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“Spoken words”

Authors’ Notes: My friend Kira was a huge help developing this! I have never seen anything involving FF8 and I didn’t know that much. Don’t hate me! For Quistis Trepe and Cid Kramer fans, they’re going to a) be a bitch, and b) dead. So please if that bothers you, leave. SeiferxSquall pairing. On with the insanity! *runs off with Kira to worship bishies*

By: Rosiel and Kira

Chapter 1: Prologue

Squall Leonhart studied the girl in front of him. Rinoa wasn’t what you would call his favorite person, but he would never tell the annoying college cheerleader that to her face.

“Are you coming with me and Ellone to the Dragons’ Lair tonight?”

“…..No…..” He said, turning his stormy eyes back to his Chemistry book, trying to tune back into what their overly pudgy boring professor said.

Rinoa popped her pink wad of gum and twisted a strand of straight black hair around the index finger of her right hand. Squall resisted the urge to roll his eyes. His scraped his finger along the fake woodgrain of his desktop, shifting to try to get more comfortable and try not to fall asleep.

The professor continued in his low monotone voice, after shooting a warning glare at Squall and Rinoa. He continued on with his lesson on binary compounds and how to break them apart.

“Squallie, it’s a three day weekend, how often do we get those? Even Ellie is going and she won’t go anywhere without her little brother!” She exclaimed in her typical high pitched voice.

The professor turned sharply and shot them a withering glare, before turning back around. Squall shook his head, (sometimes she is just so brainless. What does Ellone see in this airhead), he thought with a slight smile.

“…….No….” He repeated, picking up his mechanical pencil and clicking it a few times to get the lead to come out. He continued writing notes in his notebook about the lesson.

“Please! Oh Please Squallie! Come with us! It’ll be so much fun.”

“Will it shut you up if I said yes?”

“Of course it would! Please, say you’ll come, you know you want to!”

“…….Fine, I’ll come….”

“YES!” Rinoa cried out happily and would’ve said more had the Professor not interrupted by slamming down his teacher edition of their textbook onto the podium.

“Miss Heartilly if you insist on carrying on your conversation with Mr. Leonhart, you two can take it into the hall. I’ve had it up to hear with your….” The bell’s shrill cry cut off the rest of the rant. The students all filed quickly out of the room to get away from the angry barrage of words.

Squall raced along trying to get mixed up in the streaming mass of bodies to lose the annoying cheerleader. He sighed as he walked across the beautiful lawn of the campus. It was one of the reasons he had chosen this particular college, it had beautiful scenery.

He plopped down on the edge of the large fountain, it’s cherubic angels holding shells and looking as though they would come to life to play in the crystal waters. He studied hefleeflection in the water, not paying attention as the next bell rang. (Perhaps I should just skip out on the rest of the day and relax. Dad would be really pissed, I suppose I need to stay.) He sighed, climbing to his feet and beginning to jog to reach his calculus class. (Better late than never.)

Squall walked into the spacious brick home of his parents and sister. He set his books down on the table in the foyer and glanced briefly around for his mother. Raine was his only true friend due to his lack of interest in others. Ellone cared about him, but her annoying tendencies made him try to avoid her. Raine was more mellow and understanding. (And she’ll actually shut up), he thought smirking.

“Squall is that you?” Raine called from the study. (Speak of the devil.)

“Yeah mom it’s me.” He called back.

Raine walked into the hallway, her feet barely making a sound on the pastel colored carpet runner. Her shoulder length dark hair flowing behind her. Her dark eyes reflected her concern upon seeing him.

“Squall honey are feeling all right? You look pale.” She reached up a slender hand to touch his forehead.

“I’m fine Mother. I just had a hard da

“Squall, is that you?” His father called out as he peered out of the door.

“Yeah dad.”

“You look bad.”

“Laguna! Don’t talk to our son that way!” Raine snapped, turning back to Squall. She sent a silent apology with her eyes to him. He gave her a small half smile and started to head up the cherry and white colored stairs.

“Hey Squallie, Rinoa said you were going clubbing with us.”

”Whatever.” He turned back to his mother who still stood in front of the mahogany and silver mirror hanging on the wall near the office door, looking on with concern.

“I need to study.” He said softly.

“Here are your books dear. Go rest for a little while, if you’re feeling better, then you can go with Ellone and her friend.” Raine stated, giving him a gentle smile.

He nodded and trudged back upstairs to his room. Ellone was always a little angry about his disinterest in the world around him. His bare walls,tan colored comforter, and slate colored carpet showing no personal feelings of it’s occupant.

He let his books drop to the floor, before slamming down on the bed. Closing his eyes, he started to let his mind wander. He didn’t even realize how much time had passed until Ellone knocked on the door.

“Squallie are you coming down or what?”


“Your one word sentences are annoying. Has anyone ever told you that?” She joked.

He rolled his eyes and slipped to his feet, to open the door for his sister. He arched an eyebrow at her outfit. She had pinned her dark hair back in a high ponytail, letting a few newly dyed purple streak of hair escape to rest on the sides of her face. Her large gold hoop earrings jangled together as she tilted her head back to look at him.

“Your not going looking like that are you?”

He looked down at himself then back at her, shrugging his slim shoulders.

“Ugh, do I have to do everything for you? Come on!” Ellone pushed him back into his bedroom.

He sighed as he made his way over to the bar in the darkened club. The red, blue and green strobe lights flashed wildly on the dancers giving some of them an ethereal appearance. The floor consisted of nothing but clear tiles lite up by black lights.

Rinoa and Ellone had disappeared into the crowd as soon as they were into the club and left him to find his own quiet place. The trance music pounded in his ears as he shut his eyes, trying to push back his headache.

He pushed his way through the last remaining obstacle, a group of tough looking guys who leered at him in passing. He shut his eyes as he slammed down on the barstool, letting his head fall to rest on his hand.

A hand touched his shoulder and his head shot up studying the tall muscular bartender. He gave him a small smile and motioned to the various bottles sitting in front of him.

“Just give me a rum and coke….” He leaned forward squinting in the low lighting and smoke filled haze to make out the man’s nametag. ”Ward.” Squall said sitting back.

Ward turned his back to him retrieving a glass. (I could make some money with something like him that to sell to Kiros), Ward thought smiling as he slipped a small vial of white powder from his front pocket of his leather pants. He poured a few grains into the mixture, blowing on it to stop the fizzing from being noticed. He turned back around, slipping the plastic cup towards the handsome young man.

Squall reached for his back pocket to hand the bartender the money for the drink. He motioned for him not to worry about it and Squall gave him a small smile and turned back towards the dancing crowd, sipping the cool dark liquid.

He shut his eyes letting out a small sigh as he let his eyes drift outwards. He took another sip as his vision faded a little. He closed his eyes, shaking his head as he tried to clear his fuzzy mind. His vision spun as he opened his eyes and slid to his feet. His body began to feel numb as he stumbled toward the exit trying to get a breath of fresh air.

People cried out as he pushed past the muscular bouncer to get out of the hazy atmosphere of the Dragons’ Lair. He breathed deeply trying to clear his head as he moved towards the back of the building.

The nice thing about the Dragon’s Lair was that it was located in a deserted area. No one would disturb the patrons if things got out of hand. It had been converted from an old warehouse into a hangout for the local college students.

Squall placed his hand along the steel wall, as he moved trying to stop the world from spinning. His body was beginning to tingle and he struggled to think coherently. He slid to the ground gripping his has has his whole body went numb. (What’s happening to me)? He wondered. As his world faded to black, he didn’t notice the dark figure looming over him.

Ending Notes: Well we hate cliffhangers just as much as the next person, but if you want to know what happens, we’re holding the next chapter hostage until we get reviews! Until next time ~ Rosiel and Kira

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