Yuffies Bright Idea

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This is my first yuri fanfic. Come to think about it, it’s my first ff7 fanfic too, so there you go. I’ve written a few other regular fanfics, but I could never really be bothered with this until now. This fic involves Yuffie, Tifa and a bad idea. Guess what peeps, there’s sex in this fic, and scenes of a graphic nature, so only those people who click yes on the button will be able to read it. Shame on you young people for reading this.

Yuffies Bright Idea, or, Never Piss off a Magically Inclined Horny Teenager.

“Woohoo! We kicked arse out there!” Yuffie cried as the group defeated the last of thests.sts.
“Well, we saved Corel.” Barret.
“We should celebrate, especially with the town nearly complete.” Tifa said.
“Yeah!” Yuffie yelled at the top of her voice.
“Well, the new bar’s opening tonight. We could take a look.”


Later in the evening, after a night of too much load mualcoalcohol. Unsteadily, she made her way back to her tent. As she was stumbling around, she walked past Tifa’s tent, and saw that the martial artist was in there. Not only that, she was changing. Silhouetted on the side of the tent, Yuffie could see ever bump and curve. Wow! She thought to herself, What a figure. Yuffie then looked down at her rather flatter form. She’s lucky. At least she’s attractive. I guess in a way, I’m lucky in the fact that I don’t attract the attention of men, cos I don’t want it. But, still, it’d be nice to have a figure like that. Slightly dizzy because of the amount of drink she’d had earlier, she thought, I know, I’ll just accidentally walk in, and I’ll ask her how she has such an amazing figure. Yeah.

Yuffie reached for the flap of the tent, and lifted it up. Tifa was completely naked, and Yuffie could here a buzzing noise coming from the busty girl. Feeling the draft, Tifa looked round, startled.
“AAGH! YUFFIE, WHAT THE HELL? Why are you here? Oh my god…” She said as she remembered what she was doing.
“Tifa, I…”
“I don’t want to hear it. Yuffie, get the hell out of here you brat. If you want to see your next birthday, then you’ll keep quiet about this, ok?”
“Yuffie, GET OUT!”
Fighting to stop tears forming in her eyes, Yuffie slid out of the tent. Sobs welling up, she ran all the way to her tent.
“She…she hates me. Well done Yuffie.”
Still inebriated, she began to think a bit more about what had happened.
“Hey, I didn’t do anything wrong. She was really outordeorder, but god she was HOT!”
As Yuffie thought this, she remembered what Tifa was doing. As she thought, she pulled her shorts down, and started rubbing the front of her panties. The feeling this gave her shot through her body, and this drove her forward. She pulled her green top off, and with her other hand, she started massaging her left breast. This really got her going. She pulled her panties down, and jammed her thumb into her wet pussy. She shuddered.
“Ummm” She moaned as the sensations flowed through her like a knife through butter. She stopped, a malicious thought went through her mind.
Tifa had a vibrator. Why can’t I get something like that? Hey… She thought as she reached for her shorts pocket, and found the two materia she had been looking for.
With this, not only can I get some good feelings, I’ll also get revenge for her calling me a brat. She smiled.
Yuffie pulled her panties up, and put her top back on. She put her bracer on, and set the materia into it. She crept up to Tifa’s tent.
“Sleep well, Tifa. You’ll need the energy, heh!” Yuffie said. She channelled her magical energy, and used her sleep materia to send the other girl to sleep. She then used the other materia she had brought, and took Tifa back to her tent.


“Wh…Where am I?” Tifa said, coming round. She looked around, and realised that she was completely naked.
“Aagh! What’s going on.”
“Ah. You’re awake at last.” Yuffie’s voice came from somewhere behind her.
“Yuffie? Why am I naked? Where am I?”
“You’re in my tent. Don’t worry, I’ll look after you.”
The ninja appeared in front of her, or at least, part of her face did.
“HOLY SHIT! Yuffie, you’re fucking HUGE! What the hell is going on?”
“I’m the same size as normal. You’ve been shrunk. The spell should last for another three hours yet. In the mean time…” She sat down so that Tifa could see her. She pulled her top off, and started to massage her breast again.
“Yuffie… what’s going on?” Tifa said to her, but she hesitated slightly. The sight of fingers almost the same size as herself massaging a giant tit was turning her on. She put her hand between her legs, and felt the wetness that was forming in her cunt.
Yuffie then moved her other hand down to her shorts, and slipped out of them. She thtarttarted pressing onto her lips as she had done a few minutes earlier. She moaned slightly.
Despite herself, Tifa was really turned on. Her mind had been full of doubt, but now, as another surge of lust went through her, all she could think of was the desire to start masturbating. She moved her hand down, and plunged two fingers deep within herself.
By this time, Yuffie had removed her panties, and had her thumb rubbing on her clit. She started rocking back and forward. “Oh, yeah!” She whimpered as she flicked herself faster.
Tifa was watching her, and masturbating to her hearts content, when Yuffie slowed to a stop, and whispered, “Tifa, I need more.”
Tifa was confused. “Why not use a vibrator?” She asked.
“I..can’t..afford..one..” Yuffie said, breathless.
“So just use something the right size that moves. Something like…”
“YOU!” Yuffie exclaimed.
“WHAT!?!” Tifa screamed, but it was too late. Yuffie reached over, and picked up the six inch tall girl, and got herself into a good position. She kissed Tifa’s face, her lips almost completely covering Tifa’s face. She then opened herself, and moved the prone girl down to her open slit.
Tifa started struggling. “Yuffie, why are you doing this?”
“I love you, Tifa. I always have done, ever since we met in the forest near Fort Condor. But I can’t have you. You’d never go with me, I’m just a lowly Wutai girl. No-one loves me.” She stifled a sob. “But like this, I can feel better.”
“Yuffie, you’ve got it all…” Was all Tifa could say, before being jammed into the ninja’s sopping wet cunt.
“UUH!” Yuffie breathed. “My god, this feels so great!” She shuddered.
“Yuffie, please stop! You don’t understand. I’ve…” Tifa started, as she struggled to get out of the young girls vagina. Yuffie then moved her thumb down to her clit, and started rubbing again.
“Oh…Ohh…Ohhhhh! Feels…great!!” Yuffie exclaimed. “Oh, Tifa. Don’t stop. Oh god!”
Tifa was tiring out, and moving only spurred Yuffie on. “Yuffie, please listen to me. I’ve felt the same as you. I only put it on when cloud was around to screw with him. I’ve always been gay. Yuffie, let me out, I love you!” She screamed, but Yuffie was too far gone now.
“Yes. Yes. Yes! Yes!!! YES!!! UUUUUUUMM!!!” Yuffie yelled, as her lips went rigid, and her juices started flowing from her aching pussy. Yuffie collapsed onto her mattress, tired out.
Tifa pulled herself out of her new lovers pussy, and cleaned herself off ast sht she could. She felt herself getting bigger.
“The spell must only work when she’s awake.” She mused to herself. She whispered into Yuffies ear, “I love you, my dearest darling Yuffie. And love blooms because of…revenge.”


Yuffie woke up with a start. It was dark outside.
“Hmm. I must have slept for a whole day. Wow.” She looked around her.
“Where am I?”
“Ah, you’re awake at last. You’re in my tent. Don’t worry, I’ll look after you, my love.” Tifa said, appearing in front of her.
Yuffie smiled, as she realised that she was only five inches tall, and would soon be pleasing her lover.


I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. I’ll probably be writing some more Tifa x Yuffie fics in the future, so look forward to that. Ciao. Xiao xxx

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