Smoke on the Water

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Slightly AU. All the characters of FF8 at an outdoor pursuits
centre for team building.


I warn you that there is a novel use for climbing rope and a
cheap plot device. And if you are a YAOI fan please skip the next bit and read
the story. Subsequent chapters may be het, and a notice will be posted on those
designating them as such. Seifer’s a kink. Ask anyone.


Seeing as some narrow-minded people believe YAOI is wrong and
not cannon, and should not be published anywhere on the net, I am forced to warn
you that this chapter has a little bit of sex, screwing, and awww to hell with
it, two guys doing naughty rude bad things…. If you don’t like it, flame the
damned thing, I mean I just write these things because I love to….







Smoke on the Water.

Chapter one.



The boathouse. (Also known as the chapter that proves
Irvine’s a slut.)



Dedicated to Pixie518. Because of those that are narrow
minded…. Hope this makes you feel better.

(Please read her wonderful work.)






I knew I wasn’t going to like it from the moment I stepped
off the coach. The strap of my bag was cutting into my shoulder, it was starting
to rain and the stench of manure filled the air. I was disappointed to say the
least. Fuu was at my side as soon as she stepped off the bus, looking remarkably
untouched despite the five-hour journey that we had just undertaken.




I hear the mirth in her voice as she looks up at the massive
building before us. “Yeah. Whatever.”


“Ya sound like Squall, ya know?” Rajin observes with his
usual tact and ever-popular phrase.


“You need to buy a thesaurus, ya know?” I mock him, but he
knows I’m not serious, I’m just totally pissed off at the thought of spending
ten days at place when I could be commanding the halls of Balamb, preventing any
breach of discipline.


“Seifer Almasy?” Someone calls my name and I turn to see a
perky young man with a clipboard in his hand. “Is that you mate?”


“No, I’m the tooth fairy.” I snap. “Why do you want me?”


“Just assigning your dorm. You’ll be in room 13. One of your
room mates has the key already.”


“My lucky number…” But he’s already moved on and doesn’t
catch the sarcastic remark. I’m disappointed to find that Rajin isn’t in my dorm
as the strangely energetic man asks them their names and gives them a room in


Someone jumps up onto a low wall near the space where the bus
pulled up. “Can I have your attention please?” Most of my ‘colleagues’ just
plain ignored him, but I felt sorry for the poor sod. I nodded to Fuu.


“QUIET!” She cried loudly and everyone obeyed. When you don’t
listen to Fuu, you’ll be lucky to come off with a bruised shin… Hell, if you get
off that lightly, it means she likes you.


The stranger smiled thankfully and nodded. “Seeing as your
headmaster didn’t book enough rooms, it’s going to take us a while to get you
all settled in. Those of you who have been assigned rooms will be taken to them
so you can put all your stuff away and then you’ll be given some time to
yourselves. Those of you who haven’t been given rooms, stay here and we’ll see
what we can do.”


I roll my eyes and followed the crowd into the house,
wrinkling my nose in disgust when I realised the smell was as bad in here as
outside. Fortunately, it seemed to stop by the time we reached the second floor
where the first dorms were.




On a glossed white door I found a pair of brass numerals,
indicating that I have found my room. The three had a screw missing and was
hanging upside down. “Start as you mean to go on. What a dump.” I pushed the
door open.


Zell looked over at me from atop one of the bunk beds and
groaned. “You’re in this room too?”


I gave him the two-fingered salute and drop my bag. It’s not
as bad as I thought it would be in here… Pretty light and there are enough beds
to sleep six of us. And it’s warm.


I grabbed the bottom bunk of the beds nearest the door,
easier to escape in the night that way. As I dropped the holdall onto it I heard
a faint voice say. “I hope you don’t snore Almasy.” I looked over the raised
side of the top bunk to see Squall lying on his stomach on the white cotton


“You should know.” I whispered lowly, so only he can hear


There was the faintest touch of a smile around his eyes, even
if it doesn’t reach his lips.


The door flew open and in walked an auburn haired cowboy.
“Hey Almasy!” He grins. “Looks like I’m with you guys.” He walks past me to take
the bunk below Zell’s and was followed by some more students, neither of whom I


We all unpack in silence, slipping what we can into the small
drawers and cupboards. The two strangers disappear as soon as they can, not able
to stand the oppressive and hostile silence between Zell, Squall and myself.
Irvine moved across the room towards me, looking quite fed up of us already.


“Hey Seif, you wanna go and grab some lunch? I’m sure they
gotta be serving something by now.” I glanced up at Zell who hasn’t taken his
eyes off me since I chose this bunk below Squall’s.


I nodded and stood, and we set off to find the cafeteria.


Which was easier said than done. 


By the time we actually did find it, most of the hot food had
gone, and all of the seats were taken. So the cowboy and I ended up just
grabbing a couple of sandwiches, an apple each and a can of soda before heading
back out.


We found our way to the lake, or more precisely, the
boathouse at the edge of the lake.


One of the wonderfully bright instructors had forgotten to
lock it, and we were thankful for that. By the time we got down there it was
raining and we were already soaked through. His hat blew off as we got to the
door and he had to chase it along the dock, then watch dejectedly as it hit the
water. Then he made the mistake of leaning out, trying to get it.


The sight of his arse sticking up in the air really was too
much to bear. With only the gentlest of pushes, he went tumbling head over heels
into the ice cold water of the lake.


Looking back, I don’t think I should have done it. 


When I’d managed to stop laughing and pulled him back onto
the dock, we made it into the boathouse.


The cowboy dropped to the wooden floor, leaning against the
red plastic shell of a kayak, eased himself out of his sopping coat and draped
it over another of the small plastic boats. I suddenly wished he hadn’t worn a
white tee-shirt, especially not one with ‘F C U K’ emblazoned across the chest.
The cotton clung to his chest,


I threw the small brown bag with his lunch across to him and
he caught it gracefully, dropping it onto his lap with a faint rustle. He glared
at me in silence, if looks could kill, I’d have been six feet under.


“Sorry.” I said between fits of laughter but I don’t think he
believed a word of it. Tossing the rest of my cob into the bag, wondering when
egg mayonnaise had started containing concrete, I picked up the ruby red apple.
It’s skin shimmered with the tiny amount of wax I knew was there, but it looked
too good to resist.


The slight crunch as I bit into it jarred my teeth and the
juice ran down into my mouth. I discovered it was a cider apple, and was so
sweet it made my teeth ache. The gentle acidity made my lips tingle. I closed my
eyes. Why was it everything seemed so much better in those lingering minutes
after I had attained a small victory over someone?


The tingle in my lips suddenly gained more clarity as I felt
something move against them. Then something tried to push my lips apart,
Irvine was kissing me.


My eyes shot open and I pushed him away from me. “What do you
think you’re doing?”


“Well, you looked like you were enjoying it so much, I wanted
a taste.”


I held out the apple for him. “You could have just asked for
a bite you know.”


There was a slight sensation of pain as he grabbed the wrist
of the arm I was holding out to him, and I looked up into his eyes as his tongue
darted out to lick his lips. “I didn’t mean the apple.” His eyes narrowed on


And I realised how it felt to be a gyshal green in front of a
very hungry Chocobo.


He kissed me again, holding my wrists so I couldn’t push him
away again.


Not that I would have tried.


His still wet thigh pressed suggestively against my groin,
the dampness seeping through my own jeans and contrasting harshly with the dull
throbbing heat of my sex. “I want revenge….” He mumbled into my mouth. He pushed
ackeacket off my shoulders and almost ripped the buttons off my jumper in his
haste to get to my bare skin.


The dull throb of my sex roared into full force as he began
to lick and bite my collarbone. He looked up at me as he felt the strain of my
erection against the constriction of my clothing.


“You want me, don’t you?”


My breath catches in my throat. How must I look right now?
The scourge of Balamb garden so turned on he can’t even speak let alone tease


“Tell me you want me.”


I met his violet gaze with my deep green one, thinking back
on the lonely nights since I broke up with my last partner, thinking of how even
my own touch had not satisfied me. “I want you.” I growl. “Fuck me.”


He took hold of both of my wrists in one hand, the smirk
spreading across his handsome features was one to rival my own in those moments
of my triumph. But this moment was his…


He looked about, searching our surroundings for something I
could only imagine. The smirk transformed into a grin as he spotted something, I
tried to twist my head up to see, but his free hand grabbed my chin and pulled
me back down into a kiss that could have melted Shiva.


As he kissed me, he freed my hands momentarily as he
unbuttoned my fly, then commanded me to do the same to him. Within a few
moments, I was naked, sitting on the polished wooden floor beside the door,
which I had bolted. He slipped off his clothes languorously, tortuously slowly.
Finally, naked save for the sexiest of smiles I had ever seen, he stood over


“Go on.” He prompted. And I took his half hard sex into my
mouth, feeling his response with pleasure. “Close your eyes.” He commanded and
peeled my hands away from him. Too lost in the taste of him and too
caught up in the moment, I didn’t notice what I thought were his fingers tighten
around my wrists, pulling my arms up above my head. “Stop.” He said as I felt
the first twitch of his length, telling me how close his was to his peak.


“I was considering leaving you here, but you look too good an
opportunity to pass up.” His voice was soft and full of barely restrained


I looked up and found my arms bound with the lurid thick
colours of a strong but narrow rope that had been designed for climbing
purposes. The cord linking the two had been passed through the metal circle that
passed for a handle and I was at his mercy.


I felt my own sex twitch with renewed desire. A small slice
of fantasy was being forced upon me, and I liked it.


“Seifer, I believe you’re as bad as me.” He whispered with a
smile as he knelt before me. He pulled me up onto his lap, pulling on the bonds
that held me.


I wrapped my legs around him, crying out his name when he
pushed himself into my body. He didn’t even give me time to adjust, before
thrusting slowly into my body. “Harder, please…”


“I’m not your first.” He whispered with his eyes closed. “I
should have guessed. “Who was it? Dincht?” The name was punctuated with a sharp
thrust, forcins whs whole length into me before with drawing again. “Nida?”
Thrust, even harder if that was possible. “Leonhart?” Once again and even more
violent. I cried out. “I thought so.”


My chest burned hotter than a firaga attack, and my sex
rubbed against the tone of his stomach. With a shuffle he forced my back against
the wall, pulling my legs higher. Keeping one hand on my hip to steady him as he
continued to force himself into my body, he wound his free hand around my sex,
pumping to mimic the feel of my body constricting around his own sex.


I’d lost my voice in the last cry, wordless sounds were the
only sounds that came from my throat, and as his sex finally found that place in
me that made my world come crashing down around my ears, I gave in to orgasm,
feeling that final tension leave me in a rush.


With a soft moan, and a rush inside my body, he joined me in
the throws of ecstasy.


He leant against my chest staying there for a full five


I finally found my voice and the first thing I could say was:
“next time cowboy, I’ll hog tie you.”




Author’s notes.


Did I write that?

I honestly can’t believe I wrote that.


Pixie, this one is for you. Sorry you didn’t really get to
pick the pairing, but I changed it a lot after reading your latest wonderful
offering and decided to rewrite the whole thing. And you deserve some major
praise after accepting those reviews so gracefully.


All other readers, this is one fic I will continue when I
have updated my other fics. I enjoyed this too much to let it lie…. Infact, I
have some inspiration for the next chapter… I see…….. more characters, but not
the ones’ I’m used to writing,


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