Figaro Engine Room

BY : Kreldin
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Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VI, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

This story was made on a bet, so it -is- a little odd. It gets a little bloody in some parts, so be careful. Other then that, Enjoy!


They had been tailing him for a few days now, since they had saw him in Nikeah. He had looked suspiciously like Edgar, and carried himself in the same manner. It was at this point, they found themselves underneath the castle of Figaro, shadowing Gerad and his band of thieves through the basement. They stopped at a door marked as the engine room, hearing cries of desperation from within. Sabin gasped and burst through the door, Celes and Setzer following closely behind him. What they saw was a shock to them; several bandits crushed and mangled by gears, and a few being violated by tentacles. Gerad sat near the door, his armor removed and his trousers around his ankles. One of his hands stroking his cock, the other using his Flash weapon to preserve these moments.

Tentacles slithered across the tired, naked bodies of the bandits. Their bodies meshed against eachother, tentacles ravaging one's ass, a bandit's wang planted in another's. A small tendril was curled around the young boy's cock, stroking him off slowly; both bandits moaning into tentacles. Their bodies coated in sweat and spunk. Soon, the monstrosities finished with them and hurled them into the blood-stained gears, which become even bloodier as the two remaining bandits are minced. As this is happening, Sabin rushes over to Gerad, who shoves the younger man away. Sabin cries out and rushes at the elder, "Why, brother?!" Gerad pulls Sabin down and shoves his wang in the young Figaro's mouth. He grunts, "Kid, I ain't your brother."

Sabin closes his eyes and endures, tears welling up in his eyes as he begins to suck another man's dick. He sobs helplessly, his tongue swirling around the head of the older man's cock. A tentacles forces itself through his gi, working it's way into his ass. Gerad takes more flashes, more memories to pass down. By this time, Setzer had gotten aroused, his wang pressing painfully against his trousers. His jacket shifted as he grabbed Celes' arms, forcing her over in a moment of lust. He pinned her arms to the back of her shoulders, taking a sleep dart out of his coat, he stabbed her with it. She was soon out like a light, the gambler's weapons having use even outside of combat.

The tentacle in Sabin's firm ass expanded and pulsed, beginning to pump in and out of his young body. Gerad climaxed as Sabin yelled in pain, filling the young man's mouth with torrent after torrent of hot jism. Sabin's gi was soaked with sweat, tears streaming from his face as he gulped it down in his sobs. He choked and sputtered, semen mixing with the tears, dripping along his face and neck. Gerad snapped from his trance, his face visibly relaxing as he picked up his chainsaw from the ground. He charged forward into the fray of tentacles, the chains tearing through the creature's pseudo tentacles. Soon, the tentacle stretching Sabin's bleeding ass came to a halt, writhing as it slipped to the ground. It's seed clearly dripping from Sabin's masculine ass. Sabin fell to the floor, sobbing at himself.

By now, Celes' tunic and armor had been dented, scratched, ripped and tossed to the side. Setzer lowered himself upon her, his dick rubbing against her thighs as he rammed himself into her, his dick tearing carelessly through her loose tunnels as he humped her. He moaned outwardly as he continued to fuck her roughly, savagely even, "Oh... Maria...". She slowly came to, still numb from sleep. He had her wrists pinned against the floor, his body on top of hers, squirming and writhing in pleasure as he had his way with her; raping her body. She hadn't felt so helpless, since Kefka made her fuck every officer of the empire. She wished only for death, which quickly may come quickly in the form of a tentacle which grabbed her by the throat. It strangled her openly, choking her. She lie there, dead. Setzer kept pumpking away at her, a tentacle quickly working into her throat. It ravaged her limp body, squirming it's way deep within her before going limp. It, too, died to the hands of Gerad. But not before coating her and Setzer in it's slimy seed.

Only one tentacle remained, and Gerad's chainsaw was crushed as it landed in the gears. He pulled a drill from a hilt on his boots, his wang flapping in the open wind as he dueled with the gargantuan beast. Setzer climaxed within Celes and passed out on top of her. Sabin rose from the ground slowly, his Tiger Fang scraping across the cold stone floor as he charged at Gerad, who had barely evaded Sabin's attack. He stumbled and his weapon was caught in a gear, his hand crushed with it. The tentacle grabbed him, tearing him from the gear; and his arm. Sabin was hurled at Gerad. He fell roughly into the drill, the spinning bit making quick work of his face and head as he slid from it and slumped to the ground. Gerad yelled angrily at the loss of Sabin. "Brother!" He yelled, as his drill charged forward into the tentacle.had had little effect, quickly being assimilated into the mass.

The bit of the drill extended from the tip of the tentacle, spinning wildly as the tentacle sprouted tentrils to hold the King of Figaro down. The larger tentacle worked the drill into the man's ass, blood oozed from Edgar and screams of agony echoing through the halls. The bit pierced his innards as he was slowly fucked to death by the weapon he had killed so many beasts with. When Setzer awoke he was being fucked in the ass by Celes' arm, which had been torn from it's socket by the tentacle. The drill was spinning noisily as it fucked him in the dick. He went rigid as his dice fell from his coat, killing him and the tentacle instantly.

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