After Party

BY : Nicolas
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Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VIII, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Ok, this is a disclaimer. Yeah, yeah...I know you hate reading them, but believe me they are important. Now, my name is Nicolas and I will be your narrator (This is your cue to ‘boo!’) Anyways, all this is to give you a heads up. So, here you go. This is NC-17 for sex (duh!) and crude humor (sorry, I just couldn’t resist ^.^ ) This is a Final Fantasy VIII Fan Fiction piece that has Seifer and Quistis in their natural habitat. My partner is now writing the prologue to this and soon my second chapter should be near completion. Ok, go ahead and read it, ya know ya wanna ^.^ Oh shit, wait....I gotta say that “The characters and situations in this story don’t reflect anything done by Squaresoft and should not be taken as such” bit (But seriously, if you didn’t know that already then your a dumbass and shouldn’t be reading this)

Chapter 1

Seifer awoke after his long sleep. He was bored; almost itching for a fight. He was always like this, at least he was in the morning. The odd thing about this particular morning was the hangover. Seifer didn’t even remember getting drunk, but then again he never did. The sound of running water was heard when he stood; feeling an intense throb that made him stumble slightly. Seifer tousled his blonde hair and looked to the bathroom to see Quistis walk out in a bathrobe. She didn’t see Seifer at first, but turned to look at a small poster. Seifer stood there; mouth agape. “What the hell are you doing here?!?” Quistis turned to Seifer slowly, then laughed, “What do you think I am doing here?”
At this, Seifer just muttered something along the l of, of, “ I don’t believe this shit...The one night I get Quistis in bed and I can’t remember it!” Quistis put a hand on her hip, “What’s wrong, lover boy? Don’t tell me you don’t remember...” She put on a mock pout and looked to the floor. Seifer was again lost for words, “Well...I, uhhh....No, just surprised.” Quistis looked up and laughed, “And why is that?”
Seifer thought quickly, “Because you look so sexy right now.” He smirked and folded his arms over his bare chest. A sudden blast hit him in the head, but Quistis was blushing and didn’t really notice. She untied the belt and opened the bathrobe, “And you told me this was the sexiest I’ve ever looked....” Seifer’s malleable mouth instantly took on a look of open admiration, “Well, I was right then, wasn’t I?”
Quistis started forward, “Now, now....Calm down.” She took on a more natural tone, “Sit down and be quiet.” Seifer gave her a sardonic smile, “And what if I don’t?” Quistis cocked her head and took on a formidable expression, “Then I expect you’ll have to be punished...” Seifer raised his arms and shrugged, “Well then, I suppose I’m a glutton for punishment.” He smiled impishly; then went to stand in front of her, “Punish me.”
Quistis laughed, or more like giggled before pushing Seifer on the bed, “Shut up you. Now...” Quistis leapt on top of him before straddling his lap. She sighed, “What to do to you....?” Seifer could barely control himself as she moved back and forth while thinking. He began to move his hand to one of her large, breath-taking breasts, but that was immediately smacked away by a lithe right hand. Quistis looked down, “I don’t think so, big man.” Seifer smiled and emphasized her point by arching his back so his hard cock could be felt beneath his black boxers. Now it was Quistis’ turn to lose control. She fell on top of him with a hard kiss. Seifer went to wrap his arms around her, but soon Quistis was in full control once more. She sat up and sighed to herself.
Quistis wrapped a small finger in her blonde hair, “Hmmmm....” Her smile brightened as she looked up quickly, “I’ve got it!” She immediately removed herself from Seifer and went into the bathroom. Seifer moaned longingly, but Quistis quickly told him to hold on. She ran back in clutching a coil of rope. Seifer sat up quickly, “What the hell is that for?” He was still hard as Quistis smirked, and he felt himself onc once more. Quistis saw this and shook her head, “This is your punishment....” Quistis deftly tied Seifer’s wrists together and hooked that to the bed, but his hands could still touch his own face. Quistis smiled devilishly, “I already know you’re good, but can you do it without your hands?”
Seifer laughed, “I could do you as a blind deaf mute.” Seifer shook his head, “But what would be the fun of that?” Seifer looked purely satanic as he hardened in front er eer eyes. Quistis’ eyes grew round, “Well, let’s find out then...” She climbed onto the bed and pulled off Seifer’s boxers with a slight whistle, “It looks angry...” Seifer laughed, “Well, it’s been a long time since he has found a strong opponent.” Quistis shook her head and clucked her tongue, “Something that needs to be fixed, and quickly.” She smiled demonically.
Quistis tossed off her bathrobe completely and leaned down to the throbbing cock for a delicate kiss. Seifer moaned in a low, soft voice. Quistis looked up at him and shook her head while smiling, “Men...” She wrapped her index finger around the base and slid it up slowly. She then wrapped her thumb and bent down. She blew softly on it, then licked the quivering head, “Had enough, yet?” Seifer smiled down at her, “Not even close.” Quistis nodded seriously before shoving his whole cock into her mouth. She then slid it out slowly. Quistis leaned in to let the large dick slide along her throat, chest, and finally, her breasts. She looked to Seifer, “Uh oh....I think that he just met his better.” Seifer grinned, “Two on one? I don’t know, he might be able to pull it off...” This was met by a grunt from Quistis, who took hold of one of her breasts. She slid the hard, pink nipple into his opening. Seifer shuddered and Quistis laughed, “Perfect fit.” Soon Quistis was jerking Seifer’s cock back and forth with her now hot, full breasts. Seifer moaned continuously, but he held back from coming. Quistis sighed and looked up at Seifer in frustration, “He is stronger than I thought.” Seifer just smiled up at her, “I could have told you that.”
So Quistis began a new technique. She rose herself into the air and stood high above Seifer, “Well, I know one girl he won’t ever defeat.” Seifer smirked and pursed his lips, “Do you now?” He wiped his brow and found it covered in sweat. He took a deep breath before looking back up. What he saw made him almost come on his own. Quistis was squatting over him; fingering herself with several well-placed moans. Seifer moaned loudly, “No fair!” He couldn’t get to her because he was tied up. Quistis looked back at him and he noticed her hair, neck, and back were covered with sweat. She moaned once more, “Oh, I’m sorry....I didn’t see you there.”
Quistis continued on, this time rocking back and forth with fervent sexual actions. She dropped to her knees at one point, but only enough to let the edge of her outer wall touch Seifer’s enormous cock. At this, Seifer roared out a curse and struggled against his bonds, “Let me out, damn it! I’m sorry!” Quistis just smiled at him before lowering her body on top of him, “So, have you learned your lesson?” Seifer nodded; his breathing ragged and his face thoroughly flushed. Quistis laughed and straddled him once more, “Well then, I think it’s time for a reward, how about you?” Seifer cried out; more in frustration then anger, “You have got to be joking!” Quistis grabbed his cock and rammed herself onto it, “When do I ever joke?” This was said afterwards, of course, because Quistis gasped loudly after shoving it in. She began rocking forward on his cock sporadically before Seifer’s breath, too, became mixed with gasps and moans. Quistis propped her hands on Seifer’s muscled chest and used it to balance herself out. She went wild then and started to drag her long nails into Seifer’s chest. Seifer gasped, but found that this didn’t bother him, in fact it seemed to make him want her even more.
This continued for a long, long time before Quistis finally found herself at the edge of her sexual hunger, “I’m coming!” Seifer had been waiting for this and soon found himself ready to explode. Quistis went first; her pussy squeezing tightly over his thrusting cock. She moaned, screamed even until Seifer’s voice drowned out her own. Seifer lost all control as he pounded it in. His body seemed completely drained by the experience, but he felt it was well worth it. With his sexual appetite filled he found it much easier to concentrate. His head was still slightly fogged, but the exercise had done him well. Quistis rolled off him and was breathing heavy. Seifer smiled as he gasped for breaths, as well. He tried to move, but noticed the rope, “Gonna set me free?” He smirked as she rolled over and sighed, “Well, I suppose you’ve been a good boy.” Seifer laughs, “Now, now...I wouldn’t go that far....” Quistis giggled and unbound Seifer. Now that Seifer was free Quistis found herself on top of Seifer’s warm body. She sd, “d, “You hungry?” Seifer grinned, “Yes actually, no thanks to you.”
Quistis got up and walked slowly to his small fridge, “Well, all I seem to see is a half-empty bottle of Jack Daniels....” Seifer smiled impishly, “I like to think of it as half full.” This brought a smile to Quistis’ face as she surveyed the rest of the fridge, “Ah, here we go.” Quistis took out two apples and tossed one to Seifer, “There, now eat up.” This made Seifer immediately draw his attention to Quistis’ blonde covered abdomen, “If you insist.” Quistis laughed and laid herself next to Seifer, “You may be able to keep this up all day, but I’m a little tired.” Seifer sighed, “Oh ok....” He took a large bite of his apple, “Where’d this come from anyway?” Quistis looked to her own apple, “No idea.” Seifer just shrugged and smiled as he took another bite.
Quistis turned to look at him for a minute, which made Seifer cock an eyebrow, “What, do I have something on my face?” Quistis shook her head, “No, but don’t worry....” She looked down at her pussy, “You will...” Seifer laughed uproariously, and and what happened to the ‘You may be able to do this all day, but I can’t’ thing?” The way he imitated Quistis made her giggle happily, “Oh, I still mean it, but I’m sure we can think of something to do after a short nap....” Seifer smiled, “Ok then, come here.” Seifer crooked a finger at her and Quistis flattened herself onto him sexily. She rested herd ond on his chest, “See you soon, then?” Seifer nodded and added with a sardonic grin, “You better hope so.”

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