Wutai Girl

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Wutai girl

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Damn it! There is nothing to do in Wutai anymore! Back in the day we pretty much had parties and festivals every night! How I loved the old times of Wutai… Might as well go train my ninja skills in the forests near Cosmo Canyon. Maybe even get my hands on some new materia!

I packed my roll up tent, materia, and my weapon for safety in my waterproof backpack.

Sigh…. It’s a pretty long ways to my favorite training area. But it’s always worth the trip when I get there. It’s been 3 hours since I left home, I suppose its best to camp out for tonight, and I should reach Cosmo Canyon by noon. So I set up my tent right by the waters, which I will have to swim tomorrow to cross the land to Cosmo Canyon. First, I started up a small fired thd then I cooked a small meal my mother taught me to cook when I was young. Finally, I got in the tent and tried to go to sleep. But I kept thinking of various things.

Was I ever going to marrmarried? Have a boy friend even?! I am 16 years of age without a boyfriend. I guess I been to busy with my training. Not many boys who come up to the Wutai now nowadays anyway… Soon, I feel asleep listening to the ocean outside of my tent.

A bran-new day! I left my tent and other heavy gear here where I always left it when about to swim to the other lands. Only keeping my materia, weapon, and waterproof backpack.

Knowing that nobody was close by, I stripped to my bra and panties to swim in. My breasts were a size C, and my belly was flat. I did not want to get my clothes wet, so I put them in my waterproof backpack and dived in the ocean. I always enjoyed swimming from land to land. It took roughly 15minutes to get from one side to another. I finally arrived on the other side! Now I had to look forward to a 1-hour journey to the Cosmo Canyon forest. I unpacked my clothes, put them back on and set off.

I always strangely enjoyed being exposed in public, not that anyone was near or anything, the breeze just felt good on my half naked body I guess.

About half way through my journey I ran into a machina fiend. My teacher, Rikku taught me how to deal with these fiends. I swiftly jumped toward it and pulled out some wires and it came crashing down. “Man I’m good!” I said to myself, boasting in my victory. I scored 2340 Gill off that runt; Machina fiends alwayrry rry a lot of Gill.

I continued on my way, soon reaching my destination of the forest of Cosmo Canyon. I put my materia on my belt, and got my weapons ready for some hardcore training. I walked slowly into the forest, being on guard. A snake fiend approached me quickly and attacked. I dodged with ease and sliced the slithering creature in 2! “Cheap skate!” 7 Gill… Oh well..

Two hours passed and I have defeated several small and medium sized fiends. That’s enough warm up! I stumbled deeper into the woods getting darker the further I went. Suddenly, a strange fiend with a green head and some sort of brown cloak and a lantern in one hand and a knife in the other approached me. I never seen this rare fiend in person before, But I have seen it in books I read back in Wutai. I had to take extreme caution while in the presence of this creature. The small fiend stood a few feet in front of me and began to speak. “I am Tonberry, Master of this forest, I must you you to leave by will, or I shall remove you by force!” Hehe! I’m not going to run away! “So be it, human. You have been warned”.

The Tonberry jumped toward me with a knife, I swiftly dodged to the left, barley avoiding harm. This was going to take some of my most powerful materia!

I Summon, The DRAGON KING, Bahamut!! The Aeon came down, faster then the speed of sound with an energy ball forming at its mouth. It stood 10 feet in front of Master Tonberry ready to fire its mega flare. Tonberry was not even moving. He must be petrified with fear! Bahamut shot the beam directly at Tonberry, and then vanished. A direct hit!

What! Impossible! How can you still be standing?! Yuffie then noticed an energy shield was surrounding Master Tonberry. It…. It’s hopeless….

Master Tonberry launched his attack ‘Bad Karma’ directly at Yuffie, the young ninja girl was defenseless! She closed her eyes and accepted her fate. A few moments passed and she is wondering why the attack wasn’t launched yet.. She slowly opened her eyes to see a man standing in front of her blocking the attack with a very large sword.

This is my 2nd story, so don’t be to harsh -.-‘. No lemon in this one but lemon will come! Please leave a review! Next chapter should be out soon.


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