Kiss Me Like You Care

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Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VII, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Disclaimer: Square Enix- Large company that owns the Final Fantasy series. Me- 18 year old with a sick and twisted mind and a love of yaoi. So obviously, I donít own Vincent or Cid, Iím just abusing then for my own rather demented reasons.

A/N: When I first came upon this site, I was reading all of the FF7 fics and one of them made reference to a page with lots of challenges. I looked at the site and one of the things struck my mind as amusingÖthat was several months ago. Iím only now getting around to writing it. R&R please, I love knowing what people think of my stories. Oh, and this story is a sequel to my first fic, ďMake Me FeelĒ, although you donít really need to have read it first. Itís told from Vincentís POV.

ďWhy is it that you'll fuck me through the floor, you'll turn my world into a sensual haze of lust and depravity, but you won't kiss me? I just want ya to kiss me like you care...."

I woke up to hear Cid telling me those words this morning and Iíve been thinking about them ever since. Weíve been lovers for a couple of months now, ever since that one memorable night with Cloud helped me remember just how much I need physical contact to feel alive, to feel like Iím not just something floating through this world without a purpose.

But, to be honest, I really havenít kissed him aside from our first night together and those kisses were needy, urgent, and more about expressing my want of him than anything else.

Itís strange to know that he wants that from me, wants to know I have feelings for him that are more than just the love of how it feels when heís thrusting himself into me, or myself into himÖwho says a couple canít switch out with that kind of thing? Do I care about him? That is now the big question, of course.

Heís off at work right now, flying the airship for President Reeve on his business trip to Wutai, finalizing the signing of that treaty Yuffie helped him to put together. The new age of Shinra is one of getting along with others, not taking over the world and destroying it in the process, so we have agreed to leave them to their business as long as they donít wage war on us again. I believe they will sign, and Reeve will be able to move to his next major order of business - the last phase of shutting down Mako reactors all over the Planet.

Why is my mind flitting around to such details when Iíve got something far more serious to be worrying about? Perhaps itís my brain telling me it doesnít want to think about emotions anymore and just remain the way it is, cold and empty without love of anyone or anything.

Sprawled out across the bed we share, Iím just lying here in thought, totally nude, my functional hand on my stomach, tracing circles around my navel while I imagine itís him, doing that to me with his tongue before moving lower to suck on me. I must say that heís very skilled with his mouth, always teasing me for what seems like forever before beginning the firm suction, licking, and the occasional brushing of teeth that always causes me to arch my back and moan his name while he sucks me dry.

Thinking about that has made me hard, and itís going to be very hard to concentrate on the needed thinking while this erection plagues me, so my own hand slides lower, wrapping around my shaft and beginning to pump up and down slowly to begin with. Itís so easy to imagine that itís Cid doing that to me instead of myself, and my mind gets lost in all the memories of our nights together in this bed, our bodies together, skin against skin and hands roaming to explore more while we move as one, regardless of who is in what position.

My hand gets faster now while I continue to fantasize and remember the way he tastes and feels in myth, th, just as willing to lie back and take a blow job as he is to give one. His hands, callused from all the work he does, get tangled in my hair constantly and I enjoy every bit of that. Mind back to the present, I now let my focus rest on finishing myself off and when I do reach orgasm, itís with his name on my lips even though heís nowhere around. Does this mean I love him or merely that I love the pleasure he gives me?

Once my breathingís returned to normal and my head has stopped feeling like itís spinning around at the rate of a million miles an hour, I force myself to shower, letting the slightly cool water clear my head of all erotic memories and just focus on todayís thinking task. What would your life be without him, a voice inside my head pipes up and I immediately stop rinsing the shampoo out of my hair while my jaw drops.

Life without Cid, without those bright blue eyes that have never once looked at me as if I were anything other than the beautiful man he says I am, without his short blonde strands to run my hand through and his slight stubble to brush against my cheek after everythingís done and weíre just lying on each other? That actually hurts to think about, the fact that my life without him would be as cold and meaningless as my life before him; before I let myself reawaken to feeling, only it would be worse because I would have clearer memories of when I could feel someoneís body close to mine. I do believe that I know the answer to my mental question.

I really must care about him or else it wouldnít be painful to imagine going on without him to return to every night, and not just for sex. There have been several nights where weíve done nothing other than just lie there, my head on his chest, listening to his heart beat as he rubs my back or runs his hands through my hair. When he comes home, I will give him that kiss he wants so much. I will kiss him like I care, because I do. Whether itís love or merely something that will turn into love is a topic best left for another day. Right now, I need to prepare for his return home, and what I will do to show him just how much I care.

My shower takes longer than I had originally planned because now I spend my time cleaning every part of my body, making sure I look as perfect as I can before he arrives. Silly, I know, but thereís a part of me wanting to be romantic towards Cid tonight, instead of rough and only wanting the physical pleasure, like all of our nights before this one.

Once done, I shower and change into a clean set of clothes - black button-down shirt, black pants, and the red headband I always wear, no belt, shoes, or cape because they would only get in the way later on. If it werenít for my left, metal arm, Iím sure that I could quite easily get anyone I wanted right now, based on the things Iíve been told about how great I look. Yes, Iím starting to believe them and not think of myself as some hideous creature; the monsters inside me are not a reflection of me, but of Hojo.

The sheets on the bed get changed, with a small amount of difficulty, to the ones I love the most. Red satin, smooth as the skin underneath Cidís shirt and the color of the blood weíve both spilled to get to this point in our lives. A quick walk to some street vendor produces the last thing I wanted- half a dozen candles, three red and three white. I would have bought some black as well, but it seems like black candles are in little demand with Midgar as happy as itís been lately.

Now begins the boring part, the waiting because itís hard to tell just how long things will take for Reeve and Yuffieís father, whose name slips my mind at the moment, to finish the negotiations and get the treaty signed. Poor Cid, I know he hates waiting around with nothing to do, but heís the pilot and thatís one part of his job he grudgingly accepts. For a moment, I think the footsteps in front of the house are his, but itís just a person passing by. Damn anticipation, nobody likes waiting but this waiting has got to be the least fun of all.

Finally, around four in the afternoon, I hear the familiar heavy footsteps and muttered obscenities that mark his arrival every day. The language is just part of who he is and not a sign of anger, Iíve grown to realize. He never greets me while taking his boots and goggles off, another trait I recognize and just sit where I am, on a chair inside my bedroom. When he walks in, he appears not to notice the candles which is probably a good thing for the time being.

ďHey Vince, it took them a long enough time, but the damned treaty got signedĒ are his opening words, a brief recap of his day like always. ďYa ainít mad at me about what I said this morning, are ya?"

While standing up and moving closer to him, I chuckle once, my hand lifthis his chin up and letting my deep red eyes look into his blue ones, momentarily thinking that theyíre the same color as the sky right before the sun sets, a truly beautiful dark blue. ďNot mad at all. I was actually thinking about it most of the day.Ē

Before he can ask why Iíd spent so much time thinking about something heíd probably just blurted out, I kiss him. Heís obviously startled by my sudden action, but after a short while, I can tell heís relaxed because he steps even closer to me and his lips part while one hand wraps around my lower back. I take the initiative and let my tongue run across those lips, eyes closing to savor this moment and make sure every bit of it lasts in my memory.

I donít know how much time goes by while we just kiss, our tongues tasting every bit of each otherís mouth, sucking on lips once in a while, and hands beginning to roam over covered skin, but I know itís one of the most satisfying feelings Iíve ever known. Eventually, he pulls back, breathing heavily, and hugs me against him. In my ear, I hear faintly whispered words, ďWhat the hell was that all about?Ē, and I canít help but chuckle once more. For all of his good qualities, Cid can really be a bit dense at times.

ďThat was about me kissing you like I care because I do care about you,Ē I whisper back before again pressing our lips together, this time using my metal arm to pull his lower body to press against mine. His arousal is obvious through the tight material of his jeans, and on any other day, Iíd be pulling them down, but not tonight. Iím taking my time, showing him that itís not just about sex any more, but also about feelings.

Those callused hands of his twine in the hair at the back of my head after I lead him back to the bed, lie him down on it, and rest atop him, using my arms to prop myself up while the kissing continues. He sucks on my tongue, making me groan lowly through it all before pulling back once more to catch my breath.

Time loses all meaning while we just lie like that, lips only parting when we need more air than our noses can supply. He then begins to unbutton my shirt, not rushing anything while he kisses my increasingly exposed flesh. After the material has fallen off of my shoulders, I run my good hand under his shirt, tweaking one nipple and smiling more when I hear his pleased gasp. The white tee gets pulled up over his head next and I lower my head, no longer focusing only on his lips. Experience has told me just how sensitive his nipples are and I take full advantage of that, swirling my tongue around first one, than the other and nibbling them in turn, delighting in the sounds I hear him make.

Cid wants me to move lower still, urging me down with light pushes to my shoulders, and slowly I give in to that desire, my tongue trailing down his torso while still hearing him moan. Heís always vocal and I love being able to tell just how much he enjoys my actions by listening and not having to ask a single question. My tongue dips in his navel and he squirms a little beneath me, my hand now brushing across his groin before undoing the button and pulling down the zipper. I have to use both of my hands to hold his now so he canít finish the undressing process. I want to do everything for him tonight and he knows by now to give in when Iím taking charge.

He squeezes my hands tightly and I return one of them, my hair now falling around my shoulders where it will most likely tickle his skin once I get to the next phase of pleasing him. After looking up into his eyes for a moment and smiling, I pull his pants and boxers down to around his knees before one finger runs down his length. My blonde lover groans lowly at that, then gasps in shock as I quickly lower my mouth over him and suck firmly a few times.

I circle my tongue around the sensitive head of his shaft for a short amount of time as my sucking decreases in intensity. Cidís hands now running through my long black hair, I continue the motions while lowering myself over every bit of his arousal, not in the least bit bothered when I feel it brush against the back of my throat. His groans continue as I suck firmer once more, bobbing my head a few times so that my teeth brush against a particularly sensitive area Iíve discovered. My metal arm can do nothing other than rest at my side now, but my normal one massages his thigh slowly, in contrast to the growing quickness of my licking and firmness of my sucking.

From the way his hips are bucking and his hands are tugging at my hair, I can tell that heís not going to last much longer, but Iím determined to torment him just as long as possible with my mouth. I now hum slowly, my lips vibrating around him, and his pleased gasp shows that he enjoys this, the one thing Iíd been saving for a truly great day to show him.

Apparently, itís just the little bit of pleasure he needs to be pushed completely over the edge to orgasm, because Cid moans my name and arches his back and hips off the bed while my mouth is filled with the taste that is undeniably him. I swallow it all down and stay where I am until I feel him fall back down to the bed and hear his breath coming in gasps.

My head lifts and I move up to rest against his chest, smiling more when he keeps playing with my hair. Iím not quite sure what it is, but Cid loves to run his finger through my hair. Ignoring whatís most likely a tent in my pants at this point, I lightly kiss his neck and just keep letting my blood-red eyes meet his, the look in them probably saying more than any words I could think of. The closeness doesnít last for too long, though, because he decides to take matters into his own hands by reaching down and undoing the button and zipper of my pants.

I chuckle and whisper, ďFeeling a little eager?Ē before we both reach down at about the same moment and toss our pants off to some random corner of the room. The feeling of warm skin against skin as I lower onto him again makes me smile even more while one of his hands digs around in the side table drawer for something we can use as lube.

Just now, I remember that our typical oil had run out the night before, but he procures a bottle of hand lotion and drops it next to me on the bed. Grabbing the bottle, I lightly push his legs to get them to fall apart. Itís a little awkward, as always, but I manage to pour a good amount of the lotion into the palm of my hand without spilling any on the bed, like Iíve done in the past.

The lotion then gets spread over my erection, my memory reminding me of Cidís masochistic streak and how much he likes just being entered with no preparation beforehand. He pulls his knees up a little while I get myself into position, kneeling on the bed and lifting his hips up before, in one long smooth thrust, I slide into him. No matter how many time I do this, it will always feel almost painfully good in those moments it takes his body to relax around my length, hearing my breath beginning to get harder. I feel those muscular legs lock around my waist and I lower down over him while my thrusts begin, slow and deep to tease him right now.

Our lips meet yet again, this kiss full of both feeling and desire, and he mutters, ďFuck, Vince, quit the teasing and just fuck meÖ.Ē Iíll get around to that, believe me, but right now, I just want to hear him groan again and gasp every time I hit his prostate. But after a little while longer of that, my own body is telling me to hurry up and Iím more than willing to go along with that. Little by little, I enter him faster and faster, every time doing my best to thrust as deeply as I can, to hear him continue to groan, my hair now falling around my shoulders to brush against his chest. Surprisingly, he chuckles at that feeling and kisses my bare chest in between his deep breaths.

Faster still, I thrust into him, feeling myself growing ever closer to the point of climax with each motion into him. Iím not sure who taught him this trick, but heís got the habit of tightening himself around me sometimes when Iím at my deepest inside of him. Every time I feel that, I moan, my eyes now closed tightly to better revel in this closeness of more than just bodies. The sounds reaching my ears are a combination of both of us groaning in pleasure and a few beads of sweat roll down my cheeks, going as fast as I can in hopes that my own release comes along soon.

And it does, at one of those moments when he clenches down around me, I groan the word ďCidĒ with the last bit of air left in my lungs and feel myself spilling up into his passage, knowing right now that I do love him. Why else would my heart want to burst with the happiness I get from this as well as every other bit of closeness I spend with him?

But I canít tell him that just yet, merely roll off and lie beside him on the bed, one arm across his chest and my head on the pillows very close to his shoulder. Sleep will come easily tonight and I know that Iíll never again have to wake up to hear him saying things that make me think. The last thing I hear before entering the peaceful world of slumber is three words uttered so low I almost canít hear them. ďLove ya, Vince.Ē

*Added note 9/18/04* I once said that the fic with the plotbunny link was deleted...turns out I wasn't looking close enough. It's and maybe I'll look through there again to find some more inspiration.

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