First night

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Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VIII, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

First night.

Disclaimer: Squresoft owes evrything, characters, places etc and i owe nothing, nothing at all.

Warning: PWP, Male/male sex between Seifer and Zell.

It’s not very good, I wrote it at midnight when I was half-asleep.


I can’t believe that just happened! I leant back on the wall trying to control the stupid grin. God all those years of drooling over Squall when I could have had something better. Who would have thought it? Cute little Chickie wasn’t as innocent as everyone thought he was.


I had put off having shower, as I didn’t want to leave the nice warm comfy sofa. By the time I got there I’d missed the shower rush hour which was good but I’d missed Chickie, little Zelly was fun to play with and he was so adorable when he got angry.

I stripped off in the changing area then headed for the shower as I switched on the water I heard someone shuffling around in the changing area.

“What are you doing here?”

I turned round recognizing the familiar voice. “Hey Zelly.”

I saw the look of anger and surprise on his face and I knew he had planned to avoid me.

“I’m showering, what does it look like I’m doing?”

He just stared.

“Are you going to stand there all night?”

He snapped out of it and turned on the shower between me and the wall. I was surprised about that. The place was empty; he didn’t have to stand next to me.

I watched him lather up his hands and wash his chest and abdomen. His hands moved lower, over his hips down his inner thighs just missing his groin. I licked my lips at the view he was giving me.

“What?” He asked. He studied my face for a minute before his eyes headed southwards. I was half-hard just from watching him. I’ve always thought of Zell as Cute and adorable buve nve never thought of him in a sexually way before.

“Do you want me?”

I thought for a moment I’d imagined it but he looked me in the eyes and repeated his question. I nodded dumbly.

He smiled. “Then take me.”

He didn’t have to ask me twice. I stepped forward and kissed him. As soon as my lips were on his he clamped his arms around my neck. My hands moved over the planes of hard muscle on his torso and I pressed him back into the titled wall behind him.

His mouth ate at mine at a frantic pace, he was so eager I didn’t understand. My fingers pinched and squeezed his nipples as my mouth left his and started to lick a trail down his neck. He gasped and leaned back on the wall. I worried his nipples with my teeth while my hands went down to squeeze his ass.

He moaned quietly. I never would have thought Zell would be a quiet lover. As I kissed lower I hit a spot above his left hip that made him tense up and gasp. I smiled and went back up to suck on the spot, rubbing my teeth into it. He moaned and arched off the wall. I pulled away from the sensitive area ignoring his whimper of protest. I could feel his hard-on pressing into my collarbone so I took the hard flesh into my hand, squeezing lightly. His head lolled back and his eyes closed.

I bend my head and lapped at the head of his cock, dipping my tongue into the slit. He cried out, gripping my hair tightly. I moved down taking more and more of him in, my hand wrapped around the rest pumping in time with my mouth. I wrapped my tongue around the head and sucked hard. He was making the most wonderful noises and even though I was enjoying it I pulled away and stood up.

He whined and sagged against the wall. I leaned in to kiss him and again he eagerly returned it. I pushed two slink fingers into him while he was distracted.


I meet his eyes while my fingers continued to move inside him.


“Will it hurt?”

I frowned. “H-Haven’t you done this before?”

He shook his head, looking slightly embarrassed.

I removed my fingers and wrapped an arm around him. “I’ll be gentle I promise.”

He nodded.

He moved forward but he tensed again feeling the head of my cock pressing against his ass. I slowly pushed forward not stopping u I w I was fully inside him.

He gritted his teeth in pain. “Are you okay? Do you want me to stop?”

I hoped for a no, to me it felt wonderful he was so hot and tight around me.

He shook his head. “Don’t stop.”

I started to move slowly at first, watching him for any sign that he wanted me to stop. After a few careful thrusts the head of my cock brushed his prostate, he cried out in pleasure and arched off the wall. I started to thrust faster and whne he bucked his hips towards me I gripped hiss ans and hammered into his tight passage. He cried out once more and came all over my hand. A few more thrusts and I came too, moaning his name.

We both sunk to the floor exhausted. I leaned on the wall and he resting against me.


The bathroom door opened and Zell walked out half dressed.

“You coming?”

He nodded and smiled. We both walked to my dorm and I let him in quickly, hoping no one saw us. I yawned and went to bed with my new lover.


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