Chicks of Balamb - Another Day at the Office

BY : LemonWithSilver
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Rinoa walked along the hallway, pausing to peer into one of the many conference rooms on the second floor. Quistis was in there, peering over a bunch of maps spread out over the table. Quistis sank into the chair closing her eyes, a piece of blond hair falling in font of her face. Rinoa walked into the room, her eyes scanning over the blue prints and maps.

“Hey Quis, have you seen Squall?” Rinoa asked breakihe bhe blond out of her quiet reverie. Quistis looked up at Rinoa and smiled softly.

“No, it’s just been me and these maps all day” Quistis said waving her hand at the table. Rinoa leaned over the table with a sigh and shook her head.

“Looks all nonsense to me” Rinoa said.

“Its Esthar's sewer system. Laguna hired us to go down there and clean up all the monsters left from the lunar cry. But at the moment I haven’t found a safe route through all the rubbish” Quistis said with a sigh.

“Oh, so its important mission stuff. I can try and help” Rinoa said leaning over to look at the maps again. Quistis stood up beside her looking down at the blue prints her eyes scanning the path routes and the tunnels.

“What about here” Rinoa said pointing to a spot on the map. Quistis leaned over and looked at it for a moment and then shook her head.

“See it conflicts with this tunnel here” Quistis said pointing at a spot on the map.

“Oh, I see” Rinoa said a bit crest fallen. She breathed deep suddenly catching the smell of Quistis’ shampoo. She gazed over at the blond woman for a split second, before kissing her.

Quistis fell into the kiss, her tongue sliding along Rinoa’s soft lips. Rinoa moaned softly leaning back against the table. Her hands found their way into Quistis hair, passion flowing between them as they kissed. Quistis pushed her back onto the table, her leg sliding up Rinoa’s body.

Rinoa’s shoved the maps backward as she lay on the table. They fell to the floor in a heap, forgotten. Quistis climbed stop of Rinoa, straddling her. Their lips met again, Rinoa’s hands reaching up to press into Quistis’ tits. The blond moaned into Rinoa’s mouth, leaning forward to press their bodies together. Rinoa slid her hands around to claw at Quistis back.

Rinoa started to tear at the front of Quistis’ SeeD uniform, her fingers fumbling with the buttons. Quistis sat up, and slid the top over her read revealing her navy blue bra. Rinoa yanked her down, pushing aside the material to latch her lips around Quistis’ nipple. A shudder ran through Quistis as a moan escaped her lips. Rinoa tugged at the flesh of Quistis nipple softly with her teeth making the blond moan again. Quistis’ legs tightened around Rinoa’s hips.

Quistis leanedk agk again slowly unbuttoning Rinoa’s top. She kissed along the brunette’s flesh, flicking her tongue teasingly across the nipples. Quistis worked her way lower, kissing along the stomach. She slid back on the table her hands roughly pushing up Rinoa’s skirt.

She kissed along the thin blue panties that covered Rinoa’s wet cunt. Rinoa moaned her name her back arching slightly. With a tug the panties were down around her ankles. Quistis’ hot breath was right next to her clit, forcing it to tingle with sensation. With a single lick Quissat sat up and slid beside Rinoa, their lips meeting in a kiss again.

Rinoa could taste a sweet tinge of her self on Quistis’ pressing lips. Rinoa slid off Quistis skirt revealing her tiny navy thong. With a smirk Rinoa slipped hr finger under the band and snapped it. Quistis grinned and licked Rinoa’s ear playfully.

Rinoa slid down toying with the thin strip of material, her fingers brushing Quistis pussy. Quistis moaned and tipped her head back. Rinoa teased her kis alo along her soft inner thighs, her fingers playing along her hips and the elastic of her panties.

Rinoa darted her tongue out softly, teasing around the panties that were only getting further soaked with Quistis’ hot juices. Slowly, agonizingly Rinoa pulled the panties down Quistis’ tanned legs. Rinoa kissed her way up Quistis inner thigh, her lips at last touching the soft walls of the other woman’s vagina.

Rinoa’s tongue played along Quistis’ clit, teasing. Then she pulled it fully in her mouth, teeth dragging along it. Quistis moaned loudly her hands tangling in Rinoa’s hair. Rinoa delved into Quistis cunt, her fingers sliding under her to clench hard on her ass.

“Let me taste you..” Quistis said between heavy breaths. Rinoa looked up and nodded climbing on top of Quistis. Her wetness trailed along Quistis’ pussy before she was fully laying on top er per partner. Quistis looked up for a moment into Rinoa’s shaved pussy. Then she pressed her tongue fully into it, caressing along Rinoa’s walls.

Rinoa’s moaned into Quistis’ cunt as she began to return the favor. r mor mouths worked in unison, giving each other intoxicating pleasure. Rinoa was breathless in moments panting hard against Quistis’ sex. She licked deep into her, swirling her tongue around her clit. Then a moment later Rinoa fell into climax. Her mouth crashed against Quistis’ pussy, her moans muffled there against all the wetness. Quistis grabbed hip hips pulling her tongue deeper into Rinoa as her cunt tightened around her in orgasm.

With a final moan all the tension flowed out of Rinoa, her body becoming limp on top of Quistis’. Quistis laid her head back on the table tiny moans escaping her as Rinoa licked her lazily. She was aching for release her whole body wanting it. Rinoa slowly sunk her tongue deep inside of Quistis tasting her fully. Quistis moaned again, urging Rinoa on. Rinoa slid two fingers into Quistis her tongue working hard over her clit.

“Fuck Rinoa” Quistis moaned as she felt her climax nearing.

Quistis banged her head hard against the table as screamed into an orgasm. White hot passion flashed through her head, her whole body tense. Her breath caught in the back of her throat. Her hands dug into Rinoa’s hips, the brunette moaning against her once again.

Quistis hands fell slack as the hazy after glow washed over her. Rinoa slid off of her, laying beside her on the oak table. Their lips met in a soft kiss, their tastes mingling together as their tongues met.

“Girls…” a soft voice said from the doorway. They booth looked up terror rolling through them to see Selphie standing there. With a breath of relief Rinoa collapsed back on the table.

“Selphie” Quistis said with a soft smile.

“I’m rather disappointed you girls decided to play with out me” Selphie said putting on a soft pout her hand trailing over her own breasts.

“It just kind of happened, Selph” Quistis said her eyes watching as Selphie’s hand worked its way down to play with the hem of her own dress. Selphie smiled seductively, closing the door behind her. She checked it to make sure it was locked before moving across the room to stand at the edge of the table.

“Seeing you two there has made me very hot” Selphie said softly trailing her fingers along the table. Quistis shared a look with Rinoa before sliding across the table to press her lips to Selphie’s. Selphie climbed a top the table, her tongue digging deep into Quistis’ mouth to taste Rinoa.

“Come play with us Selphie” Rinoa whispered.

She slid across the table, perched on her knees. Rinoa slid behind her to unzip her dress slowly. Rinoa’s kissed along Selphie’s neck pushing the material down along her lithe form. Quistis kneeled before Selphie, pushing her bra up to take one of her tiny nipples between her fingers. Selphie leaned back into Rinoa as Quistis kissed and bit along the flesh of her breasts. Rinoa kissed her neck and her face. Rinoa slid her fingers between Selphie’s leg to tease softly at her panties.

Rinoa slowly slid the panties down around Selphie’s knees. Quistis touched Selphie’s clit softly, coating her fingers with Selphie’s cum. Then she raised them to Selphie’s nipples her fingers sliding along the tiny pink nubs as she twisted and turned them. Selphie reached out to toy softly with Quistis’ cunt, her tiny fingers sliding inside her.

Rinoa suddenly pulled away sliding off the table. Quistis grinned and followed suit, heading for her clothes.

“I don’t think so” Selphie said her velvet voice flowing through the room. The other two women looked up at her, puzzled.

“You see I’m on camera duty today, and the two of you seemed to have forgotten about the camera in this room. Now I could get ri the the tape, but not if you girls up and leave” Selphie said a smile toying across her face. Quistis and Rinoa exchanged a long look, a smile slowly spreading across the blonde’s face.

“What do you want us to do Selphie?” Rinoa asked sliding back over to the table, as Quistis dropped her clothes back on the floor.

“Whatever I say” Selphie replied with a devilish smile. The other two women looked at each other again before helping each other back on the table.

“But Selphie we really should be going” Quistis said glancing at the clock on the far wall. Selphie shook her head, sending her brunette hair falling across one eye.

“You two are going to stay, and you are going to do whatever I want you to” Selphie’s voice was creamy and rich as she reached out with one hand to touch Rinoa’s hair.

“Selphie…” Rinoa trailed off as a stern look came over Selphie’s face.

“You two are such teases making me watch as you both cum, its only fair I get to tease you in return” Selphie said with a wickedly delightful grin.

“Now Rinoa,” Selphie continued, “I want you to get down to your mistress’ room right away, and bring back that giant double headed strap on she has”

“W-why?” Rinoa stammered softly raising her eyes brows. Selphie slid over to her, kissing her sensuously on the lips.

“Because I’m going to fuck you with it” Selphie whispered pulling away. Her lips hovered inches from Rinoa’s the sent of Quistis’ sex lingering all over them both now. Without another word Rinoa slid from the table and threw her clothes on leaving her undergarments on the floor.

“What should I tell Xu when I get there?” Rinoa asked stopping at the door, her hand resting on the doorknob.

“Tell her its for me, and that you are being punished” Selphie said with a sweet smile. Rinoa swallowed hard and slid out of the room, leaving the other two women alone. Selphie turned to Quistis and smiled again.

“Quistis, Spread your legs!” Selphie suddenly barked. With a grin Quistis did as she was told leaning back on the table. She arched her back drawing her legs far open, her blond pussy still glistening fher her previous orgasm. Selphie drug her finger slowly against Quistis’ vaginal folds, stopping to tease at her hard clit. Then in a quick movement Selphie thrust two fingers inside the other woman, dragging them hard against her insides. Quistis moaned running her hands over her own breasts, teasing her nipples. She arched harder against the wood table, a throaty moan escaping her beautiful lips. Quickly Selphie with drew her fingers, taking them to her own lips to taste Quistis’ juices. Then she brought them forward to Quistis’ mouth.

“Taste” Selphie commanded. Quickly Quistis drew the two fingers into her mouth drawing her tongue along them. She could feel every tiny ridge of Selphie’s finger prints against her damp tongue. Quistis could taste herself, and Selphie’s saliva on the brunette’s fingers.

Rinoa raced back into the room, stopping to shut the door behind her. A large brown paper bag was in her hands, and she smiled at Selphie.

“Xu says you owe her one” Rinoa explained setting the bag down as she hurriedly undressed. Selphie pulled the bag over to her and tore it open, taking the large double headed strap on into her hands.

“Rinoa, help me get it on” Selphie said softly running her hands down the shaft of the hard plastic. Rinoa moved over next to her, slowly sinking the smaller side into Selphie. Selphie moaned in response, tilting her had back softly. Quickly Rinoa fastened the straps around the tiny women’s waist, sitting back to admire the black thing thrusting out from Selphie’s body.

“It’s got some use on it, doesn’t it” Selphie said softly running her pale hands down the cock attached to her body. Rinoa nodded, her eyes looking lustily into Selphie’s.

“Quistis, come suck it. Make it nice and wet before I put it inside Rinoa” Selphie said looking over at the blond sprawled out on the table. Quickly Quistis got on all fours, her head moving between the two of them as she took the strap on into her mouth. She wet it quickly with her saliva, moving up and down upon it.

Selphie moved her aside then, reaching over to push Rinoa back on the table. Lustily she drew the head of the strap on along Rinoa’s pussy. Rinoa moaned in response pressing against it. Then hard Selphie rammed it into Rinoa. Rinoa moaned looking up into Selphie who leaned over her. Rinoa groaned digging her fingers into her own hair as she was fucked. The fake cock moving hard inside her at Selphie’s insistent thrusting.

Quistis watched in fascination, toying with her own clit. Her tongue darted out over her lips, her eyes locked on the tool moving in and out of Rinoa. Suddenly Rinoa screamed another orgasm over taking her. Selphie fell forward against her, the end inside of her bringing her to completion. The two of them cam together, their breasts rubbing against each other. Their moans sounding in unison.

Selphie lay there on top of Rinoa for a few moments breathing hard. Rinoa petted her hair softly, tiny gasps escaping her lips.

“Selphie…fuck me” Quistis soft whisper cut through their afterglow, and a smile spread across Selphie’s face. Selphie sat up, the strap on sliding out of Rinoa.

“Roll over, on your side” Selphie commanded. Quistis did as she was told, Selphie sliding bes beside her. Quistis gripped the table edge as Selphie probed her ass with the slippery strap on.

“Do it” Quistis moaned her voice coming out almost like begging. White hot pleasure rolled through her as Selphie pushed the thing fully into her ass. She backed back against it moving her ass against Selphie. Selphie found her rhythm and they moved together.

“Do you like that, Quistis?” Selphie asked latching her teeth hard around Quistis ear lobe.

“Oh yes” Quistis moaned.

Quistis' urgings filling the office. Just as Selphie came again, Quistis fell into her second orgasm.

Gasping Quistis withdrew, her legs shaking as she stood. Her feet landed on the maps of Esther and she turned around with a smile to look at the other two girls.

“Well I guess we should get back to work” Quistis said softly with a grin.

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