Some Kind of Monster

BY : LonewolfSpike
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A/N:Ok so i feel crappy and i feel that alot so i decided to write about the man who had the shittiest life ever. THE GREAT SEPHIROTH. Tortured child hood and all. Ok well flames r welcomes considering it's my first ff7 fic and all. ok bye!

No one likes being alone. All but one. A man who loved loneliness and hated crowds. A man deprived of a proper childhood, a man who's weakness could never can or could be found. He feared nothing, And he was everything. He was perfect. yet, he didn't even bother to give himself the proper pleasures that go along with being general. General Sephiroth always lived up to his name. He thought, knew of himself as God. The all mighty being. But how does one react to being alone for so long? It can drive one mad right? You couldn't get any more mad then Sephiroth who was still able to keep his cool. The perfect machine of destruction. The perfect image of hate itself. Created as a science experiment, haveing the Jenovah cells implanted before he was even born. Sephiroth was a beginning of a never ending story.

He was said to be killed by a man named Cloud Strife of Nibelheim. But no trace was found after the battle. He had disappeared into thin air.The life stream. Sephiroth would never allow himself to be murdered so easily, Espicially by a half wit boy by the name of Cloud. He was well alive and still in the top ranked commanof Sof SOLDIER. Yet a man, in his life should have a home to go to. A place to live freely and do as he wants instead of stay inside and being all alone. Yet Sephiroth never gave him that simple joy. His joy came from killing. The killing of many, the killing of men and women alike. He was part of an ancient race who called themselves Cetra Ancients, but only by the cells of Jenovah a Cetra Ancient.Other than that he would have been a regular boy born into a horrible family. No matter how you thought of it having Lucricia as his mother, and Hojo as his father he would never have the life a boy would diserve. If only Lucircia would have stayed with the former Turk Vincent, then it would be ok. Then Sephiroth would have had a caring father who would never have harmed him in the many horrible ways that Hojo had. He would have had a chance at life, a chance at love and still be pefection. But he was beyond perfection now. Even perfection wasn't a good enough word to discripe him.General Sephiroth was beyond the pinicle peak of his sucess. He was still claiming. He would never stop, he could live for an eternity if he tried, if he wanted too. But lately all that had changed. He had thoughts in his mind that should never be there. Thoughts of leaving the world, going somewhere away. Far away. Leaving soldier leaving everythign he held dear which wasn't alot. He had thoughts on his mind of the future. No matter what, he could never be happy. Happiness was on the otherside of the world and he was nothmoremore but a crippled ant left to die knowing he would never reach it. All the Great Sephiroth could do was loath in self pitty for now. He could never bring himself to leave SOLIDER..or could he?
ok well then it was short. i had this written some time ago. Ok well have patience, time on your hands and a strong stomach(dunno?bored) Ok ay later chappys in my mind and almost typed.

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