Deep end

BY : Purplepenguin
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Deep End

Disclaimer: Squresoft owes evrything, characters, places etc and i owe nothing, nothing at all.

Chapter 1


I sat and stared across the pool in confusion.

What the hell?

I was a nice normal guy, I had a good job as the local pool lifeguard I had no stress in my life, no trauma so why-?

I taught the local kids how to swim I had to watch in case the teachers noticed as they can get a little funny about this sort of thing around children. The kids loved me, said I was a good instructor the teachers loved me too; I was a loved person. I sighed in confusion, what if I lost my job because of it? This was not the same as what the other lifeguard did, staring across the pool at some pretty girl.

I had had girlfriends dammit! I was not gay, I wasn’t, couldn’t be. I didn’t have a silly walk, or like pop music or write poems. Not that I knew if any of that stuff was true, I’ve never meet a gay person before.

I get to see a lot of hot girls in my job, girls in swimming costumes and bikinis. I like girls! I have girlfriends! Girls are great!

I whimpered. Oh, who was I kidding? I watched the most stunning creature ever pull himself out of the side of the pool to move to a different lane as a couple of kids got in his way.

He looks about 12 in the face too, that makes me feel so much better, I’m only 18 but he’s definitely younger than me. He pulled out of the pool again giving up on swimming more lengths. His muscles flexed as he pulled his weight onto the side of the pool. His beautiful chocolate hair hung low in his eyes, water sticking it to faceface and running rivers down his perfect, toned, tanned body.

Yes I was obsessed! 3 months of nothing but drooling over this angel and wishing I could touch him, just once. I never said anything, can you imagine what would happen if he noticed? I’d be beaten to a pulp or laughed out and be out of a job probably.

He turned and walked along the side of the pool towards me on my lookout point. He looked at me as he passed, much to my surprise he smiled at me and offered me a little wave. I just stared at him in shock as he disappeared into the changing rooms.

Idiot! I didn’t even smile back, what must he think now? If he thinks anything at all.

I turned and spotted a blonde girl in a blue bikini she was pretty, I guess and she had water running down her so why wasn’t I staring at her? She comes here a lot, I think she likes me, she always offered me a smile or says hi. She was… nice but nowhere near as beautiful as that brunette boy. I turned back to see him walked out of the changing rooms and up the stairs, this time dressed in tight leather pants that hugged his legs nicely, and a leather jacket that was open to reveal a simple blue tee.

“Excuse me?”

I knew I was close to drooling as he walked out the exit.

“Excuse me? Hello?”

I realized someone was talking to me; I turned to see that blonde girl in the blue.

I smiled. “Hi, can I help you?”

She held a hand out to me. “You could tell me your name. I’m Quistis.”

I shook her hand. “Seifer.”

“So when do you finish work today?”

Well she certainly was forward. “Not till late I’m afraid.”

Her expression darkened in disappointment. “What about tomorrow?”

“I work late everyday.” Why was I lying? A few months ago, I would have jumped at the chance and it wasn’t like I’d ever get a chance with that beautiful brunette.

Her smile became strained. “Okay, well I’ll see you around then.”

I smiled as she walked away, off to the changing rooms. What was wrong with me?


I swam the length of the pool with one eye on the sexy lifeguard. There were near places to swim than this but all their lifeguards were old and balding. He was the only reason I came here, he looked so good in swimming shorts. He could rescue me any day not that it would ever happen. There was no way he was gay, I’ve seen him check out the girls wearing their skimpy costumes. Especially that blonde, I know what she’s up to, it’s so obvious she wants him too. I see her jumping off the diving board to show off and get his attention. Wish I could do that, though I did and it went wrong he would have to save me. Maybe it’s not worth breaking my neck over… yet. I’ll save it for when I get desperate.

I finished my late length of the pool and pulled myself out, I pushed my dripping hair out my face and glance up at the lifeguard. I’m surprised to find myself being watched. I smirk to myself and walked past him. I smiled and waved at him, hoping that if I was straight he thought I was just being friendly. He didn’t smile back or even react. That’s a bad sign, isn’t it?

I sighed and wandered out for a shower. When I looked back, before exiting, I saw that blonde girl talking to him and he smiled.

I glared at her in her tiny, tiny costume. I wanted to walk over there and rip her awaym him him, which was stupid really as it wasn’t like I had a chance with him, there was no way he’d want me. I walked out of the changing room doorway and out of the exit without another look at the sexy lifeguard.


“Did you go up to him?”

I shrugged. “I waved and smiled as I past him.”

“And what did he do?”

“Nothing.” I slumped on the bar.

The girl at the bar was my friend and I had dated her for while before I realized I was gay. We used to go swimming together at the same pool until I went to this other one once by chance and saw that lifeguard. Now I never want back to the little local pool.

“He must be something special to have you so upset like this.”

“He’s perfect.”

She patted me on the shoulder. “Don’t say that, if he’s stupid enouot tot tnt ynt you then that’s his loss. You’ll find someone better.”

“There is no one better.”

She chuckled, tucked a piece of highlighted hair behind her ear. “Oh you’re really got it bad, are you going back tomorrow?”


“It’s my day off, want me to come with you?”

“Would you? You can talk to him!”

“Me? Why don’t you do it?”

“You can find out if that blonde whore got there first.”

She chuckled. “Temper, tr. Or. Okay I’ll come with you bf hef he’s straight can I have him?”

I shot her another hard look and she laughed. “I’m kidding, god you’re obsessed.”

I nodded.


I leaned over the edge of the balcony that overlooked the pool. I gazed at a tall blonde lifeguard. “Is that him?” I asked Squall.

I nodded and sighed, resting his head on the rail. “Perfect isn’t he?”

“He’s not bad.” I teased.

“How can you say that? He’s beautiful.”

I smiled, checking out the blonde below. He looked really good in those swimminortsortsrd, rd, muscled body with a nice tan and sandy blonde hair. He looked good, not really beautiful; he was pretty like Squall just sexy. “I see what you mean he’s yummy.”

He glared at me in mock jealousy. “Well hands off bitch, he’s mine.”

“I don’t see your name on him, why don’t you go talk to him?”

“Umm…. but if he’s straight I’ll get beaten up.”

“Aren’t you just supposed to know what guys are straight and what guys aren’t? I thought yoopleople had gaydar or something.”

He slumped farther. “Well mine’s broken.”

I laughed and turned for the stairs.

“Where are you going?”

“I talk to him.”

His eyes widened but he didn’t stop me as I took the steps one at a time down to the poolside.


I looked at my watch. It was 1:30, where was he? He was usually here by now. I sighed not believing I was sad enough to sit here and worry about why the guy I hadn’t had the courage to talk to wasn’t here. I actually missed him, it made my job more boring because I had no pretty brunette to stare at. Maybe he had something more important to do, like a date. I kicked myself of the flood of jealousy that hit me.

“Excuse me?”

I looked up at a pretty young black haired girl with blonde highlights.


She held out her hand. “I’m Rinoa.”

“Seifer.” I smiled at her, hoping that she would ask me out because then I’d have to think of an excuse. I never thought I’d have that problem before.

She smiled. “Listen I have a friend who comes here, he’s noticed you and he’s too much of an idiot to tell you himself.” She shook her head and smiled.

I shook my head in shock. Guys had crushes on my now too?

“He?” I asked

She nodded. “If you’re straight then, that’s too too.”

“I-err-I d-don’t know.” I felt like an idiot saying that but if I said I was straight like I thought I was and then it turned out to be the guy of my dreams I would have to shot myself. “Who is he?”

She pointed up to the balcony and there he was staring out at the pool, his eyes glanced once in my direction, staring when he saw me look right back at him. Our eyes locked, he looked scared shitless and glanced back at the door as if wondering if he should run or not.

“Interested?” The girl asked.

I nodded without taking my eyes off him.

“Great.” She grinned, turning on her heels and heading straight back up the stairs.

“Wait a minute.” I called after her but she didn’t hear me. I didn’t even know his name, what would I say to him?

I looked back up to the balcony to see the girl appear up there, jumping up and down in delight as he told him, his eyes fell open in shock and he glanced back at me with a deep red blush. I bit my tongue to keep from grinning stupidly. He was adorable. I watched his friend push him towards the stairs. The leather-clad guy I had been drooling over was suddenly right in front of me looking uncomfortable and nervous.

“Hi.” He practically whispered it.

I held out a hand. “I’m Seifer.”

He took it. “Squall.”

The simple handshake lingered for longer than it should have, his fingers loosely held mine until I realized I was in full view of a pool filled with people and children, I broke the contact reluctantly, his hand falling to his side again.

“Listen,” I said to break the silence that fell over us. “I had lunch in an hour, how about I meet you in the little café up there.” He pointed back up to the balcony.

“Okay.” He nodded.

“You not swimming today?”

He frowned as if surprised that I had noticed. He had to be kidding, he stood out from the crowd by miles. “Y-Yeah we’re just going to now.” He pointed to Rinoa who was changed and waiting him to hurry and get ready to.

I smiled. “You should go then, not good to keep women waiting they get grumpy.”

I smiled back. “Okay I’ll see you in an hour.” He pointed to the balcony, I nodded, and he walked away.

I breathed out in sort of relief that he was gone. That was the most uncomfortable thing ever, I didn’t know what to say to him and soon I have one and half-hours of lunch with him. Got to try and think of something intelligent to say for that, and try to think about how badly I want to touch him.

We only just meet, said a few sentences and already it feels like I’ve been starved. God, he drives me nuts.


“Well?” Rinoa asked excitedly.

I grinned. “He said I could meet him for lunch in an hour up in the café.”

She cheered and hugged me. “See? I told you he’d want you.” She shoved me into the changing room and called through the door. “You’re so lucky, bet he’s good in bed, you have to keep me posted.”

I blushed, looking around at the mixed looks I got from the other guys in the changing room. “R-Rinoa there are other people in here.”

“So?” She yelled loudly. “They can kiss my cute and very pert backside.”

I shook my head and changed as quickly as possible before she said anything else embarrassing through the door. When I got out, she had disappeared back into the ladies changing room so I went straight out and dived in. I swam one length before I risked a glance up at him. He was still watching me and I made sure to keep one eye on him as I swam back up the pool.

Rinoa came out and sat on the edge looking mock pissed. “I was waiting for you and you didn’t wait for me.”

I shrugged.

She pushed off into the water and grabbed a hold on one of my legs, pulling it up causing me to lose my balance. “Are you taking to drown me?”

“Maybe, then you’ll need rescuing.” She said loudly and winked at Seifer.

I blushed. “Rinoa.” I hissed.

“What?” She asked innocently. “No sense being shy now is there? He knows he like him and if you act all prudish now you’ll never get into his bed.”

“Rinoa!” I risked a glanced up at Seifer when I heard laughter and he grinned at me. I lean on the side on the pool, close enough to him so we could hear each other.


He propped up on the edge of the pool in front of me.

“Sorry about her, she’s a bit…”

“Insane?” I put in.

“Hey!” She propped up beside me on the side of the pool. “That’s not very nice, if I hadn’t taken time from my day to come with you then you two idiots would still be drooling over each other, too cowardly to say anything.”

“Hey, whoa back up!” I said. “Cowardly? Me? I am no coward.”

“What you think just because you’re some macho lifeguard with a nice ass that you’re not cowardly?”

I looked amused. “Nice ass?”

She grinned. “Squall thinks you have a nice ass.”

“Rinoa!” He blushed, cheeks a deep red and even his neck was tainted pink. He looked very cute like that.

“What?” She said innocently. “That’s what you said up there.” She gestured to the balcony.

He looked horrified and quickly went back to his swimming, ignoring both of us.

She looked sheepish. “He’s a bit shy sometimes… you’ll have to work on that.”

I smirked. “Don’t worry I will.” I cocked my head and watched that body swim like a fish through the water.

“You really like him, don’t you?” She smiled again.

I grinned. “Yeah, yeah I do… he’s beautiful.”

“I’ll tell you said that.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll tell him myself later.”

“Aww.” She cooed. “That’s sweet, you’ll make a nice couple but-” She turned evil on me. “You hurt him and I’ll rip your balls off!” Her sweet smile came back again and off she swam.

I didn’t know if she was serious, I didn’t want to know if she was serious. I sat back, watched the beautiful brunette, and willed the clock to move faster so I could go to the best lunch ever.

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