Chicks of Balamb - Rinoa's Initiation

BY : LemonWithSilver
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It was another boring day at Balamb Garden. Rinoa sat all alone in the cafeteria, drinking a cup of coffee. It was during the middle of the day, and the line was actually short for once. Everyone seemed to be busy today, and Rinoa wasn't looking forward to the day alone.

She looked up surprised when Quistis rushed into the cafeteria and ran up to the cafeteria lady. Rinoa frowned and headed over there trying to see what Quistis was ordering. Quistis turned around bumping into Rinoa head on.

"Oh hi, Rinoa" Quistis said flashing a smile. Rinoa looked down at the white to-go box Quistis clutched in her hands. "Hi Quisty, where ya goin'?" Rinoa asked clasping her hands behind her back. The blond instructor raised her eyebrows and shook her head.

"Oh no where, just up to my room to study" Quistis said shifting her eyes from left to right. Rinoa knew right away that Quistis was lying. There was definitely something going on.

"Ok, well I'll talk to you later" Rinoa said smiling softly. Quistis nodded her head and fled the cafeteria, unaware of Rinoa following behind her.

Quistis sped toward the Training Area at a brisk pace. Rinoa struggled to keep up without being noticed. Quistis led her through the trees into a cleared out area where a picnic table was. Rinoa ducked behind the bushes peering out. She was shocked and amazed to see a gathering of her friends there.

Quistis, Selphie, Xu, and Fuijin. What a strange group of people to be hanging out together. Rinoa was determined to find out what was going on. Rinoa stood up from behind the bushes and cleared her throat loudly. All four women turned and looked at her with fiery eyes.

"What are you doing here?" Xu asked looking around at the other girls.

"I followed Quis from the cafeteria, why are you guys leaving me out?" Rinoa asked trying to look hurt.

"RAGE" Fuijin said striking out and slapping Quistis across the face. Quistis staggered a bit and bowed her head to the silver-headed woman.

"Fui, what the hell do you think youíre doing" Rinoa asked rushing over to help Quistis. Fuijin grabbed Rinoa by the arm and wheeled her around to stare into Fuijin's single eye.

"SLUT" Fuijin shouted smacking Rinoa right across the face. Rinoa fell back held up only by Fuijin's iron grip. Fuijin raised her hand to slap Rinoa again when Xu walked over and softly placed her hand over Fuijin's.

"Fui, lets have her join us" Xu whispered her voice purring like a kittens. The one-eyed woman looked at her contemplating her words for a moment. Then Rinoa watched in amazement as Fuijin kissed Xu, letting Rinoa drop to the floor.

"Oh my god" Rinoa exclaimed standing up. Xu pulled away looking over at Selphie and Quistis whom both appeared strangely calm.

"I think it's a great idea" Selphie exclaimed.

"Yes" Quistis said softly still holding her stinging cheek. Rinoa looked around wondering what the hell she was getting herself into.

"I'm sorry" Fuijin said her voice softened. She moved away from Xu and walked over to the former instructor. Fuijin touched Quistis cheek, then kissed her open mouth. Quistis leaned into the kiss wrapping her fingers around Fuijin's breast.

"I'm leaving now," Rinoa said turning around. Fuijin's head whipped away from Quistis as she lurched across the clearing grabbing Rinoa by her shiny brown locks.

"You're not going anywhere" Fuijin whispered bringing Rinoa's ear close to her lips.

"What the hell are you doing?" Rinoa asked.

"It just girls, having a little fun, we do it all the time. Calm down Rinoa. Don't be a prude" Selphie said floating over to her.

"I am not a slut," Rinoa said.

"Neither are we" Xu said suddenly, her voice cold. Fuijin shoved Rinoa to the ground tearing off her blue duster in the process.

"Just obey, Rin. You wouldn't want to be left out anymore would you?" Selphie asked sympathetic.

"N-No" Rinoa stammered looking around at them from the ground. Selphie knelt down next to her and petted her hair a bit.

"Then you'll join in the fun?" Selphie asked.

"O-okay" Rinoa responded.

"That's a girl," Selphie said softly before pressing her soft lips to Rinoa's own. Selphie's tongue brushed her lips before pulling away to stand up.

"But you must be punished for calling up sluts" Xu said her voice soft. Fuijin grinned and pulled Rinoa up from the ground slapping her again.

"Call yourself a slut, little girl" Fuijin said growling.

"No!" Rinoa said kicking at her. Fuijin laughed tossing her silver head back.

"Say you're a slut, say you're a slut and that you want all of us to fuck you" Fuijin said slamming her hand into the side of Rinoa's face.

"Fuijin stop!" Rinoa exclaimed.

"Say it" Fuijin demanded again slapping the petite girl. Rinoa stopped struggling.

"I'm a slut and I want all of you to fuck me" she whispered tears coming to her brown eyes.

"Don't cry" Fuijin said grabbing a hold of Rinoa's chin in a death grip. Rinoa gulped down her tears and stared into Fuijin's eyes.

"Good" Fuijin said ramming her lips into Rinoa kissing her fiercely. Lust tingled up Rinoa spine, no one would understand how much talking dirty would turn her on. Her stinging cheek only heightened the pleasure of Fuijin's tongue rubbing against hers. She had never imagined kissing girls could be so good. She was surprised when someone grabbed her pert bottom, she yelped into Fuijin's mouth. Quistis pressed her breasts into Rinoa's back.

"I've wanted to fuck you ever since I first saw you" Quistis whispered huskily in to her ear before latching her teeth around Rinoa's ear lobe. Fuijin chuckled and then kissed Quistis over her shoulder, one of her hands fondling Rinoa's fabric covered breasts.

"Now now, don't hog the little sorceress girls" Xu said taking Rinoa's hand and leading her away form the still kissing Fuijin and Quistis.

"On the table" Xu said demand in her voice. Rinoa hopped up on the table crossing her legs.

"Say you're a slut for me Rinny" Xu said reaching out to grab the front of Rinoa's blouse.

"I'm a slut," Rinoa said as Xu tore the front of her shirt open revealing her bra-less chest.

"No bra, you are nasty aren't you?" Xu growled attacking Rinoa's tit with her mouth. She chewed at the nipple making Rinoa gasp in pain and pleasure. Selphie walked over wrapping her sweet lips around Rinoa's other nipple causing her to arch back in lust. Suddenly there was another set of hands tearing off her skirt to leave her naked lying on the hard wooden table.

"If you want to join us every time, you must do what we say" Quistis said putting a palm on Rinoa's stomach inches above her shaven pussy.

"Shaved, and no panties. You dirty, dirty little girl" Xu purred running a hand along Rinoa's bare leg.

"I'll do whatever you want me too" Rinoa gasped as Selphie started sucking on her bare nipple.

"You'll make each one of us cum, however we want. Then maybe we'll let you cum as well Rin" Quistis said gripping her nipple cruelly. Rinoa let out a yelp of pain and nodded against the grainy wood.

"Me first" Fuijin said shooing all the other girls off of Rinoa's naked body. Fuijin grinned at Rinoa and ran her tongue along Rinoa's stomach. Then she climbed up on the table straddling Rinoa's bare breasts, tugging at her nipple with one hand.

"You ever eaten pussy before? Fuijin asked rolling Rinoa's nipple in her palm. Rinoa shook her head at stared up at the mound of silver curls around Fuijin's wet womanhood.

"Time to learn" Fuijin said raising up and placing her cunt above Rinoa's face. She smelled strongly of cum, and femininity. Rinoa tentatively reached up and touched Fuijin's clit with her tongue. Fuijin gasped and shuttered a little burring her hand in Rinoa's hair.

"Eat me out" Fuijin demanded wrenching Rinoa's face upward into her walls. Rinoa began to lick and fuck, fucking her with her tongue. Fuijin moaned against Rinoa, fucking her face. Fuijin arched back and cried out as suddenly Xu was there kissing and sucking on the silver-haired woman's nipple. Rinoa felt fingers probe her feminine walls and let a muffled groan into Fuijin's pussy.

Fuijin orgasmed her hips bucking wildly, cum rubbed all over Rinoa's red face. Rinoa kept tongue fucking her sending her into spasms as the orgasm ended. Fuijin let her head drop to the table and climbed off of her.

Xu was there right away licking Fuijin's female after math, that was all over Rinoa's face.

"My Fui, she tastes so good. Doesn't she?" Xu asked kissing Rinoa, and thrusting her tongue into her mouth. Suddenly Xu's fingers were between Rinoa's legs again working madly against her clit. She pulled her hand away and brought it to Rinoa's lips.

"Taste yourself slut" Xu commanded shoving her wet fingers into Rinoa's awaiting mouth. Rinoa licked juicjuices off Xu's fingers closing her eyes. Suddenly Xu pulled away to get undressed, revealing a black leather bondage outfit that left her nipples and cunt available. From the pocket of her normal looking SeeD outfit Xu pulled out a huge black strap on dildo. A big black Conan the Barbarian Dildo.

"I want you to put this on, and fuck me you dirty whore" Xu said placing the rig on Rinoa's stomach.

"I'll help her get it on," Quistis said coming over from where she had been kissing Selphie to help Rinoa on with the huge dildo. Rinoa looked down, thinking it strange to see her pussy covered by black leather and the huge stiff dildo thrusting out from it. Xu lay down on the table spreading her legs.

"Fuck me you cunt" Xu said at Rinoa's small hesitation. Rinoa leaned in sliding the slick black thing into Xu's dripping walls of femininity.

"That's right you dirty fucking whore, faster. Harder" Xu demanded ramming her hips into Rinoa, swallowing the dildo fully in her pussy. Rinoa fucked her, leaning over to take Xu's nipple between her teeth. Leather creaked beneath them as they moved together. Xu screamed head banging hard against the table as she orgasmed. Rinoa kept fucking her, as Xu bucked wildly against her.

"Good job, my pretty little slut. Now take it off and lick it clean for me" Xu demanded as Quistis came over to help Rinoa off with the strap-on. Rinoa took it into her shaking hands and began to lick the black dildo clean of Xu's juices. Xu wiggled out from under and went to Fuijin, to start kissing her right away.

"My turn" Quistis said roughly ripping the dildo away from Rinoa. Rinoa looked at her with wide eyes. Quistis got really close to Rinoa's ear enjoying the smell of sex lingering around the girl.

"I want you to finger fuck me with one hand, and ass fuck me with the other. Meanwhile Selphie's going to come over here and suck on my nipples" Quistis whispered to Rinoa motioning Selphie over. The two girls were all ready naked and turned on at watching Rinoa make the other two orgasms. Fuijin and Xu were on the ground near by kissing and rubbing themselves against each other.

"Then, you're going to make Selphie orgasm while I masturbate and watch. Got that?" Quistis whispered as Selphie all ready started into her nipples. Rinoa nodded kissing Quistis suddenly. One hand reached down and started to play with Quistis cunt, taking one finger in. Than a second. Quistis moaned against her mouth as Rinoa reached around and grasped her ass.

"Finger it" Quistis, exclaimed as Rinoa slowly worked her way to Quistis asshole. She put two fingers in as well. Rinoa finger fucked her in both holes, Selphie working furiously at Quistis' breasts.

"I'm gonna cum" Quistis whispered as she began to shudder he teeth clenching onto Rinoa's lower lip. Pleasure ripped through Quistis sending her wriggling on Rinoa's working fingers. Her orgasm was the longest, rocking back and forth her head rolled back.

"Stop now" Quistis said getting off Rinoa's wet fingers. She sat down on the table and began to finger herself, as Selphie planted her lips on Rinoa's swollen mouth.

"I want to cum Selphie" Rinoa whispered to her.

"Oh you will" Selphie whispered back running a finger along Rinoa's lips. Rinoa moaned with a shudder.

"Look at Quistis, isn't she beautiful" Selphie asked kissing Rinoa along the neck. Rinoa looked over at the masturbating Quistis and nodded her head.

"And Fuijin and Xu?" Selphie asked palming Rinoa's breast. Rinoa looked over at the two girls who were both watching Quistis as they kissed and fondled each other.

"See how much pleasure we give each other?" Selphie asked. Rinoa nodded as the green-eyed girl kissed her again.

"Hey Quis, why don't you bring that box over here now," Selphie said interrupting Quistis feverish masturbation.

"Oh, sounds like fun" Quistis said standing up and going to retrieve the white box sitting by her cloths. It was the box Rinoa had seen her get from the cafeteria. Fuijin and Xu walked over grinning, as Quistis opened the box. The smell of something sweet and citrus greeted Rinoa. In the box were about a dozen orange slices.

"Lay down on the table" Selphie said plucking one of the orange slices from the box. Rinoa laid down on the table her legs spread wide. Selphie smiled as she ran the orange slice around Rinoa's pussy, letting the juice drip over her hot wetness. Then suddenly the orange slice was vertical fucking her up and down. Rinoa moaned pushing herself into the soft fruit. She neglected to see as the other passed out the sliced. Suddenly there were cold orange slices being rubbed all over her. One on each nipple, one across her stomach.

Then all five of them were on the table, except Selphie who was standing at the end controlling the orange in Rinoa's cunt. There were mouths, fingers and pussies everywhere. It was sheer ecstasy as Selphie climbed up on top of her in a sixty-nine holding the orange piece between her teeth. Rinoa dived into Selphie's pussy, as Quistis stroked Selphie asshole, Xu fingering Quistis' own pussy. Fuijin was eating out Xu, as Quistis head her head buried in Fuijin's own lap.

Like a firecracker Rinoa orgasmed, all the sexual frustration exiting her body as Selphie came with her. Quistis, Xu and Fuijin shortly followed with their second orgasms. They all fell back, naked bodies lying against each other. All of them wet, hot, and spent.

The publicness of the place suddenly dawned on Rinoa when she heard a monster roar nearby.

"We should go" Selphie said lazily. Qui nod nodded and slid off the table to get dressed. Rinoa stood up as Xu did, meeting her dark eyes.

"Tell no one of this, my little cunt. And next time you'll be invited" Xu whispered kissing her softly before grabbing her own dress. Rinoa amazed at how fast the others could dress was left alone in the clearing, orange peels lying all around.

Rinoa shuttered putting her clothes back on before cleaning up the leftovers of their orgy. She smiled to herself and left the clearing.

Who knew girls could be so good?

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