Convergence [1]: Broken

BY : currie
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AN: Slapping a slight non-con warning on this chapter. MuseSquall felt like being a bitch today.

~ 8. See No Evil ~

Fuck. Seifer had said Zell's name, and he could see the proof in Zell's face as he twisted to look back at him for a moment.

"You never call me that."

"No shit. And I never will again, so don't get your hopes up." Seifer's words sounded empty, though, his usual biting tone lost. "Squall, you help him lay down, I've got to stay here for a minute," he finished breathlessly, eyes sliding shut.

Squall leaned back to nod and felt Zell's lips over his before he could. Sweaty pafounfound their way up either side of his neck, fingers lacing through his hair, thumbs lightly caressing each cheek. He sighed, inwardly grinning-- Zell could be such a sap.

The exhausted blond backed away then, mumbling, "I didn't know you were so good at that."

Squall frowned in thought as he guided him off of Seifer by hip and shoulder. Zell hissed at the pain left in Seifer's wake. "Am I?" Squall asked, not fishing for more compliments, just curious. He didn't see how he could be; he had mostly been playing around, doing whatever he wanted.

"Hell *yes,*" Zell replied as he let Squall ease him back onto the sleeping bag. He found himself suddenly blushing as he lowered his hand to the small of Squall's back and whispered, "I couldn't help watching you the whole time."

An envious fist clenched around Squall's heart as Zell leaned up and kissed his cheek, just below his eye. Zell had come twice now in his presence, and he still hadn't gotten to see what he looked like when he did. He was suddenly alienated as he fully realized his inability to participate in something the two blonds took for granted.

"What's wrong?"

Shit, could Zell really read him this easily? Or was he just letting his guard down too far? "Nothing's wrong."

"Then why'd your back go all tense just now?"

Zell pulled Squall's nearest leg over his hips, and though their bodies barely touched, Squall sighed at the damp heat that rose between the two of them. He managed to hold on to his explanation until Zell's hand slid up his thigh and tentatively gripped him, reminding him of his strong need that had yet to be quenched. He rocked into the touch and muttered, "You can see."

Zell's eyebrows knitted together in regret. "Aw, shit... I'm sorry... Didn't mean to rub it in like that." Squall just nodded his forgiveness, lost in the stroke of a hand that wasn't his own.

“Maybe I didn’t make it clear enough.” Seifer sat up, recharged. “I meant, help him back into the tent. Andn con come back out here.”

Zell dropped his hand and glared, and Squall let himself fall on his side to the fabic beside him. “Are you kidding me?” The short blond growled.

“What do you think?” Seifer stood and began trying to brush the sand from his back.

“There is no fucking way I’m gonna go in there and leave you alone with him out here.” Zell pushed up one one elbow and leaned forward, prepared to fight. “Forget it. No way.”

“Actually, that’s exactly what you’ll do.” Seifer replied. He had reached into the tent to grab his sleeping bag while Zell spoke, and now flung it past the two reclined figures. It spread out nicely on the sand, expanding the covered area.

"No, it isn't." Squall stated, his tone calm and unreadable. "Let him stay."

Zell ducked his head in a triumphant smile, resisting the urge to turn around and smother Squall with kisses. *So there, asshole.*

"I don't think so." Seifer climbed out of his pants and began flapping them at remaremainder of the sand on his back. "I'd like to have you to myself, thanks. Chickie already had his turn."

Squall propped himself up, locking the elbow of his straightened arm. "He stays, or nothing happens."

Zell whipped his head around, staring at Squall quizzically. "Whaddya mean, 'happens?'" His hands tightened around fistfulls of fabric without his knowledge.

Seifer let out a low whistle and tossed his pants to the side, satisfied with his dusting-off. "Fuck, are you ever clueless." He crouched, pushing Zell's shoulder down as he leaned over him to talk to Squall. "So if I let him stay and watch, you'll let me--"

"I'll..." Damn. Squall had interrupted without deciding what to say, mostly to avoid hearing Seifer's likely graphic description. Words like those made himk, ak, and right now he didn't like them.

Zell sucked his breaths in quietly as he waited for Squall to reply, his chest gracing Seifer's stomach with each. He mentally smacked himself for thinking that things would be over just because *he* had been satisfied. Squall was still in need of... something, and he sure wasn't in the shape to give it. That didn't leave many options.

"You'll what?" Seifer pressed, leaning forward until Squall could feel his breath on his face. He flinched under the puff, triggering a rough palm to cup his cheek. "You're acting like I'm about to slit your throat."

"You think I'm afraid of you," Squall observed quietly, slightly insulted.

Seifer climbed over Zell's hips and pressed his thumb to the underside of Sl'sl's chin, lifting his face into better lighting. "Aren't you?" Squall backed away from from the forceful tilt of his head, only succeeding in giving the looming man more room to settle himself between him and Zell.


"I don't believe you." Seifer moved his hand down to the thin scar on Squall's neck, healing nicely with the assistance of the Regen still lingering in him but still a stark red upon moon-paled skin. "I saved you from this, remember?" He could feel Squall quivering beneath his fingers as he dragged them across the laceration's three inches. "Less than twenty-four hours ago, I saved your life."

"I wasn't going to do it." Squall denied, as convincingly as he could under his growing doubt. "I didn't need your help."

"You were too tired to hold the blade. Hyperion would have fallen right through to your spine if I hadn't taken taken her from you. You know how sharp I keep her."

Squall couldn't think of a reply. He swallowed, his cut stinging sharply under the constant ss oss of Seifer's thumb. "Truth hurts, doesn't it?" Seifer mused softly. He allowed a grin to grace his lips has he regarded Squall's face, remembering that he was invisible.

The brunette injected volume into his voice, "What's your point?"

"My point is--" Seifer lowered his head and pressed his lips to the wound for a silent second "--that you shouldn't be afraid."

"I'm not fucking scared of you," Squall replied through tight lips, irritated. He tore back from Seifer's hand, shifting fully onto the second sleeping bag. "I never have been."

Seifer didn't pursue him, just watched him, searching angry white eyes. "Oh, I'm sure you've never been before." He couldn't help but continue to absorb the shameless curve of Squall's body, spine arched as he leaned back on his elbows, legs slightly spread. He admired Squall's self control-- he still looked hard enough to hurt. "You've always known how to fight me with a gunblade, but how will you fight me now?"

It was much easier to listen now that they no longer touched. Squall remained silent, letting the words sink into him. They made too much sense to be coming from Seifer's mouth, usually used menacingly to taunt. He could hear him moving closer and remained still, beginning to wonder why he had resisted in the first place.

"How are you going to fight everything I want to do to you?"

Squall let his eyes drift shut, a display more obvious than he had first realized. Habit was what tensed him against Seifer's approach and almost made him continue to back away when a soft kiss met the corner of his lips. "It's what I'm used to," he explained quietly, shivering. "I'm not used to any of this." Despite his words, he let Seifer turn his head to meet his mouth. The blond worked Squall's lips apart almost immediately to fill him with his tongue and was rewa wit with a quiet moan. The short vibration arced right down through Seifer's stomach.

Zell had remained completely still as he listened and watched, resisting the urge to grab Seifer by the shoulders and throw him far out of arm's-reach of Squall. Who was he to be so blunt, acting all cocky like he actually understood him? Zell moved for the first time now as his jaw fell slack, losing the urge to attack. The sound Squall had made hadn't been one of protest-- maybe he needed this. And hell, it was *hot.* He settled on his side to watch more comfortably as Seifer pulled their mouths apart.

Squall followed him before they parted, craning his neck, not wanting it to end. Seifer seemed to simply disappear. "What are--nnh!" His tongue slammed itself to he roof of his mouth as Seifer was suddenly taking him into his, covering his entire length in an instant with hot mosture. He thrust up into it, and a forearm across his hips pushed him back down hard. The muscles in his neck relaxed, displaying a sensual curve as he let his head fall back past his shoulders. Seifer was suckling on him, massaging with his tongue and keeping him inside his mouth. It stirred a hurricane within him, radiating from his groin to swirl powerfully throughout the rest of his body. His arms fell and he collapsed onto his back.

Seifer's hand left his hip and moved beneath him, fingers creeping across his bottom. His mind sharpened instantly, sudden panic shooting him back up onto his elbows. "Don't."

Seifer lifted his head, releasing him from his mouth as well as his hand and moving it up to replace the one that had been across Squall's hips. "Don't what?" He asked, feigning innocence as he found his puckered destination and began stroking it carefully. "I thought you'd be at least a *little* more eager to vocalize now that you can."

Squall found himself struggling, trying to shift away beneath wei weight of Seifer's forearm. "Don't touch me.. there. Just stop." He grasped forward for that arm and Seifer lunged-- he lost the short battle that followed. It ended with Seifer strattled over his midsection, pinning his wrists above his head.

"I know you moaned when I told you I'd fuck you. Now you're pretending you didn't. Chickie heard too." Seifer raised his voice from its hiss, calling to the side, "Didn't you?"

Zell had sat up during the small scuffle, and looked ready to pounce. He had been too distracted before when Seifer was taking him to hear what he had said to Squall, but now the reason for his moan made too much sense. "Seifer, I swear, if you fuckin' hurt him I'll--"

"Yeah, I know." Seifer rolled his eyes in response and then smiled, loving the way Squall was beginning to buck beneath him. "Will you rip off my head this time? Or will you put a hole in my stomach with your hand?" He paused the recollection of Zell's past threats to let him sputter indignantly. "You'll just end up pouting like a little damn kid no mattert I t I do. Lucky for you, you get to keep some dignity tonight. I don't intend to hurt him at all." He dropped his head and drew his tongue up from the junction of Squall's collarbone to the flesh behind his ear. "Now, back to my question. You heard him, right?"

"Well... yeah..." Zell mumbled. "I *felt* it."

"You know what he wants, then."

Squall glared hard into the darkness that still surrounded him. The thought had been interesting, but it wasn't something he would actually participate in, no matter how hard the press of Seifer's erection against his stomach made him. "I changed my mind. Get off of me."

Zell watched Squall closely. He had stopped struggling, but remained tense. "Looks like he wants you to let him go."

"That's right. So get off," Squall confirmed darkly.

"I care to differ."


"I was right last time, wasn't I?"

Zell gulped. "I guess, but..."

"Listen. You're going to help me again. Take his arms, because I do hav have time for this shit."

Zell winced. He was afraid this had been Seifer's purpose in bringing him into the conversation. "I can't do that," he replied weakly.

"I know a lot more about him than you think I do," Seifer replied, "Help me out here. I promise you, he'll thank you for it. Out loud."

Zell had never heard Seifer make a promise that wasn't a threat in his entire life. "You--"

Seifer made a giant leap, throwing every bit of his confidence into the bargain he was about to make. "If he doesn't end up enjoying himself...." He grimaced, the mere thought of what he was about to say terrifying him. "I'll let you fuck me."

Zell lurched forward in his surprise, saucer-eyes shifting downward. He wasn't even sure if he would want to, but he knew for sure that Seifer absolutely wouldn't. Seifer had given up the heaviest collateral he had-- his own dignity-- to convince him. He was putting too much at stake to be wrong. "Geez, Seif," Zell mumbled.

"I may spend a lot of time treating you like the chickenshit you are, but I never break promises." He remembered fondly all the promises he had made Zell in the past -- he had promised to give him a flushie, to steal his allowance, to simply beat the crap out of him. He had followed through every time, and he hoped Zell remembered it.

Dread rose into Squall's throat. He knew as well as Zell did what Seifer was risking for this. Boy, would he pissed when he found out he was wrong. It would be good to see him lose face, a just dessert to recieve in turn for convincing Zell as he already obviously had.

"Okay." Zell stood and picked up the sleeping bag he had been lying on to spread it out behind Squall's head. He crawled over to sit on it and ran a nervous hand through his fallen crest. "It's a deal, then."

"Take his arms."

Zell nodded and covered Seifer's hands with his own. He gripped Squall's wrists tightly when Seifer slid away and tried not to look down at the betrayal etched across Squall's face. The brunette didn't fight him, just lay back defeatedly. Zell wished he would struggle-- keeping him there would be a good distraction from the guilt that had begun to well up.

"And don't you even think of letting him go," Sr thr threatened, recognizing Zell's expression. "Or else I'll have to just beat him into submission. I'm sure you don't want that." It was a lie, but he didn't care. It served his purpose. He crawled back off Squall's hips and took him into his hand, finding him still reassuringly hard. He returned his other arm to where it had pinned him before and welcomed the taste of him back into his mouth.

Zell's lip was still raw, but he began chewing on it again anyway whqualquall's head tipped back in a display of what Seifer was making him feel. Squall struggled, but only a little, trying to get further into Seifer's mouth rather than get away from him. "See?" Zell whispered, trying to sound comforting. "He's not hurting you."

"He will," Squall replied hoarsely as Seifer finally began to take him in and out of his mouth. The friction made him gasp.

"It's not *that* painful."

"I don't ... care about pain." If Seifer took him, he would win. Squall couldn't explain it further, even to himself. It was just the way things were. They couldn't be changed. "Oh..." He started shuddering under the assalut, already close. He kept trying to thrust up against Seifer's arm, the continued flexing of his hips pointless. He pressed up against Zell's hands, and Zell pressed down harder, determined to keep his end of his deal. A sudden epiphany had him drawing a deeper gasp-- he liked it. This, Seifer making him feel nothing but good and Zell not letting him avoid it, was just perfect. He wouldn't have to take responsiblity for what was happening.

Seifer began sucking so hard that it seemed he wanted to draw every cell of Squall's blood to gorge the flesh in his mouth. Squall bit down onto his tongue as the prequel to his orgasm crept into his thighs and chest, and came silently with a sharp arch to his back.

Seifer lifted his head at the last moment so Squall's release would fall over his hand. "You have no idea how hard it is not to drink this up."

Zell glanced at him, yanking his eyes from Squall's face. He knew why Seifer hadn't given into his thirst, as he was already gathering Squall's seed from his stomach onto his fingers. Zell felt somewhat disappointed-- Squall, somehow, had managed to only look slightly pained when he came. He hadn't held an expression of ecstacy, but one of concentration. Zell had the feeling the stone face wouldn't last much longer, and was looking forward to the change.

Zell was almost caught off guard when Squall started fight He He had to use all of his weight to keep his wrists down as he thrashed beneath him and wiggled up against Seifer's arm.

"Fuck, Squall, it's not even in you yet." Seifer sure was glad he had done this while Squall was still weak and shaky. Otherwise, he might have managed to throw them both off of him in his desperate panic. "Breathe. For Hyne sakes, it's just *sex*."

"Is it?" Squall continued trying to get away from the pair of teasing fingers.

"Of course it is." Seifer spread Squall's legs apart with his hands and quickly knelt atop them, pinning them with his own.

"Then I'll take you." Squall replied angrily.

Seifer laughed. "Yeah, right. Nice try."

"If it's 'just sex,' why do you care? Why are you so desperate to fuck *me*?"

Seifer chuckled at the strained words. "Alright, fine. It's not *just* sex. I can't forget who I am, you know. Is that why you're so scared? You think I'll use this against you?" He admitted he wanted to watch Squall break beneath the pressure of his actions, but he couldn't concieve of bringing it up later in an unrelated situation. He had enough other things to goad him with anyway.

"Of course I do!" Squall's chest heaved. Seifer always used what he could to hurt people. He was a social nightmare, not to be trusted.

"Calm down," Zell whispered, lowering his lips to Squall's forehead in an attempt to comfort. "He hasn't even used anything against *me.*" Squall's reaction was scaring him. He had never seen him yell like this before.

"Yet." Squall had wanted to say something else, but his tongue was temporarily paralyzed as Seifer entered him with both fingers at once. He had expected it to hurt, but it didn't. He knew now why Seifer had taken so much of his semen from where it had spilled, and it worked far too well. So, he tightened every muscle he could concieve that he had, *making* it hurt, making it easier to hate. He shuddered when they were pushed in further.

"I know what you're doing, Squall." Seifer observed quietly. "Stop it."

Squall ignored him, suddenly embarassed, and tilted his head back as Seifer began moving in and out of him. "Zell. Let me go. He's manipulating you."

Zell shook his head determinedly and leaned into Squall's proceeding struggle. "No. Not until he says so. I mean, you're already hard again. Just... Squall, just stop fighting," he pleaded, "It's good. I swear."

Squall's back lifted completely off the ground for a moment when Seifer curled his fingers upwards. A moan betrayed him, much louder than any he had let loose earlier.

"Ah, much better," Seifer replied to the sound. "I want you to let loose tonight. I bet you've wanted to scream so many times over the last couple days." He concentrated hard on that spot, and Squallrtedrted to relax around him.

"I... I won't." But the force had left him. He couldn't make it hurt anymore.

"You will. You're giving in. Right now, you're wondering what my cock would feel like instead of this." Seifer paused, just in case he got a response, but only heard laboured breathing. "You're wondering what it would feel like to just let me fuck you senseless."

Squall whimpered.

"Zell, let go of him." Seifer demanded, taking his hand away. Squall's breath hitched at the sudden move.

Light blue eyes shot up in a surprised stare. "Really?"

"Didn't you hear that?" Seifer removed his weight from Squall's legs, pushing them apart further to settle between them. Squall didn't try to stop him. "You may not know what it meant, but I do."

"Wow... okay." Zell carefully lifted his grip and sat back. Squall didn't even move his hands from where he left them. His mind was too clouded with lust to let him care now; Seifer's words had drilled deepeto hto his imagination than he had thought he would ever allow. All he wanted now was more of that feeling Seifer had introduced him to, and it didn't matter how he got it. He could deal with the baggage that this would bring later.

Seifer pushed Squall's legs up by the backs of his knees until they touched his chest, exposing him fully to the air and making him twitch. He could feel a trickle making its way down his back; Seifer had soaked him thoroughly. He barely flinched as Seifer loomed warmly over him and pressed his erection into him, steadily moving forward much more slowly than either of them would have liked. Squall bucked upwards into the slight pain, getting the response he wanted as Seifer finished filling him in an instant. He bit down hard on a sound that would have been very, very loud.

"Will you stop doing that?" Seifer paused inside the gripping heat of him, the only way he could speak. "It's not like you have to worry about someone in the next room hearing you." He pulled almost completely back out and angled himself, the next hard thrust curving Squall back into a silent arch. "A lot's happened to you. You're really fucking pissed about it too, aren't you?"

His next drove a choked "Yes" from Squall's throat.

Seifer developed a slow rhythm at the word, rewarding him for it. He smiled at the plan he was developing, sure that it would be good for both of them. "Especially at those fuckers that kidnapped you."

Squall didn't know why he was bringing upsetting memories into the middle of this. Letting Seifer have him was supposed to be distracting. The thrusts quickened, and Squall found his mind wandering to the shadowed trio that had started everything. Anger began to boil within his chest, building with every move Seifer made.

Seifer watched Squall's face as that disdainful crease appeared between his eyebrows, just next to the old white scar he had given him. "They betrayed you. Made you hurt so much."

Squall's stomach tightened as he envisioned himself slicing open the black-haired woman's throat with his gunblade, blood spurting graphically as she slumped in the sharp daydream. He surprised himself with his desire to make it a reality. He reached up for Zell, findins kns knees and pressing his hands back into them. Zell responded by covering them with his own, their combined efforts helping him push forward into Seifer's thrusts.

"You want to rip them to pieces, don't you?" Seifer asked, knowing the answer and hoping he would get to hear it.

Squall saw himself moving onto the male, 'Job.' He drew his blade down through the man's shoulder, tearing him up in a satisfying explosion of fire and gore as he pulled the trigger. Seifer struck his prostate hard, and he realized he had been holding his breath as he let it out in an equally explosive cry, "I hate you!"

"Seif, stop it. You're freaking him out," Zell advised shakily, squeezing Squall's hands as he filled with dread.

Seifer ignored him. He knew Squall's words weren't meant for him. "It's their fault you can't look down and watch what I'm doing to you. Or look up and see both of us... watching you."

Squall's fury made him want to explode as he carved up the blonde woman's face, every swipe a calculated reply to the confuse she had cast on him, ago agony she had started with one word. His pleasure seemed to turn to pain as he watched one of her eyes fall from her head, teeth bared in the grin revealed by torn, bloody flesh. "I'll kill them. I'll hurt them... as much as they hurt me... I'll fucking kill all of them!" He screamed the last sentence at the sky, his entire body tensed. The more he envisio the the greater his destructive desires became.

Seifer slowed until he was hardly moving, jolted by the unexpected volume of Squall's declaration. Squall didn't slow with him for several more seconds, too detached to realize the lack of motion at first. He must have been imagining some pretty harsh things to be so loud. Zell reached shakily forward to caresse Squall's cheeks, red with exertion. Squall just panted quietly as the extra touch started to draw him back into reality.

Seifer leaned forward and kissed him, finding his lips dry from the rush of his breaths. He wet them softly with his tongue without trying to go further. "Now, think of me," he instructed against his mouth. "Think hard. I'm right over you," he continued, pulling away. He sped up his thrusts, but only slightly. "My eyes are green, remember? That should help."

Squall gasped as his disturbing visions were replaced by an equally vivid one of Seifer's face, the memory of bright emerald eyes sharpening it to near perfection. He opened his eyes and pointed them in Seifer's direction, trying to plaster it on top of the blackness before him. To a degree, it worked, but also served to torture. "Oh... Hyne..."

Seifer smiled and continued to gain speed, Squall's reaction to his own imagination making him tighten around the impalement. "From where you're at... you could see my cock disappearing into you."

Squall's mind reacted in an instant. Every gasp he took turned into a whimper as he started pushing against Zell's knees in time again, visualizing Seifer stretching him, his own flesh a sore shade of red as it shuddered around him, taking him in as deep as he could. He could hear himself getting louder, his voice turning into a whine as he was powerless to stop his vocal chords from working. He pulled his head back, directing his mind at Zell, and saw the light blue gaze regarding him with concern.

"Holy fuck."

Zell's voice. He had seen his lips moving above him as he said the words.

He had *seen* them. He silenced as shock took him over, heavy on his chest as Zell came into focus, eyes more vivid than he could have imagined.

"What?" Seifer asked. Zell didn't reply, just stared as he watched grey stormclouds billowing to fill Squall's irises. His breath caught as he saw the centres turn large, became lost in the black holes that were regarding him with awe.

"Oh... fuck... Fuck... Holy fucking shit!" Zell exploded with glee, the urge from earlier to smother Squwithwith his lips coming out of him now. He covered his face with a billion kisses before giving a real reply. "He fucking looked at me! *LOOKED* at me! Shit shit shit!"

Seifer resisted the urge to stop moving. "Let me see, then," he demanded quietly, unsure of whether Zell was telling the truth. "Squall, look at me."

Squall did, ticatically melting at what he saw. The curves of Seifer's muscled frame were a stark white against the desert's backdrop as he crouched over him, quivering lightly with exertion. He was covered in sweat, breathing hard through glistening lips. They turned up in a sultry grin, his eyes remaining half-lidded.

"Welcome back. Shall we finish this, then?" Seifer kept his lungs in check as they threated to boom his voice into a new dimension. Fuck, was he ever happy-- but he had something to do right now that required all of his concentration. He drew completely out of Squall, unable to resist making his next request. "Look down."

Just seeing how big Seifer actually was alone had Squall fighting not to roll his eyes back into his head. The sight maginified his pleasure ten fold as Seifer carefully moved past that tight ring of muscle, surging forward until his hips came flush with Squall's behind. Squall reached up and threw his arms around Seifer's shoulders, then drew his legs up around his back as the taller man fell forward into his embrace. "You've been controlling yourself this whole time... for me." He said into Seifer's ear. "It's your turn to let go." Seifer grunted at Squall's premission, drawing his arms around his back. "Fuck me as hard as you can. I can take it. I want it."

It was Seifer's turn to shudder now, his breath rushing in a dotty pattern across Squall's neck. Instantly he was pounding into him harder than before, harder even than he had been when with Zell. Squall's moan was loud in his ear. "Seif-er... oh, fuck... faster... pl-ease..."

Seifer did his best to comply as his eyes widened in amazement. What was this? Squall was *begging* him? It was too incredible. He fell into a string of sounds that were much more high-pitched than he usually allowed as Squall began to dig his nails into his back, drawing deliciously sore lines across his shoulder blades again and again. He ed ued up to see Zell grinning at them, thoroughly amused, and then buried his face into Squall's neck. "You're so fucking tight, Squall... Let me feel you come."

Squall sank his teeth into the tendon of Seifer's shoulder. He knew he had sounded like such a girl right then, but it didn't matter. It felt good to beg-- to completely let go, and turn Seifer on a great deal in the process. Seifer's stomach was rubbing against his erection with every rocking thrust he made into his body, and the combined pleasure became too much to take. He stared up at the moon as he felt himself shaking uncontrollably beneath Seifer's weight, a rush of peace washing throughout his body. It drew him into a low sigh as he felt his own heat spill between them. He threw himself upward in a final arch and fell back down hard, positioning himself to see Seifer's face as he waited for him.

It didn't take much longer. Squall kept clenching like mad, his muscles pulling hard, trying to draw Seifer in further. He watched Squall watching him, the brunette's face soaked and flushed in his afterglow, and cried out loudly as his abdomen tightened, giving in to the cavern that begged him with its tugs. A final hard thrust and he was coming, shaking within the tight grip of Squall's legs.

Squall cried out again as liquid warmth filled him in long spurts, watching Seifer's eyes as they shone with his release. Their fores fes fell together, scar-to-scar, as they indulged in a tight embrace.

"Holy shit you guys, that was the hottest thing I've ever seen in my life," Zell remarked incredulously, sounding strangely breathless. Squall tipped his head back as Seifer lifted his. They found Zell sitting back with his softening cock in his hand, stroking it leisurely, a puddle of wetness already soaking into the blanket in front of him. "Glad you gave into him."

Squall didn't know if it was a question or a statement, but answered anyway. "Yeah."

"You just fucked up your own sleeping bag, you know." Seifer chuckled, a low rumble, before taking Squall's lips in a light kiss.

"Actually, I think it's yours," Zell replied, baring his fangs in a grin.

"It's yours *now.*"

"Aww... come on. You'll let me lay with you, won'cha?"

Squall couldn't help but smile at Zell's attempt at being cute. "We need something to clean up with anywa" H" He said, magnifying the slickness between his and Seifer's bodies as he shifted.

"You know I'd clean it up by myself if I had the energy," Seifer remarked, licking his lips at the thought as he sat up. He found both their stomachs completely soaked. He pulled out of Squall, who shuddered around him at the motion, and stood. "Gimme that thing." He reached forward and tugged at the sleeping bag on which Zell sat, nearly sending him sprawling into the sand.

"Fuck, would you hold on?" Zell cried as he tumbled to safety beside them. He felt as though he had been tiptoeing around lava. "You almost covered my entire soaking crotch with sand. Do you have any fucking idea how much that would suck?" Seifer just smiled as he shook the sleeping bag out carefully and wiped himself off with a few easy strokes, then knelt beside Squall's exhausted form.

He found those grey eyes regarding him with interest as he cleaned the leaner torso, his strokes gentle. The stare unnerved him. "What?"

"What do we do now?" Squall asked quietly, almost sounding scared.

The tone only unnerved Seifer further. It was too unnatural for him. "I don't know," he replied thoughtfully, tossing the used fabric over to Zell. "We could always fuck again."

Squall yawned. "I don't think so. Anyway, that's not what I meant."

"You mean tomorrow?" Zell interrupted, finished his own cleanup. He dumped the mound of wet fabbesibeside him.

"I mean, from now on."

Zell cuddled up to him, nudging his head beneath Squall's arm until he let him rest it on his shoulder. "Why do you have to know?"

Seifer got up and padded back to the tent, grabbing their last sleeping bag. He unzipped it to spread it out for use as a blanket and returned to the others. "No labels. If either of you start trying to call me your 'boyfriend' or some stupid shit like that, I won't hesitate to rip your balls off."

Squall shuddered at the words-- not those referring to the removal of his testes, but that awful one, 'boyfriend.' The thought of labels then had him trying to find one for his own sexuality, be pue pushed his ponderings from his mind before he could really get started. It was all too cliched -- not to mention too deep-- to think about now. He was exhausted.

Zell, however, was warming up to it. "I dunno, maybe that wouldn't be so bad," he teased. Seifer and Squall were unsure of whether it held any seriousness, and they exchanged awkward glances as he continued. "'Hey ma, I invited my boyfriend Squall over for dinner,'" he recited in what seemed to be an imaginary phone conversation, holding his thumb to his ear and pinkie to his mouth, "'And my boyfriend Seifer likes strawberries, so if you'll make your strawberry-rhubarb pie he'll come too.'"

Seifer dumped his parcel of fabric on Zell's head. "I fucking hate strawberries," he spat.

Zell's girlish giggle and reply of "I know," were muffled beneath the weight of it. He spread it out over his legs and pushed the edge over to Squall.

Seifer lay down by Squall's other side, stretching out comfortably on his back. "If you ever even bring them near me, I'll puke. They smell like shit," he finished, his nose scrunched up as he pulled their new blanket over himself.

"He ate a rotten one at the orpanage," Squall explained distantly, his voice groggy.

"Ha! No shit, I remember that! We were in the bushes... they're gone now, eh? But yeah, we were going on a hike and you just, like, lunged at them and ate one before you even looked at it." Zell continued to giggle at the memory, "Matron tried to make you spit it out but you already swallowed it. And then you puked all over yourself."

Seifer curled forward, feeling slightly ill. "Yeah, you think it's funny. There was a *worm* in it. Have eve ever eaten a live worm before?"

"Yes. You found big fat one and made me eat it for laughing at you," Zell replied darkly, "Fucker."

"You bawled your eyes out and ran. Now *that* what hilarious. Too bqualquall had to come and kick my ass for you, you fucking rat."

Zell lifted his head in surprise. "He did?"

"Mm-hm," Squall confirmed, voice already laced with sleep. "Got 'im good."

"Got both of us grounded to our room or a week, you mean."

Zell blushed and moved closer to Squall, who in turn draped his arm over Zell's shoulders. "Thanks," he whispered with a little smile.

"No pem.em."

Seifer could hear the sleep drifting into both their voices, ans gls glad when their conversation ended. Hands pillowing his head, he stared up at the stars for a long while before drifting off himself.


Well, that was some pretty effed up drama sex. But I managed to get through all of it without anyone crying! Yay! The strawberry conversation kinda spilled completely out of nowhere... don't know what the muses were thinking other than "Hey, strawberries piss Currie off, let's talk about them." I hope it made you chuckle. I left it in because I did.

Sorry 'bout the blazingly predictable chapter title and content. I had planned to not give Squall his sight back until the next morning, but in the heat of the moment I couldn't help myself. Apologies for any and all cheeziness that resulted.

Thank you so much for the reviews, everyone. Keep 'em coming! I gobble them up like... erm*cou*cough* like I'd like to gobble up Squall. ~_^

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