have died already so one more won’t matter. Remember that Princess Rose? Princess Yuna? Prince Bartz? Does thee want to give up nights of dancing? I don’t.”

Trunks, “Thou need to grow up, Goten.”

Squall, “ ........ Whatever. “

When ready, checked on the soldier one last time. He was still laying on the floor and they feel secure. The eldest taps on his bed and it sinks into the ground. They travel down a staircase. The soldier dressed in his boots and cloak, didn’t waste time in following them down. Blank, in his haste, accidentally steps on Goten’s heal.

Goten, “Owie! Someone stepped on my heel.”

Zack, “Calm down, there is no one behind thee.”

Reno, “Maybe, thou brain fell out and hit thee foot.”

Squall, “.......That’s pretty funny. “

They reach bottom of the stair case they stand in a glorious forest, leaves are made of silver and sparked with pure light of the moon. Blank knows it will be hard for anyone to believe a forest like this exists, so he breaks some twigs off.

Goten, “What was that?”

Cloud blushes, “That was me. Supper has given me gas.”

Goten, “No, I heard a snap.”

Zack, “Does it matter? Lets hurry.”

Soon they came to a forest of gold leaves and last a forest made of bright diamonds. Blank taking samples from each forest. Each snap made Goten jump and cling to Cloud. Zack tells them all to ignore the snaps. They came to a great lake where twelve little boats waited. In each boat sat a handsome prince, whom are waiting for the twelve bishounen. The soldier simple walked on the water as the boys were ferried over.

On the other side was a splendid magical castle. The music was loud and lively. The bishounen danced in the great hall with their princes. The strange princes were: Sephiroth, Piccolo, Seventeen, Seymour, Keja, Bardock, Seltzer, Tseng, Seifer, Rajin, Kefka and Kai who called himself supreme. They even change dance partners once in a while. When Zell got a glass of wine, Blank drank it all. Zell was surprised to see his glass was empty. One point he caught two of the strange princes whispering.

Sephiroth, “This is going better then planned.”

Keja, “Soon, they shall be under our spell completely and we can take over their kingdom.”

Blank eats some food and takes a goblet as he last piece of proof needed for the king. They all danced, even the unseen soldier, until 3 in the morning. Then they all left and went back to their room. Blank ran ahead of them and lays back down. The bishounen princes looked upon his sleeping body.

Reno, “As far as he knows, we never left the room.”

So they changed into their sleeping outfit, worn shoes under their beds, and went to bed. Next morning, Blank shares some of the samples with Cid, encase things go wrong so his friend can live in comfort. Then Blank gives his report to the king. Cid stands by his side, for he was his friend and wanted to be there win or lose. Blank told the king what he witnessed. King summoned his sons before him and asked if Blank spoke the truth. They knew Vegeta could tell a lie, so they confessed.

King, “Which one of my sons shall you mate with?”

Blank, “I am too old for the youngest so I shall take Reno.”

That very same day Blank was married to Reno and named heir to the throne. Cid got to marry Cloud and later became Blank’s advisor. The staircase was sealed and the enchantment wore off the remaining princes. As for the two soldiers? They lived happily ever after.

~ The End ~

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