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Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VIII, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title: Insanity Chapter 1: Pain

Author: Naniris

Rating: NC-17 rape, torture, blood

Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters, just the storyline.
This is a yaoi fanfic between Seifer and Zell from FF8. There are some graphic
scenes in the first chapter.

Comments: I’ve been reading fics for a long time now, but
it’s the first time I’ve ever written one. I like how it’s turning out, but
advice is always appreciated. Anyhow, I like to thank my brother for reminding
me what the last battle was like and for lending me the guide so I could be as
accurate as possible. I’d also like to thank Hokit to being my first reviewer
and giving me incentive to finish it.

EDIT: This originally was on, but when they decided
to erase everything I had on there without so much as a warning, I’ve decided
to put it in more tolerant sites. Reviews would be most appreciated.



{…} memories

Italics Zell’s


In a place between the beginning and the end, between
reality and insanity, between life and death, a battle rages on.


“LION HEART” Squall screamed at the top of his lungs
slashing at the Sorceress.


“We can’t keep this up. Where are the girls? Wher… Ahhhh” Irvine
was hit by a blast powerful magic.


“Shit! Curaga” Zell cured Irvine
but noticed it was his last one. “Damn it. I lost everything else. Squall, give
me an Aura!!!”


“Here” He cast the spell in a hurry.


“A’ight!!! Now you going to get it!!!” Zell launched into
ones of his combos. “…Punch Rush…Dolphin Blow…Meteor Barret…”


“Is that the best you kan
do, you impertinent child.” Ultimecia laughed haughtily at Zell. “Now you’ll
face the same fate as those kunts” A symbol appeared on the ground, and then it
shattered into pieces. Everyone’s life was hanging on by a thin thread.


“Damn it. I don’t have anything to cure with. What about
you, cowboy?” Zell asked coughing up blood.


“Not a damn thing. Any ideas, fearless leader”


“Use your Limit breaks.” Squall said while preparing himself
for Blasting Zone.


“Good enough.” Irvine
painfully grimaced while he loaded his Exeter
with all the Pulse ammo he had left.


“Here we go baby!!!” Zell jumped to his feet with new found
energy as his abilities power up his weakened body.






“Punch rush…Booya…Heel drop…Meteor strike and a MY FINAL


“Hehehehe HAHAhaHA. Pitiful children. Now face my wrath.” With
a flick of her wrist, she attacked Zell leaving him
unconscious in the void. From above the tattooed warrior appeared a small
cherub and he was lifted away from the battle.
Selphie appeared in his place bewildered by sur surroundings.


“What happened?” She looked around her “Irvine!!!
Squall!! What’s going on?”


~Not again. First Quistis then Rinoa and now Zell. We have
to finish thisck. ck. If we lose then… then …~Squall was brought out of his
thoughts by a curing light~ “Full Cure” ~ Now we have a chance. This bitch is
going to die.~



~Where am I? What happened?~ He
looks around him and recognizes the Orphanage.


“Why the hell did she sent me here? ... Something’s wrong.”
Zell felt a shiver run up his spine. He could hear voices, children’s voices
laughing and singing. They sounded familiar but he couldn’t make out what they
were saying. He staggered around the orphanage, but everything seemed old and
decayed until he started to catch glimpses of it’s past and of his friends
playing around.


“You can’t catch me, you can’t catch me” “Oh yeah, well when
I do you owe me a kiss, Sefie” Two small children ran through him unaware of
his existence.


“This is getting too weird. What kind of mind-fuck is she
planning anyway? This won’t sca…” He stopped when he heard a child singing a
nursery rhyme. He didn’t recognize the voice like before, but it sounded creepy.


“One, Two

Who are you?”


“What the hell is that supposed to mean?” There was a
ruffling sound in another room, however it didn’t sound like an eco like
everything else did. “Who’s there? Answer me!” Zell demanded. No answer came.
“I must be losing my mind or something.”


“No, not yet” A deep voice replied in almost a whisper.


“Come out where I can see you or are you too afraid to face
me?” The short man taunted the voice while preparing himself for a fight. ~Damn
it. That bitch blew away all of my magic and I don’t got Quezacotl with me~


“Remember, you asked for it, Chikie” Came the voice once
again in a superior tone.


“What?!?! Seifer, is that you?” He cried practically joyful
to hear a familiar voice, yet this moment washed away the second he saw the
scarred blonde. He was covered in dry blood and his once aristocratic clothes
were torn. The Hyperion was also blood-stained and looking very menacing at the


“You better close your mouth before I get any ideas” He
smirked and approached the tattooed blonde. “or is that what you want?”


“What’s going on here?” Zell demanded, only to find himself
dodging a gunblade.


“You don’t want to know.” And launched into another attack.
“This…is for…all… the pain…you’ve put me…through.” Each fraction of the
sentence was an attack and every time the blade had come closer to Zell.


~What’s he talking about? Is he still under Ultimecia’s
control? Fuck, if I don’t go on the offensive, I’m done for~ Zell started
punching and kicking as precisely as he could to avoid the weapon. ~Goddamn it.
Only love-taps. I’m still exhausted. ~ “ I didn’t want to use this on you but
you gave me no choice…My Fina… Uh”

“Three, Four

I’m on the floor”

Seifer grabbed his leg while Zell was distracted and used
his other hand to slam Hyperion’s blunt edge into Zell’s kneecap.
“AAAAHhhhhhhhhh” Ignoring the searing pain that was flowing through his body he
kicked up with his other leg and kicked Seifer in the face, but the act caused
his body to twist injuring the damaged ligaments even more as he fell to the


“Fuck…fuck…shit… you bastard… you fucking bastard” He
breathed spasmodically and felt tears flow from his eyes.


“This isn’t the Garden anymore. Letting your guard down
costs you your life and causes a world of pain” He stood on top of the injured
martial artist and dug the tip of his gunblade into Zell’s shoulder. “Shush,
shush. Thi the the least of your worries. I have a lot of anger at the moment
and you should know best of how I deal with my anger.” He kicked the fallen boy
in the ribs and dug the blade deeper, but Zell refused to scream or plead for
his life. His free hand could do little to protect himself or remove the taller
boy from him”


“Come on, Chicken wuss. You must be hurting. Why don’t you
cry for dear old Ma to helu, hu, huh or do you want your great leader to save
the day?” “Fuck you” He replied in defiance. “You know, that’s not such a bad
idea.” Seifer lowered himself after removing Hyperion from the bleeding shoulder,
but Zell used the opportunity to punch Seifer in the face and crawl away.


“It’s pointless to fight back” He wiped a trail of blood
from his mouth. “You can’t escape the inevitable.” Grabbing the small boy by
his injured leg, he stabbed the other leg. “See, can’t run away now, can you?”
He pulled the blood soaked pants off Zell and positioned himself on top off


“Anything to say before we start.” He said maliciously.


“Why am I… still alive? I should…have…bled to death.”


“Because death would be a gift compared to what’s about to
happen to you.”


“Five, Six

Time will never fix”


Seifer removed his enlarged organ from the confines of his
pants and positioned it next to Zell’s virgin entry. “Anything else you want to
say.” Zell was still struggling pathetically and all he could mutter was
“no…no…no….” over and over again.


“You might as well enjoy it.” So he took Zell’s manhood in
his gloved hand and started to jerk him off. “Come on, get hard already” But
the flesh was unrespon sin since it’s owner was too succumb with fear to react.
“Fine. It doesn’t make a difference.” He began to kiss Zell roughly yet all the
boy would do is whimper. “You’re starting to piss me off”


“Seven, Eight

He’s filled with hate”


Seifer dug his hand into the shoulder wound. “Ahhhhhhh stop
it…stop it…please.”


“Still with us, I see. Good, I didn’t want to fuck a
corpse.” Seifer licked Zell’s tears
away. “Don’t cry. It only makes me want to fuck you harder. You’re so
beautiful. Has anyone ever told you that before” He pulled the weeping boy into
an embrace. “That tattoo of yours is such a turn-on” and plunged his swollen
member into the unprepared entry. “Gods, you’re so tight…uh…ugh…nobody’s been
here before, have they?”


“…no…no…no” ~ This
isn’t happening, this can’t be happening
. Who’s that kid and his fucking
rhyme?... I’m dreaming…Yes, that’s it
but it hurts so much… my imagination
make it stop, make it stop, make it stop… stop
being such a crybaby; nothing’s happening
…I can feel him thrusting into
me… nobody’s fucking you. Are you a
fucking faggot? What would Ma say?
... Ma, oh gods! Ma... Now you’re a Mama’s boy, pathetic… I can
see the light house from here… Good,
concentrate on that
… ~


“Wake up” he punched Zell to revive him from his daze. “You
can’t escape this.”


“Nine, Ten

Always fear men”


“You’re so goddamn attractive; you can’t blame me for
wanting to grind your ass. With your tight ass and perfect body, I bet Irvine
and Squall have been sneaking peeks every once in a while”


“no…ahh…they’re not
sick fucks like…ahh…you”


“Look, the chicken speaks. Of course they are, all real men
are. We’re bigger, stronger and faster than you. Look at you, you’ve barely put
up a fight! You’re pathetic and … oh sweet Hyne… I’m cuming
His thrusts became quicker and plunged deeper. “Oh Zell
Zell…I’m sorry” He was reaching his climax and started to pound into the petite
blond harder but all that was going through his mind was ~He’s sorry. What’s going on? … What if…No gods, don’t let him say it… anything
but that, I beg you~


The Knight stiffened has he finally reached that blissful
state and in a soft kiss he whispered “I love you”


“NO, Aarrghhhhhhhh, no, no, no” He jerked and screamed
hysterically trying to free himself from his attacker’s grasp. “No no no not
happening. NOT happening. I’m dreaming, I’m dreaming. Ma, help me. Wake me up.
Ma, Ma, wake me up, please” He covered his head and started to rock back and
forth ignoring his surroundings even as the light changed from the grey stormy
skies into a sunny ocean days, he continued to cry.


“Oh my gods, Zell, honey, I’m here. What happened? Stop
crying.” Motherly arms hugged him and a soothing voice called his name.


“Ma, is that you?” He asked in such a small voice it could
barely be heard.


“I’m here, honey, I’m here. No need to worry anymore. I
won’t let anything happen to you” She said reassuringly.


He stopped crying and looked at his mother with a confused
look in his eyes. “What happened to me?”




I have Chapters 1-10 already done, but will post them once a
day. I have to correct some errors and see if I can get my writing itch to
start up again.

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