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~~I'm so mad I don't know how to work this yet and I lost this whole story the first time so I had to write this really quickly and it could have been better ;_; Oh well here we go again. This happens After Ultemicia is defeated. Squall left the Garden and took Rinoa with him to Winhill. I choose not to tell you anything else and I'll warn you I'm really bad at this LOL.
Disclaimer: Um so yeah not my characters. The ff8 cast will be a tad bit . . . a lot out of character so yeah enjoy and pity me. R&R please. Flamers welcome.~~

RPOV = Rinoa's point of view
SPOV = Squall's point of view


I've been laying here for sometime now. My head is to the side as I look out into the night sky. I shiver as the nice summer breeze rolls in through the open window and blows about my naked body. I lay here inert with my arms pressed against my chest. I gasp as I feel him thrust himself deeper within me. I forgot Squall was even here with me. As I look up at him his eyes show a certain craving for my attention. In dismay I look away and stare out the window wondering about the world out there, that world I walked into that world that greeted me with open arms. The world I will never step into while I'm with Squall. I know now how a canary feels trapped in it's cage, let out only to sing it's soft melodies then being put back in so it won't get away. I am that canary, singing a tune Squall loves to hear, but never singing the tune that is in my heart. Squall never gave thought to my feelings when he decided to buy this building from the woman that lived her, it's as if my opinion didn't matter. As my thoughts wander I feel him raise from my body and he makes his way to the corner of the bed, sitting and giving his back to me. If only I could tell him what's bothering me but I know too well he wants to be here in his mother's home. He bends so that his elbows are resting on his knees and sinks his face into the palms of his hands. I slowly crawl to him and place my arms around his nice firmly toned upper body.

"Rinoa . . . . . don't I please you?" He asks in a low husky voice, which is stilled filled with lust.

"Of course you do"

"It doesn't seem that way . . . . ." He says with an emotionless chuckle.

"I'm sorry I guess I forgot that you're supposed to be the quiet one." I say as I run my index finger up and down his upper arm. I gently kiss his cheek and let go making my way off the bed, and kneeling right in front of him. I take his penis into my hands and look up at him and wink.

"Rinoa?" He looks confused and all I can do is chuckle

"Yeah?" I say as I give his penis a small and tender kiss. He seems to struggle with a moan, that still escapes, and gets another chuckle out of me. He just looks at me not really knowing what to say and it figures too. I look down at his now hard length and place it within my lips playfully tickling it with the tip of my tongue. I hear him groan again with encouragement, but I think Iíll take my time, just a bit of it. I run my tongue up and down his length slowly teasing at the tip before I take him fully inside my mouth. I begin to bob my head as I tenderly run my tongue along the sides of his length before entering it within my mouth once more. Will I ever enjoy moments with him again? It's been a few weeks since I have and as much as Iím trying to change that Iím still closed off to him. He didn't notice there was something wrong until I began to turn from his touch. I'm a bit glad he can enjoy himself though, I don't see myself in that situation until I leave this God forsaken place. 'WINHILL?' I remember asking when he said he was leaving the Garden. I came thinking it would be an adventure . . . boy was I living up in the clouds.

"Reh--I-I--NaĖOhhóAhh" I hear him struggle to say as he pants loudly, and then I realize how fast I'm going. My gaze strolls up to him, his eyes are closed and his heads tilted back a bit. The poor thing heís so flushed, I've never done it this fast before. Maybe I should try it more often I love seeing him so vulnerable, cowering like a child. It makes me know he's real, as strange as that sounds. I love how his face gets red whenever I even brush my hand over his length. I love how he struggles to keep the pleasure to himself. I feel a moist warm liquid burst in my mouth and drink it up greedily. I hear him groan loudly one last time as he reaches his peak, his once fast breathing is now slowing down, and then I stop. I stand up from the floor and his eyes are shut tight still. His cheeks rosy pink like a rose pedal about to bloom, this is the face I love to look at . . . This face filled with ecstacy and lust. Moments later I make my way to the window and look out at the quiet village. The only excitement this town ever gets is when a monster attacks . . . with the exception of mine and Squall's first month here . . . that was the most fun I ever have.


I open my eyes as the pleasure that had soared through my body dissipates. Rinoa and I are so distant right now. Not even my lust for her, or the lust she once felt, can bring her back to my side. How am I supposed to make her understand? I want to have a simple life with her. One where we can live in some peace and make a family. It's so hard to understand women especially, women like Rinoa who don't want to be understood. But for crying out loud I'm her husband! I should know what's bothering her. Shouldnít I know!!?? I want to help her feel better, I want her to feel great when we have sex. I don't want her to do it and look away like she's been doing lately. What happened to the Rinoa I love, the happy, crazy, sometimes bossy Rinoa? I stand up from the bed and walk toward her and embrace her from behind kissing her neck gently as my arms wrap around her waist. I make a trail from her collar bone to her earlobe, occasionally bitting on her ear lobes. As I do this I look out into the night sky. The stars are dancing happily over the clear sky quietly.

"I love you" I assure her . . . what else can I say she'll never tell me what's really bothering her.

"I love you too" she says but does she mean it? I feel her body release a sigh . . .

Can it be she doesn't love me!? Do I make her unhappy!? Why won't she tell me!? Before I ask her she moves away and grabs her silk black robe. I watch her leave the bedroom, slamming the door, without even looking back at me. I don't understand.

~~Well what do you guys think? I hope you liked it and if you didn't please be gentle with your reviews. Iím not the best person to get into such details but I wanted to try it just once. I will update this eventually. I know itís been awhile since I posted this up and I really havenít been able to write more. I think Iíve dedicated myself to Fanfiction.net where I am Mai Naotaki just incase you do want to look into some of my later work, which I assure you is better than what you find here.~~

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