Something to die for

BY : FrostofEgarath
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Something to die for

 Chapter 1

The setting sun radiated it's last rays of warmth over the soft sand beach by the Centra southern lighthouse, illuminating the rocks nearby with a dark orange shade. Some of the rays got cought up in stormy blue eyes, making them an impossible variation of orange-ish purple, imbuing them with a feeling of sadness, or uncertainty.. About half a meter away from their owner, the light clashed with emerald green ones, and made them glimmer sharply, as if growing more and more vivid with every ray that lightened them.

The owner of the green eyes was a kid that was positively glowing with a palpable lust for life. He had strong facial features, sharp, vivid emerald eyes, and sat perched on a stone, supporting himself with his arms. On his lips was a smile, as he looked at the setting ball of glowing light on the horizon.

Next to him sat his nearly direct opposite. A small, fragile kid, seemingly a bit younger than the blonde, with blue, somewhat shy eyes. His delicate features had in them a promise to make his face rather androgynous when he aged, but now they were not that different from any other kid's.

As he was reclining on the rocks, he hugged his knees close to him, looking at the setting sun, his glance occasionally shifting to the other boy besides him.


The blonde answered him without looking at him: "Hmm?"

"Um...shouldn't we get home soon? Matron will be worried about us..."

Seifer snorted, grinning: "It's okay. We can take care of ourselves.", he said, leaning back on the rocks, so that his T-shirt travelled about half-way up his stomach, revealing soft, smooth, slightly tan skin. The brown-haired boy, Squall, noticed, and felt his face go warm and his stomach tingly at the sight. He had seen Seifer bare-chested a lot of times before, since they lived together and slept in the same room, but this was different, somehow. What skin had been uncovered by Seifer leaning wasn't all that much, but in a way it made the blonde boy seem more naked than if he'd just pulled his shirt off entirely. Maybe it would have made more sense if he knew why the sight made him react this way.

" can take care of yourself.", Squall muttered, talking down into his knees: "You have that wooden sword of yours..."

Seifer smirked: "Yep! Greatest among weapons, the Hyperion! Any monster will run away as soon as they lay eyes upon it." He turned his head and looked up at the blushing brownhead besides him: "You have a sword too, don't you?"

Squall hid his face between his knees: "Yeah...Lionheart. But I don't...I'm no good at wielding it..." he whispered, blushing a bit redder.

"You don't need to be."


All went silent for a while, Squall waiting for the other boy to explain himself. Apparently, Seifer did not think it necessary.

"...what do you mean?"

The blonde lay quite still on the rocks, his intense eyes locked intently on the drifting clouds: "You don't need to learn how to use the Lionheart. Just stay close to me, and I'll protect you."

Squall's eyes were irresitibly drawn, against his will, towards the blonde that was looking at him, and as his urge to lay sight upon him won, their eyes met. As they remained locked as such for a few long moments, the already reddish shade on Squall's face became deeper, and he wanted nohing more than to sink down into a hole in the ground, so that the older kid should not see his embarassment.


As he finally managed to pry his gaze away from the blonde, Seifer grinned and laid down, hands folded under his head: "I promise. As long as you're with me, I won't allow anything bad to happen to you."

"Why not?", Squall mumbled into his knees, and regretted the question half a second later. What if Seifer thought he didn't appreciate it? What if he would refrain from protecting him? What if he...started disliking him...?

To his enormous relief, Seifer just smiled: "You remember that movie Matron has on tape, and that stands on the shelf above the TV? You know, the one about that guy with the real sword? That guy who was dressed in armor, and called himself a 'knight'? Remember? He protected that beautiful magic woman from a dragon."

Squall nodded: "Yeah...I remember it." he said, looking at the other kid with wonder written over his face.

"Well..." Seifer said, sitting up: "I think he looked really cool, so I have decided to become just like him."

"..what do you mean? You're gonna walk around in armor, slaying dragons and protecting girls?", Squall said with a grimace on his face, that was abruptly broken off as Seifer laughed.

"Not like that, stupid. I mean, I want to be someone that protects others, that means something to others. I want to..."

His gaze became lost in thought, and he shook his head to clear it up: "Anyways...", he said, looking at Squall: "I want to be a knight, and as there are no cute sorceresses around, I have decided to settle with the second best. I'm gonna protect you."

His eyes twinkled as he continued, grinning: "You're not a girl, and you're not a sorceress, but at least you're cute."

The blush on Squall's face, that had nearly disappeared during their conversation, exploded into a violent crimson shade, and he could nearly hear the blood pulsating in his veins: " idiot!!" he shouted, leaping onto the other boy.

The other boy was somewhat taken by surprise, and fell under Squall's weight, tumbling around with the brown-haired kid on top of him. They wrestled like this for a while, a physical battle for domination, until they both laid on the ground, panting heavily in exhaustion.

After a while, Seifer sat up and wiped the sweat of his brow with the back of his hand: "Yo, loser." he said, taunting Squall with a smirk.

"What?" Squall said between two pants, with his right hand firmly placed on an aching rib-bone, after a well-placed elbow from Seifer: "And I didn't lose. You were cheating."

Seifer just smiled still, looking up at the sky: "The air smells nice. Tomorrow's gonna be a fine day", he said with a thoughtful look on his face, before he turned to Squall: "How long's it been since we went to town?"

"Eh...I don't remember..." Squall said, looking towards the orphanage, despite Seifer's reassurances still somewhat worried the scolding they would receive from Matron if they, in addition to coming home late, also waited till after sundown. He grimaced to himself at the thought of all the harsh word she would use, while looking at him with those worried and frustrated eyes. He hated seeing those eyes, as much as he hated letting her down.

"Oh doesn't matter. But it's been a long time, don't you think? A bit too long..." Seifer said, looking over at the other kid: "Wanna go tomorrow?"

Squall blinked confused: "W-what do you mean? Has Matron told you we're gonna go tomorrow?"

The blonde sighed: "No, she hasn't. Don't you think she would've told you first, if she was? No, what I meant was that we go, together. There are some things I'm gonna go and have a look at, and..."

"We can't do that!"

Squall looked down immideately as he felt the other boy's disappointed gaze on him, knowing he had said something stupid: "S-sorry...I just...don't think", he stuttered, trying to keep the sentence from dying in his mouth, and failing miserably:

Seifer snorted: "Stupid...didn't you hear what I said earlier? Wherever we go, whatever we do, you don't need to worry."

He stood up, and walked over to where Squall sat. Smiling, he sat down on his knees, facing Squall: "I, Seifer Almasy, your knight, hereby promise you that I will keep you safe and sound from danger, whatever the cost." He took Squall's hand, and held it with his right hand, causing the brown-haired boy to blush: "On my knight's honor, I swear this to you, Master Leonhart.", he said, before he lowered his lips, kissing the slender hand in his own hand gently.

Squall, beet red, looked down at the hand, smiling uncertain: "...thank...thank you...Sir Almasy. I appreciate your allegiance, and will expect your servitude to be as fierce as your pledge."

Seifer smiled, and was about to answer when they were suddenly broken off by a yelling voice: "Seifer!!! Squall!!! Where are you?!!"

The lastly mentioned nearly jumped into the air at the alarm, and Seifer just scoffed: "Yeah, yeah...we're coming, I guess."


Later that evening, as everyone in the orphanage had gone to bed, Squall laid in his bed in the shared dormitories, looking up into the moon-illuminated roof with a billion thoughts swirling around in his head, as usual. Normally he did not speakvery much; he was, by most of the other kids in the orphanage, concidered anti-social, and somewhat boring. He snorted out into the dark, silent air at the thought. Was there something wrong with not being too fond of blurting out whatever he thought and felt and liked and...all of that? Seifer didn't seem to think so, but ironically, he was the only person Squall talked to, other than singular words.

As his thoughts was about to become deeper and more complex, and his usual existential questions would arise once again, he heard a cover being pushed aside on one of the other beds in the main dorm hall, and some rustling from the opposite end, followed by the soft patting of bare feet over the cold, hard stone floor, headed in his direction.

He opened one eye carefully, looking over at the source of the noise, his eyes meeting the pajama-clad appearance of Seifer, sneaking across the hall, ending up at his bed a few seconds later: "Yo, awake?" he whispered, tugging slightly at his covers.

"...yeah." Squall responded after a few fleeting moments, feeling himself blush under his covers. 'Hyne, why am I blushing so much lately? When there's no reason, I blush all the time. I hate it!' he thought to himself, hiding his face so that only his eyes were visible to Seifer.


The blonde sat down on the edge of his bed, carefully: "So, what do you say?"

"S-say? About what?", Squall said, confused, upon which Seifer shook his head: "You are really forgetful, you know that?" He grinned mischeviously: "Either that, or you're just a slowpoke, like I thought."

"I'm not a...!", Squall hissed, before realizing his voice was perfectly audible in the silent dorm, and calming down: "...I'm not a slowpoke." he whispered angrily, glaring at the blonde.

Seifer merely chuckled: "Oh really? Hey, calm down, will ya?" he said, as Squall sat up in the bed and attempted to tackle him down on the floor: "They'll hear us even better if you make a commotion." he said, holding back the brown haired kid with his left hand.

After a few seconds of fruitless struggling, Squall relaxed and laid down, looking up into the roof as before: "I'm not a slowpoke, or a dunce..." he muttered, obviously sulking over his defeat.

Seifer just shook his head: "I was talking about my offer of tomorrow. If you wanna go with me, you gotta get up early in the morning, so that we reach town when the shops open. The early bait catches the fish, you know."

Squall was silent, his mind ging into a state of psychic turmoil. On one side was Matron's scolding when they returned, or if they were caught prematurely, before they could even make it away from the orphanage and the fear of the monsters that were quite frequent over the plains of Centra, where they had to walk in order to reach the city. On the other side was Seifer, the person he admired most in the entire world, a visit to the nearby town and all the excitement that came with it, and of course, the promise Seifer had goven him to protect him from danger, sworn on his knighthood.

He moved his head so that his eyes were locked with Seifer's, and he smiled: "When do we go?"

^ end of chapter ^

This story was originally meant to be a one-shot little thing, but since I just love tornmenting people with my fics, I decided to slice it in two. Don’t worry, the second, and final, chapter will follow shortly after this one... R&R, please... ^^

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