Chicks of Balamb - Battle of the Sex

BY : LemonWithSilver
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Batof tof the Sex.

They were spent, worn and tired, but all five of them felt great. They lay with each other now sprawled across the plush white carpet of Quistis’ dorm room. Limbs were tangled and tiny kisses were being exchanged.

Clothes had been tossed about the room in their mad fucking. It had been months since all of them got together. Ever since the last incident with Seifer. It was exactly what they needed to relax and unwind.

Quistis stretched and rested her head softly on Xu’s well-muscled stomach. Xu smiled down at her, brushing Quistis’ mussed blond hair out of her face. Quistis reached up and brushed her long fingers across Xu’s soft nipple. Immediately this struck lust in Xu’s dark eyes. The other girls were forgotten, Xu only saw Quistis at this moment. And that was all she wanted.

Xu grabbed Quistis by the hair and pulled her up to kiss her, their soft bodies rubbing together. Quistis kissed back her fingers tightening around Xu’s hardening nipples. Xu reached down with one hand to make sure her strap-on was still attached before grabbing Quistis by the hips and sliding the black vinyl cock it into her damp pussy.

Xu jammed it into her a few times coating it with Quistis’ juices re pre pulling it out and shoving it deep into the woman’s asshole. Quistis moaned drawing attention to the two of them now fiercely going at it.

Rinoa watched her face growing into a scowl. Xu was her mistress, what was she doing. Rinoa moved over to kiss Xu who shoved her fiercely away. Rinoa looked hurt and lay there beside the two of them silent, as they came together.

“Mistress, I am so muchter ter then her” Rinoa whispered just loud enough for Quistis to hear it. Xu laughed enjoying the fire spark in Quistis’ eyes.

“I’m a better fuck then you any day, Rinoa” Quistis said loudly. Selphie and Fuijin lazily raised their heads to look over at the three women.

“Please, I am a much better lover then you. I could get more guys then you” Rinoa retorted. Quistis rolled her eyes finally sliding off the strap oe soe stand up.

“Want to make a little wager on that?” Quistis said. Rinoa stood up to stare into her eyes.

“You name the price, I’m in” Rinoa said coolly.

“Whoever looses has to be the winners personal slave for a week” Quistis said.

“Deal” Rinoa said succulently reaching her hand out to shake. Quistis took it shakiirmlirmly.

“So it looks like we will be judging this contest” Xu said standing up and stretching. The vinyl dildo stuck out from her lean body still slick with female juices.

“Mind if we use your board” Fuijin said walking over to the chalkboard that Quistis sometimes used to figure out her math homework. She hadn’t had need to use it in a long time, since she was an instructor now.

“All yours” Quistis said sitting down on the couch. Selphie plopped down next to her and smiled a bit.

“Ok let’s pick the men” Xu said with a grin. Fuijin grabbed a piece of chalk and with a sly grin scrawled the word Seifer across the board.

“Zell, and Squall” Xu called out.

“Irvine!” Selphie said with a giggle.

“You’d want us fucking you own boyfriend Selphie?” Quistis asked with a slight bit of concern in her voice.

“It wouldn’t bother me, we are all friends” Selphie said. Squall, Zell and Irvine's names were scrawled across the board.

“Raijun” Fuijin said, with Xu nodding in agreement.

“What about Nida?” Rinoa asked.

“Yeah” Selphie said as Fuijin wrote his name down.

“And Derrick?” Selphie said.

“That snobby guy always in the library?” Quistis asked.

“Oh he’s cute!” Xu agreed.

“The guy at the front gate, Michael!” Xu exclaimed. Selphie giggled at the excited looks on their faces.

“Matt! The cafeteria lady's son” Selphie exclaimed.

“Joker” Fuijin said.

“Oh yeah, the card club guy!” Rinoa said with a smile.

“Instructor Aki” Quistis spoke up naming the best looking guy Instructor at the school.

“Sir Laguna” Selphie said naming their last participant.

“He is here visiting Squall” Rinoa explained to all of them.

“Ok girls, Only one man a day. Whoever has the highest score at the end wins” Xu said with a grin
looking at both of them.

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