Rikku's Freed Boredom

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Rikku's Freed Boredom

Rikku walked to her room exhausted. It was another boring day for the Gullwings and a hot shower with a nice nap to follow fit the part. Entering her room unaware of the two young gentlemen standing in the shadows Rikku slumped to her bathroom. As she turned on the bathroom light she jumped wildly to see non other than Gippal and Baralai standing quietly beside her bed.

"What are you two doing here!?" Rikrossross-examined nervously.

"Aw, don't worry there Cid's Girl we just wanted to pay you a little visit, isn't that right Baralai?" Gippal smirked advancing towards Rikku.

Baralai shuffling his weight nodded in agreement, "Yes we just wanted to know what you were up to?"

Rikku looked at Gippal and Baralai curiously, "Well nothing much is happening with me just another boring day with the Gullwings."

Gippal ld bad back at Baralai a coy smile spread across his face. He turned his attention back on Rikku, "So you're bored, huh?" He questioned.

"Well, yes." Rikku replied.

"You want fun is that it?" Gippal asked walking closer to Rikku.

"Of coarse! Gullwings work is getting so dull." Rikku explained.

Gippal looked back at Baralai and then at Rikku, "I know something we all can do that's fun."

Rikku tilted her head and looked back at Baralai who nervously looked towards the ground.

"What's that?" Rikku asked Gippal, backing into away bathroom.

Gippal advanced after her a devilish look upon his face, "Come here I'll show you." Gippal grabbed Rikku's arm and hauled her into the bedroom throwing her into Baralai.

"What are you doing?" Rikku sharply asked regaining her composure. She looked up at Baralai; he blinked and gripped her shoulders. Rikku breathed in unnervingly as Baralai scanned over her body with a feverish look in his eyes.

Baralai leaned foreword sniffing the top part of her hair, "You smell great." He whispered.

Rikku shacked from what she didn't know was either fear or excitement or both. Baralai brought his lips in contact with Rikku's, forcefully opening her mouth with his tongue. He explored her tongue with his, caressing it with hunger.

Rikku pushing Baralai away broke the kiss. "What are you doing?" She asked again.

Gippal came up behind placing his hands on her hips whispered in her ear, "We're here to show you a good time." Gippal placed one of his hands of Rikku's breast and licked her cheek.

"Don't!" Rikku yelped trying to pull away from Gippal.

Gippal chuckled ripping off Rikku's yellow bikini top revealing her breast. Rikku unstintingly covered her breast with her hands. Baralai moving in pushed Rikku forcefully onto her bed. Baralai getting on the bed himself maneuvered on top of Rikku. Holding her rists together with one hand Baralai fumbled opened his pants with his other.

Rikku gave a short gasp when Baralai revealed his large member. Reaching up under Rikku's skirt Baralai ripped off Rikku's unear.ear.

"No!" Rikku whimpered squirming.

Baralai lowered himself down closer to Rikku licking his lips he entered her with a large thrust. Rikku gasped sharply from the entrance of Baralaiís hard cock. He rocked in and out of her breathing heavily from his motions. Placing his hand on her breast Baralai caressed the erect nipple. Rikku let out a sharp cry.

Gippal moved towards the side of the bed quickly. Baralai freeing Rikkuís wrists from his tight grasp trailed his hand down to Rikkuís thigh lifting it up, giving himself more access to Rikkuís wet center.

Gippal opening his pants pulled out his ever-hard cock, leaning down he placed his hand under head pulling her up closer to him. Sinking his cock into her mouth he grunted in pleasure.

Baralai arching into Rikku pumped harder into her, making her wince with every thrust.
Rikku began to mover her head back and forth teasing Gippalís hard cock with her tongue.

Rikku began to get more into it, moving her hips into Baralai and sucking Gippalís cock teasingly. She felt exhilarated by the fact she was getting double teamed by two handsome young men.

Gippal becoming flustered by Rikku and moaned pleasurable, Rikku feeling some of his cum enter her mouth pulled away from Gippalís member.
Baralai arching upward released himself into Rikku giving the final climax. Rikku moaned in pleasure, as did Baralai.

All three of them collapsed on the bed satisfied from the act. Rikku panted from exhaustion and ached from the roughage she put upon.

Baralai and Gippal looked at each other winked and gave each other a high five.

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