A Secret Journey (Rikku's Story)

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A Secret Journeykkukku's Story)

Part Sixteen

He led me through the twisting undergrowth, occasionally faltering as he
searched for the path based on a memory ten years distant. I did not ask
where he was taking me, content to follow in his wake, my hand in his.

We broke into a clearing and I moved beside him to take it in. Trees, rocks,
water, everything glittered like crystal and ice, reflecting the unearthly
glow of blue light from the heavens above. A miniature waterfall emptied
into a pool of perfect proportions, fng ang away to empty into the greater
lake below. The water fell like spun silver, sounding a light echo like
laughter that bubbled up through the dark water, breaking the reflection of
the bright stars above.

"It's beautiful." I breathed, hesitating to break the stillness and
perfection with my voice.

"Yes. I've thought of this place often."

It wasn't often that he sounded so reflective, and usually his memories of
his first pilgrimage were painful to recall and to hear. This was something
special, his face became serene, his beauty self-evident. He turned and
looked at me, his fingers drawing my chin up as he gazed into my eyes.

"I want you to promise me something."

My answer was clear in my eyes. I didn't need to speak.

"Promise me that no matter what happens, you will go on without me. Don't
throw your life away needlessly. I know that it may seem that you have no
reason to do so, for me or for yourself, but I think Yuna will need you, and
if for nothing else, I want you to promise for her sake."

There were tears in my eyes as I nodded assent. I still didn't want to
believe that I would lose him, I still hoped that this promise would be
meaningless, but I meant to keep the promise if I had to. He leaned in and
his lips brushed against mine gently, sealing the pact we'd made. He
released me and smiled. "Don't be sad. If you keep your promise it is all
that I want."

I nodded, then let my curiousity lead me to the edge of the rocks. I peered
into the water, then knelt to dip my hand in. It was cold enough to raise
bumps on my forearm, but not so cold that bathing in it was out of the
question. I looked back to where Auron was standing with folded arms
observing me with an amused slant to his lips. I smiled back, then stood and
began to remove my footwear.

He came over and found a smooth rock to rest on while he watched. "Please
tell me you're not serious?"

"Uh huh."

My weapon and other accoutrements quickly followed my shoes then I peeled my
top up and over my head, flicking it towards his lap. He caught the fabric
before it landed, his eye roving over my barely clad curves intently. I
wriggled out of my shorts and let them drop at his feet, then extended a toe
to test the waters.

With only a bikini for warmth the water seemed colder than before but I
wasn't going to back out under Auron's watchful and decidedly sardonic eye.
I closed my eyes and moved smoothly into the water, letting my initial
impetus carry me beneath the surface. My skin shivered all over in its cool
embrace, and the gently flowing water soothed the pain of my injury.

The pool was not very deep, only coming to just below my waist. I stood with
my back to him, and reached behind me, tugging at the knot that held my
bikini. I freed it and then left the scrap of fabric floating in the water
as I kicked back, stretching out and letting the water carry me, my legs
kicking gently for balance as I looked up at the stars.

They were eternal, unchanging. When our journey was just a distant memory
the stars would still be there, and I wondered if that's where our spirits
resided. If the farplane was up there, all those pyreflies glowing brightly
forever in Spira's night sky, then one day Auron and I would be there too.

My pitifully obvious attempt at seduction had come to nothing, so I turned
to leave the pool, only to see that he was folding his coat carefully and
placing his sword upon it with the hilt in easy reach should it be needed.

I watched him undress, fascinated by his body which was still new to my
eyes. He removed his armour and knelt to remove his sandals while I watched
the interplay of muscles in his shoulders and arms. When he stood he began
to unfasten the last item of clothing and looked up to see me watching him.
He paused and my cheeks flushed with heat. I turned away, ducking under the
water to cool my interest.

I swam towards the waterfall, and swam under it, finding the water that fell
colder than the water in the pool. Behind the fall was a ledge of rocks of
varying shapes and sizes, most of them smoothed out from the endlessly
falling water, leaving a small alcove within. I turned letting it form a
curtain between myself and everything beyond.

I heard a splash as he entered the water, so I emerged again from behind the
falls to see him retrieve my bikini top from the water, laying it on the
rocks near the rest of our clothing. He moved powerfully through the water
with lazy strokes, twisting as I had done to observe the stars. I moved to
the edge of the waterfall, finding a rock to rest my arms against as I lay
back and let my legs float in and out of the swirling falls.

Eventually his head butted up against my feet and he grabbed my calf,
lifting my foot from the water. His mouth was warm where it kissed the
inside of my ankle, his lips trailing up towards my knee. I shivered in
anticipation as his dark head moved closer, and I stretched out my hand to
touch his hair, shining drops falling from my fingertips into his dark and
silvered locks. His head turned to kiss my wrist, then his hands wrapped
around my knees as he moved in to kiss me.

For the first time I was prepared for the sensations his nearness invoked,
the warmth inside me and the tingling where our naked skin met and kissed.
Our bodies slid sinuously through the water, which warmed in the space
between us until our movements caused a flood of little shocks of cold as
water rushed into the spaces we left.

I turned my head to kiss his ear, running my tongue along it's delicate
folds while my hands caressed the back of his neck, sliding down his water
slick muscles and tickling his spine with my fingertips.

He nipped and kissed my neck, sucking on my collarbone and shoulder while
his hands explored me underwater. "Ohhhh, what you make me feel." I

"What is that?" he murmured, barely breaking off his kisses to ask.

"cu kuut..."

He drew back, a sardonic quirk lifting his brow. "Is that so?"

I stared at him with my mouth open and then laughed. "Hey!" I splashed him
with a quick flick of my fingers and his mouth twisted with humour. He
waited past the moment of retaliation before his hand slapped the water,
catching me completely unawares.

Our play erupted into quick laugher as we splashed each other then began a
quick game of hide and seek, over instantly when our arms caught and held
and we merged in yet another heated kiss.

I was a little confused when he broke away from me once more. "This is very
pleasant, but the water is too cold."

I rubbed his arms, not realising that his body heat had dwindled so much
despite our exertion. "Okay." I replied, and regretfully released him from
my embrace.

He turned and strode to the edge of the water, lifting himself effortlessly
and turning to grasp my hand and pull me up onto the rocks. He spread his
coat nearby on the grass and turned to me. His wounded face looked sad and
hesitant, as though he wasn't sure if I'd want him to take me straight back
to camp.

I looked down. "Don't look at me like that."

He moved enlyenly and I looked back to see his face fallen. I reached out to
take his wrist. "E ymfyoc fyhd du pa hayn oui. _Pameaja._ E muja oui."

"You need to rest."

"I rest better with you."

He sat then on the red cloth, watching me. I stripped my wet bikini bottom
down my legs quickly, still as hesitant as he, only in a different way. I
was shy about my appearance, my naked body an awkward blend of woman and
child, my breasts too large on my slim frame, my legs too slim and knees too
knobbly to belong with my widely spaced and prominently boned hips. I sank
to my knees to hide my imperfections from his intent scrutiny.

With one hand his fingers stroked the valley of skin just above my knee, and
he leaned in close. "What?" he asked me.

"Do I look alright?" I looked into his eye, furtive at first, then let my
eyes plead with him to be gentle in his judgement.

His gaze immediately dropped to my breasts.

"They're too big, right?"

He threw his head back and laughed loudly, falling backwards onto the
ground. When he sobered he asked me "You don't really think that, do you?"

I felt a bit silly after his reaction, but I was no longer afraid so I
smiled timidly as I nodded.

He looked a little wistful but entirely serious. "Your breasts are
beautiful. All of you is beful.ful. You're the most beautiful sight I've
ever seen."

"Really?" I crawled over him.

"Oh." I thought of something. "Does it make a difference?" I lightly touched
the closed lid of his other eye.

"Do you think I can only see half of you? Or only half as well?" he mock
growled at me, his arms encircling me as he pressed his face against my
chest, nuzzling me playfully. "I can assure you, you look fine on both
sides. On every side." he amended and demonstrated with his hands, exploring
my back and sides.

I giggled, charmed by his display of playfulness and affection. I looked
down, stroking the locks of his hair, and combing them between my fingers.
"You are so beautiful to me, too."

He stilled anen len lifted his face. The blindness of his gaze wrenched my
heart and deepened my love for him even more. "How so?"

"Incredibly, handsomely, beautiful. I live to see you, you fill my eyes with

I stroked his face and kissed him deeply, and then I lay beneath him under
the stars and we made love.

Our hearts and souls were open to each other, the culmination of our
previous attempts at intimacy. It was unlooked for perfection, and those
moments with him stretched out into eternity and stilled the stars in the
heavens, as they paused to take in the wonder of our union. It is that night
that sustains me now, because after eternity had passed, and the stars
resumed their courses, we continued on our journey.

End of Part Sixteen

Al Bprimprimer and translation guide:

so good = cu kuut
E ymfyoc fyhd du pa hayn oui. Pameaja. E muja oui. = I always want to be near you. Believe. I love you.

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