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She was pulled by the arm by him. Down the underground of Bevelle, looking for a way out. Footsteps pushing and making noises against the cold metal ground, a barade of Soldiers behind them ready to kill. Their breathing, panic. Scared.
A fall and she felt herself being pulled up as they kept running, not stopping, not able to stop for anything. This was life or death. Her love, saving her soul from the cold depths of this hell. `` -- Shu - uyin. `` She silently said seeing a dead end, no way out. Right under the large vassel known as Vegnagun. Looking deeply into one another's eyes. A small drip of hot water ran down her porcilin cheek. Before they could do anything, it was .. the end.
Guns shot. She & he both felt it, falling back onto the platform, she had died, partly. She could still see him, that tear not leaving. He himself, hadn't died. But had on the inside. His love, His life, Lenne, she was gone.
- - - - - Present - - - - -
Spira! Filled with happy people & great laughter and friends. Now that the eternal calm had finally come thanks to the high summoner and now gun-totten, sphere hunter M'lady ! "! "Hey! Look!", the young teen yelled with a wide smile on her face, those pearly whites showing large as she let an arm slide up and point to the stupid Brother who was about to fall off the Celius. She gave a small giggle and looked back to Rikku who ran up.
"PNUDRAN OUI ETEUD. CDUB VUUMEHK NUIHT!" The Al Bhed girl said in her usual language. Swaying arms back and forth while not at all being able to hold still. ".. Relax Rikku.", the swordswoman said walking over to the group. Those blood red eyes wandering back and forth. She wasn't much one to talk at all. Nothing was worth talking About really.
"LADY YUNA. -- ITS LADY YUNNNA!", Loud screams and excitement filled Luca, as children, as well as adults mind you ran to her. "Uh -- o_o;", Yuna would only stand there dazed, this happened anytime they went somewhere, which she hated. "Oh! NO PUSHING PLEASE. YOU'LL ALL HAVE A TURN TO SEE LADY YUNA!", Rikku yelled with a loud giggle pushing Yuna into the center of all the chaos.
Gosh did Yuna hate things like that, it was so annoying. Although she loved the people of Spira, she would give her life for them. So why not a few hours of autographs is what she thought. Roots of Yuna trailing back to her father, the person who before her gave his life to give Spira ten years of happiness. Until it was Yuna's turn, though with the help of Tidus she saved Spira without anyone having to die again. To bring the eternal calm. Though Yuna had been feeling different lately, like another person. Like she was created from someone else. From someone legendary, from another beauty like herself.
- - - - - Lenne and Shuyin - - - - -
But why Lenne? Why .. Lenne? is what he would think to himself. Yes, why Lenne, the woman he adored, his love. His life. Everything he lived for. Why did she have to fight Bevelle. It was a sin, something that would bring something back. The ways of Yevon spit away by Zanarkand and Bevelle. Zanarkand would have to pay & so would Bevelle. But -- why Shuyin? She had to do it, for Spira, for the people. For Shuyin.

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