Forbidden Passion

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A/N: Before I begin, there’s a few things I’d like
to say before I get reviews telling me that I’m wrong.
First off, we’re going to assume that Hojo
didn’t lie, and that Sephiroth is really his son (he does bear some
resemblance… at least with the hair thing.
Note Hojo’s bangs look suspiciously like Sephiroth’s.), and that Vincent
was not (I once got flamed on the basis that someone thought that Vincent was
Sephiroth’s real father). I’m totally
not into the incest thing; I find it squicky.
Second off, I’m also going to say that Vincent was confined by Hojo
before Lucretia gave birth to Sephiroth, then put in the coffin shortly
thereafter, without ever having seen him.
I have reasoning in everything; just trust me! ^_^

If any of this were mine, they'd all be locked in my basement for a bishounen tea party. No money is being made from this, though I could sorely use it. *le sigh*


Forbidden Passion


Chapter 2


Several Years Later


Vincent stared into the wind as the Highwind carried
them toward their destination. The
closer they got to Sephiroth, the more longing he felt to be in his
embrace. He would deny this, of course,
but his subconscious wouldn’t lie to him, much as he wished it would.
He had never felt the desire to be in
another man’s arms, though that wasn’t the part that bothered him. The fact that his mind was on someone other
than Lucretia was what bothered him. He
didn’t want to admit to himself that he was capable of feeling anything for
anyone other than the woman from so many years ago, but the mind and heart
don’t always agree.

Ever since that tryst in his basement prison years
ago, Vincent had dreamed of nothing but the silver-haired beauty.
The immense guilt he felt over this was
matched by the desire to see him again.
It was his initial reason for joining Avalanche in their quest: each
step they took brought them closer to him.

Vincent thought back to their first encounter, and
closed his eyes halfway. It was the
most pleasant memory he had. Even
thoughts of his time with Lucretia didn’t even come close to the happiness he
felt when he let himself think of Sephiroth.

Lucretia,’ he thought morosely. The guilt had returned. He almost felt as if he had betrayed her
memory with that act he had done with her son.
He hadn’t known it at firas has he hadn’t been present at his birth for
obvious reasons.yes"> Cid would probably walk to the ranch with Cloud and the girls,
and end up playing with the chocobos when no one was looking. Red and Cait Sith would probably go for a
walk to get some fresh air, Barret would disappear without a trace, and Vincent
would be left behind. They’d all offer
to have him come with, but he’d decline their offers, telling them kindly that
he’d like some time to himself. They’d
look at him dubiously, and he’d merely smile vaguely and assure them he’d be
fine. They would agree and leave.

At least, that was the way Vincent had predicted
things would happen. In reality, Cid
and Cloud got into a fight once Cid found out that he’d left Vincent in charge
instead of him, and got even angrier when Barret took Cloud’s side.
So Cid ended up going down to the empty
stable on the Highwind to sulk, while Barret accompanied Cloud and the girls to
the ranch. Red and Cait did go on a
walk, and did offer to take Vincent with them.
When he declined, they shrugged (as well as a lion-thing and a stuffed
mog/cat-thing could shrug), as if they hadn’t expected him to accept anyway.

‘Am I that predictable?’ he thought to
himself. Not that it mattered at that
moment. He got the peace he desired, he
could worry about his predictability later.
‘Just one more little bug to shoo away for a while.’

He meandered over to the stable, expecting to find
Cid still pouting. He wasn’t
disappointed. Sitting in the corner of
the stable, as far from the door as he could get, was the angry pilot.

“What the fuck do you want?” Cid spat when he
noticed Vincent approaching. Vincent
raised an eyebrow. He had expected this
attitude, though he hadn’t expected the pilot to be the first to speak.

“I was just wondering how long you were going to
sulk down here.”

“I’m not sulking goddamn it. I’m… uh… NOT SULKING.”

“Right. I
also wanted to tell you that it’s likely that Cloud, Tifa and Yuffie have left
the ranch by now, and I was thinking that maybe you’d like to visit the other
chocobos, maybe feed them, make sure that they’re being well taken care of.”

“Why would I want to do that?!” Cid tried to retain
his dignity in the face of this subtle accusation that he’d like something as
‘un-manly’ as playing with chocobos.
Vincent gave him a knowing look.
Colour rushed to Cid’s face and he turned away from Vincent.

“Tell ANYONE about that, and I’ll kill ya, you
hear?” he said gruffly, while getting to his feet. Vincent held a small laugh back.

“Your secret is safe with me.” Vincent failed to mention the fact that
everyone had figured out that he loved the birds. What Cid didn’t know wouldn’t embarrass him. Vincent followed the still-red pilot out of
the stable and over to the rope ladder that led off the Highwind.

“What are you plannin’ on doing while we’re all
gone?” Cid asked as he took the first couple of steps on the ladder.

“I am just going to stay here and make sure that
nothing happens. If anything goes
wrong, contact me.”

“Yeah, yeah.
I’m not stupid you know.” Cid
continued climbing down as Vincent looked down on him over the side.

“Never said that you were. Have fun.”

It is at times when one feels most lonely in a
crowd, that one should seek temporary solitude. Vincent’s thoughts drifted to this piece of wisdom that he picked
up while with the Turks. Advice that he
took fairly often these days. Too often
he found himself not fully relating to those he allied himself with. He was not in this for the same reasons that
they were. He didn’t feel as strongly
about saving the planet as his comrades.
He never told them anything but the fact that he was looking for Sephiroth,
and he was fairly sure that they figured that he wanted to settle something
with him. This was true, just not in
the way he thought they were thinking.

His wanderings around the Highwind took him
everywhere. The silence was refreshing,
and Vincent was grateful for the reprieve, but his mind used the lack of
distraction as an opportunity to wander as it had been for the past few
hours. As much as Vincent tried to
stop, he couldn’t help but dwell on the beauty that haunted his every sleeping
moment, and lately his every waking thought.

His distracted mind didn’t register anything as his
feet carried him to the room he called his own while on board the airship.
He seemed almost surprised to find himself
at the door of his sleeping quarters, but pushed the door open to let himself
in regardless. The room around him was
Spartan, holding only the necessities for him: a bed, and a small table with a
chair that held a few of his belongings.
Everything else of his was hidden away in the wardrobe. Vincent looked past this and made his way
over to the bed, where he sat down gingerly.

He slowly shrugged out of the red cloak he wore and
draped it over the back of the chair, kicking off his boots and pushing them
with his feet away from him. He removed
the red headband he wore, letting his hair loose, and lay back, resting his
head on the metal claw of his left arm, making sure that he didn’t hurt
himself. It was second nature to him by
now, to work around the claw, to make it bend to his will, but he would trade
almost anything to have his old arm back.

‘Damn you, Hojo.’
Vincent felt his features twist into a scowl at the thought of the
twisted scientist who played god freely.
He sometimes couldn’t believe that Shinra let him do the things that he
did, with no repercussions. So many
victims came of his twisted experiments.
Him, Aeris, Red XIII, so many nameless SOLDIERs… Sephiroth.

The thought of the name made Vincent groan out
loud. That alone evoked images of the
one forbidden night they spent together.
He could almost feel Sephiroth’s tongue gliding along his nipples, and
in response he felt the nubs in question harden. Vincent’s own tongue darted out of his mouth quickly, wetting his
suddenly parched lips. He could feel
his breathing coming slightly more erratically, and inwardly cursed himself for
his weakness.

The thoughts didn’t stop coming, however; and try as
he might, Vincent couldn’t stave them off.
After an undetermined amount of time, he didn’t want to make them
stop, as evidenced by the growing erection that begged to be touched.
Vincent’s hand strayed from his chest, where
he had laid it, and began wandering downward toward the button in his
pants. It paused, hovering
tantalizingly near the neediest part of his body, before swiftly unbuttoning
the offending article of clothing and shoving them roughly down his hips.

Sephiroth’s mouth on his erection… Vincent’s hand plunged
itself into his boxers and grabbed his length, squeezing.

Sucking, licking, tasting… He ran his hand up, paused
and palmed the head, then swiftly jerked back down.

Vincent would stop him, flip him over… The motion was repeated
again, again stopping at the head to fondle around the slit.

He would take great pleasure in taking Sephiroth;
the same way the silver-haired man had taken him…
He squeezed his fist around
his erection tighter, stroking twice more, imagining Sephiroth’s heat rather
than his own hand.

He would pound into that perfect ass, he would make
Sephiroth scream in pleasure, it would be all him…
Two more strokes and Vincent came into his hand, panting
Sephiroth’s name and squinting his eyes shut.
His hand fell to the side, still coated in his rapidly cooling
semen. He fought to get his breath back
to a normal cadence.

It wasn’t long before he had returned to normal…
well as normal as one can be after an experience like that.
He looked down at his hand and saw the mess,
grimaced and clenched his fist. This
was becoming an obsession… worse than before.
He had never… pleasured himself… in such a manner before, and shame was
quickly making his face flush red.

“No more… never again.” Vincent firmly told
himself. He couldn’t keep torturing
himself this way, not only was it embarrassing, it was wrong.
He was the enemy for god’s sake!

His subconscious told him otherwise.


After-chapter noteage: Gah, that took entirely too long to update. Sorry!! This whole chapter sounded a
lot better in my head, I promise. I
apologize for any confusing parts, sometimes I get ahead of myself, and
sometimes my writing gets jumbled up in the transition from thought to
writing. If it’s all that horrible,
I’ll consider finding myself a beta.
Anyone wanna help out?

I'd like to thank my lovely reviewers for convincing me to go on with this. Without you, this would have stayed a one-shot. Hope this is to your liking!

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