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Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VIII, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

The first part of a hopeful series! Seifer/Squall, not my favorite pairing, but fun to write. This is post-game.
Disclaimer: These guys are all Square's as you all hopefully know.
Warnings: m/m, oral, masturbation and a very submissive Squall. ...oh dear.

Any creature that awaited the solace that the night's stillness brought was directly defied as steel clashed against steel in the depths of a quasi-jungle. Two figures, too young to be called men, stared each other in the eye as each fought for supremacy. "Bring it, SeeD boy," Seifer taunted when they pulled away, each taking the advantage to catch their breath. Squall scowled in return, wishing in the back of his mind that he could spare the time to shake the sweat from his eyes. He blinked, the best remedy he had for the faint sting, and when he opened them again Seifer had launched himself at Squall, the end result landing Squall on his back with his gunblade swinging up to block the path Seifer followed to his throat. "All that time with your woman is making you slow." Seifer stared at the ceiling above them as he pulled his weapon away, opting for a spot against his shoulder. He tapped it impatiently as Squall climbed to his feet, shaking his bangs out of their plastered state.
"I felt bad about beating you three times in a row. I thought it might be good for you to win a round." His lips curved in response to the scowl Seifer shot him before continuing, "But you're okay. You should pass the next test if you don't ruin it by being an ass." He ran his hand across his mouth, smearing the mixture of dirt and salt into his mouth as the he started for the exit.
"Hey hey, where do you think you're goin'?" Seifer called after the retreating figure. "I didn't think you'd be up so easy. I shoulda' stuck with my original plan of fighting that chicken-wuss. He never wants to quit." Seifer let a smug grin take hold, when it came to manipulating Squall no one had mastered the technique better than him.
Squall obliged to the challenge by raising his gunblade, holding the weapon in front of him as he openly invited Seifer to take up the offensive for their next encounter. Once again the air rang with the harmonies of the attackers, each strike echoing with a song only one such as they could consider beautiful.
Squall took several steps backwards, suddenly realizing the strength of Seifer's charges and for a moment the possibility of Seifer purposely wearing him down flickered into his conscience. He lurched to the side, his confidence wavering; he had never even considered the possibility that Seifer would decide a tactic before offering to meet him in the training center. Lack of sleep was beginning to take it's toll.
A flash of silver brought him back to reality, too late. He was pinned between a tree and the motion-distorted outline of Seifer's gunblade. Once again Seifer had him caught by the throat. Seifer had thrown himself into the swing and when he stopped the attack he stood inches away from Squall's sweating form, the heat from Seifer's rushing breath almost stifling. When he looked into the other boy's eyes he saw vaguely the desire for power and acceptance that had driven him to the arms of the sorceresses. It was also the sheer lust for blood that he saw painted into those cobalt eyes that he'd grown accustomed into staring into. It was this that caused him to fight the urge to close the distance between them. The need for dominance was something he never saw in any of the others, the one thing that he felt connected him and Seifer on a plain neither could give words to. And it was in those eyes that he saw something respond to his maelstrom of thoughts.
Seifer felt his torso lean towards Squall while his mind raced, he was supposed to be the confident one, what would the so-called commander think if he could hear his heart racing? 'The hell with that.' The gap between the two sweat-stained mouths had disappeared. The pause in their battle ended as each took up the fight for access into the others' mouth. Seifer won. Squall tried to tilt his neck to the side but he was painfully reminded of the blade against his throat. Dually he realized that he had run out of air as the assault on his mouth, given as much as he had hoped for it, had caught him by surprise. A low moan in his throat was the only way he could communicate and moan he did. The sound only seemed to spur Seifer along who leaned in hr, hr, his free hand landing parallel to Squall's head. After what seemed like an eternity Seifer pulled away, relishing Squall's pained gasp for air. "Drop the weapon." Had it been anyone else pinned between the tree and the body they would have done as the voice commanded but it took more pressure against Squall's neck to convince his fingers to loosen. Before the blade even hit the ground Seifer was against Squall's neck, first tracing the contours with his hot breath before a not-so shy tongue peeked out to steal a taste. The ever faithful sweat and dirt. It wasn't long until he began using his teeth to try and grab Squall's neck, leaving the newly placed bruises with a rough kiss that in time Squall would learn was trademark.
"The hell, Seifer?" But the words were too strained to convince even the most gullible of children that he wanted the actions to cease. His neck arched back as his torso hit Seifer's, suddenly making both men completely sure of the others arousal. Squall looked down the bridge of his nose to see the all-too familiar sadistic grin that seemed customized to Seifer's disposition. "What-"
"Get down on your knees." For a moment the only sound was Squall's panting as his mind raced.
"Get down on your knees. Don't make me repeat myself again." Once again Squall found himself making a decision between submission or a spilled artery. He complied to the blonde, kneeling down in front of him. "Go on," Seifer urged, the smugness with which his voice took was at it's all time high. Squall worked the buttons of Seifer's pants until they too complied and fell open. There were no more layers blocking Squall from the flesh that beckoned him forward and Seifer was pleased to see that words weren't necessary anymore. After a hesitant moment Squall leaned forward, taking the appendage into his mouth. Now it was his turn to let his tongue roam strange lands. He ran it gingerly across the surface before testing to see how far his gag reflexes would allow. He moved tentatively with an awkwardness that showed his inexperience.
"God... dammit, you suck like a woman." Squall drew back, only to find Seifer thrusting himself in his face where he was forced to accept him once again. With this new bit of criticism he threw aside the insecurities that came with being uneducated. His mouth slipped around Seifer's cock he took advantage of the sudden feeling of control. He worked his way down the turgid shaft, slowing at every hitch he heard in Seifer's breath so he could regain speed. He wished he could see Seifer's face, his eyes falling and his lips parted as his breath began to come in gasps. He wanted to see the beads of sweat begin to form as his hands met the tree for more support. He took every breath that hitched more than the others as a compliment. Squall lowered himself down as far as he could go where he continued to run circles around his new toy. Seifer's hips bucked forward, causing Squall to gag while his mouth was still filled. He wanted to feel ashamed at how he was pinned once again, Seifer taking over his job as he bucked repeatedly, each slam producing another wave of gags from Squall's throat. He wanted to feel a seething hatred for the taller man. But above all of this he wanted to reach down himself and thrust his hand down with Seifer as he bucked rapidly.
Within seconds he had done as he wanted and reached for his own throbbing self. His gloved were tossed aside as leather he knew was not the most accepting of materials. Squall did his best to follow Seifer's movements, han hand, now free of trappings, covering what his mouth couldn't while the other followed in a vertical pattern. He followed his instincts, not allowing his fingers to caress but to grope with the intensity of the heated moment. It was then that Squall found his mouth filling with a new taste and found himself swallowing it rather than allow it to spill out his chin. Seifer groaned as he leaned into the boy at his waist who was so readily licking up the mess where he could. A minute or more passed as Seifer stood hovering over Squall who had pulled back, leaving Seifer to hang flaccid yet unashamed. If he looked up he could see Seifer hovering over him, his lips parted and Squall realized that if he looked up into the gaping hole it was easy to think of the situation as a reversal. With Seifer moving downwards, the blonde head rising and falling like a buoy where he controlled the waves. He could raise his hips and force Seifer all the way down. He could... he could... he bit his lip against a rushing moan that forced to echo throughout the entire area as his hand helped him cross the threshold. As he spilled himself over his fingers and lap he opened his eyes to see Seifer leering down, the very look in his eyes that had triggered the events taking over. "Thought you would've done better than that," he motioned towards Squall's proof of orgasm that had settled in the creases of his pants. "Maybe I'll be a nice guy and help you get all of that up." Squall climbed to his feet, snatching his gunblade off the ground. "See you in the showers, SeeD boy." He looked up see Seifer's disappearing towards the locker rooms that weren't too far off and without bothering to close his pants, he hurried to catch up.

It wasn't too graphic, because... well, hey, I can't say I've ever watched too men go at each other. Chances are this might be revised at a later date.

I'm thinking Rinoa might be next. Or maybe a continuation shower scene! Or maybe... pssh, who knows. I guess it's in the hands of the reviewers, so, what would you like to see next?

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