The escape

BY : Ominoushaystack
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Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VII, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Ok, i apologize for this story's cheesiness, but its my first one and i havn't gotten good at this yet
**just about anything in the game ffvii is owned by square, not me, ok?**

I sat in my chair. Well, laid is more like it. The smells of cognac, incense, and blood mingled in the air, flooding my bedroom and creating a smell that more or less matched my mood: gloomy, wicked gloomy. I ggleggled to understand why I had just done that. Killed someone. The little prick was pissing me off, but why did I kill him? I had lost it, that’s for sure. He should’ve left me alone, but he just wouldn’t leave, irritating me, teasing me, embarrassing me in front of everyone else. School was a bitch, that was for sure, and Josh was making it all the bitchier. Somehow I managed to make it through the day, until he decided to keep me from leaving. My blood boiled as Josh stood in front of me, saying some random unfunny insulting quip. That was when I lost it.
It was my secret that I carried switchblades. I enjoyed carrying them, it stroked my insecurities. It was for self defense mainly, I was slightly paranoid, and it felt good to know I had deadly objects in my pockets. I never intended to commit murder with them. The look on his face when I pulled one out of my pocket was priceless; it looked like he waokinoking on a rat. Equally priceless was the look on his face when one went through his cartoid. It was in the corner of the school yard, and I was half way running home when someone stumbled on his dry corpse. So I sat in my chair, knowing it would be only hours before the police came to my door and then I would fester for the rest of my life in a prison. I decided to play some FFVII for the last time. I walked over to my Playstation® and popped in the disc. Then, something happened.
The voice rang in my head. “You’ve been a bad boy, haven’t you, Joel?” For a second I thought that a cop with a sense of humor was taunting me, and then I realized it was coming from nowhere. “Yes, Joel has gone and killed someone, and now Joel is going to prison and going to get raped up the ass by some old man. Hahaha” “What the fuck?” I thought.
“Its simple really, you’re hearing voices”
“You can read my thoughts?”
“who are you?”
“No matter, no matter, all that matters right now is that I offer you escape from this doomed reality of yours.”
“Would you like to enter The world of FFVII?”
“Yes, but how?”
“That is not important, where and when do you want to materialize?
“Midgar, the playground outside of wall market, before the story line of the video game begins”
“Very well.” The voice went silent. Suddenly I felt tingly and heard crackling noises, the walls and furniture glowed purple, then sparks arced from wall to wall through me. It felt like someone was stirring my insides. Then, I felt a sucking sensation in my chest, like someone had ripped my heart out and the flesh closed around the empty space. The sensation spread through my body. I looked at my self, the skin was puckering all over, I tried to scream, but felt no lungs. Soon, there was just a pile of skin left. Moments later, I lost consciousness.
I woke up with a horrible headache. I saw a structure above me; it was the animal shaped slide. “Damn, the voice wasn’t fucking around” I thought as I stood up. In front of me, I saw a pile of shiny marble like object and thanked the voice for the freebie materia. “OOOH that’s a lot of materia” I muttered to myself as I picked em up. I felt something in my pocket, my good old switchblades. Upon inspection, they had materia slots. So did the armor that I found lying on the ground, all eight slots, all linked sets, all 3x growth. “someone must really love me, or hate those who would cross me” I saidmysemyself. After mentally re-living what had just happened, I stretched out and set off to Wall Market.

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