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Title: Cowboy
Rating: NC-17 I suppose.
Pairings: Zell/Squall, Irvine/Seifer, Surprise person.
Warnings: ... I wrote this fic. You should know better.
Notes: I was distracted majorly through a large potrion of the danc e by various things. At one point I stopped to watch an entire Five episodes of Saiyuki. And yanno, Goijo looks a lot like Irvine if ya pull his hair back. Er. Anyway. Im gonna go play PS2 now. And this is going to be my last fic for a while, I need to do some other things.


Soft knocking at his door woke him from his nap after class. Which was rather irritating considering he'd only been asleep maybe five minutes. Oh sure, sure, he'd worked his ass off to regain enough trust to stay in the garden again, but he didnt have all the jobs he used to.

Seifer grumbled as the knocking at the front door continued, glancing at the time before pulling on a flimsy shirt and padding in bare feet across the rooms. Fortunate was he not to have to share as the second bedroom was empty. He still hadnt made it to SeeD.

Goddamned knocking, who the fuck would be bothering him anyway?

Opening the door reveled a rather odd sight, something he was still getting accustomed to. Namely, Zell was knocking on his door, and Squall seemed to have gotten impatient with waiting and was now sucking on the shorter blonde's neck, his back partially pointed twords the door.

"Erm." Seifer reached out and jabbed Squall in the spine. "Do you mind? You're in the middle of the hall for Hyne's sake." Arms crossed. At least Irvine never acted like this im pc.

Squall winced at the jab then rolled his eyes, detaching his mouth from his little fighter and lingering back down to just an arm around his waist. Zell just grinning widely.

"If you came here looking for room to neck, forget it." Seifer grumbled, moving to shut the door again.

"Nah, no way, we've got that part figured out already. Actually, Seifer, We got an invintation to somewhere special and have an extra ticket. We think you might be interested."

"An extra ticket? To where?" Seifer rose a delicate brow, pausing in his near rejection of their presance.

Zell grinned so wide that Squall was sure his head would fall off. "Why, to the place Irvine keeps dissapearing to, where he works to pay for classes at the Garden."

Seifer just stared at him for a long moment. The gunslinger sure had been quiet about where he went at nights. Seifer was usually asleep before he came crawlbackback to bed and wrapped bodies together again. When he'd asked, Irvine always changed the subject, which left him suspicious.

"Alright. When?"

It was nearly ten when they got to Esthar by train and rented cars. If it hadnt been for the fact that they were traveling with Squall, they might've run out of spare change ages ago, but Squall had gathered together enough cash for a round trip, a hotel room if needed, and some extra cash, which Seifer wasnt too sure about. The couple had been picky, making him dress in tight black pants and a black shirt like the rest of them. The thought of the uniform like apperance made him wonder if they were actually out to steal something. Or kidnap Irvine.

And still they wouldnt mention where his cowboy worked. For the first leg of the trip, he'd sprawled out in the back and wondered if he was going to die tonight. Primarily due to Zell's havit to slip head or hand between squall's legs as he was driving.

Eventually, Seifer hlf wlf was at the wheel as the told him to just drive to Esthar after leaving the train station. Hell, even most the train ride he'd been out in the hall watching the countryside so he didnt have to watch Zell and squal having a quickie in thier little booth.

Alright, alright, so he stole a glance in the rear view mirror while driving now and then. They DID have good forms to look at after all, it had to be said. And where Zell got that tattoo was anyone's guess as he h not noticed it before. Then again, he hadnt seen Zell with his clothes off ever before Squall hooked up with him.

Hmm. Woops, almost went off the road. Eyes ahead and coming up on the city, he looked for the rent stop so he could put the car back in the rental station to be retrived later. "We're here, goys, knock it off."


Seifer held his ticket, staring at the entrance of The Black Pearl. Oddly, he'd never heard of the place before. Yet Squall and Zell were conversing with the bouncer as if they were old friends and regulars to the establishment.

Most the building was underground, from the looks of it. Only the entrance sloped above the grassy knoll it was hidden under, the grass over the place owned by some private citizen who refused to loan it out as parkspace. Though the owners of this fine location had apparrently gotten building rights for an underground club or something without a hassle.

The entranceway sloped up at an angle, a sleek construct that had been paninted with a deep, dark midnight purple, with curving spires almost like trnacles curling and writhing around the doorway before they'd been frozen in time and stone, then painted in red, their bases fading intot he color of the main building.

Over the doorway was a foyer of cloth or some plastic to repel rain, on the nights the weather was bad, held up by poles at an angle, small little letters pai on on the poles announcing the name of the place. There were no huge signs, no electric lights, just this, and a short pathway from the road that had actually been rather har fin find, as far as Seifer could tell.

"Come on Seifer, dont want to be late!" Squall gripped his shoulder as Zell danced ahead. Their tickets passed off to the bouncer and they were aloud past and through the door, into thumping monotany and blacklight hallways that wovve back and forth as it slumped down beneath the earth.

"What is this place?"

"You're going to find out. Zell! Run ahead and get us a table and some drinks!"

"Yes Sir!"

Fifteen minutes later, he was settled at a table, setting himself between Zell and Squall so all they could do was play footsie at best. Sipping a gin and tonic from the bar that was near the entrance and sd acd across most of a wall. All the tables, perfectly round, were set so three or four seats to a table were facing a darkened stage as something was being set up behind the curtian.

Seifer idly wondered why the'd need tables so big when half tables would to better for the customers and the waiters scurrying all voer the place, hoping both men and women alike would enjoy the show that was being offered tonight. There was some act or another just ending as they'd walked in and settled down, but the curtians had already closed by the time he looked and he'd missed it.

"I suppose Im going to have to wait for this too, without explination?" He mused over his drink, staring at the stage. He got no reply, just all the lights fading out completely as the curtian was drawn back to reveal nothing but deep murky darkness behind it.

Speakers hummed and vibrated from somewhere, the largest at the stage, smaller ones all around, scattered about. There was no other sound until the rumble and electronic sound of a single word broke the silence.


Lights in the back of the stage flickered a few times, giving the crowd an outline of a figure on the dark stage, settled in a casual pose, head down. Once the lights were full on behind him, the edges of his outfit glowed red in places and remained black in others. Blacklight, not white light, so eve the straining eyes couldnt quite make it out. Though considering the hints that were being dropped earlier, Seifer was pretty sure he knew who it was.

Note of a harmonica strung across the speakers, and signal for the lights to change, A few lighting up at his sides to reflect off silver studs and spurs on the cowboy's boots. Nine gallon hat still shading his eyes though a thin smile curved over his sensual lips and slightly whitened face.

His outfit was classic cowboy style, but most of it had been made of red and black highly detailed leather, held together by the silver studs here and there, a dash of silk against his chest and who knew what his hat was made of. Legs done up in stripes of red and alternating black, coat and silken shirt in red and hat in black. Tight leather. Outlining his sensual curves and letting the eyes cascade down his body to capture every slight bend in his outline.

Enter the twang and vibe of the gituar stalking through the room, and nuzzling into the listeners ears. Deeper throbbthatthat vibrated the flesh as the tune started to play, something trapped between rock and hip-hop and the lyrics started to play. The Cowboy finally moved and strode down the walkway of the stage, his hips swaying with every step, his head bobbing slightly to the beat, coat open and the slim smile on his face growing wider as he surveyed the crowd as if he could see them past all the lights. The blacklights were fading into white so his outfit and body could clearly be seen now.

Keeping within the time and pace of the beat, he started to raise his arms, doing little hip thrusts out to the crowd in time, keeping himself on beat as he crossed his arms above his head. Tempting the crowd as the tine twanged western style. He turned and twisted around on his spot on the stage, slow and seductivehis movements showing off just how tight his costume was in places as well as more shape in his body and what it was capible of. When he was sure his watchers were starting to drool, he slipped down into a slow, slithering crouch. Back remained straight and upright as his head fell back, showing off his white throat as he opened his legs like a butterflies wings, until his knees were one opposite sides of eachother and his heels rested against his rear in near perfect splits.

The three boys in the crowd stared at their partner in combat, finding a whole new side to the sensual beast that had always been chasing after any tail he could find. Really, this seemed like the perfect job for him. Seifer was barely breathing as he stared at Irvine up there on the stage, bated by his apperance. He managed to sip his drink and keep his throat wet as it kept trying to go dry, resisting the urge to jump the stage and take him doen right then and there, people be damned.

"Take it off!" Zell hooted from the table, just to be smacked in the head by Seifer for interrupting his enjoyment. The smaller blonde went down, chair clattering unnoticed to the floor. He was back up and silent in a few moments.

Irvine paid no mind to the yell, wether it was a voice he recognized or not didnt even matter as he was in his element, and was not going to stop the dance until it was finished. He began to lift from his crouch, arms lowering and puling back, so he'd ended up arching when he was standing foully. His head whipping up and giving the watchers a steadfast glare, though it was a bit hard to tell as his eyes were still hidden int he shadow of his hat brim.

He arched so cat like,s treatching aimnibly and showing the crowd the growing lump in his crotch, very promising from the further tightening of his pants, not that he needed any more tightness. He ignored hoots and whistles, other people trying to take up Zell's call, his body shifting and twining about itself, giving his viewers a promis of fun and play if they just waited a little longer.

His arms slipped free of his sleeves of his jacket as people were distracted with his lower half, curling them under the red leather coat for a mere moment, getting something into position. Waiting on the signal in the music as he reached to the capguns he had on his belt. Feeling the eyes burning into his skin,t he lust of everyone in the room almost a tastable pugnent oder. Irvine just grinned to himself, keeping his head at a tilt to all the lights and his eyes hidden, well practiced in this form of display he was. His legs widening again, thrusting those hips of his at the audicne, then from one side to the other, undulatinghis uper body in mirroring motions.

The cue came and his knees snapped together with an almost audible snap, and the spotlight flared on him as the red jacket was thrown off of him, which fell to the stade, immediatly forgotten. Standing there on the end of the caltwalk like stage, spinning capguns on each hand before catching the grips, letting his viewrs see his silk shirt. Red, button up, encasing his chest tightly, though without a word of muscle, and loose and vlowing on his arms, giving him a red liquid look. Glimmers on his pants revealed hints of zippers just inside his thighs as well.

His capguns fired loudly, enunciating the beat as he aimed out over the crowd or twors the sky. Cycling bettween four cap guns. Firing a shot, twirrling it on his hand before holstering it as he short the other one. His sway of and and body flowing wwith the beat and waver of the harmonica and gituars never altered. Most the lyrics were ignored as well, as the music was all he really seemed to need.

He reholstered his weapons and walked up and down the stage as the rock hard gituars game into the game, his hands sliding over his upper hald and rubbing a bit at his crotch before progressing over his legs, drawing attention to the costume and how hard it was to make. The lights catching on deeply inlaifd patterns in the leather that made them seem like something other than leather at some vantage points. Almost like shadow and blood if he managed to catch the light right now and then.

Ofcourse, to the chorus of the song he sang with, a hidden microphone soemwhere within his hat or the long brown hair that spilled down his back in a well kept pony tail. He stalked up to the front of the stage again, hopping up and spreading his arms into the air, toes never leaving the stage though his spurrs clanked softly.

"I wanna be a Cowboy, Baby!
With the top flipped back and the sun shine shinin!"

His hands swiftly movingk dok down and he tore open the front of his shirt, buttons snapping off and being flung off the stage, showing his pliant chest and belly, along with a leather harness with smore smaller capguns holstered into it. At lethrethree pairs. The shirt hung at his elbows as he gave all those int he front of the stage a fivne fiew of his body, stll singing and pelting out his voice with the rest of the music.

"I wanna be a Cowboy, Baby!" The shurt was pulled free, whirled around over his head before he flung it intot he crowd of screaming men and women. "West coasts chillin' with the Boon's wine!" He mimed scooping up a drink off a table and lifted up on his toes as he faked a huge drink.

"I wanna be a Cowboy, baby!" He roared, lunging forward, almost throwing himself off the stage, catching himself on all fours as he came within inches of someones face. Someone whod shown up early for the show, a seat right by the stage. Throwing himmself back just as fast as he'd gotten there to prevent anyone grabbing at him.

And giving the crowd a nice lovely look of his back, hair and bright red patches of leather on his ass, along with two more holsters. He whipped around and mimed mounting a lover and lewedly sang as loud as he could.

"Ridin' all night 'cause I sleep all day!"

Seifer was flushed in the audience, watching his boyfriend up there ont he stage. One hand raising as he woordlessly ordered another drink to appease the lump in his throat, currently unable to satisfy the one in the tightness of his pants. Squall was moaning beside him and he was pretty certian he didnt want to know why he couldnt see Zell's hands right now. Yeah, there was a reason no one wanted to shake his hand, and it wasnt because of the sweat.

By the time the chorus ended, he'd moved his tight little ass back to the other end of the stage, showing off his legs a little more int heir encasements and smirking at those sitting by the stage, bouncers trying to hold a few down to prevent them from hopping the stage.

He continued pimping out his body, to the tip of the stage again, the spotlight keep in in touch with him every moment, the rest of the world in darkness. He was the pearl of the black oyster the denz and and watchers called home. Bending back as far as he could, almost like a circus preformer, making his body into a circle with his belly out, he reached backwards inbetween his legs at ankle level and pulled the zippers hidden there half way up and stopped at his knees before standing up straight again.

He spun around and waggled his ass as he bent down his hair falling over his shoulder as he pulled the zippers up the rest of the way along his thighs, teasing his watchers with glimses of his shapely legs beneath this thick hide. Ofcourse, at mid calf and down were his tough rawhide black boots which probably werent going to come off, if the rest of his dance went off without a hitch. He caught a loose fan out of the corner of his eye, and keeping in time with the beat, kicked him in the head and shoved him the rest of the way off the stage. Maybe he'd sign the guy's face later.

The thing no one knew as this was only the third time Irvine had even danced the Cowboy theme. The first time he was just auditioning for a show, didnt even have a costume and had been making it up as he went along. Since then, whenever they needed a new routine to entice the crowd, they called in irvine, and let him pick a costume and a song. He hadnt failed to be quite the cloud pleaser yet and he hadnt anticipated stopping now. Cowboy was still at least half improvisation, save for what he did during the corus and the fun 'audience participation' bit that was coming up.

As the chorus cycled around again, and the second time 'cowboy' roared over the speakers, thrusting the swooning song of the rockstar into the very hearts of the watchers, egging them on to beating faster as Irvine ripped free the last bindings of his pants and hurled them into the crowd. Hopefully they'd get back to him, as it was apain to get it replaced.

Of course, this also showed Irvine to be quite the tolerant man, his cock now springing free, the cowboy lacking any form of underware. Tolerance, for wearing leather that tight over something so sensitive without any padding. Under his pants was another pair of strapped on thigh holsters, previously hidden as Irvine hadtheir bulk hidden by black strips in his pants, harder to see and otherwise hidden until now.

"Ridin' all night 'case I sleep all day!" Now he had the ability to wrap his hand, gloved, around his own gock and stroking himself a few times, quick and fluid to increase his arousal, bringing it to the point of being rock hard. Whisking out another capgun, he grinned wickedly, in nothing more than his boots and gloves, hat and gun holsters.

Pointing at the spotlight, he fired. Evern though there wasnt any real byllets in it, the spotlight immediatly went out ands there was a strange silence as the music paused, leaving everyone in a terribly aroused horny darkness.

Strange and bouncy noises of the Mouth harp entered the scene, as a cute bouncy tune plaied on an old fashioned piano cantered aroudn the speakers in the middle of what had been a hard rock tune. The sort of thing you'd expect to hear at the happy hour from an old western saloon movie. The lights came back on, muted, all around the building. But the song wasnt over, and neither was the dance. Irvine scampered off the stage and to a small table of users, finding the submissive of the table and taking his hand.

He consumed the slackjawed mouth in quite the deep kiss, sharing siliva between the two of them as he guided the customer's hand to his naked flesh. Stroking his hair as he let the young man feel his cock before pulling away, jumping off the table just to mount another and repeat the pattern. Every table he stopped at, letting the other inhabitants stroke and touch his body. Three tables were managed this way before the bouncy glittery happy music ended and he fled back to the stage, twisting out of a few grasps trying to keep him on a table.

There was another poause in the music as Irvine rose his hands, then a rolling rumble and crash of drums and cymbols and the rocking gituar tunes screamed back into the song. Irvine screamed with the music bevofe diving into the crowd again.

This time though, he went picking out the tough guys of the crowd. Some he pushed and egged on to get up and hit him back. Ofcourse, any who thought of doing it was caught by the bounces and reminded it was just a dance and a game. Others he kicked and knocked off their chairs compleatly. All playing a part, enticing the doms with rough behavior, his eyes almost saying 'punish me' to those who got a chance to look.

Landing on the table of his friends, Irvine grabbed Seifer by the neck of his shirt and pulled his head down between his legs, rubbing his cock against his face until Seifer obliged and pulled it into his mouth. Sucking hard and hungrily, jelous of every man and woman that had been daring to touch his boyfriend. Unaware that Zell and Squall had both stood to touch Irvine's hair, back, and grope his ass. Squall whispering a few words or two as Irvine gasped. A sweet shine of sweat developing over his body from these actions he was pulling with the crowd.

Face fucking Seifer, Irvine laughed and kissed Squall, winking at him with a silent promise before he began singing again, letting Seifer suck on his cock for as long as he dared to spare the man. After all, Gil was being waved in hundred,s and he had to make his pay for the night.

"Call me Hoss, Im the boss!" He pulled out of Seifer's mouth, cock now gilsening with a liberal amount of siliva, which trailed up to his mouth as he firmally gripped Seifer's skull and kissed him hard before leaving and pulunging off to another table. Seifer was the only one he'd actually let suck it. Everyone else that night, like any other night, would have to suffice with being teased or just fondling him.

"No remorse for the sherif, in his eye I ain't right!" Whenever his hands were free, he spun one of his guns and shot a cap into the air or right next to someones head if they were being naughty. A little show with a pair for one table, running the barrels of two guns from his nipples to his crotch, and down the inside of his thighs before throwing out his arms and firing off the caps. A lovely display of what this supposed Sherrif didnt like about the dancer.

"I'm gonna pain his town red-" Irvine swung around and kicked a customer in the chest, scowling after him as the guy had tried fingering his ass. "-And paint his wife white!" Tucking another set of hundred dollar bills as he passed from one table to anothiontionto his harnes or under his hat, hands of all colors and genders being alowed to touch his tanned flesh until he climbed back up onto the stage and twisted and twined again. il wil was waved at him, but his eyes just skated over them, sticking out a thumb and jerking it up. Now and then preforming the action again as he continued turning around, showing off his body further still. The customers caugh on fast and started counting and pooling bills. He was going out to the highest bidder until the song ended. That is, unless the song ended before a bid was placed.

Diving off the stage abruptly, like he was planning on diving into a pool or splattering his head on the hard floor beneatht he stage, he tucked into a roll at the last minute and rolled directly under a table. Bouncing back up to his boots, he grabbed the back of a guy's chair, mounting up on the back of it and rubbing his hard cock against the back of the man's neck. Gripping his shoulders as he did this, he leaned the upper half of his body over the set sexual victim and kissed him hard while his companions ucked cash into his thigh harnesses and the brim of his hat. Eyes skating along as he tired seeking out a higher bidder.

Seifer primptly reached out and gripped Squall by the neck. Growling low and darkly. "BID."

Squall reached a bit drunkenly into his pockets, Seifer only just realizing they'd all managed to down five drinks in the process of Irvines hypnotically arousing dance. Bills were raised and Irvine's lips were seen twitching as he glanced at them. A look of laughter.

"Five hundred? For irvine? Thats too low, dummy!" Zell patronized Squall, smacking him up side the head and digging out several bills from his own pockets, snatchign the gil from Squalls hands, combining their counts together and waving a thousand over his head.

"You know, if you told me we were coming to a stip joint, I would've brought my paycheck." Seifer crossed his arms, without any particular ability to add to the cash count.

"Well, you drank too much." Squall muttered in reply, taking the thousand back. Irvine was still only glancing at them though he did get closer as Squall managed to get the bit up to a thousand and two fifty.

Just to have it plucked from his hands as someone behind him had stood up to borrow his cash and add it to their own. "Hey cowboy! Gwt your ass over here, we've got five thousand!"

Seifer jumped slightly, and the entire table turned as Irvine started dancing twords them, getting groped and tipped along the way.

"Hello Boys, mind if I have a cut of the prize?" Laguna grinned from over Squall's head, flicking the wad of bills in his hand a bit. No time for confrimation, Irvine was suddenly there on their table, plucking the cash from his hand and tucking it into his hat. Somewhere along the line, he'd shed the gun holsters on his upper half, left with nothing but the straps on his thighs.

Laguna just grinned wide and pulled a chair over, stealing it from someone the bouncers were throwing out anyway and settled down, appreciating the lovely shot of Irvine's ass as he danced, pranced, bounced and jiggled for his companions. The cowboy flashing Seifer seritive grins now and then when he was able and leaning into the mans hands a bit more than anyone elses. Subtle motions to soothe Seifer. Irvine still belonged to Seifer and this shouldnt change anything.

He finally plopped down onto the table, laying on his back, his feet on the table so his knees pointed straight up into the air and his body arched a bit to keep his ass accessible. Cock to Seifer, and his face nuzzling Laguna's belly, leaving Zell and Squall to kis and bite his chest. Getting their full moneys worth. Seifer getting more than just his moneys worth as he knew just about every sweet spot ont he hot dancer.

Seifer nipped and nibbled the utmost sensitive spots of Irvine's thighs as his hands slipped up and down against his shaft. Not quite a grip, just a pure teas, nearly a punishment for not telling him abotu this earlier. Seifer would've forgiven him. Well, okay, no, he wouldnt, but he had some idea now. And with Zell and Squall resolving to take a nipple each, he had no dought in his ming that Irvine was being well taken care of, both turtured and pleased.

And Laguna? Well. It was Laguna's birthday, and he was getting away to celebrate before any of the staff realized he was gone and came looking for him. He was leaning back a little and playing with Irvine's hair as the cowboy lifted the president's shirt and rubbed over his stomach, reaching higher to tweak the buds of his muscles on his broad chest.

Laguna took a moment through all the whispered pants and moaning to reach under the visible line of the table and open his pants, cock undeniably hard as the other three gentlemen at the table and guiding the cowboy's hand to him. Dipping down to take Irvine's hot mouth in his own, minglign the hands of the cowboy and the presedent and both worked hard in the constricted time to jack him off.

Happy birthday, Laguna.

Sadly, the song was coming to a close and Irvine looked almost panicked. The vibration from the music cauing the glasses to jump and clatter together with each deep thrummed stroke of the gituar and wail of the backup singers. Irvine was forced to disentangle himself from the president after he came into the cowboy's hair. Remove the abused nipple from the young fighers mouth and push him back into his chair, doing the same to the garden's commander. And had to scream at the former sorceress knight to get off his cock or he'd lose his job.

Seifer was a littler harder to get off form being possessive though. Happy belated birthday, Seifer.

He did manage to get all four of them off in time however and fled back over tables, jumping from one to the next, his boots landing hard before he lunged again, causing more glasses to clink and clatter until his rush lead him back to the stage, covored in sweat and precum dribbling from his cock along with more siliva from Seifer's mouth.

The cowboy pumped himself fast and hard for the crowd, listening to the roars, screams, hoots and hollars. The screams from the speakers and the overloads vibrating back into the system, causing it to crackle slightly from energy overload. "COWBOOOOOOYYY!"

White hot ejaculate shot out into the air, starting a downward arch from the gravitational pull of the planet. But before it could splatter on any customer or disgarded abandon space, all the lights went out and the music stopped, leaving Irvine to flee from the stage and find his way back to his room to clean up and dress.

And, more importantly, get out of the building before the rioting started. Again. The rest of the dancers had already cleared out, getting replaced by bouncers. Ahem. Irvine sortof had an affect on people here. Half his cash would be left in a bin by the door where the owner of the establisment could pick it up later, the rest were stuffed into his pockets.

He found them waiting outside for him. Laguna and Squall discussing something, an arm around one another and murmuring in hushed tones. Zell leaning against a pole and still had one hand in his pants, staring at Irvine like a hungry wolf. And then there was Seifer.

"Hey there, Stud. Like the show?" Irvine asked, sliding up to Seifer and rubbing against him. Easily finding the rock hard member beneath his pantd gid giving him a strong little grope.

Whatever Seifer had been planning on saying to him with his furious look, was forgotten as he pounced on the man and kissed him hard enough to bruise his face for the next few days.

"Ahem. Sorry to interrupt, but doing that here would be unwise." Laguna said as his shadow fell over the two. Then his solmn face was lost as he gained a mischivous smile. "Why dont all of you come over and spend a night in my manor?"

-- The end --

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