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~~~Aeon’s Heart 01: I have Done it!~~~

Yuna stepped cautiously into the chamber, looking around in an almost shifty manner. Truth be told, though, she could feel her heart hammering in her chest.

"H-Hello," she called softly.

As expected, the chamber remained silent, almost as if the Fayth was waiting for her prayers. The would-be summoner seemed to feel some the expectancy and, not knowing what else to do, reached out to the presence in the room.

/Please…. Hear me./

“I hear you, Apprentice Summoner.” A spirit shimmered into view, as if walking up to Yuna slowly. She was dressed in the clothes of an era long-passed, her light-brown hair shifting slightly as if disturbed by a breeze that wasn’t there.

"You're an aeon," Yuna questioned aloud.

"A Fayth," the woman half-shrugged, "but the difference is largely one of perception."

"Oh," Yuna said simply, and was silent for a moment. "I have come here for a reason…. I wish to –"

“You wish to acquire your first Aeon, and become a true Summoner,” the Fayth finished for her, a soft smile on her face.

"Yes," Yuna nodded. "I came in the hopes that you might become my Aeon."

“Do you really think it’s that easy,” she asked, about half-way between amused and sad. “Perhaps with Ixion, but….”

"No, I don't," Yuna admitted. "What is it you ask of me in return?"

“Well, I don’t expect you to face me in a fight – you’d have to be suicidal to agree to that,” she chuckled, stretching her arms out above her head. “However – it does get lonely, at times, waiting for a flingling summoner to seek me out, or call on my power.”

"Lonely," Yuna echoed in question. "I'd be glad- honored- to be your companion…."

“Be careful about making promises you might not be inclined to keep, Apprentice Summoner,” the woman cautioned with a smile, as she moved closer to Yuna. “You might not be inclined towards being the type of companion I have in mind.”

"Wh-what kind of companion do you mean?"

“I believe yoill ill use the term lover,” she said softly, reaching up to caress Yuna’s cheek with the backs of her ghostly fingers, the touch feather-soft. “As I said – it gets quite lonely here, and I usually only get out long enough to deal with fiends before being sent back.”

Yuna gasped, but didn't draw back.


“I’m sorry,” the Fayth said softly, pulling her hand back slightly. “I’m afraid that subtlety isn’t my strong suit, as an Aeon or as a Fayth. You are quite attractive, though,” she smiled. “I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve had similar offers from mortals before. Could you at least explain what makes my request more surprising?”

"Nothing, given a bit of time to consider the situation," Yuna admitted.

"How much time? I don't exactly have anywhere else to go," she chuckled.

"I suppose I might be okay with it now," she replied slowly. "I must warn you that.."

"That you haven't done this before?"

"That's it, yes."

"Don't worry," she smiled. "I'll do what I can to make you remember the pleasure, rather than any pain." She slid her fingers under Yuna’s chin, raising her face to claim a brief kiss.

“My name is Valefor,” she said softly. “Unless you would call me by another name.”

"Valefor," Yuna echoed in a whisper. "Yes, I'll call you Valefor."

“Thank you,” she smiled, reaching back to undo the sash of Yuna’s robes. “For all that you give me today.”

"Y-You needn't thank me," Yuna replied, feeling cool air flow through her tight black shirt when her robe opened. "Anymore than I need to thank you."

“Perhaps not,” Valefor smiled, “but I want to.” She leaned forward for another kiss, holding it longer this time as her tongue pressed lightly against Yuna’s lips. Yuna parted her lips in reply, though it was in a fashion that illustrated her slight confusion.

As Valefor's tongue explored her mouth, she felt a voice at the edges of her mind. /"Let go, Yuna - do what feels right for you."/ Yuna obliged, her tongue dancing around Valefor's, retaliating in full force, drawing a soft moan from the Fayth as her hands explored the young body before her, slowly working under her clothes.

It was then Yuna's mind blanked out and her body reacted, sighing slightly as she mimicked Valefor's light, feathery strokes across the pale skin of the Fayth, who started to focus once more on the task of stripping her lover. Yuna’s robes fell to the floor of the Chamber of the Fayth, while the voice in her mind spoke words of encouragement and approval to her, in between slightly less coherent concepts of growing pleasure.

Yuna pressed her lips to the cleft between Valefor's neck and shoulder, awkwardly fiddling with the top button on the blouse she wore. After a moment’s struggle, they seemed to give way almost too easily, as Valefor trailed kisses down Yuna’s neck and shifted her arms back, to let the young summoner remove her blouse.

“Do you like what you see,” she asked, almost shyly, as she backed away from Yuna for a moment to let her lover see her clearly.

Yuna's eyes traveled her form, a blush rising to her cheeks, then nodded.

"Yes," she said softly.

“Good,” Valefor nearly purred, moving up close again and slowly raising the shirt Yuna wore beneath her robes, encouraging her to raise her arms so she could pull it off. She did so, freeing her feet of her boots with a pair of quick kicks.

As soon as Yuna’s arms were free, Valefor shifted down, setting the shirt to the side as she traced the tip of her tongue around one of the young summoner’s hardening nipples.

Yuna was stunned at the sudden rush of pleasure, her hand reflexively reaching down towards one of her lover's own nipples with a low moan that was echoed eagerly, as Valefor’s attentions grew bolder, and she began to suck and tease Yuna’s breasts with her teeth, lips, and tongue. She ran her hands up along the backs of Yuna’s legs, her fingers slowly working towards the more sensitive flesh of her inner thighs.

"Valefor," Yuna murmured breathily, toying with the Fayth's nipples.

“Yes, lover,” she asked, breathing heavily as she stood to claim another heated kiss, sliding Yuna’s shorts down around her ankles.

Yuna's arms wrapped around her and slid down, undoing her pants and easing them off of Valefor's hips, returning her kiss all the while, obviously no longer able to answer the question as the Fayth’s fingertips traced the cleft of her ass, then slid along the soft flesh of her sex. Yuna's reaction came in a split second, as she moaned loudly and pressed forcefully against Valefor.

“You’re as eager as I am,” she chuckled, dipping her head to kiss the base of Yuna’s neck, slowly shifting around behind the younger woman as she trailed kisses along her neck and shoulders, pressing against her from behind as she continued to tease at the slick lips, pressing past them slightly, tracing her fingertips up to Yuna’s clit.

Yuna again tried to force Valefor's fingers to the spot where she wanted them, pushing her hips down, this time with less success than before.

/”Just tell me what you want me to do,”/ Valefor mind-spoke to her, tracing a finger around the sensitive flesh at an agonizingly slow pace, and running the tip of her tongue up the edge of Yuna’s ear. /”What will make you feel best.”/

"You know," Yuna informed her breathlessly.

“Some people have other preferences,” she whispered, slowly sliding her hands down, and pressing a slender finger into the young summoner’s sex, just until she met with the expected resistance. Yuna froze up slightly, feeling a slight discomfort in her pelvis already.

“I promise I will do what I can to ease the pain,” Valefor said softly, focusing for a moment to channel some of the magic of the Chamber of the Fayth, removing the discomfort, and replacing it with a slowly growing pleasure. “If you want me to stop now, tell me.”

"N-No," Yuna closed her eyes at the wave-like sensation. "Go on.."

At that, Valefor pressed deeper, tearing the flesh inside Yuna’s sex as gently as possible, her magic taking the edge off the worst of the pain as she probed the tight channel with thrusts that gradually picked up speed and strength.

Yuna winced a bit as a sudden, though low, stinging sensation passed through her, but soon found herself tentatively rocking her hips, trying to match Valefor's pace as the fayth added a second finger, nipping gently at the base of Yuna’s neck.

Yuna moaned, writhing fiercely against Valefor. The thrusts became deeper, faster, shifting slightly each time as if she was looking for something. Then she hit it – a spot inside of Yuna’s body that was almost too deep to reach, that sent bolts of pleasure running through her.

Yuna's breath was stolen from her apruptly, but she could barely bring herself to care at the moment, too caught up in the new sensations. Soon, though, it was too much for her, and she fell into her climax, convulsing erratically and moaning wildly. Valefor held her close until she started to recover, sliding her fingers out of the young summoner and licking them clean of the bittersweet juices, leaning forward with a smile.

“You’re even more beautiful like that,” she whispered into Yuna’s ear.

One could have sworn Yuna blushed, but it was next to impossible to tell with how flushed she already was.

"Th-Thank you…"

“You’re welcome,” the fayth chuckled, moving around front to claim a deep kiss. “Care to lay down before we continue?”

"S-Sure," Yuna agreed. "But…"

“This is my sanctum,” Valefor chuckled, as the Chamber seemed to change into a finely appointed bedroom. “I do have some control over how it appears,” she finished, leading Yuna over to the bed.

"'Some,'" Yuna echoed dubiously.

“Enough to make furniture, food, and drink with relative ease,” Valefor elaborated, sitting down on the edge of the bed. “It’s perfectly solid,” she smiled, “I promise.”

"I didn't doubt that," Yuna said, following suit and sitting on the bed.

“What did you doubt, then,” Valefor asked curiously, shifting close enough to press against her lover.

"Just that…. Well, that's a bit more control than some," Yuna explained.

“True,” Valefor smiled. “But it’s not perfect. Good enough for our purposes, but not perfect.”

"That's all that matters, right now," Yuna replied simply. "Isn't it?"

“I suppose it is,” the fayth chuckled, leaning over for another kiss. “Is there anything you’d like to do before we leave here, or should I keep going like before?”

Yuna looked undecided for a moment, then nodded.

"It's only fair I return the favor," she remarked.

“You’re more than welcome to do so,” Valefor smiled, laying down on the bed and rolling to her back, looking up at Yuna and holding her arms up invitingly.

Yuna positioned herself on top of Valefor, and, a few moments later, let her tongue dart out inquisitively at one of her nipples. The response was a soft moan, as the fayth pressed her body against Yuna’s.

“That’s right, Yuna,” she said, breathing a little more heavily than before. “Like that.”

As though she'd been waiting for the response, Yuna twirled her tongue around Valefor's nipple slowly, reaching up with a hand and stroking the other.

“Oh yes,” Valefor groaned, reaching down to stroke Yuna’s head and shoulders affectionately, spreading her legs unconsciously as her hips pressed up, grinding into the summoner’s stomach, her juices flowing slowly from her swollen lips.

Yuna murmured something, but it was too soft and muffled to be articulate. She slid further down on Valefor's body, both hands toying with the Fayth's breasts as she did so.

"You want this?"

“Yes!” Valefor bit down on her lower lip, trying to keep the word at a half-scream as a thousand years of frustration were about to end.

Yuna couldn't help giggling the slightest bit.

"All right," she nodded, then set to work, running her tongue across the Fayth's slit at a maddeningly slow pace.

“Do you…oh Yuna….” Valefor weighed the few options she had, and decided to take the one that would keep her from interfering with Yuna’s achingly pleasant exploration, shifting her hands above her head, tying them in place with a length of silk ribbon that silently shimmered into existence. “More,” she moaned.

Yuna complied, but not as much as Valefor would have liked, unhurriedly pressing through her lips, lapping slightly at her fluids. But even after that, Yuna seemed intent on torturing her lover, trailing circles around the one place where Valefor wanted her to go, brushing close then darting away.

Eventually, the writhing fayth managed to focus enough to talk again. “Damn, you’re good at this for your first time,” she panted, as Yuna’s tongue skillfully adjusted for the movement of her hips, constantly teasing her, winding her up further.

Yuna's reply wasn't articulate, for obvious reasons, but she did respond, flicking her tongue briefly across Valefor's swollen bud, drawing another strangled cry from her increasingly desperate lover, as her hands strained futilely against their bonds.

“Please,” she whimpered, her eyes squeezed shut tightly.

Yuna closed her eyes and slid her hands behind Valefor's hips, then, finally, drew Valefor's clit into her mouth, putting slight pressure on it with her lips. Before the fayth even had a chance to react to that, though, one of Yuna's fingers began probing her. She was rewarded with an incoherent moan as the hot channel she was exploring tightened reflexively around her finger, and Valefor struggled to keep from bucking her hips into the young summoner’s face.

Yuna's tongue never left the small, hard nub after that, but stroked rapidly back and forth directly on it, even as Yuna added a second finger and began moving them, looking for the same place Valefor had found in her, realizing she'd probably be made aware when she'd found it.

A few moments later, she was proved right, as Valefor screamed, her body arching as her juices flowed freely over Yuna’s hand, her sex spasming around the fingers buried deeply inside of her. Yuna didn't let up, though, with some sort of odd curiousity as to what would happen should she continue. All the while continuing her past actions, her other hand reached up and began to play with one of Valefor's nipples. After a few moments, the fayth’s body relaxed, though she was still panting and moaning loudly as Yuna worked her towards another climax.

/”Please, Yuna,”/ she begged into the young summoner’s mind, her thoughts slightly disjointed by the pleasure that was still filling her body, /”your tongue…in me, please!”/

Yuna had the same idea, inside of Valefor almost before the sentence was completed, and still putting the fingers that had been inside of her to good use, languidly petting her clit as her tongue repeatedly stabbed at the spot she'd located moments ago. Moments later, she was rewarded with another flood of Valefor’s musky fluids, though the accompanying cry wasn’t nearly as loud as it had been the first time.

Yuna withdrew her tongue, sharply licking at Valefor's bud one last time, drawing a ragged moan from the Fayth.

"So," she asked quietly. "How was that?"

Finally able to focus slightly, Valefor dissolved the ribbons around her wrists, turning in the bed to kiss Yuna deeply, licking some of her own fluids of thf the summoner’s mouth.

“Incredible,” she nearly purred, once their lips had parted. “I’m going to have to come up with something special to repay you for that,” she smirked.

"I'll be waiting," Yuna replied with a smile.

“Mmm – not for long,” Valefor smirked. “I just came up with something *very* special to repay you,” she finished, before her form started the slow shift to her strangely majestic Aeon-form….


Wakka was resting in his hut, occasionally glancing over at the new guy – Tidus, he said his name was – as he slept.

/”Looks like he’s been through hell,”/ Wakka observed. /”Probably has been, dealin’ with Sin’s toxin. Still – he’s a good blitzer – bet he looks great in the Sphere.”/ Almost as soon as he thought it, Wakka shook his head, trying to forget the thoughts he’d been having earlier along with this latest one.

/”No good fallin’ for the new guy, Wakka – he’ll be gone when the Tournament’s over, or you will be – one way or the other, that’s no good.”/

Just then, one of the priests walked into the hut, catchhis his attention.

“Hey, how are things going in the temple,” Wakka asked, standing up and walking over, hoping they wouldn’t wind up waking up Tidus as they talked. Not that he thought they’d be talking long – if the priest was here, it probably meant Yuna was on her way back up.

"We do not know," the priest informed him solemnly. "But… you could at least go see how they are doing.”

“We can’t interfere,” Wakka said dubiously. “It’s a rule!”

"But it's been nearly a day already," the man reminded him calmly.

“Well… all right,” Wakka said reluctantly, glancing back at Tidus to make sure he was still sleeping. “I’ll go check with the others – knowing Yuna,” he chuckled, “she probably started talking to the Fayth and lost track of the time!”

"I suppose it is a possibility," the priest replied simply.

“Well, let’s get going,” Wakka shrugged, starting off towards the temple with the priest following behind him.

“Not like Lulu and Kimahri’d let anything go wrong anyways,” he said to himself as entered the temple. The priest turned to Wakka.

"I worry for Lady Yuna," he began. "Please, I only ask you to check." With that, he turned away and joined the crowd.

“All right, so I’ll check,” Wakka shrugged, starting towards the stairs.

It was just then Tidus popped up in front of him.

"Is something wrong," he asked, confused.

"The summoner hasn't returned from the trial," Wakka admitted.

"Eh," Tidus just looked more confused at the reply.

"Well," Wakka elaborated, shifting his hand to the back of his neck almost reflexively, "apprentice summoner, really."

"Ah," Tidus raised an eyebrow, looking quite lost. Wakka fought the urge to try shaking his memory back into working order.

/”Sin’s toxin,”/ he reminded himself. /”Man, he must have been swallowed and then spit back out, to get a dose that bad.”/

"There's a room in there called the Cloister of Trials. Beyond is where the apprentice summoner prays. If the prayer is heard, the apprentice becomes a fully-fledged summoner, remember?"

"So someone is in there, and they haven't come back out," Tidus shrugged. "Right, I got it."

“A day’s already gone by,” Wakka nodded, gradually getting a little more worried despite himself.

Tidus frowned, realizing whatever was going on was probably more serious than he had first thought.

"Is it… particularly dangerous in there?"

“Sometimes,” Wakka admitted. He didn’t like the way he saw this going – at this rate, Tidus’d wind up getting somebody in trouble….

"Why don't you go in and help," Tidus questioned.

"There's already guardians in there," Wakka explained. "Besides, it's forbidden -"

Tidus debated with himself for a moment, before taking off like a shot. He was halfway up the stairs before he asked his next question.

"But what if somethin' happens," he protested. "What if the summoner dies?!?"

"The precepts must be obeyed," a priest thundered in a way that showed he obviously thought he was important. Tidus, though, didn't agree.

"Like I care," the blonde shot back with a smirk, running up the rest of the steps and through the door.

Wakka swore quietly to himself as the assemblage gasped loudly, then took off after Tidus as fast as he could - hoping to at least keep the damage he did to a minimum....


Yuna and Valefor were resting, still tangled in the large bed. The fayth had long since returned to her human form, and they had both lost track of the time Yuna’d been in there.

But now – now there was another approaching.

/”So,”/ Valefor thought to herself. /”You actually managed to bring him.”/

“Yuna,” she said gently, “wake up.”

"Uhhh," Yuna yawned, stretching. "Wha's goin' on…?" The summoner didn't appear to be used to being woken up in strange places.

"Your guardians are growing impatient," Valefor smiled, kissing her lover gently. "And there is another with them - I'm afraid it's time for you to go, for now."

"A-Another?" Yuna echoed, slowly pulling her clothes back on. "That's… forbidden, isn't it?"

“By Yevon’s law, it is,” Valefor nodded, focusing on eliminating most of the evidence of what they’d been doing for the past day – that would not be likely to go over well with her guardians. “Unless he becomes your guardian, at least,” she pointed out. “Either way, though, he will follow you – as loyal and trustworthy as Sir Jecht was to your father.”

"Is that so…," Yuna mused. "I'll bear it in mind."

"He's from Zanarkand," Valefor mentioned idly. "The old Zanarkand, not the one you are going to see." At that, she became more subdued. "Be careful, Yuna. Please."

"I-I will," Yuna nodded, drinking in the information Valefor was giving her.

“Good. He’ll be going to Luca on the same ship you are, through Kilika.” The brown-haired fayth walked up to Yuna and kissed her gently. “Yuna – if you ever decide to choose your own path, I will support you, even if others wouldn’t. I’m glad you came this far, though – more than you can imagine.”

"Thank you," Yuna fought back a yawn, suddenly realizing how exhausted she felt. "I think…. I better go now. It's been a long time.”

“You’re right – it has. Thank you though, for everything.” She was silent for a moment, thinking. “Something to keep in mind – if you find a mortal you love, and who loves you – don’t hold back on my account. Take the pleasure you can from this world, while you can – none shall blame you.”

"Very well," Yuna nodded, turning towards the exit. "Farewell, Valefor, and thank you as well," she turned back around briefly and bowed in traditional Yevonite fashion, then walked through the door.

/”I wish there was another way,”/ Valefor thought to herself, as the doors closed behind her lover….


On the other side of the door, Wakka, Lulu, and Kimahri were waiting – apparently arguing about something – with a young blond standing nearby.

They all stopped in their tracks, though, when they heard Yuna's boots click against the hard stone floor, and there was a collective gasp from everyone in the room when she stumbled, and nearly fell down the stairs.

The massive Ronso was the first to react, hurrying forward to catch her with a low growl.

Yuna stood and brushed some hair out of her eyes.

"I have done it," she informed them happily. "I have become a summoner!"

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