The Nomad who came in from the Cold

BY : SnugglyPinkWolfProductions
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The Nomad who came in from the Cold
By: Wolfemann and Pink Lemonade

Warnings: NC-17, Group Sex (M/F/F), Het, Femslash, PWP

Pairings: Lulu/Wakka/Rikku

Disclaimers: The story elements from Final Fantasy X (and the Al-Bhed language in which it is written) belong to Squaresoft. We’re not claiming them, or making money off of them, so hopefully we won’t be sued for using them.

In addition, if you wish, the authors can be reached at for a copy of a small program for translating chunks of Al Bhed into English, and back (what, you *really* thought we wrote this thing in Aed fed first?)

Summary: When a winter storm forces Rikku to pay an early visit to Wakka and Lulu, they come up with an interesting way to keep warm.


Rikku shivered as she hurried into Wakka and Lulu’s home in Besaid, just ahead of the winter storm that was about to bury the island in ice and snow.

"Oh," Wakka noticed the Al Bhed girl's presence quickly, only slightly surprised at her appearance. "Hey, Rikku! How you been?"

“It’s f-f-freezing out there,” she complained, shaking off some of the early snow that had collected on her jacket. “I thought Besaid was ssed sed to be a tropical island?”

“It is, when it’s not winter,” Lulu chuckled, walking in from the other room. “We weren’t expecting you to show up for a few days yet.”

"Guest room's set up like always, though," Wakka informed her.

“Thanks," Rikku smiled. "Pops had Brother change course to reach solid land before the storm hit. Then they sent me out to see about getting some supplies. The food got sent back, but I didn’t,” she shrugged, still rub her her arms a bit.

“Well, we have plenty of space for you here,” Lulu nodded. “Actually, I was just making dinner, so I’ll pull out a third plate, if *somebody* could try and get a fire started out here,” she smirked, glancing towards Wakka in a not-so-subtle manner.

"Not like I knew it was cold out, ya," Wakka griped, standing up and heading towards the woodstove in the room's corner.

Rikku giggled as Lulu rolled her eyes and went back into the kitchen to finish dinner, leaving the two of talonalone in the room for a few minutes.

“You know,” Rikku suggested after a few moments, “I could probably start the fire up real easy with a Bomb fragment.”

Wakka didn't answer for a moment, then made an annoyed sound and set the matches he was fumbling with down.

"Be careful then."

“Don’t worry,” Rikku smirked confidently. “I’m an old pro at this.” With that, she started rifling through the many pockets on her jacket as she walked up to the stove, eventually finding a cotton-wrapped packet. She opened it, revealing a tiny patch of red scales that she carefully buried in the middle of the wood Wakka’d been trying to ignite, leaving just a corner exposed. Stepping back slightly, she pulled a small rock out of another pocket, and tossed it onto the corner, turning her head as the scales ignited in a much smaller version of the explosion that usually heralded the passing of one of the Mi’ihen Highroad’s Bombs. It had the desired effect, though, starting a fire in the stove that quickly spread through the available fuel.

“See,” she asked with a grin. “Nothing to it!” With that, she walked over to one of the large chairs, and plopped down while Wakka was closing the grate on the stove.

"Showoff," Wakka grumbled, finishing the small task and sitting down as well. "…So, any news?"

“Nothing much,” Rikku shrugged. “Kimahri and Yuna went back to Mount Gagazet last I heard, but I don’t know how ltheythey plan on staying there. The progress on a new Home is going pretty well,” she smiled.

"That's good," Wakka nodded. "Not much goin' on around here that you can't see, ya?" He gestured out the window to the snow that was now whipping through the air towards the ground.

“Quiet’s good sometimes,” she smirked. “Gives you plenty of time to yourselves,” she pointed out, nodding towards the kitchen.

"Yeah, " he admitted. "Guess I should be excited about Besaid ndinnding and all, but I'm kinda gonna miss it."

“Well, if you feel like heading to the middle of nowhere sometime, Pops’d be glad to see the two of you out at Home sometime. I think he still figures I’m going to move in out here some time,” she smirked, rolling her eyes slightly.

"Me and Lu wouldn't have a problem with it," the blitzer shrugged. "But I dunno if there's much here to find interesting, ya?"

“Well, there are the two of you,” Rikku grinned, brushing some of her short blonde hair back. “Though you’d need to get a bigger bed.”

One would have expected Wakka to be floored at the remark, but he didn't even seem to acknowledge it as something out of the ordinary- because it wasn't.

"There's that," he admitted with a grin of his own. "But things can get pretty boring around here, ya?"

“Then we’d just have to shake them up,” Rikku giggled. “I can think of a few ways to do just that – some of them we wouldn’t even get in trouble for,” she winked.

"Lu'd skin us," Wakka reminded her with a short laugh.

“Not if she got to join in,” Rikku smirked. “Besid bet between the two of us, we can keep her from getting too mad.”

“Just what are you two planning,” Lulu asked as she walked in from the kitchen.

“Giving you a show,” Rikku smirked, practically bouncing out of the chair as she shifted to sit on Wakka’s lap.nlesnless dinner’s waiting,” she mentioned, her tone indicating that she didn’t particularly care about dinner.

"Lu," Wakka questioned, looking a bit surprised. Rikku was abrupt with such things, but it was always at a moment that he, at least, and often Lulu as well, couldn't predict.

Lulu, for her part, wasn’t too surprised – if anything, she’d expected Rikku to try starting something before she’d gotten back into the room.

“Dinner can wait,” she smiled, leaning against the doorframe to watch. “Though you might want to get off the chair before you go too much farther, if past experience is any indicator.”

“Well, it is comfy here,” Rikku giggled. “But I guess you’re right,” she shrugged as she stood up, “there are some places a chair leg shouldn’t end up,” she observed with a slight wince.

"That's for sure," Wakka agreed with a laugh, standing as well. "Not exactly a good memory, ya?"

“Nope,” Rikku agreed easily.

“But what led up to it certainly was,” Lulu chuckled, moving further into the room with her usual grace. “It seems that we are all distinctly overdressed,” she pointed out, as she started the surprisingly short process of undoing the belts she still wore in place of a skirt, simply by opening a few of the top ones. Rikku just giggled, and reached around to unzip her jacket, peeling it off slowly, with a playful glance towards Wakka and Lulu.

Wakka shrugged and followed suit, unclipping his suspenders and removing the rest of the somewhat odd oversuit all of the Aurochs wore.

“You know,” Rikku laughed, as she slid her short down and tossed them off with her jacket, “I think I’m the only one here who wears something simple.”

"Hey, I didn't design the uniform," Wakka protested. "Not like I decided to make it that way, ya?"

“Only you, Wakka,” Lulu chuckled affectionately, pulling her bodice down and off along with the rest of her outfit. She walked over and pulled him against her for a deep kiss, while Rikku pressed up against him from behind, running her hands along both their bodies.

"What," Wakka asked when they parted. Before either one had a chance to answer, he corrected himself. "No big deal."

“You’re right,” Lulu smirked, “it’s not. Now, are you just going to stand there, or are you actually going to do something useful?”

"Whaddaya mean by that," Wakka shot back with a grin.

“I think she means, are we going to have to wrestle you down to play,” Rikku smirked from behind him as she slid her hands up the insides of his thighs. “And you know I can do it, if I have to.”

"Yeah, but you don't," Wakka whirled and grabbed Rikku, knocking her feet out from under her and setting her down so that he had her pinned. "Too late now, anyways," he remarked before pressing his lips against hers forcefully. Any response she had was lost in the low moan she gave as her lips parted, and she teased at his with the tip of her tongue, pressing her body against his eagerly as Lulu shifted down to press against his back. She reached around him to cup Rikku’s breasts in her hands, kneading them gently as she rocked against her husband’s back.

Wakka, the point he'd intended to prove long out of his thoughts by that point, slid a hand away from Rikku's back and, after shifting a bit, reached up and began toying with one of Lulu's breasts, earning him a low moan as Rikku shifted on her own, running her hands along the older woman’s ass and rubbing against Wakka’s shaft.

Wakka groaned, pressing against Lulu and bringing his mouth to Rikku's nipple. The blonde raked her lower lip with her teeth, rubbing against her lover a li fas faster as Lulu reached between them to rub both their sexes, forcing Rikku’ let let out the moan she’d been trying to keep down.

Wakka moved, slightly regretfully from the two women's attentions, only enough to position himself properly for pressing roughly into Rikku.

“Please, Wakka,” Rikku whimpered softly, spreading her legs and breathing heavily as Lulu shifted off of Wakka, and kneeled by Rikku’s head, caressing the young woman’s head and shoulders lovingly, slowly working her hands down the limber body.

Wakka nodded slowly, pushing into the blonde with a grunt that was answered by a sharp cry of pleasure from Rikku, as they quickly set up a deep, pounding rhythm. Lulu shifted forward, straddling Rikku’s head as she leaned forward to kiss Wakka deeply, groaning into his mouth as the young Al Bhed shifted her head up reflexively to part Lulu’s nether-lips with her tongue.

Wakka's tongue battled with Lulu's as he continued to grind into Rikku, moaning as she squeezed her sex around his. She flicked her tongue quickly over Lulu’s clit, then shifted down to plunge it deeply into the older woman’s body, probing her sex deeply and drinking down her bittersweet juices. Lulu’s entire body quivered slightly, as she groaned into her husband’s mouth, supporting herself with her hands as she fought the impulse to press forward against Rikku’s face too strongly.

Wakka seemed to be taking in the sight for a moment, watching the two women before he quickened his pace, encouraging Rikku to do the same. She did so gladly, matching his pace, tightening her sex around his as he drew out of her, trying to pull him back in. She shifted her hands to Lulu’s hips, holding her still as she plunged her face into her sex, savoring the musky taste almost as much as the muffled groans she heard, and the growing pressure in her own body.

Wakka had lost any bit of control he'd had, though no one was bothered by it. Rikku convulsed around him particularly violently, sending him over the edge and making him shout loudly enough that he was rather thankful that the small houses that had replaced the huts in Besaid had, amongst other things, thicker walls and proper doors.

Rikku responded in kind, her cry muffled by Lulu’s body as her body quivered around Wakka, trying to draw him deeper into her, if it was possible. Lulu’s thighs tightened around Rikku’s head as she groaned incoherently, her juices flowing freely over Rikku’s face as she came. They all laid still for a moment, Lulu rolling off of Rikku with ease, before Wakka spoke.

"Well, the fire was a waste of wood."

“Maybe,” Rikku smirked, still catching her breath. “But I think we’ll still be able to keep warm until the storm’s over.”

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