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Chapter one.
The almost splashing sound of his boots coming into contact with the ground, now covered with a thin sheet of rain, was the only sound heard in his ears. It was raining hard that night and was threatening- more oncoming storms. Vincent Valentine muttered to himself words that could be heard by no one even if there were passer-byes. His voice rose in tempo and his tone became harsh. "Why does everything seem to be at my fault? Why is it that I feel only happy when I am...unhappy.." He questioned himself and quickly spun around, pulling his gun from under his cape. He blindly took a shot at a nearby tree, splitting one of the branches in half. This event took place within a heartbeat. He walked over to the tree and inspected his work. "Hmm.. I really must be slipping. My aim is a bit off." His gun vanished beneath his cape as quickly as it had emerged and he continued walking towards his destination.
Vincent's eyes glanced up to notice the site comintointo view. He continued a few more steps before coming to a stop before a bench. He sat wearily down and sighed. His fingers traced the rot iron of the back of bench now made slightly slippery from the water cascading down on it. "Why did I come here? It only makes me think of how alone I truly am. This park.. it comes alive during the day yet I find it more intriguing when it is dead. I could be at home doing something more productive, but, no. I had to come here didn't I? Ugh.." Vincent sat up and straitened his back. His eyes shot around the now abandoned park glazing over with the rain that he had let enter them.
The rain had eased up after about 45 minutes passed. He didn't keep track of the time that he had been gone. Vincent stood and started walking again, this time back home. Not a minute had passed and the rain had completely ceased. He stopped in his tracks to look at the sky, sad yet thankful that it had stopped. When hok hok his next step he noticed something out of the corner of his eye. A shadow. No, a figure. A figure of a woman. He turned to look at what he thought he saw and when his eyes caught on her, he went unblinking afraid he might miss something.
There she was. Leaning up against a tree in the not too far distance, alone. She was wearing a black, what appeared to be velvet, corset that gently defined her shape. A black ribbon was laced around her left arm and tied around her finger almost like a glove. The long black skirt she was wearing clung to her legs from getting soaked in the rain and left nothing to Vincent's imagination.
Vincent stumbled back as if struck then realized that he was staring. And not just staring right out in the open, but, mesmerized. If she happened to turn around and see him gawking there was no doubt in his mind that she would disappear out of sight upon seeing the expression on his face. So, quickly he ducked behind a tree and glanced back to her. He took a deep breath and knew that he had to go talk to her. If nothing, just to see her face. Everything was silent.
With every step that Vincent took, he felt his heart beat a little faster. "What is it about this woman that is making me act like this? What do I find so intriguing?" he thought to himself. Within what felt like hours to him, Vincent approached this beautiful figure. With his hands to his sides he silently cleared his throat and spoke. "Excuse me miss." Shocked, this woman spun around with a gasp. "Oh, my apologies sir. I didn't hear you behind me. You surprised me a bit." Vincent was sure his eyes widened as he took in the site before him. She was stunning. Her hair, as black as his own, was curly and some strands clung to her face from the water. Her skin was pale, so white, as if she was porcelain. That's it, she was a doll, a porcelain doll. He features were breathtaking. She didn't look like anyone Vincent had ever seen before, she had a very unique look to her. Her figure was petite and structure was tiny. She was also the perfect height, about 5 foot 6 inches he would say.
She tilted her head to the side slightly and Vincent noticed he was staring again. He quickly snapped back into his present place and reached for her hand. He took her delicate hand in his and brought it to his lips, ever so lightly placing a kiss upon the back of it. "I am Vincent Valentine. And I am very pleased to make your acquaintance." The corners of her lips turned slightly up before she curtsied slightly. "I am Ilona. I too am pleased to make your acquaintance Mr. Valentine."
His thoughts raced. "Ilona. Such a unique name for such a unique woman. Such beauty to speak for such beauty to view" his mind said.
Vincent attempted to repeat her name but failed. Ilona giggled softly, not letting any more of a smile show than what she had done bef She She broke her name ask ask she spoke to him. "Alone-a is how you pronounce it." She smiled that certain smile again. Vincent spoke, "Ilona. Ilona, please forgive me. I am not used to saying such a lovely name. It is so different." "Just like you" he thought.
"It's quite alright Vincent. The ones who even take the time to learn my name usually don't pronounce it right the whole time I know them."
"Well, I will be sure not to be one of them." He flashed a smile so gentile. "It is getting colder out, would you care to.. I mean, would you grace me with your presence.." He stopped to think for a moment, "Would you like to go get something to eat with me? I know of very nice restaurant not too far from here."
"I would love to."

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