Love in Wutai... (Working title ^^;;;)

BY : Aryun
Category: Final Fantasy VII > Het - Male/Female
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Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VII, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title: Love in Wutai

Author: Me AKA Cat

Summary: PWP concerning Seph, Zak and the war in Wutai

Rating: NC-17

Pairing(s): SephXOC

Characters: Zak, Seph, OC, and vauge mentionings of Hojo and Old Man Shinra

Disclaimer: I don't know FF7, nor will I ever. I did this purely for fun and to pass time. I make no money from this. The only person I own is the OC and the plot.

Authoresses notes: This is another story I've no clue from whence it came.
Just another lemon I wrote many, many yeago. go. The title is still being worked
on. I'm not quite sure what to call it. Anyway, enjoy my throughly OCC
characters... no wait, I THINK I got Zack right ^_^ Seph though... he maybe of
kilter... Blame it on the fact he's  young here. ^^;;

~ Cat


I sighed as I stripped out of my uniform. I hated the
Shinra logo, the coarse black outfit. Why did it always have to scratch? I


The war with Wutai would
be over soon, not that Shinra wanted it ended, but the Wutanese were finally
falling faster than they could be replaced. It was sad in a way. The soldiers
here, as well as most the brass, didn’t see why we had to fight Wutai. It just
never seemed to sit right with me, or with several other high-ranking generals.


I was happy that for once I would be sleeping in a bed and
not out in the mud and the rain. I gave a happy sigh as I flopped down on the
soft bed. Another ‘for once’ was that I wouldn’t have to share a room. My
eyes closed slightly as I laid there in my black leather bodice and black
leather pants. The jacket . . . I would burn that as soon as the war was over.


My thoughts wandered to the man who would no doubt get all
the glory for this war, and I was glad to let him have it. Maybe something good
would come to his life. I sighed and brought my cut hand to my lips, gently
tracing where he kissed me two days ago. I had been avoiding him like the plague
since, but it was hard to do, knowing that he was wounded and would need
attention soon. SOLDIER or no, he would still need stitches in his side.


I rose with a groan, stripping off my boots and tossing
them in the corner of the room, as well as my black bodice, freeing my oppressed
breasts. Quickly, I rummaged through my travel bag and pulled out a black shirt,
slipping it over my head and smiling slightly. I doubt anyone would notice I
wasn’t wearing a bra; they were too much in fear of the General’s


I snorted. I was also his medic, but I was loathe to tell
anyone that. Word would get around to Hojo and he’d make my life, as well as
the General’s life a living hell. I snorted, remembering that Hojo had already
made his life a living hell. I growled low in my throat remembering the screams
. . . It wasn’t right that the General hurt.


I slipped out of my door, walking down the hall a little
way before I stopped at the General’s door. Politely, I knocked, hoping that
he was still awake. We had just arrived after all, and he seemed tired.


I was shaken out of my thoughts by his soft, “Enter.”


Slowly I opened his door and slipped into the dim room.
Gently shutting the door behind me, I gazed around the room, noticing that it
had beautiful Venetian doors with a balcony and a fireplace. The room was cold,
even with the fire burning. Several candles were lit around the room, making it
manageable light to work by.


My gaze finally settled upon the General’s tall form. He
was sitting in one of the simple wooden chairs, his back to me as he gazed into
the fire. The firelight played upon the silver hair, turning molten. It
shimmered down and covered the back of his trench coat, spilling over his
shoulders and arms. His eyes seemed distant, yet soft in thought. It was very
rare that he would allow anyone to see him, let alone treat him.


Somehow, and believe me I don’t know how, I won his
trust. Zack and I had actually won his trust. I think it when I won his was
during the battle some months back. We had been cornered, and out of the
thirty-five troops with us, only three of us made it out alive: Zack, the
General, and Me. We had to trust the other until we got back to the rest of the


Our friendship was tentative at best, until the General was
wounded during an ambush. I had healed his wounds, no questions asked and no
pain. I think that’s what won his trust: I told him I didn’t want him in
pain. I remember seeing those beautiful, glowing green eyes go wide in shock,
something I’m sure no one save me had ever seen. I remember I couldn’t
resist touching his hair as it had fallen into his face, so I reached out, my
fingers gently brushing against his temple as I tucked it behind his ear.


He jerked away, jumping to his feet, his eyes shimmering
with something. I’m not sure what happened, I only know I had frightened him.
That didn’t stop him from relaxing around Zack and I, but no matter who was
brave enough, or foolish enough, to touch him, the General would flinch, turn
away or tense. For some reason, I believed that he was abused, and it would make
sense. He didn’t like touch, although you could see in his eyes when people
would greet each other fondly, or just casually touch, that he wanted that
contact as well, but was afraid.


“General?” I quarried softly, not really wanting to
disturb him. “Are you ready to get that wound stitched?”


I saw him start and turn to look at me. “How . . . did
you know?”


I shrugged, slowly walking forward. “You hold yourself
differently when you get wounded. It seemed like your side was stiff and I saw
that the leather was darker than normal.” I sighed, noting his eyes on mine as
I knelt down by the side of the chair, not touching him. “You should take
better care of yourself. You are our general after all.”


His eyes studied me, the Mako depths seemingly swirled. He
turned back to the fire, sighing and closing his eyes. “What else is there to
do besides kill innocents? When this war is over, I have to go back to Midgar,
back to hell. At least here I’m free.”


I became daring and reached out and placed my shaking hand
upon his arm. He tensed, but didn’t pull away from me. “It’s all right,
General. Life will be better thanks to this war, hopefully.”


He lowered his head, shaking it and letting his silver hair
spill around him. “No it won’t, Sukuinushi. I will go back to Midgar and live
through hell.”


“General,” I said softly, my fingers lightly tightening
upon his forearm. “You’re not alone, no matter what you say. Zack and I will
be there. We won’t leave you.”


“But you won’t. Shinra will see to that.” He shook
his head again. “Hojo will make sure I’m still alone. He says . . . that one
should not need friendship; that I should not need friendship.” His head hung
lower. “If that is the case, then why am I so alone, so . . . cold.” He
shivered and wrapped his arms around himself.


My hand now lay upon the arm of the chair as I looked at
him, my eyes shimmering. “General, you are your own person. You need affection
as much as anyone else. Hojo is just . . . I don’t know what, but he’s not
human. He can’t be if he hurt you like he did . . .” My eyes grew wide as I
realized what I had said.


The General froze, his head slowly turned to look at me,
his eyes unreadable and wide. “What do you know about that?”


I lowered my eyes, gazing into the fire. I should tell the
truth. “I . . . had been walking along the corridors and I had to have another
‘infusion’ of Mako from the good doctor. I was early and I heard hoarse
crying. My ears perked, as I wanted no one to cry. I am . . . gentle by nature,
and my past has made me realize that pain in life is wrong. I slowly slipped
through the lab, noticing that Hojo was not there, and . . . I came across you,
General, lying upon the floor in blood. I . . . I couldn’t leave you there, so
I did what I could for your wounds and your fever. You were barely there, and I
remember I asked where you stayed and helped you down the halls to you room. I
stayed beside you until you fell asleep, but when I started to walk out, you
screamed. I tried to calm you down, and finally resorted to casting sleep upon
you. I went back to the lab to get screamed at about me being a
‘lowly-SOLDIER-who-knew-nothing-about-time-and appointments’, and I got
smacked for missing the time.” I sighed and looked back at him. “I realized
then that you had lived a hard life. This general that the troops know is
nothing but a facade. A cold exterior to hid the child filled with pain.”


I reached out slowly, my fingers gently lying upon his
cheek. He flinched, looking away. “See? You flinch when you are touched,
General. I won’t hurt you. I never would, and never could. I . . . always
wanted to see you happy, and I was thrilled that I was assigned under you. I
thought that maybe, I could make you smile, and let you forget. I know I can’t
erase eighteen years of abuse, but I can try.” I placed my fingers against his
cheek again, hearing him breathing rapidly.


His eyes stared at me, slightly wild, as my fingers gently
caressed his cold cheek. “You . . . I . . .” He shivered before he closed
his eyes, accepting the touch by leaning into it slightly.


I sighed and looked at him, so vulnerable as he sat there,
a slight look of wonderment upon his face at the touch. “General, why . . .
why did you kiss me the other day?” I hated to break the moment, but I had to


He blinked and looked at me, uncertainly replacing the
slight wonderment. “I . . . am unsure . . . I feel, Sukuinushi.” He closed his
eyes. “I feel something that I’m sure Hojo would disprove of. I . . .
don’t know what it is, but . . . since I saw you, I had wanted to do that.”
He breathed out through his nose, a slight snort, but not quite. “I’m sorry.
I should not have done that.” He sighed, hugging himself tighter.


I rose from my knees and stood beside his chair, slowly
wrapping my arms about his neck, pulling him close. If he killed me, which was a
good possibility, I would die happy.


He froze, shuddering as I held him close before he leaned
into the hug with no protest. I gently ran my hand through the soft silver hair,
trying to ease him. After a long while, I felt him turn and slowly, hesitantly
and awkwardly, wrap his arms around my waist. He gave a shivering sigh as he
tried to pull me closer.


My hand threaded through his starlit hair and I smiled
slightly. “No need to apologize, General. I rather enjoyed the kiss.” My
fingers twined in his silver hair. “I . . . was just sorry that you fled. You
need not fear that I am afraid of you, General. That is far from the case.
I’ve always wanted you to be happy since the moment I saw you curled up on
that lab floor.” I pulled back slightly, gazing at his large, glowing eyes. My
fingers trailed over his cheek, gently tracing his lips before they curled under
his chin, tipping his face up to mine.


Slowly, I leaned forward so that our faces were a
hairsbreadth apart, and I smiled slightly. “General, I feel for you as
well.” My fingers gently stroked his temple. “I . . . I know what my
feelings are, but I will not push you. Just remember, that I will always stand
beside you. Always.” I closed the distance between us, my lips settling over
his, gently brushing.


I felt him stiffen; his eyes must have been wide in shock.
He was still frozen, but I wouldn’t let him get away with that, and slowly,
started to increase the pressure of my mouth. I felt his body shiver as it
relaxed again, and I smiled to myself in triumph when he tentatively started to
kiss me back. The motions were awkward, but endearing.


His lips were soft and warm as they gently touched mine. It
felt like heated silk, and I sighed though my nose, not wanting to release this
contact for anything. His lips tasted like wine, sweet and delicate. I had never
tasted anything so wonderful. Well, this was my second kiss ever, so I really
didn’t have room to talk, but I knew that this man would taste like no other.
My mind was gone when he gently flicked his tongue against my lower lip. I
slowly opened my own mouth, my lips slanting over his gently.


I shivered as I felt his tongue touch mine, and I gently
caressed back. Our tongues dueled carefully as not to startle the other. I never
dreamed that another person couake ake me feel such pleasure. It was such a
simple touch, but it was like electric racing down my skin, through my body to
settle in my stomach.


My hand still caressed his cheek, slipping into that molten
silver hair as my hand gently pushed him closer to me. I felt his hands around
me loosen; his right gently sliding up and down my side. I shuddered, feeling
the pleasure heighten a notch. My free hand tightened upon his shoulder guard,
and I wanted to feel his skin against mine, but I knew that wouldn’t happen.
We were both too nervous, too . . . awkward to continue.


I slowly pulled back, noticing that our breathing was
rapid. The General’s face was covered in a delicious pale flush, his lips
slightly parted and his eyes glazed. His hands had settled upon my waist,
squeezing it slightly.


His eyes were languid as he looked up at me, his lips
parted slightly, breathing softly. “Sukuinushi . . . I never . . .”


I smiled and placed a gentle finger against his lips.
“Shh, don’t worry about anything, General.” I brushed my hand through his
hair, and then traced the bones of his face with my finger. His body trembled as
I ran the tip of my finger over him, his lips parting slightly when I touched


I leaned down, my lips lightly brushing his cheek. His face
turned towards me, trying to catch mine, but I eluded him, letting my lips trail
down to his jaw, fluttering kisses up to his ear. I was well rewarded as I
kissed the area right behind his ear on his neck.


He gave a soft moan, his fingers tightening into my waist
like a cat kneading. His breath hitched in his throat when I brushed my lips
against his ear, giving me yet another soft moan. I gently grabbed his earlobe
in my mouth and gently ran a tongue along the edge. The General gasped, his
hands almost painfully tight upon my waist.


He was breathing faster by the time I slipped my arms
around his shoulders, my mouth moving across his neck as his head arched back
allowing me access. His skin was as soft as his lips, and tasted sweeter. I
kissed my way up to his other ear, repeating the caresses there and was rewarded
with a gasp.


I gently nipped a spot on his neck then licked it, hearing
more moans pour out of his mouth. I murmured against his throat, “I never
thought you’d be so vocal, General.”


His hands gently caressed around my waist, his fingers
rubbing against the skin as my shirt had risen above my waist. “I . . . have
never been touched this way, Sukuinushi.” He gave a soft gasp as my teeth slid
against his skin again. “But I do like this . . .”


My free hand wandered down his chest, gently unclasping his
buckles on his trench. My hand gently caressed his skin, while my right gently
held the back of his neck. “You’ve never . . . been with anyone before?”


I felt him shake his head as he moaned when my fingers
brushed against his hardened nipple. His soft breath fanned my face as I gently
bit his neck again, hearinm crm cry out. I pulled back, looking at his bright
green eyes. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to . . .” I was cut off as he
quickly grabbed me, kissing me soundly. It was my turn to moan as he gently
slipped his tongue into my mouth again, stroking the insides.


He pulled back, his face flushed as he looked at me. “I
wasn’t hurt . . . that felt very good . . .” He shivered as he held me, his
hand gently stroking my hair. His gloved hand reached oo geo gently touch my
face. I leaned into the touch, running my cheek along his covered hand. He
kissed me again, and pulled back slightly, his lips moving against mine as he
whispered softly. “Sephiroth . . . please, don’t call me general . . . call
me Sephiroth . . . I am a man before I am a general . . .”


I smiled against his lips as one of my hands slipped down,
hovering against his stomach, the fingers gently brushing against hirdenrdened
sword. He gave a sharp cry, shivering and arching his back. I pulled my hand
back, whispering my apologies. I let my hands wander over his chest into safer
territory, my fingers brushing against his hardened nipples as I wrapped my arms
around his chest. My hand brushed against the wound, and he gasped into my
mouth, his breath rapid.


“Sephiroth . . .” I whispered, tasting his name on my
mouth. The syllables curled around my tongue, caressing it. “Sephiroth, I
should check out this wound . . .” I trailed my hand along it again, eliciting
a hiss from him.


He nodded, his silver hair falling around his shoulders as
I stepped back. ookeooked so luscious sitting there, his eyes half closed and
his coat opened. I giggled slightly, never seeing a lovelier picture than him
sitting there, his coat half off. He slowly stood, his slender hands deftly
unbuckling the last of the ties and let his coat fall into the chair, baring his
chest to the soft firelight.


I was nervous as I grabbed my bag and gestured him to sit
upon the bed. He complied, his eyes more open and honest than I had ever seen. I
nervously sat at his feet, looking at the wound that was seeping blood still. My
fingers were gentle as they brushed against the wound, seeking to know the
damage. I pulled out a cloth and a bottle from my bag. Opening the bottle, I
doused the cloth in the liquid and gently ran it over the wound. He hissed again
as the peroxide cleaned out the wound. I found every opportunity that I could to
touch his soft skin. He would shiver and sigh when I softly brushed my fingers
against his waist.


The wound wasn’t as bad as I feared, just a minor scrape
now due to his healing ability. I quickly wiped it down again before putting my
things back into my bag. I sat there at his feet for a few moments before I
wrapped my arms around his waist, pressing my face into his chest. I couldn’t
help myself. He was just so warm next to me and so vulnerable. I didn’t want
him to be in pain any more.


He paused for a second before he wrapped his arms around
me, his knees resting against my waist as he hugged me back. His hand shook as
it brushed through my hair and brushed against my neck. I felt him take a deep
breath before he spoke. “Tori . . .” he whispered softly, using my first
name. “I . . . want you to stay with me tonight . . .” He tightened his hold
on me. “I mean, you don’t have to . . . but . . . I would enjoy it very much
if you did . . .”


I tilted my head away from his chest, looking up at him and
kng thg that my eyes were wide. My hand trembled as it reached out to touch his
shoulder. “I . . . would be honored to stay here with you . . .” My voice
was soft and gentle as my fingers lightly touched his smooth shoulder.


I couldn’t help but give a soft cry when one of his
strong arms wrap tightly about my waist as he hauled me up from my kneeling
position upon the floor. I found myself straddled across his slender hips and I
blusheightightly, looking away from his bright green gaze. I was shy, and I
heard a soft chuckle rumble Sephiroth’s chest.


I felt his arm gently hold me against his body, while his
other hand reached out, tilting my chin up to look at him. His eyes were soft,
almost a delicate spring green, and they shone with something. I wasn’t sure
what it was, but I was determined to make him happy. I couldn’t help but
smile, my arms gently encing ing his neck, the fingers twining in the starlit


His gloved fingers gently caressed my jaw, nervously almost
as I arched my neck. His covered fingers brushed against sensitive spots, making
me give a soft cry. I shivered as he held me, his fingers eliciting groans from
the back of my throat. His hand gently landed on the back of my neck, pulling me
closer to him, as I felt his soft, sweet breath fan my face. It was warm as he
brea aga against my face, my whole body trembling.


He leaned closer to me and his lips gently claimed mine.
His fingers gently caressed my neck in little circles, while the hand at my back
slipped under my shirt, stroking my spine at my lower back.


I sighed into his mouth at the soft touches, and my fingers
gently stroked his neck as well. I was shivering, my neck arched back and I felt
him flutter kisses along my jaw and down my neck, mimicking my former actions.
His lips were like liquid fire upon my neck, and I gaswhenwhen I felt the soft
wetness of his tongue dart out, tracing my jaw before it captured my earlobe
between his perfect teeth.


I was shuddering by the time that I felt both of his hands
stroking my back gently along my spine, his tongue still working magic upon my
neck. He brushed his lips against the area behind my ear, a let let out a
trembling breath. My hands clutched his shoulders as his kisses fluttered down
the edge of my neck, and I let out a soft cry when his teeth bit into the flesh.


He pulled back slightly, his lips gently nursing the spot
before his lips slipped lower as he leaned me back. I felt that liquid warmth
run down my neck, and felt as he nosed aside the fabric covering the base of my
throat. I dimly felt one of his hands slowly slip between us, the fingers gently
tugging at the silver buttons, slowly revealing my skin to him.


I gasped as I felt him nuzzle the skin of my collarbone,
giving soft little kisses before working his way back up and claming my lips
with passion.


His hands finished unbuttoning my shirt as he held me
tightly against him, the shirt exposing the center of my chest. I shuddered as I
felt his smooth, warm skin touch mine. My arms wrapped tightly around his neck
as I kissed him hard, my lips slanting over his, dueling with his tongue. The
only thing that kept my shirt on was my arms because they were wrapped around
his neck.


I pulled back, smiling shyly before looking away. I slowly
moved one arm, then the other, down, over the edge of the bed, allowing the
shirt to slide off the shoulders, baring my breasts. I know my face was flushed
slightly, when I felt his soft fingers tilt my face up to gaze into those deep,
fathomless pools of green.


“Sukuinushi . . .” He whispered softly, his eyes gazing at
me. “You are . . . beautiful . . .” He sighed as my hands came back up to
lightly touch his bare shoulders.


“So are you,” I whispered softly before I bent my head,
my lips gently caressing the area under his ear again. He groaned, panting
slightly as his hands clutched me closer, my breasts molding against his chest.
I felt one tentative hand slip between us, cautiously touching my left breast. I
smiled against his lips. “I won’t bite, and I want you to touch me.”


I took his hand in one of mine and cupped his long, slender
fingers around my breast, squeezing it stly.tly. He looked at me, surprised by
my actions, and I slowly felt his fingers caress the top of my breast gently.
The fingers were hesitant as they slowly explored me, my breath coming a little


His eyes were riveted upon his hand, and he whispered,
“Soft . . . they’re soft . . .” His fingers brushed against my nipple
which was hardening, and I bit my lip as I tried not to cry out. His eyes
flicked up to me and he smiled slightly. “Do you like that?”


I nodded my head and let a moan slip when his fingers
gently circled my nipple, drawing it tighter and harder. His index finger and
thumb gently rolled it between them, and I panted slightly, the feelings going
straight to my loins. I saw him smiling at me and I smiled back, taking his
other hand and placing it upon my other neglected breast. My hands clutched his
hair, as he leaned down, his lips gently brushing from my collarbone further
down to flutter delicate kisses upon the tops of my breasts.


My breathing was ragged as his soft lips explored my flesh,
and I cried out when his warm mouth descended uponnippnipple. He drew it gently
into his mouth, suckling it lightly. Those perfect teeth carefully scored me,
making me moan loudly. His left hand didn’t stop its gentle exploration of my
right breast, his fingers making me shiver.


He slowly kissed his way over to ightight breast, his left
hand held onto my waist as I gave another cry into the velvet night. I was
trembling by the time he gently kissed my neck and I claimed his lips
passionately with mine. I felt his hands tighten around my back as he slowly
fell back onto the bed, my legs straddling his hips.


I felt vulnerable lying like that, mounted across the man I
love, and I opened my eyes, gazing at him with wide blue eyes. My hair fluttered
ar us us like a curtain, and I brought my hand to gently touch his cheek. “Is
. . . this what we both want?” My hand trembled badly, feeling the fluttering
of those gloved hands up and down my spine. I shivered, feeling his erection
pressing between my legs, even through the layers of cloth, and could feel the


His right hand reached out and brushed the backs of his
gloved fingers against my cheek, an infinitely gentle motion. “I only want
what you want, Sukuinushi. I want this to happen . . . I . . . will understand if
you wish to stop . . .” He tenderly leaned forward, giving me a soft kiss. I
noticed his body shook under mine, from what I wasn’t sure. “I . . . don’t
quite know what to do . . .” His cheeks stained a pale pink and he looked


My hand trembled as I turned his face towards me.
“Sephiroth, you are beautiful, and it’s ok if you don’t know what to do .
. . I don’t really know despite things that have happened to me . . . I . . .
want to be with yand and if you want to, that’s enough for me.” I bent over
him, kissing his cheek as my breasts brushed against his chest. “I don’t
expect you to say that you love me, or anything, but this night is enough.
Touching you is enough to make me happy when you don’t flinch away.”


His hands fell down to hold my hips, and he looked t
me, his Mako green eyes bright. “I’m not flinching now,” he whispered, the
shadows highlighting his pale skin. His right hand wrapped around my neck,
slowly bringing me down so that he could kiss me deeply.


I gave a soft moan into his mouth, and I gasped as he
turned over, pinning my body beneath his. My body was trembling, feeling the
strength within his slender form as he settled between my legs. He pushed his
hips against me slightly as the toes of his booted feet dug into the floorboards
to steady him. His breathing was rapid, and he bit his lip, looking down at me.
He gave a soft groan as he leaned over me, his hands resting beside my


He looked at me with passion within his emerald gaze, and
brushed his lips against mine. “I need you, Sukuinushi. I can’t explain this
feeling, but in here,” he moved one of his hands to bring mine to his heart.
“I need you.” His eyes softened to something deeper, and he lifted my hand
from his chest to gently kiss the tips of my fingers, finally laying a soft kiss
in the middle of my palm. He never took his eyes off mine, and I shivered at the
eroticism of the scene I was playing in.


His silver hair rained down from his shoulders, brushing
against my heated skin causing me to shiver in pleasure. His hair was so long, I
could just wrap myself within it and be contented. He was like a Lady Godiva
with hair long enough to cover his vital areas. My free hand threaded through
the soft strands, making me smile.


He smiled softly when he saw this and shook his head,
sending more slipping over his shoulders to cocoon us in warmth. He leaned down,
gently touching his lips to mine, then kissing my cheek, my ears, and my neck.
He buried his face in my neck, resting his head upon my shoulder and sighed.


I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, holding him close,
shivering. I had never felt so tranquil, but I knew if things went the way that
it felt like it was going to, and then I would be as passive as a kitten. I
brushed my lips against his forehead, murmuring with good humor, “Why don’t
we move the other way. You must not be that comfortable, Sephiroth.” I tucked
a few strands of his hair behind his ear. I shivered again as his gloved hand
gently ran along my bare shoulder down to my hand and back up.


“I suppose so . . .” He whispered softly. “Only if we
do something about these.” He gently tugged on the waistband of my leather
pants. He laughed softly as a blush colored my skin. His cheek rubbed against my
shoulder before he slipped his head lower, softly kissing my breasts again.


I gasped as he slowly kissed his way down my body, slipping
off me a little at a time. His mouth placed warm, wet kisses along my ribs,
further down to my navel, his tongue gently thrusting inside. My hips arched and
I gasped out at the soft, wet tongue that ran around my navel. My hands tensed
in his hair, my breathing rapid as he slipped off me completely, his head
resting against my stomach, kneeling upon the ground, his hands gently wrapped
around my waist.


Slowly, he ran his hands down, along my sides, and my hips,
my thighs and gently touching my knees through the leather. He pulled away fully
and held his hands out, and I took them without hesitation. His strength was
awesome as he hauled me to my feet, his face at the level of my waist.


He looked up at me through silver lashes, and smiled as his
hands slowly came to rest upon my flat stomach, his fingers resting upon the
laces of my pants. His breath was warm and soft as it fanned against my bare
stomach, the band of the pants resting just underneath my navel. The fingers
were slow, delicate, as they cautiously pulled at the laces.


My hands came to rest upon his bare shoulders, squeezing
lightly, as I felt the laces slowly slide out of the eyelet. There was no noise
in the room save for the whispering of the laces and our soft breathing. I
shivered as I felt those gloved hands gently grasp my waist, the fingers pushing
lightly into the skin as they slowly slid down my backside, softly touching my
rear before he hooked them under the waistband, slowly slipping them over my


He softly kissed my stomach that had been honed through
many months of fighting, and still he slowly slipped down the fabric of my
pants, the fingers gently caressing the revealed skin. I felt the gloves brush
against my calves, and I slowly lifted one slender foot, allowing him to slip
the leg off completely. This process was repeated for the other leg, and within
a matter of seconds, I was standing nude in front of the General.


I shyly turned my face away, not looking at him, hoping he
didn’t notice my scars. I nearly jumped when I felt the soft touch of his
slender, gloved fingers trace a scar upon my thigh, and I knew he looked up at
me with a question.


“Sukuinushi,” his voice was a soft whisper as clearly
carried through the room. “How did these happen?” His fingers softly traced
a vicious gash that covered my left side, from my hip to just under my navel. I
winced in the soft light, remembering the pain and what had caused it. I noticed
that he looked at my body closely now, the fingers tracing all my scars,
especially the ones on my wrists.


Tears pricked my eyes, but I refused to let them fall.
Sephiroth was so gentle as he touched the scars, but I knew there was an air of
sorrow around him as he touched my wounds. Also, there was slight anger mixed
there as well. I opened my mouth, but no words came, so I bit my lip instead,
fingers tightening against his shoulders.


His Mako green eyes looked up at me, expecting the answers
as he gently pulled one hand off his shoulder and rubbed his fingers against the
scar. “Please, Sukuinushi. I trust you, now trust me.” He was so handsome
kneeling there, looking up with those green eyes that I started to talk.


I looked away, shaking slightly. “I was sixteen, and had
things happen to me . . . I . . . don’t want to taint the night with what
happened, but afterwards, I tried many times to take my life . . . I wasn’t
quite myself for many years, and I would always take the dangerous missions, the
black tags . . . It all changed when I saw you lying on that lab floor . . .”
I bit my lip and looked at him. “I felt emotions again, and I knew that I
wanted to meet you, even if you did ignore me, but I just wanted to tell you
that you weren’t alone . . .”


I started to shake, looking down into his deep green eyes.
I wrapped my arms around his neck and brushed my lips against his forehead.
“Please, no more. I don’t want to delve into my past at the moment.” I saw
his mouth start to open before I placed a soft finger upon them, silencing him.
“I will tell you all in the future, Sephiroth. I promise you that. You deserve
the truth.” I closed my eyes, a tear falling. “But not now. At this moment,
I want nothing more then us, at this moment, together.” I opened my eyes, my
hand gently caressing his face. “I promise you that if this happens between
us, I will never leave you. I will always be at your side, my hand always within
yours. I will never allow you to come to harm again. My soul couldn’t stand it
. . .”


Sephiroth and I looked within each other’s eyes, and
finally, he nodded, wrapping his arms around me, holding me. “I understand and
will wait for that day.”


I leaned into him, running my fingers through his long
silver hair as he pressed his face against my chest, gently nuzzling me. His
soft lips brushed against me as he slowly stood, wrapping me in his arms. With
infinite gentleness, he pulled me up into his arms and I gazed at in


He smiled softly, and pulled me tighter against his chest,
his fingers tightening upon my back and knees. I looked into those glowing green
eyes, and I leaned forward, wrapping my arms around his neck as I pushed my lips
against his. I heard his moan as I flicked my tongue against his lips, wanting
entry. His wine-coated lips opened and his tongue stroked against mine.


Sephiroth moved from where he stood, and stopped at the
edge of the bed. He broke the kiss and smiled down at me before he gently
lowered me upon his bed for the night. His knee still sat upon the edge of the
bed, as his hands wandered across my body cautiously, as if I would break under
his strength. They were soft as they brushed across my breasts, the gloved
fingers circling my hardening nipples.


I gasped softly as he leaned down, kissing my neck and
trailing down to my breasts, gently suckling the nipples before slowly slipping
lower. His breath was soft as it fanned my stomach, his lips brushing the gentle
curve of my stomach. The soft fingers brushed against the skin just above my
leg, making me gasp.


I closed my eyes, leaning my head back into his soft
pillow. I felt the feather soft touch of his silver hair as he breathed kisses
lower and lower, his fingertips touching me lightly. I was trembling when his
fingers traced my hipbone, following the curve to the sensitive area at the
joint of my hip. I bit my lip, arching my back when I felt those fingers gently
brush against the soft hair at the junction of my legs.


I bit the knuckle of one of my fingers, trying not to cry
out as he gently nudged my leg over. I trembled before I complied, trusting him
not to hurt me. I slowly parted my legs allowing him access. I couldn’t help
myself and I cried out as his gloved fingers brushed against me. I reached out,
my fingers twining in some of his silver hair that pooled on my stomach.
Gingerly I tugged at a strand, making him stop and turn those beautiful glowing
eyes at me.


“Please,” my voice was soft as I toyed with a lock of
his hair. “Would you . . . please remove your gloves?” I felt the tension
bloom in his body as he watched me. I sat up, gently pulling him up with me. His
knee was still braced upon the bed, and I cautiously took his hands in mine. I
tucked his hair behind his ear, and then took his hand again. “I want to see
your hands. I  . . . know about the
mark. I have seen it before.” My thumbs gently rubbed the back of his hands.
“I see nothing in you that is a fault, Sephiroth. I don’t care about this
mark that Hojo carved into your flesh.”


He looked down at his hands, gently taking them out of my
grasp. Slowly, he lifted his right hand to the tips of his left hand. He still
wouldn’t look at me, snglyngly absorbed in his task as one by one, he slowly
pulled the fingers out of the gloves. He hesitated slightly before he slipped
the glove completely off. He held the glove in his hand, his right covering the
uncovered left.


I reached out, taking the long, elegant hand in mine,
finally feeling the smooth skin against mine. I brought it to my face; studying
the long, slender hands, the delicate bones, and the smooth, perfect skin. I
gently kissed the tips of his fingers, kissing down the long fingers, kissing
his palm, then turning his hand over and kissing every inch of his hand.


His body trembled, like a leaf in the wind, as I continued
to kiss his hand, running my own fingers along all the flesh. His mouth opened,
and he swallowed convulsively. I slowly took his other hand, the marked one, I
knew now, and slowly started to slip his fingers out of the glove. He was
trembling more by the time I slowly started to uncover the black tattooed
‘1’ upon his hand.


I ignored the scar of his childhood, and laved his right
hand with the same attention, if not more. He swallowed yet again, his fingers
flexing under the gentle caresses.


“Your hands are beautiful, Sephiroth, and I am privileged
that I am able to touch them. They are so delicate, yet so strong . . . so
slender and elegant.” My fingers gently twined with his, as I looked at him,
smiling and knowing that he was looking at me through his silver lashes.


His body trembled as he leaned forward, his eyes still down
cast. He brushed his cheek against mine, before touching his lips to mine in a
very soft kiss. His right hand wormed out of my grasp to brush the backs of his
now bared fingers against my flushed cheek.


I shivered, never feeling such softness. The touch of his
fingers, of his hand, was indescribable. They were smooth, gentle, soft, and had
no calluses upon them. Sephiroth’s hand was one that artists would die for;
they were so perfect. The feel of his fingers upon my skin sent a rush of
electricity down my spine, shivering in my stomach as I leaned into the soft


His uncovered hands gently pushed me back against the bed,
and I sred red yet again at the touch. His hands and fingers gently trailed over
my body, caressing me yet again. I groaned as I felt those soft, elegant fingers
gently stroke my breasts, teasing my nipples. The tips of his fingers stroked
down my shivering sides, across my hips and my thighs.


My head lay against the pillows again, my eyes closed, and
my lips parted slightly. My legs trembled as he ran his bare hands down them
gently before caressing the insides of my thighs. For someone who said he knew
nothing about sexual relations, he was doing a damned good job of turning me on.
I seriously hope he knew that.


His fingers trembled slightly as they brushed through the
soft hair at the apex of my thighs. I let out a soft moan, my fingers twining in
his soft silver hair as he softly kissed my stomach. The hair was an erotic
touch in itself, and coupled with the soft fingers that brushed slowly lower, it
sent my stomach into knots of desire.


My eyes closed, and I gave soft moans as his warm fingers
brushed against me. I was wet, and his fingers slid against me, soft cries
coming from my throat, urging him to continue. I shifted my legs, allowing him
greater access to my private parts, and I gave a sharp cry as his fingers
slipped around my clitoris.


I felt his slender fingers explore me, his glowing Mako
eyes shifting between my response and his fingers. I was lost in a pleasantly
warm haze as his fingers rubbed against me very lightly, and I arched my hips,
wanting deeper contact with those fingers. My movements were slow, moving in
time with his fingers.


My eyes shot open and I gave a long, low moan before my
eyes fluttered back closed. The feeling was utterly delicious, as he had slipped
one finger inside of me. Just the tip rested within me, but I knew by the warmth
he was there. The finger slipped deeper into me, and I bit the pillow, wanting
to cry out. The feeling of his finger within me was completely indescribable as
he slowly slid it out, then back in. I arched my hips in time with his finger,
and I moaned again, feeling his beautiful eyes upon me, watching my reaction for


He watched me intently, smiling at my moans, yet alert if
they changed pitch. He knew that I was floating in a haze of ecstasy, barely
aware of my surroundings. A sensual smile curved his lips as he slowly slipped a
second long finger within me, stretching me. I felt a twinge of pain, and I
winced slightly, eyes tightening.


Instantly, the pressure stopped, and I felt his gentle left
hand grab mine, squeezing. “Tori,” he whispered.


I blinked back the hazy pleasure, and opened my eyes to be
drowned by his soft green eyes. He very rarely used my first name. “I . . .
I’m all right, Seph,” I gasped out breathlessly.


“But you were in pain . . .” he whispered, his fingers
stilled within me, and I groaned in frustration.


“Seph,” I groaned. “It didn’t hurt. It felt very,
very good . . .” I panted lighting as my hand grasped his, my other, clutching
his long hair. “Please. Oh, light, please keep going!” My head fell back to
the pillows, my eyes half-lidded as I gazed at him. I tugged him up towards me,
and he leaned over me, his face hovering close to my flushed one. “Sephiroth,
please . . . I . . . want you . . .” My face flushed brighter as I gazed into
those delicate green eyes. I took a shaking breath before I wrapped my arms
around his neck, slowly pulling him down. My lips whispered against his before I
claimed those sweet, wine-coated lips for my own. “I want you.”

‘You belong to me.’


My tears flowed down from my face as I gently wiped away
the crystalline drops from his own cheeks. We had completed each other, and it
wasn’t just a physical completion, but a total emotional completion. It was
almost as if something was slid into place between us.


His body finally stopped shuddering, settling into a soft
tremble as he murmured against my ear. “I shouldn’t lay here . . . I’m too
heavy . . .” He started to slip to the side before my hand settled on his
neck, stilling him with a deep, loving kiss.


“You’re not heavy, Sephiroth,” I whispered against
his mouth, between kisses. “You feel right to be here, laying on top of me and
inside me.” I shivered at that thought, still feeling him stretching me most
intimately. I looked up through my lashes at his beautiful face, seeing the most
open expression I had ever seen.


He gave a shy smile before he removed his left hand from
mine to gently caress my face softly. The long, slender fingers brushed against
my left cheek, and they trembled badly. “Did I . . . I mean . . . was I . .


I laughed softly, gently kissing the trembling fingers,
running one of my hands through his starlit hair. “I climaxed three times, and
you ask me if you did well.” I laughed softly again, softly kissing his
flushed face. “You have no complaints from me, Seph.” I smiled as his pale
cheeks turned pink.


My fingers gently touched his cheek, the soft touch making
him shiver. “Did you enjoy your first time?” I whispered, slightly afraid.


His eyes softened more than what I ever could believe, and
he gently kissed the tips of the fingers. “I adored it . . . No matter what
happens these next few days, I shall always remember this night . . . the soft,
gentle and daring woman who even now still lays beneath me.” He bent forward,
gently claming my lips. “Do you mean what you said, Sukuinushi?” He whispered
softly, his eyes filled with hope.


I brought both of my hands to gently cup his face, tenderly
brushing the soft silver strands of hair out of his face and tucking them behind
his ear. I looked deeply into his soft green eyes, conveying all the love I’d
felt since that first moment I touched him.


"Atashi no yariki nara ai ga... kimi ni totte da
yo..." I breathed softly in Wutanese before he branded my lips in a fiery


‘My endless love . . .is only for you. . .’ Somehow, it
sounded more beautiful in the Wutai language. There was something mystical about
the tongue that I had noticed when I first came here. I meant every word I said
to him and more. I couldn’t convey in a few hours what I had felt for the
longest time.


He gently gathered me close to him as he moved onto his
side. His left hand, his stronger hand, gently gripped my right as we lay upon
our sides. Slowly, he brought the wrist to his lips, tenderly kissing my scars
there, and lingering over the newest pink wound.


“There is no need for this anymore, Sukuinushi. We . . . have
each other now.”


I snuggled against him, my face resting in the crook of his
neck as I nestled my head upon his right arm. “Yes,” I murmured against his
skin. “We do, and I won’t leave you, Sephiroth. Never.” I felt his fingers
twine in mine before he pulled them between us.


“I’m glad . . . I was so alone . . .” He nuzzled my
hair, placing a kiss on the top. “But now that I’ve had warmth . . . I
won’t let that flame go . . . I can’t . . . I hope you understand . . .”


I laughed lightly. “Are you asking me to date you?” I
pulled back slightly to look at his delicate face with a soft smile.


He watched me, his face flushed before he nodded, a strand
of silver hair fluttering to lay against his cheek. “If . . . that’s what it
means for you to stay beside me, and I, you . . . then yes . . . I guess . . . I
want to date you.”


The simple sincerity in that voice made my heart flutter as
I leaned against him once more, snuggling tightly against him. My left hand
gently stroked the back of his neck as I wrapped myself around him.


My eyes were fluttering in drowsiness, and I had nearly
nodded off before I felt gentle lips brush my temple. The soft words made me
smile and whisper back>


“Sukuinushi, I love you . . .”


“And I, you, Seph. And I, you.”


I fell asleep in the warmth of his arms. Never feeling
safer in all of my life tI diI did at this moment. His arms were warm, yet
strong as they encircled me. I don’t remember how long I slept, only
remembering the feel of his warm skin against mine and the soft brush of his
sweet breath against my forehead.


I awoke some time later, not really wanting to move. I
reached out to my left where Sephiroth had lain and my hands met the sheets.
Slowly I moved my hands along the sheets, feeling the cool cotton touch me back.
My eyes shot open, nearly panicked. For some unreasonable reason, I wanted to
cry. I felt like my whole soul was shattered by just the silly fact that the
sheets were cool.


He had thought to wrap me in the soft blanket, keeping the
chill away as the candles had dwindled to fragrant pools of wax. I wrapped the
sheet around me, like covering some mark, as I sat up, surveying the room for my


My eyes softened when I saw him standing upon the balcony,
the moonlight striking him and bathing his regal form in silver radiance. I
watched him for a while, thinking. He obviously went out there for a reason, but
why did he?


Slowly, I slipped my legs off the side of the bed, my bare
feet gently touching the wood before I stood, wrapping the sheet around my
middle like a towel. I held it in place with one hand at my breast as I slowly
walked forward, my body throbbing with a dull ache. The area between my legs was
sore, but at least that’s what I expected.


I continued walking slowly until I stood behind him, and
cautiously wrapped one arm around his waist, leaning my face against his back.
His skin was cool, yet slightly damp as I nuzzled my face into the ptedpted
muscles. My arm rested against the fully healed wound, and I was still amazed at
his healing properties. I gathered he’d have to be seriously wounded, prly
mortally before he needed a doctor’s care.


His muscles were tense under my arm, my cheek, and my hand
that lay against his flat, smooth stomach. Bit by bit, his body relaxed so that
he leaned back against me, allowing me to hold him.


My eyes were half closed as I bushed a kiss across his
back, making him shiver. “What are you doing out of bed?” I whispered
softly. “I missed you . . .”


I felt his left hand grasp my right as I pressed myself
against him. He shivered slightly, his beautiful glowing teal eyes gazing off
towards Midgar, and I finally think I understood, but I knew he wanted to talk.


“Sukuinushi . . . what will happen when we return to Midgar?
I mean . . . what will become of what we have this one night? Will we be allowed
to continue this?” His fingers gently played over the back of my hand, making
me squeeze him tighter.


“I mean,” he sighed as he turned around, leaning up
against the railing as his right arm wrapped around my waist, tugging me close
to him before his left hand brushed against my cheek. The moonlight made him
glow with a soft fire, showing all his beauty to the world that didn’t want
him. “What will happen?”


I sighed, closing my eyes and leaning into his touch before
I tried to answer. “I . . . don’t know, Sephiroth.” I sighed, before I
rested my head against his chest, listening to his wounded heartbeat. “I will
try to be with you when you need me . . . but we’ll likely be parted for
missions and the like. I can try and get assigned on with you . . . Shinra likes
me since I watched over Rufus when he was a baby.” I sighed, not wanting to
think about the future. “I made a promise, Sephiroth, and I intend to keep
that promise.” I pulled back, my fingertips gently brushing his cheeks. “I
told you I would stand right beside you, your hand held in mine as we faced this
together. I will be there, Sephiroth. Never doubt that, koi. Never.”


He sighed, closing his eyes before he wrapped me in his
arms. “I trust that you will be, Sukuinushi. I trust you.”


We stood that way in the waning moonlight for several
minuets as we watched thekneskness start to lift to a murky gray. Slowly, the
velvet night receded into it’s lair as the pink-tinted dawn rose to take
it’s place. I felt Sephiroth sigh as the wind gently caressed us. He turned
his head, starlit hair lingling over his shoulder at that motion. His eyes gazed
off in the direction of the Da-Cho mountains.


“This will likely be lastlast day of peace, Sukuinushi. I . .
. want to tell you, that whatever happens on the battlefield today, or tomorrow,
that what this feeling that burns my chest . . .” he gently took my hand in
his, placing it above my heart. “That this feeling, is love . . . Ai shiteru,
Sukuinushi. I love you.” His beautiful teal colored eyes were soft with emotion.
“I need to say it before . . . if something happens to either of us in this
battle . . .”


I smiled, my fingers of my free hand brushed against his
cheek. “Don’t worry, Sephiroth. I will come back from the lines. I have to
keep my promise, koi.” For some absurd reason, my eyes fell upon my signet
ring. The ring was delicate silver, with etchings of ivy leaves. A beautiful
dark black stone sat in the middle. It was alexandrite. One of the most rare
jewels in the known universe. It was my ring of regency over the Youja-kai. I
wanted to grin when I saw it.


Without thinking of the consequences, I pulled my hand
back, gently slipping the ring off my finger and slipping it over his smallest
one. It was a perfect fit and was lovely there. I smiled up at Sephiroth’s
bewildered expression. “This is my oath of truth. I will come back. That ring
means a lot to me, and I trust you to hold it for me until I return to claim it,
and you as my prize.” I gavplayplayful laugh before I drew him down in a very
passionate kiss.


I pulled back, glng ang at the lightening day, and sighed.
“I guess we should get ready to go on march.” I brushed my fingers against
his cheek before I started to walk away. “We need to go wash up, koi.” I
threw him a wink before I bent over to gather my clothes as I dropped the sheet.


I heard a hiss; quick foot falls, before I felt a gentle
hand touch my inner thigh. Strong hands wrapped around my waist as he carried me
to the bed, gently checking out something. I finally looked down at my thighs,
and my eyes widened.


There were streaks of dried blood upon my thighs, and
Sephiroth looked up at me with a guilty expression. His hand was gentle as he
laid it upon my thigh, his fingers gently squeezing. “I . . . I never meant to
hurt you, Sukuinushi.”


I couldn’t help but laugh at his expression. Such sincere
guilt, pain and concern that shone in his eyes. I just couldn’t help it. I
gently reached out, brushing his hair back. “It is the nature of women, who
have never held a man within, or those who have only been used once . . . It’s
nature for them to bleed. It reminds us that even in pain, there is pleasure . .
.” My hands reached out to gently cup his face. “Sephiroth, it didn’t
hurt. I only felt the soul-shattering ecstasy as you took away the pain of my
past.” I gently kissed the worry away, pulling him into my arms as I brushed
his hair away from his face.


I shuddered as I felt the backs of his fingers brush
against the juncture of my thighs. A slight pain going through me, but I’d not
let it show. I kissed him softly, before I rose and gently took his hand,
leading him to the bathing area. My gait was slightly wobbly as I led him
towards the bath chamber.


There was a soft tug on my hand as we reached the bathroom,
and I turned to look over my shoulder. I felt very light fingertips brush
against my back in a pattern, and I nearly fainted.


My tattoo . . . I had forgotten it.


“I didn’t notice this, Sukuinushi. It’s actually quite
becoming on you . . .” His voice was soft as his left hand traced my tattoo.
“Very delicate and beautiful . . . nearly a shame that it covers your whole
back . . .”


I sighed, feeling the gentle fingers tracing the pattern.
“I’ve it it as long as I’ve been alive. Not more than an hour after I was
born, the priests took me to their temple and marked my flesh with this, the
emblem of my Father. I don’t mind it any more, but it used to really bother me
after . . . welI shI shrugged lightly. “After the whole incident that caused
me to leave. I hated him more than ever because he was never there. I’m marked
with my Father’s symbol, and yet he refuses to protect me.” I know I made a
bitter face as I walked into the bathroom and pulled out the washcloth.


Sephiroth stood in the doorway, watching me meticulously
clean off the blood on my thighs and I sighed before I looked up at him again.
“Well? Aren’t you going to wash up?”


That got a reaction out of him. His sculpted face flushed a
delicate red, and I realized he was embarrassed. He fiddled with his laces and I
slowly got up, and walked past him, my hand gently lying upon his shoulder.
“It’s ok, Seph. I’ll wait out there if you’d like.” I smiled at him
and tenderly tucked a strand of hair behind his ear before I walked out, shooing
him into the room and shutting the door behind him.


I shook my head, and smiled gently at the thought of
Sephiroth being shy. It had never occurred to me as I stretched languidly before
I slowly finished cleaning off the blood. I was happy, even though he was still
shy and worried about the situation, but that, I guess, was to be expected. I
made a mental note to remind myself to ask him about his past. The way he
flinched from my touch at the start . . . He had to have been abused.


I sighed, running the clean part of the cloth over my neck,
wetting some of the hairs at the nape. I gazed at the bloodstained washcloth in
my hands before I folded it gently and placed it on the floor. I silently
slipped into my leather pants, deftly lacing them up and I caught sight of my
back in the mirror and nearly growled.


My eyes narrowed at the sight of that tattoo, and I studied
it a while. It was the image of a Phoenix with its wings out spread, one wing
curling around my shoulder. The feathers were exquisitely drawn, each little
part was visible, as well as the eyes of the bird. They were a beautiful bright
blue, just like mine. The most astonishing fact was that they looked alive. I
sighed, noticing how it had gone down below my waist, covering the area just
above the swell of my buttocks. The tail feathers flared over my hips, the tips
barely brushing the indention at the end of my spine.


I guess it was beautiful in its own way, that is, if I
detached myself from it. I sighed, reaching behind me to gently touch the flesh
that was marked, as surely as Sephiroth’s was. I sighed before I slipped my
silk shirt up my arms and buttoned a few of the silver studs, and tying it at my


Closing my eyes, I created a ‘mini-gate’, a specialty
of mine, and grabbed my pack and items, pulling them into Sephiroth’s room.
Dawn was stretching her fingers into his room as I pulled out a bra, slig
the shoulders off after undoing the buttons again before I quickly slipped it
on. I really didn’t need to get washed off, just wanted the joy of a bath.


Personally speaking, I wanted Sephiroth to relax a little.
I sighed as I heard the soft padding of wet feet before I saw Sephiroth come out
of the bathroom, still in his leather pants, but his wet hair hung in shining
rivulets to his knees.


The beauty of him took my breath away. He was true
perfection, and sure, I had seem him many times in the halls of Shinra, and that
one time in the lab . . . But now, he was sheer perfection in motion as he
slowly walked across the room to sit down in the chair by the fire, a towel held
to the ends of his hair as he rubbed at them.


He didn’t even look at me before I heard his voice snap
me out of gazing at his body. “That’s not a Shinra uniform, Sukuinushi.”


I blinked as I looked down at the clothes I was wearing.
“Um . . . that’s true . . . but I’ve never liked Shinra, so why should I
wear they’re emblem?”


He tilted his face towards me, and I saw it was set back
into the lines of ‘The-Best-SOLDIER’, but his eyes were fluttering with
emotions. “I just wanted to compliment how lovely you look.” He gave a
slight smile before he went back to his long hair.


I felt myself blush at the soft compliment, before I
watched him stand, slowly slipping on his trench coat and buckling it up, then
slipping on his boots. He pulled on the gloves and gracefully brushed a few
strands of his silver hair out of his face before he looked at me, with an
arched eyebrow.


His musical voice was laced with amusement when he looked
me over. “Do you want to march barefoot?”


I blushed before I tugged on my own boots, untied and
tucked in my shirt before throwing on that horrid Shinra jacket. I quickly
fastened it before I looked back at Sephiroth.


I was mesmerized by the way he walked slowly over to me and
gently took my chin in his gloved hand. His face softened as he leaned forward,
gently brushing his lips over mine before he drew bacatchatching me. “We have
got to be back to the way we were when we step out that door, Sukuinushi . . . and I
don’t want that . . .” He sighed, his thumb gently caressing my cheek before
he continued. “But we must, for all intents and purposes, be friends . . .”
His soft lips brushed against mine again. “Then, we shall be lovers under the
moonlight.” He sighed, gently wrapping his arms around me before he squeezed


I sighed, and relaxed into his embrace. I had opened so
many doors within him, and it was such a thrill for him to drop that
big-bad-SOLDIER attitude. I wrapped my shaking arms around him before I nuzzled
the soft, smooth skin of his flesh. I felt him shudder, his arms holding me
tighter as I placed soft little kisses on his bared flesh, and slowly kissed his
way back up, nuzzling the pale purple mark on the flesh of his neck.


I grinned to myself for I had a similar mark, but it was
slightly darker than his. I didn’t have nearly the same healing capacity that
he did. I gently kissed his neck where the bruise was, and he shivered again
against me.


“Sukuinushi,” his voice was breathless, near desperate.
“Please . . . I don’t think I could stand . . .” His voice trailed off as
I ran my hand through his hair, bring him down to me in a searing, and
passionate kiss.


We didn’t notice the polite knock upon the door, nor when
the door slowly swung open allowing the intruder in to witness the kiss. We
didn’t hear the clearing throat, but we did hear the crack comment that the
intruder made . . .


“Well, now that’s a site I thought I’d never see! The
Ice God and Goddess kissin’ hot enough to melt ice!”


Sephiroth and I both parted hastily to see the person who
intruded, and we both blushed, seeing Zack standing there with a wide grin.
Sephiroth wouldn’t look towards Zack and continued to blush, trying to speak.


Zack walked up to him and chuffed him on arm. “Hey!
It’s ok! You got her; She’s got you. What more do you need?” He winked
at me before continuing. “I won’t let the cat outta the bag.” He scratched
the back of his head. “Then again, I think most of the inn heard you guys.”


My face flushed crimson and looked over at Sephiroth who
was having the same problem. “Well, this is just great,” I muttered


Zack laughed at us before he patted my back. “Eh, don’t
worry. I’m the lightest sleeper of them all and my room was across from
Seph’s.” He threw me a wink. “I never thought he would make that much
noise . . .”


Sephiroth finally managed to spit out a few words. “Zack,
please don’t . . .” He looked up at Zack, his eyes serious. “I don’t
want her hurt, and you exactly what I mean.”


Zack smiled at Sephiroth, laying his hand against the
taller man’s arm. “Don’t worry, Seph. I was joking about the noise, but I
figured she would be here after I found her room empty. You have no worries from
me that I’ll tell anyone. This is involving you two, and no one elsel


Sephiroth slowly nodded before he grasped my hand in his.
“I don’t want Hojo to find out either, so what you know now, about our
relationship . . . it stays between us until I can publicly defy Shinra . . . I
want to live a normal life with her.”


I noticed there was something between them that they wished
to speak of, and I smiled, quickly kissing Sephiroth’s cheek before I gathered
my things. “I should check on the troops, and see when they’ll be ready to
move out.” I looked at Sephiroth and smiled. “It shall be as you said, never
fear. We are friends outside this door, and behind it as well.” I pulled him
down and gently brushed my lips across his and eluded his grasp before I dashed
out the door, flashing him a smile.


I ran quickly through the halls, my pack stashed upon my
back as I finished buttoning up my Shinra jacket, covering the bruise on my
neck. I raked my hand through my long hair, and swore as it tangled. I had to
pause for a second in my dash down the stairs to untangle it. When I had
finished that, I quickly braided it and flipped it over my shoulder. A few of
the red-gold trindles framed my face and I smiled at the stunned innkeeper.


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