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Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VIII, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Well, this is my first bash at FF8, written for Scribblemoose’s Flake Challenge. Much thanks and hugs to Roku-chan for beta-ing; Scribbles for making the contest and writing such lovely smut herself; and Mr Cadbury for inventing the Flake. *lol*

Oh yes, only the fantasy is mine, sadly the boys aren't. *sniff*


Squall had barely closed the door behind them before Irvine was upon him, lips finding his, denim rubbing against leather as their bodies melded together. He let his eyes drift shut, submitting to pure sensual pleasure as the cowboy’s skilled tongue teased and coaxed his own into a deep, passionate kiss.
Irvine sighed softly. It had so been worth persuading Squall to take a day off from work and training and just relax, something he badly needed to do more often. In the few weeks since friendship with Squall had become something more, the day spent together in Balamb was the first thing he could describe as an actual date. Walking on the beach, swimming, talking. The dinner they’d ed aed at the restaurant had been the perfect end to a perfect day. Well, maybe not quite the end. Squall had nearly driven him crazy; casually caressing his thigh under the table, idly rubbing a foot against his calf, even just looking at him in that way… they’d foregone dessert opt opted to come back to Garden and make right for Irvine’s room.

Squall slid his arms up and around Irvine’s neck, a soft sound very like a moan muffled by the kiss as Irvine’s hands slipped under his jacket, caressing his back and flanks, tracing the planes of toned, wiry muscle, then lower, resting on his firm ass and squeezing very, very gently.

“Hmm? What’s this?” muttered the cowboy, breaking the kiss just a tad reluctantly. There was something stuffed into Squall’s back pocket.
“Hm? Oh damn!” muttered Squall, shifting in Irvine’s grip to pull two rather crushed and misshapen Flake bars from his pocket. He looked up at Irvine with apologetic eyes.
“I bought them this afternoon. I remember you said they were one of your favourites. I thought we could have eaten them on the beach, but I think we got…distracted.” He said, one corner of his lips curving into a small, quirky smile as he remembered Irvine stripping him and dragging him into the sea. The cowboy couldn’t help but smile back, partly from the same memory, but mostly from the thoughtfulness of Squall’s gesture. From most people, buying you a bar of chocolate was nice, but from Squall, it meant much more than that. From someone who not so long ago would barely say two words to anyone, who kept his feelings behind ice and gunblade, it was a big step, willingly taken. Irvine felt his heart swell just a little that Squall had wanted to do that for him, that he’d even remembered Irvine’s fondness for chocolate.

A thought occurred to him.

“I have an idea,” he purred, pulling the brunette close.

“What?” asked Squall, a trace of uncertainty just heard in his voice. Irvine’s ideas usually meant trouble, albeit a very pleasurable kind.

“You’ll see.” He whispered, pulling Squall back with him towards the bed, taking the crumpled wrappers from him and dropping them next to the fruit bowl on the nightstand. He eased the brunette down onto the covers, kissing him deeply once more as he slowly worked off his jacket and shirt, ignoring the ache in own groin to hurry things along. He could never rush this. He wanted to unwrap Squall like some precious gift; which to the cowboy, he was. At times he could scarcely believe Squall was his – willing to share his life, his bed, and his heart with the Galbadian cowboy. He nuzzled against Squall’s neck, purring in pleasure.

The brunette seemed content to let him set the pace, running gentle fingers through Irvine’s honey coloured hair, freeing it from it’s tie to fall in long waves down his back and shoulders. He trusted Irvine. In the short time they’d been… together… he knew that much. He’d trusted him anyway, of course; trusted all of them, as soldiers, comrades, and eventually, friends, but this was different. He knew, just knew, in his heart, Irvine would never hurt him. There was no reasoning for it, it just seemed to be fact of life; as solid and real as the ground he walked on or the air he breathed. Squall had never been one to subscribe to clichés, but with Irvine he really could believe everything he’d heard about love was true.

He chuckled quietly against the cowboy’s shoulder.

Having eventually stripped Squalwn twn to his leather pants, Irvine sat back on his heels and took a long moment just to look, admiring the smooth muscles, pale skin and dark, perpetually messy hair.

“You’re beautiful,” he said simply.

“You’re overdressed,” responded Squall, unable to help a grin.

The cowboy grinned back, deliberately sliding his hands over Squall’s groin and playfully squeezing ever so gently as he stood up to peel off his own clothes. Coat, shirt, and boots fell to the floor, Squall watching him intently, the small smile not moving from his lips. Slowly and so obviously deliberately, the brunette stretched languidly, his back arcing slightly off the bed, sky-grey eyes dark and glimmering. He took Irvine’s breath away.

“Don’t tease,” he growled, though still smiling.

“I’m not,” protested Squall in mock innocence, pretending to shrink against the pillows as Irvine crawled over him andsands and knees, long hair tickling his stomach. Irvine just growled again and captured Squall’s lips with his own, letting his Commander pull him down on top of him.

Irvine pressed a knee between his thighs, coaxing him to part them. Squall’s clothed erection rubbed deliciously against his as he kissed him thoroughly once more. Bodies pressed close together, their hands wandered; down a smooth expanse of back, across the peach-soft skin of a cheek, tracing slowly around a flat, hard nipple. When at last they broke for air, they were both breathing heavily.

“So…” murmured Squall, nibbling at Irvine’s earlobe, “What was your idea?”

“Mmmmm,” responded Irvine, pressing a line of soft kisses down the curve of Squall’s shoulder, “I feel like dessert,”

“Hmm…what do you mean?” murmured Squall, arching his neck as Irvine’s lips grazed over the sensitive spot of his pulse.

“I’ll show you, babe.”

Irvine slid one hand down to cup Squall’s hardness, thumb stroking over the soft leather, gratified at the low groan he got in response. Then deft fingers were working at belts and zips, peeling the tight clothing from long legs.

Squall’s tried not to laugh as Irvine picked up one of the crushed Flake bars and unwrapped one end, then bepourpouring the chocolate all over Squall’s chest and stomach. Squall had never found the idea of this sort of thing appealing before, but this wasn’t uncomfortable, though it tickled slightly. So this was what Irvine had meant by ‘dessert’. He couldn’t help but smile – he should have guessed.

Irvine sprinkled the last of the chocolate and sat back, admiring his handiwork. The Commander of Balamb Garden covered in a fine layer of delicious chocolate. What could be better?

Irvine’s gaze fell on the small bowl of fruit at the bedside. He liked to keep it there so he didn’t have to get out of bed for breakfast – though of course there were other, far more interesting uses. An idiotically perfect idea formed in his mind.

Squall watched, amused, now trying very hard not to laugh, as Irvine picked a cherry from the bowl. Biting out the stone, he placed the ripe red fruit carefully and deliberately in Squall’s navel.

“You’re a piece of work, Irvine,” He chuckled, trying not to shake and scatter the chocolate.“Wha“What?” laughed Irvine, his violet eyes shining in amusement, “All the best desserts have a cherry on top.”
Squall just shook his head. He didn’t have an answer to that.

Grinning wickedly, Irvine leaned over and gave Squall a single kiss before moving down.

Slowly, the cowboy worked a trail down Squall’s body. Licks, kisses and gentle nibbling over his chest, licking up the crumbly chocolate that was starting to melt from the warmth of his skin and Irvine’s tongue. A shiver ran through him as Irvine fastened his lips to one nipple, laving it with his tongue far longer than was necessary to simply clean up the chocolate. He closed his eyes as the cowboy repeated the sweet torture on the other side, a soft gasp escaping him.

“Feeod?”od?” murmured Irvine.


Irvine chuckled, resuming his slow journey down Squall’s body, long teasing sweeps of his tongue removing the scattered chocolate from his belly, swirling slowly around the cherry in his navel, not quite touching it. Licking the sweetness from his lips, Irvine glanced up into Squall’s lust-darkened eyes.

He was a stunning sight. That lean, sleekly built body; usually so tense, readied for battle or work; now relaxed, long limbs resting easily, the flush of passion on his ivory skin, still covered by occasional flecks of chocolate; lips bruised pink from kissing, but he was also fully aroused and hard and just begging for Irvine to make love to him.

Unwrapping the other Flake bar, Irvine licked one finger, dipping it in the chocolate and bringing it to Squall’s lips. The way his tongue slid easily around Irvine’s finger made his cock twitch; sliding over the tip before drawing it slowly into his mouth. Irvine did it again, then with two fingers, letting Squall suck them completely clean and wet them thoroughly. Shuffling back down, he traced those wet fingers around Squall’s entrance, letting him relax before carefully pushing them inside. Squall couldn’t help a momentary flinch, squeezing tight before accepting them, letting Irvine stretch him slowly. He sighemethmething that might have been Irvine’s name, eyes drifting shut as his lover’s skilled fingers prepare him foen gen greater pleasure.

He looked up questioningly when Irvine withdrew, silently wondering just what else he had in mind when Irvine picked up the Flake again.

Grinning wickedly at him, Irvine licked up the remaining chocolate before sliding his mouth straight down over Squall’s cock, making the brunette gasp. Irvine’s hot, talented tongue combined with theky tky texture of the chocolate melting on his dick was incredible. His hands tangled in the cowboy’s long hair, desperately trying not to thrust his hips forward and find his release right then. He groaned deeply when Irvine resumed his fingering, finding his prostate and rubbing on it. He pushed back onto Irvine’s hand, wanting more. It was almost too much.

“Irvine… please…” he moaned.

Irvine couldn’t resist that. As much as he loved bringing Squall to such a peak of desire, he couldn’t torture him with it. Besides, he was longing to be buried deep inside Squall as much as the sultry brunette wanted him.

Pausing at his belly, Irvine picked up the cherry between his teeth and brought it to Squall’s lips, crushing the fruit into a heated kiss, tasting the sharp sweetness of it mixed with the lingering taste of chocolate. Without letting up on the delicious kiss, Irvine retrieved a small tube of lube from its place under the pillows. Quickly slicking himself with the lube, Irvine groaned at the stimulation to his cock, hearing Squall murmur in approval as the brunette licked the cherry juice from his lips.

Pushing Squall’s legs back, Irvine let him drape them over his arms to leave himself exposed, Irvine’s cock nudging against his entrance.

“You ready for me, love?” He whispered,

“Yes… please.”

Irvine shivered, listening to Squall gasp, breathing hard as he slowly pushed into him.

Squall cried out as the head of Irvine’s cock breached him, pressing through the tight ring of muscle. An amazing mix of sensations washed over him as Irvine slid deeper; a slight initial discomfort, the strange feeling of being exposed and vulnerable, rapidly overcome by trust and pleasure and love.

Irvine groaned deeply, pushing forward as slow as he dared until he was buried to the hilt, deep inside Squall’s tight warmth. Small spasms of pleasure rippled up and down his dick, Squall’s body contracting around him as his lover shuddered beneath him. They both held still, breathing heavily.

Irvine gazed down at Squall, amethyst eyes darkened with desire.

“I love you, Lionheart,” he said softly. Squall’s own eyes were wide with emotion, deep as the sea.

“I love you too, cowboy.” He whispered.

Arms wrapped around Irvine’s shoulders, drawing him down into a breathless kiss.

Very slowly, they began to move, Irvine teasing the brunette with gentle, shallow strokes. Squall couldn’t help the soft gasps and sighs escaping him as Irvine unerringly brushed his prostate with each thrust, more pleasure than he’d ever known. The sounds he was making spurred Irvine on, prompting him to lengthen his strokes, pulling out almost all the way before sliding back in, revelling in the warmth and sweet friction of Squall’s body around him. Reaching for Squall’s hand, he twined their fingers together, felt Squall’s legs tighten around his back, pressing their bodies as close as possible. They fit together so perfectly.

Irvine slid his hand between them to fist around Squall’s cock, stroking him firmly in perfect rhythm to the movement of his hips, bringing another groan from his lover. Squall’s free hand covered his, needlessly guiding him, eyes locked on Irvine’s. Irvine’s thrusts grew firmer and faster, Squall bringing his own hips up to meet him every time.

“Irvine…I…” He whispered, words escaping him as waves of pleasure started to peak within him, the sensations becoming too much.

“Shhh… let it go, love,” soothed Irvine, his voice a soft purr, “Just let it go, I’ve got you.”

Feeling Squall tighten and tremble under him Irvine covered his mouth with his own, drinking in his broken cry as he came, warm ts fts flooding over their hands. He kisSquaSquall deeply, continuing to thrust into him as his own release washed over him, the beautiful body tightening around him pulling him over the edge into bliss.

Eventually, when the last ripples and spasms of their aftershocks had died away, and he could remember how to breathe, Irvine carefully withdrew, rolling over onto his side and pulling Squall tightly into his arms.

“Irvine…?” said Squall sleepily.

“Mmmm?” murmured Irvine.

“…Sticky…” he grumbled, though he made no move to get away.

“Clean up in the morning,” said Irvine. He doubted he could move again just now if he wanted to, which he didn’t. He was totally happy and blissed and satisfied, and had the man he loved in his arms. Who was currently snuggling into his chest, soft hair tickling Irvine’s chin. Squall didn’t really want to move either. He felt comfortable and warm, and safe.

“Love you,” he murmured, the warmth of sleep creeping over him.

“You too, babe.” Whispered Irvine. “Always.”

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