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find that it's a real shame that there are so little FFIV yaoi lemons out
there, so I just had to contribute some.
This is a PWP, more or less.)





So, this was it, eh, Cecil?


text-autospace:none'> she became important.o:p>


Kain knew it was generally frowned
upon to think badly of such a 'pure soul' such as Rosa, but now... all romantic
feelings he felt for her had diminished.
Not only had she been secretly dating his supposed-lover Cecil, but she
also had the nerve to treat Kain as if everything was going to be all
right. Ha! How oblivious she was.
You ruined me, Rosa. More
importantly, however, you ruined US.


Oh, geez. You're pathetic, Kain. Get a grip on yourself. He obviously loves her more. After all, she's as pure as snow,
correct? She's a blonde bombshell,
right? Tha all all he cares about,
obviously. Cecil doesn't care that he
just tore ou hea heart and pounded it on the ground for his own personal
satisfaction. Sure, Rosa was beautiful,
but... what about all the things we had before? When we were training to become loyal servants of Baron's
military? I guess that's all null and
void now.


The blonde heaved a heavy sigh. Standing at the foot of Mount Ordeals, he
glanced up at the tip of the icy colossus, his head cocking so far back that he
nearly stumbled over. His drachen
helmet was held with his left hand, his golden locks tied into a loose
ponytail. In his right hand was his
spear, which he suddenly had the urge to abandon within the wilderness. After all, what use did he have in fighting
anymore? He lost everything he had to
fight for. It was a real shame.


"I guess it's best if I just sit down and try to
work things out," Kain thought aloud to himself, playing with a meandering
strand of bisque that fell on the bridge of his slope nose.
He took up this cognition and went astray
into a grove of trees before (after a few hours of wandering) finding an
uninhibited field of tall, yellow grass.
Seems like a place where thinking was a good task to take up.


Laying down in the grass, he gazed up at the azure
sky. Before plucking a stick of rye
from the ground and placing the bottom portion in his mouth's corner, he closed
his eyes. Slowly, all of the things
that have been troubling him melted away, like the wax of a lit candle.
Finally, he felt the most peace since this
whole ordeal had begun, and he began to think about the relationship him and
Cecil shared so long .. 




"Hey Kain, wait up for me!"


A lithe, rather short, young-looking and fresh-faced
18-year-old boy with light-lavender hair that came down to right above his
shoulders huffed and puffed as he hauled his way up a steep hill.
His cheeks were flushed with coral and,
judging by his rapid breaths and heavy armor, didn't have a lot of stamina despite
his age.


"Hurry up, slowpoke! How do you expect to do battle when you run out of air going up a
little hill?" This voice came from
thp ofp of the hill. Seeming as also
around the age of 18, he had blonde hair that went just a little beyond his
shoulderblades, as well as having an athletic physique.


Indeed, both of these teenagers were Cecil and Kain. Both of them looked not much different than
what they had looked after Golbez was destroyed 3 years later, but their
attitudes were in obvious contrast.
Cecil had a very feminine look about him, and some of the other Dark
Knight trainees teased him about this matter.
However, Kain wasn't much better... but he always stood up when his best
friend was confronted. And since it was
well-known in the academy that he was one of the best Dragoons to ever train
there, they decided against poking fun at Cecil again.


And, as every typical teenager usually was, they were
sexually curious. At the time, Kain was
deeply attracted to the White Mage trainee (and him and Cecil's friend) Rosa
Farrell. She had perfectly curled
blonde hair that was neatly tied up into a pink bow, her beautiful eyes large
and doe-like. She was very small and
innocent, as well as kind and forgiving.
However, she seemed much more attached to Cecil than him.
Whenever they had any sort of class
together, Cecil and Rosa would pair up as a team, while Kain was left to work
with a fellow Dragoon, Kaij (who was a bulky, clumsy boy that somehow destroyed
everything he touched). At lunch,
instead of spending the time training with Kain, he went to eat with Rosa under
the maple tree near the grounds.
Indeed, Kain was jealous of all this, but there was nothing he could do
about it. He always meant to ask his
friend if he had any romantic interest in the girl, but he just couldn't find a
fit opportunity to do so. Besides, he
heard from other trainees that they were "experimenting" their
feelings with other males, just to see what it was like. Even that dolt Kaij got some action, and
even reccomended that Kain tried it ("Man, you have no idea how arousing
it is to taste another guy's... you know..."), but he never had the gall
to take it up. At least... well...
maybe now was a good ticonsconsidering that his chances with Rosa romantically
were dwindling with each day.


But, who would he do it with?


Kain had spent countless hours contemplating who he
should ask to... ahem... "experiment" with. Kaij was obviously interested in the field, but he wasn't very
attracted to him. Flaith, a short and
black-haired Monk apprentice, was very attractive to him.
Short hair, green eyes, perfect cheeks and a
boyish grin... but he had only ever spoken to him once or twice, and it would
be very awkward if he went up to him one day and asked, "Care for a
fuck?" So, he was obviously out
the question.


The only prime candidate he could think of was his best
friend Cecil. But, would he understand
his disposition? Would he think he was
weird for wanting to do such things with another guy? "Well, I never know
if I don't ask," he thought off-handedly... well, he figured there was no time
like the present.


Cecil managed to reach the top, flopping on the ground
and rolling onto his back. The taller
Dragoon peeped down to him from his higher standing position, his arms
crossed. Before saying anything, he
examined how... attractive his partner looked.
Puffy cheeks flushed only a slight tint of pink, arched brows furrowed,
drips of sweat cascading down the frame, heavy panting... it was strangely
erotic. Before this, Kain had only
imagined Rosa in such a position beneath him, but now his mind was flooded with
Cecil in the same way. He began to feel
nervous, sitting down on the ground next to Cecil before laying down on his
back, similar to how the Dark Knight was resting.


"Hey, Cecil."
It was a rather blunt statement, but it was the only thing he could
think of to get the opposition's attention.


"Yes, Kain?"
Cecil tilted his head to gaze at him.
Kain felt even more nervous that he was looking at him directly in the


"I... er..." Well, here goes. "Have you ever thought about having sex
with a guy?"


The smaller boy stared at him, perplexed. After a moment of silence, he nodded
ever-so-slightly. "Yes, I


"Oh, I see,"
Kain chided before bumbling,
"Uhm... I have too, actually.
And I-I was thinking... maybe, if you wanted to... we could... uhm...
try... 'experimenting'... y'know?"


Cecil gave his partner a coy smile, like a fox snickering
cockishly. "You don't have to be
so nervous about it, it's no big deal, I hear... everyone else seems to be
doing it. Some end up liking it and
stick to it... some even totally lose interest in girls totally and get
heart-bound to a male." Kain
remembered hearing the old ritual of heart-bounding; very similar to marriage, but it could be either with different
genders or same genders, and it wasn't as strict as the ties of marriage.
He nodded as if it were a sign for Cecil to
continue, "But, some hate it after their first go, and even try to get the
King or someone of high political standing to execute their partner because
they were 'raped', when they weren't.
And, you know, the King doesn't feel too highly of homosexuality, so he
doesn't hesitate to chop their heads off.
But, I can guarantee you that won't happen with us." He gave Kain a reassuring wink. "I think I find guys and girls
attractive... but I really like girls.
Especially Rosa... but I find some men attractive."


Kain forgot about his 'ideal oppurtnity' to ask Cecil
about his feelings for Rosa, and asked something else.
"Do... do you find me attractive?"


< Cecil rolled onto his side, so his whole body faced the
Dragoon. "Yeah, I do.
I think you're the most attractive guy I
know. And..."


The other male, for a second, wondered why Cecil had
stopped in the middle of his sentence.
The Dark Knight, still clad in his heavy training armor (minus the
helmet), leaned over Kain's face and placed his peach-hued lips on the other's,
suckling on the soft flesh of his lower lip.
All of this had happened in perhaps a fraction of a second, and
(needless to say) Kain's eyes grew wide in surprise. Cecil slowly raised his head and examined him for a moment,
trying to decipher his blank expression.
"Was that okay?"


The blonde took no time to respond as he lightly grabbed
Cecil's thick locks of hair and pulled him into another kiss, this time much
deeper. Now that he had Kain's engine
going, Cecil was totally submissed, his small lips being consumed by the
lustful hunger of the more physically-built boy that now crouched above
him. Both of his hands were on opposite
sides of the Knight's head, his palms digging into the grass.
The twilight hours of night were already
setting in when they stopped to rest, so there was nobody outside except them
and a few patrolmen that were asleep on the job.


"Mm..." Cecil let out a moan inside Kain's
mouth, momentarily followed by a tongue prodding at his front teeth, asking for
entrance. In response, he opened his
mouth and their tongues met, relishing each other. Cecil's tasted like lemon (before they stopped for a break he
took some lemon leaves off a nearby bush and chewed on them), while Kain's was
the essence of strawberries (Kain snuck some of the fruit into his armor before
heading out and snacked on them as he exercised). After a minute of exploring each other with their lips and
tongues, the kiss parted.


Kain fidgeted nervously, "Do you want to go the whole way?
I mean, we're kind of out in the--"


Cecil interrupted him by locking lips again, this time
for only a moment. It was his turn to
speak. "I think here is
perfect. You look so nice with the moon
shining on your face, and there's nobody out here, anyways."
Kain nodded in agreement, and leaned down
again, but this time not to kiss.
Instead, he flicked his tongue lightly off of Cecil's earlobe,
proceeding to lightly nibble on it. His
incisors trailed down his jawline and the nape of his neck to... the collar of
his body armor. Kain huffed in
annoyance before sitting in an upright position, nimble fingers untying the
string of braided leather that kept his breast-plate in place. Not bothering with the other side, he
flipped the armor over to Cecil's other side, sliding it off of his back.


Cecil's body was lean yet potent, golden from the natural
tan he possesed. His stormy eyes almost
seemed glazed from the treatment Kain's lips had just recently given him, almost
as if he were on a high. The Dragoon
made a trail of butterfly kisses down the rim of Cecil's collarbone to his left
nipple, which was quite hard at this point.
He lightly lapped the sensitive area of skin with his tongue, as if he
was testing its taste. Finding it satisfactory,
he took a moment tckleckle on it, his lips cupping around the peach-hued dermis
and tongue flicking it about in his mouth.
Cecil felt a shudder rupture his body, a moan flowing from his lips that
mirrored both irresistable pleasure and longing for more.
Kain removed his lips from the nipple to
continue his journey down to the lower portion of his body, running the tip of
tongue from its previous location to... the rim of Cecil's armored
trousers. Another frustrated sigh
escaped Kain as he began to undo the tightly-sewn braid at Cecil's crotch,
nearly ripping the material apart as he hastily did away with it.


The Knight, obviously, was erect and aching to be touched
and explored, much in the same way his other companions had said in their own
stories. With that, Kain delivered its
desire, his fingers lightly trailing over the head of the member.
Cecil gave in a large suck of air through
his teeth, fluttering his long lashes before shutting his eyes. His index finger pressed a trail from the underside
of the tiwn twn to the fleshy base, his other fingers feeling the grizzly touch
of the pubic hairs that surrounded the area.
Cecil could feel his heart pounding, as if it were demanding to be
released from the imprisonment of the ribcage.
All past worries of performing homosexual acts had disappeared, and all
he wanted right now was to climax at the hand of his beloved friend.


His cloudy daze was interrupted as he heard the voice of
Kain. "Spread your legs a


Cecil did as he was commanded, now feeling a bit
exposed. The other boy undid the front
part of his leggings, his own stout member unsheathed. Once again putting his fingers on Cecil's shaft, he leaned over
to speak into his ear, "This is going to hurt, but I promise by the end it
will be pure ecstacy." Well,
that's at least what Kaij told him...


Kain bit his lower lip as he, very slowly, pushes his
head into Cecil's anus, the tightrancrance making it a challenge to shove it
all in. It was warm, but not as damp as
he expected, and it was VERY tight-- much more so than he had originally
judged. In order to substitute pain for
pleasure, he continued pumping Cecil's shaft with his hand, now using his
entire palm and accelerating his speed.
Groans of pain from his companion beneath him and tears welling in his
eyes made him feel pity for Cecil, but he knew that in a moment or so it would
transform into cries of pleasure and tears of happiness-- and he was right.


The air around them was lewd with sex and concupiscence,
although it was a beautiful fragrance. Their moans and cries of delectation
formed a sacred hymn bound by the notes of love and the chords of passion.
Two entagled bodies, slicked by their own
perspiration, releasing ages of wanton frustrations and
desires. The dismissed figure was the
first to reach his crest, the hot, ivory liquid spilling out on his stomach,
convulsing with desbenebeneath his partner and screaming with heat and
pleasure. Shortly after came his
partner, his climax exploding inside the other's small body, hot fluid rushing into areas previously unmapped. A second of rest followed, both of them panting heavily and ningning lidded eyes, glistening with fulfilled hopes and desires.


The Dragoon rolled off ofil, il, now noticing the cool
air of night. He still continued toce hce his partner, who was still struggling to catch his breath.
When he had finally managed to do so, Cecil
gave his partner one final kiss, which was short and bittersweet.y:
yes"> His fingers were sticky from his own cum, his breath heavy from
his own pleasures. It had been so long
that he felt sexual completeness; he hardly ever masturbated, and completely
stopped after he and Cecil no longer slept together. But... reliving that old scene, the best
night of his life... even if it was merely in his mind, it was wonderful to
feel alive again. At least, partly


He rose up from his laying position, wiping his hand off
on his armored knee. Taking his weapon
in his other hand, he speared the ground, the blunt end sticking out of the
ground vertically.


"I hate to leave you, old friend... but I'm afraid I
can't continue life with you. It will
just serve as a constant reminder..."

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