The Black Flame

BY : RyuArashi
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Author’s Notes: This story will be AU, and the characters are bound to be OOC. But I just couldn’t get this scenario out of my head.

The Black Flame: Prologue

The dead man lay on his back, face strangely peaceful. A young boy, barely into his teens, looked down at the body, face expressionless. The light from the lamp in the corner of the room shone on his beautiful profile, highlighting the large tribal tattoo of a four-pronged flame and making the beautiful face look strangely demonic.

“Excellent work as always, Schwarzesfeuer.”

The voice, coming from the shadows that spilled into the room from the doorway, chuckled softly. “You never cease to amaze me, you know. So good at what you do, yet so emotionless. I wish I was that detached when I was your age.” The body belonging to the voice that was strangely mocking, yet imbued with respect and awe, moved silently into the room, his footsteps making no sound on the plushly carpeted floor.

The boy raised his eyes from the body to acknowledge the new arrival. Beautiful aquamarine eyes, alert, bright with intelligence, yet chillingly cold and remote, glanced at the new arrival. “There isn’t any need to be trite, Vaya. Are the arrangements ready, yet?”

The man’s eyebrows rose at the comment. “It speaks! I’m amazed. Yes, the arrangements have been made. You ‘re to go down to the docks at the time agreed. I’ll take care of the rest from here.” Vaya moved to examine the body. He whistled. “Man, I’m serious now. I am impressed. No blood, no gore. I’m sure he had no idea what hit him.”

The boy shrugged. “I saw no need for the man to suffer. If it was required, I’m sure I could have arranged it that way. It’s not a warning. He just needed to be out of the way. Besides, it’s better this way, is it not? Makes cleaning up a bit more convenient.”

“I suppose I should thank you for making my work easier.”

“No thanks are necessary.” The boy turned away from the body, walking towards the window. He leapt lightly to the ledge, seeming to have no trouble at all balancing on the slight edge. His back
to the room, he called out lightly to the his companion saying very softly, “He was a truly decent man, Vaya. Did we really need to kill him?”
Surprised at the comment, Vaya turned away from his examination of the body on the bed.
“Yes, he was. But it’s our job, Schwarzesfeuer. It is true that he was different from the others. But he was in the way of our employers. They paid us a tremendous amount of money to do this. I don’t like it myself. But we have a reputation to maintain.”

“I truly dislike people who tread heavily on others better than themselves. It annoys me.”

Vaya smirked. “This is the first time I’ve ever seen you worked up about something. Do you truly hate what you just did? I never thought you one to care about justice or any kind of abstract virtue of that sort.”

The boy made a sound Vaya couldn’t make out. “There is a lot you don’t know about me, Vaya. I don’t enjoy killing, you know. I just have the unfortunate gift of being very good at it.” He turned back to face Vaya. And smiled.

Vaya shuddered imperceptibly at seeing that smile. Whatever Schwarzesfeuer was thinking,
It didn’t bode well for whomever he was thinking about. He had heard of the rumor that
Schwarzfeuer had fangs. Now he knew the truth.

Vaya would never admit to it, but he was scared of the boy. He was barely fifteen years old, yet he already had a fearsome reputation. Even the head of the Guild that authorized the hits they performed, showed a wary respect for him, and went out of his way to accommodate the frankly weird idiosyncrasies the boy seemed to have.

Vaya took some time to examine his quarry, sl tak taking in the easy, deceptive stance the boy maintained on the window ledge.

The boy in question, weirdly enough, did not look like someone to inspire the kind of fear he did
in hardened killers the Guild had as their membership. He was small, deceptively so. Barely five feet tall in his rubber soled boots; an unsuspecting person would actually call him delicate. However, his black one-piece body suit hid a slim physique that boasted a well-developed musculature that had promise of developing in to something truly formidable, as he grew older. He had fairly long blond hair that he pulled back into a pony tail and faintly dark golden skin, the color of very light honey, that indicated to Vaya it was possible he was from either the small continent of Balamb, or one of those small island countries scattered around the temperate climate of that area. No one had the guts to ask, though.

What was truly deceptive was his uncanny strength. He could lift almost three times his body weight, and had demraterated, a few times, what he was truly capable of.
What was most eerie about him, though, were his eyes, an unusual mixture of blues that reminded Vaya of the ocean, a combination of blues, greens and sapphires. Those eyes, as eerie as they were, were made more so by the fact that the boy never changed his facial expression. He never got angry, never showed amusement or sorrow. If ever he showed any emotion at all, it must be in the privacy of his house, because Vaya had never seen it.

And his fangs. “The mark of the Beast God,” his old great grandmother would have said. On top of that, was his very unusual tribal tattoo. It looked too natural to be just regular ink. But again, no one had the courage to ask him about it.

Schwarzesfeuer was not his name, of course. It was what Vaya had chosen to call him. It meant “Killing Flame,” in the ancient tongue of his people, a small tribe from the continent of Centra. The boy didn’t seem to mind too much, as it was the custom of the Guild to code name all new recruits. When the boy had heard it, he had shrugged, saying it was as good a name as any. Hdn’tdn’t volunteer his real , th, though.

Schwarzfeuer had shown up at the doors of the Guild three years ago. He asked very politely, to see the Head of the Guild. An overzealous guard had tried to throw him out, stating the master had no time to waste with puny brats like him. Schwarzfeuer had looked at guard calmly and then proceeded to show him the error of his ways.

The guard stayed in the hospital for two weeks.

No one knew what had gone on between the Master of the Guild and the boy, but an hour later, the Master had made an announcement that he was joining the Guild, and was to be given free rein of the place.

Schwarzfeuer had proceeded to become one of the best, if not the best assassin the Guild at ever seen. He carried out contracts to the letter, did not involve himself with the political maneuverings that were common in a large organization like the Guild. He made no friends-and had plenty of enemies, probably because he refused to get involved and made it clear what the repercussions were if anyone tried to approach him with what he called “foolishness”.

Strangely enough, even though Vaya was much older than him, they had become friends of a sort.
Vaya himself hated politics, and agreed wholeheartedly, albeit quietly in the recesses of his mind, with the dislike of killinopleople who were decent, and were victims of others who decided they were in the way. Unfortunately, he couldn’t leave-he had no other skills that were marketable, and he couldn’t become a soldier-he never took orders well. But for some reason, Vaya was strangely drawn to Schwarzesfeuer. The boy was beautiful, yes. He was entirely too beautiful for his own good.
It was testament to his deadly reputation and fear of what would happen that had prevented Schwarzesfeuer from becoming the victim of molestation from some of the sexual perverts of the Guild. The Master of the Guild, himself was one of them-thus he did not question the perversions of his membership. His only concern was that contracts be fulfilled prope Wha Whatever a man did in his private time was his own business.
Apart from the strange attraction Vaya felt for the boy, Vaya felt a strangely paternal feeling towards him, too. And also very surprising was the fact the boy seemed to put up with his teasing-something he knew no one else in the guild dared try.


Vaya returned to reality, startled. It seemed he had spaced out. “Yeah?”

“Are you alright? You seemed to be preoccupied.”
“Not really. I was thinking about you, in fact.”
Schwarzesfeuer quirked an eyebrow. “That is interesting. I don’t think I have ever figured that prominently in someone’s thoughts.” He glanced at the body on the bed. “Present compexclexcluded, of course.”

Vaya smiled. “You continue to surprise me, Schwarz. You made a joke. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you smile, laugh or make a joke.”

“There’s a first time for everything, I suppose.” The boy shrugged again. “ I do smile, laugh and joke from time to time, Vaya. You’ve just never seen me do it.”

“I don’t think the people in the Guild know you are capable of levity,” Vaya replied, surprised at the boy’s statement.

“I don’t think this is something I’m going to share with anyone except you. Besides, the people in the Guild aren’t ones I want to waste my time with, if you get my drift.” The boy turned back again, getting ready to jump.

“Wait.” Vaya called out to him. He walked to the window, and placed a hand on the boy’s shoulder. Vaya felt the imperticple stiffening. However, the boy did not ask Vaya to take his hand off, but he did not turn around, either.
For some reason, Vaya felt the need to protect this beautiful boy. Till the day he died, he would never figure out what made him to what he did, that night.

“What is it?”
Vaya swallowed. “I want you to be careful, Schwarz….I heard somey sty strange rumblings. I have some contacts around. There is something going down in the Guild. Something to do with you.”

“I know.”
“ I said I know. It’s hard to be the world’s best assassin if you can’t get the jump on your enemies, or be ignorant of what’s going on around you, you know. I’ve known about how the so-called Master of the Guild feels about me.”

The boy called Schwarzesfeuer came down from the ledge and faced Vaya. To Vaya’s utter surprise, the boy stepped up to him and kissed him, fully on the lips.

Startled, Vaya did not return the kiss at first, but being one quick to adapt, he deepened the kiss.

Schwarz’s lithe body felt warm underneath his bare hands. Vaya traced the firm muscles on his back, molding the small body to his. Their tongues dueled, trying to gain dominance over each other. Vaya moaned, his body hardening instantly.

Finally, they had to come up for air. Vaya groaned in protest when the kiss ended.

“I don’t know whether to be happy, surprised or disgusted, Schwarz, considering what is lying on the bed, behind us.” Vaya gasped. “Why the hell didn’t you tell me you felt this way about me? I’ve been dying, trying to control myself around you!”

Schwarz smirked. “I’ve always wondered what that smart mouth tasted like. Now I know. And I always wondered what kind of person you were. That I now know, too. You’re a strangely honorable guy, being an assassin and all. I know you’re lying; you would never sleep with a minor. Besides, I’m not ready for a relationship-too risky. Consider that a farewell gift, of sorts, Vaya. As soon as you go home, check the place where you hide your valuables. There’s something waiting for you there.”

“Hey, that sounds like….”
“Yes, like I’m bailing. I am. This was my last job. The Guild is going to get rid of me-or they will be trying to. I’m just getting the jump on them.”

The boy called Schwarzesfeuer glanced up at Vaya. “You might want to get away from here, Vaya. Dispose of the guy and make tracks. The shit is about to hit the fan, when you get back to the Guild, you know.” The boy smiled. “I like you a lot, Vaya. You’ve been a good friend to me, even if I never show it. Get out of the Guild as soon as you can. With your experience, you can stop killing and be a security consultant or something. This is my second to last gift to one of my only friends.” He climbed up on the ledge again, this time standing straight.
“By the way,” Schwarz said, “Don’t get rid of the body. Just leave it. He’s dead. Or at least he will remain so, until 3 days time. Get away from here, Vaya. Turn in your resignation and go into hiding for awhile.”
“What the….Schwarz, I don’t understand….”
“You will, soon enough, I believe. I had a score to settle, Vaya. It’s almost done, and I’m going away, For good. This will be the last time you see me in this way. Next time you see me, if ever, I hope it will be under better circumstances.”

Vaya was speechless. Walking to the window, looking up at the boy, “What have you done?” he whispered, shocked.
“Something that needed to be done, that should have been done, a long time ago.”
Pressing his gloved hands to his lips and then to Vaya’s the boy called Schwarzenfeuer smiled down at him, a full smile that made and already beautiful face more beautiful.
“I wish we had met another time, Vaya. The circumstances we have come to know each other are regrettable. It’s possible I could have fallen in love with you.
By the way, thank you for warning me, even if I knew what was going down already. You didn’t have to do that, you know. I can take care of myself. But I don’t want you mixed up in this thing between the Guild and I. Take care. Think of me from time to time, will you?” With that remark, he dove out the window, blending in with the darkness.

Vaya, hardened assassin of the Guild of the Black Dragon, was numb. Quickly recovering, he took
Schwarz’s advice and cleaned up all evidence of their presence, and proceeded to escape.
As he ran quickly under the cover of darkness, Vaya wondered what the hell was going on. He always knew that the boy was dangerous-just not this dangerous. Vaya sighed to himself regretfully. Damn the boy could kiss. He sighed again, this time ruefully. He had to get rid of his arousal, soon, before he disgraced himself.

He had been contemplating getting out of the Guild, sooner or later. It seemed the timetable was speeded up in this instance. Ah well. If he could get out with his neck intact, he was home free. That would be a challenge in itself. Vaya laughed out loud. He should have known a free agent like that boy would do something like this. He needed to get to Guild, turn in his resignation and retrieve what Schwarz said he had left him.
Vaya did not wonder how Schwarz knew where he hid his important stuff. That boy was formidable….Victor von Mikhal, known as the assassin Vaya, wondered if he would ever see Schwarz again.
He didn’t think so. The boy was too good.

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