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Sound carries strangely in small cities, and the sirens could be heard all the way down to the Djose Mental Wardóbetter known as Loose Cannon Hall, where someone was screamind cld clinging to a table leg, afraid of the sound.

The sirens werenít meant for him. They were meant for the fight down the streets, where needles were more common than pigeons in the street and most people who lived there only did so because they couldnít afford a bus out.

Bars didnít keep windows from being broken. Streetlights barely worked. One saw more spray paint than actual wall on every building. Every animal that wandered here was homeless, hostile, hungry, injured, or scarred.

Everyone had spoken about how the police force had gone to hell two and a half years ago. There were nighborhoods like this one police cars never went to unless they were called for something seriousóand no phones worked here anyway. If you were rich enough to have a cellphone, you were rich enough to keep you ass out of here.

None of three belonged here. None of them even lived here. One of them would have died if one of themóa detective on the police forceóhadnít made the call.

Yet he was not about to let his friend, drunk and violent as he was go to jail. Not even when the victim lay unconscious and bloody on the dirty sidewalk.

Soon, there were new sirens. More cop cars, and an ambulance.

Two left in the cars, one in the ambulance. No one in the neighborhood thought it was at all out of the ordinary and didnít give the police a second glanceóthose who gave them a first glance were the ones who started running away.

"Shit," Luzzu said, shaking his head as he dialed the number of the victimís closest kin. "How many do you thinkíll end up in Screwball Central?"

"I donít wanna think about it," Gatta said.

"Hello?" a chirpy voice answered over the phone.

"Hello. Rikku, were you gonna report a missing husband later?"


"Maíam, thereís been a fight. We managed to detain the other two, butó"

"Heís not dead, is he?"

"Not last we checked. Heís in the ambulance as we speak. Unless the car crashes, he should be fine. You can see him tommorrow, heís gonna need some definite intensive care first."

"Ióthank you, officer. I guess. Bye."

"Yeah, bye, miss.">

"Real polite there," Gatta ssaid, caustically.

"Hey, Iím a cop. Iím not paid to be polite."

"But youíre told to."

"Iím also told Auron was a damned good part of the force, and we just dragged him into a car in cuffs after breaking his glasses restraining him."

"Point," Gatta said. "You wanna get some coffee?"

"Iíd better, I got four more hours of this."

* * * * *

"Hi, Iím Dr. Paineóno pun intended."

"Oh, goody," Rikku said.

"It was worse when I used to be a cop," the doctor said blandly. "Youíre Rikku, Tidusís wife, right?"

"Yeah. Is he fixed yet or something?"

"PTSD isnít exactly Ďfixable.í It takes time getting over it. Heís doing well, in fact, heís due for another assessment in a week."

"Then heís fixed?"

"Then we see if heís well enough to go back home and to his job," Dr. Paine said. "If he is, he may be on medication for a long time, possibly even his life."

"But if heís okay, why is he gonna need medication?"

"Itís complicated," the doctor said.

"Will they be mood stabilizers or anti-depressants?" Yuna asked.

Dr. Paine looked at her curiously. "Iím sorry, butÖ who are you?"

"Iím Yuna, Rikkuís cousinÖ and a friend of Tidusís."

Dr. Paine seemed to be considering something, as she looked Yuna right in the eyes, never wavering. "Itíll depend on the assessment as to what weíll end up putting him on. Most likely mood stabilizers."

"So we can see him, now, right?" Rikku asked.

"Of course. Follow me, and keep those visitor badges on you at all times, please. Be sure to do what the security guards tell you."

"ÖOkayÖ" Rikku said, and she and Yuna followed the doctor down the hall.

"TheÖ other two are in here too."

"Auron and Jecht?" Rikku asked. "Why are they here? They started the fight."

"Because the judge got so fed up with both of them he chucked them in here after they each attacked the bailiff during the hearing."

"But Tidus had a restraining order against Jecht."

"Heís charged with assault, not manslaughter. Thatís not big enough to moves him somewhere else. Heís been put in ISO, though, so he canít get to Tidus. Auronís close to getting himself thrown in there himself.

"My husband hung out with Auron. He was a friend of Jechóhis fatherís."

"Well, heís really fitting in. Thereís a reason this place is called ĎLoose Cannon Hall,í and heís already turning into one of the regulars. After a while it gets routine for both of us. They cause too much chaos and get thrown in ISO for a while, then theyíre out to start lighting fires out making fights again and its goes on like that."

"It just goes on like that?" Yuna asked. "Donít you do anything?"

"You gotta give people time in between assessments and sessions, and mostly, they just use that time to go back to what they were doing, or something fucks up all your hard work. Most donít wanna even try," Dr. Paine said. "Here. This is the cafeteria. I told him Iíd bring you here. You guys can go most anywhere you want, heís a good guy, doesnít like to start trouble. He really doesnít belong here, and there are only a few that donít. Fewer that donít deserve it."

Dr. Paine turned and left, ending their conversation there.

Rikku and Yuna shrugged at each other and walked in. They wandered inside. For a psych ward, especially one called ĎLoose Cannon Hallí things seemed rather calm. Two people were idly coloring with markers while another chewed on some pens. Two people were playing checkers and arguing over the rules quietly. Most people were either off at their own table eating and watching the others as they did. Most were watching TV or staring at anything else they thought was equally interestingópeople, windows, their shoes, the security guards.

Tidus was in the crowd watching cartoons on TV.

"Doesnít that coyote ever learn?" Rikku asked Tidus over his shoulder.

"Hey!" Tidus greeted her and stood up to hug her. Someone shoved him out of their view of the TV. "Rikku! Iíve missed you! God, I missed you. Yuna? Youíre here too?"

"Weíve known each other since fourth grade," Yuna said. "Of course Iíd come see you. In fact weíd have come earlier, but I had a nasty court case."

"Yuna, donít talk about that, okay?" Tidus said, as the two women lead him away from the crowd watching the TV.

"Iím sorry," Yuna said. "I just meantóthatís why Iím late, notóIÖ"

"Itís okay," Tidus said. "I still donít want to think about it, though."

"We understand," Rikku said. "Here, letís go outside." In trunonenone of them wanted to breach the subject of the fight with Jecht that had sent Tidus to the hospital, and a month later, to the psych ward after a panic attack and severe flashback episode.

"Auronís here," Tidus said one they were outside. Auron had been the one to call the cops to rescue Tidus from Jecht, but he refused to let the cops truly arrest Jecht either.

"We heard," Rikku said as the all three sat on the bench bolted down to a patch of concrete.

"They threw him and Jecht in here after they bgot got pretty pissed in court and messed things up or something."

"Pretty much," Rikku said. "Still having flashbacks?"

"Not much anymore. Occasionally in my sleep, but thatís usually because Seymourís breaking something and causing a lot of noise."

"Whoísó" Rikku asked, but she was interrupted as a shadow suddenly fell over them and Yuna bumped her, turning around.

"Hello?" Yuna asked a tall man standing over her.

For a long time he didnít move or say anything. He didnít seem to notice the security guards approaching him. He lifted his hand to Yunaís face, holding a short-stemmed dahlia in his thin fingers, tipped with long nails.

"For me?" Yuna asked, slightly uncomfortable with how close he was holding it. Apparently heíd never learned about personal space.

"He got that out of one of the vases," Tidus whispered to his wife.

The manís gaze shot to Tidus and Yuna wasnít ignorant enough not to notice. She slowly reached up and he looked at her again, dropping the flower in her hand once her finger touched the stem.

She sniffed at it; slightly embarrassed when she realized it wasnít a fragrant flower. Botany was hardly her most knowledgeable subject in life. "Thank you. Itís pretty. My nameís Yuna, whatísó" She had lifted her hand to shake his, but one of the security guards had made it to her side and stopped her by grabbing her wrist.

"He donít like to be touched," the security guard said.

"Oh," Yuna said. "Iím sorry, I didnít realize thatÖ Wakka," she said, reading his nametag. "I was justÖ"

She turned back to the stranger, who was now three feet away and looking at her apprehensively until the other security guard came up to him and gestured to lead him inside.

"You know youíre not allowed out here without one of us watching you," she scolded him and lead him back inside, without ever touching him.

Wakka walked back inside too.

"Who was that?" Rikku asked.

"Thatís Seymour," Tidus said. "Heís one of the reasons this place is called ĎLoose Cannon Hall.í Immediately went after Jecht when he got here. Heís fought Wakka and Lulu off with a broom he stole from the janitor several times."

"Whatís wrong with him?" Yuna asked, lightly running her finger over the soft petals.

Tidus shrugged. "No oneís got a clue, really. Heís diagnosis keeps changing and he never says anything when heís not screaming and throwing chairs or something. I think itís dissociative identity disorder. He flips moods so violently and then he has lapses in his memory afterwards. I donít really know what he did to get thrown in here, but I heard the courts are still waiting for an assessment. Last time they asked for one he bit the doctor."

"Tidus," Rikku said, leaning on him. "Youíre going to get an assessment in a few weeks. You get out of here, you hear me?"

"I hear you."

"The policeíve got enough on Jecht to keep him in Jail, if not in here first. Either way, heís gonna be locked up, so you donít have to worry."

"Donít worry," Tidus said. "I wanna get out. I donít like being here with these crazies." In the back of his mind, though, he could still hear sirens.

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