Lulu's Memory, Lulu's Love

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Lulu’s Memory, Lulu’s Love

“I think you’re more my type Lulu.”

--That’s how it started—

--A feeling for this person that I never experienced before—

--Then later, while riding behind him on a snowmobile, holding onto him closely…another feeling. A sensation inside of me that I’ve missed, that I’ve not had for a while. The warmth of his body, like a soothing wave, caressed me—calmed me.

So much does this person look like him. But it’s not him. Yet his hair, his eyes (those beautiful eyes), those chiseled arms, so much in appearance does he resemble…but he’s not. The voice is not his; the clothes aren’t his; his attitude…well maybe a little.

Is this some cruel joke? What have I done to have such a mockery of my love for Chappu disdain me so? I’ve done nothing to deserve this, this despicable shadow of a man whom I made love to on many occasions. With all that’s going on in the world, I cannot believe that something so unjust, so vile a notion could…could…

But that smile—so simple yet amusing in all his innocence. He has a walk so confident--a stride so true, so noble…a little cocky, yet still innocent. I see it in his demeanor; I hear it in his laugh, like that of an unknowing child, so playful and naïve. Chappu was like that too at first.

Oh how I’ve missed you my love, my tender mate. You taught me so much about love and giving, about truth and feeling. You brought me out of the darkness, out of my own shadow—that place where I hid all of my emotions, all my wants and desires—now all of a sudden, I find myself back to that very same spot—that dark, empty corner, because you are no longer with me. But I still feel you. I feel you within this boy that lies in his bed on the other side of this door. This door, which I have been standing in front of for what seems like forever, is a barrier for which I fear to cross. I don’t know how I brought myself to be here, and I don’t kid myself into pretending why I’m doing what I’m about to do, but…but…

Maybe this isn’t some joke. Maybe I’ve tricked myself into believing it so. Perhaps this is for me…this person, this Tidus. At first I thought nothing of him, and for as long as our journey has taken us, I’ve seen a growing relationship between Tidus and Yuna—the young woman I’ve sworn to protect, to give my life for. They do make quite the pair I must admit, and it would look a little odd if Tidus and I were to be together. But that’s what everyone said about Chappu and I. And our union was the best thing that ever happened to me. I hope that Chappu feels the same, wherever he is. Though I haven’t known him for very long, I think Tidus would be a perfect fit to betroth Yuna…he’s strong in his will…but…

“I think you’re more my type Lulu.”

Was he being serious? I could be wrong, and it did take me aback. But there was a gleam in his eye, I know it, I saw it. There was no laughter, not a snicker to be heard, no playful punch to the arm and an “I’m just kidding.” Yes, he was serious, and ever since he uttered those words, I’ve not been able to take my mind off of him (Tidus? Chappu?). It was very sweet of him to say such a thing, though straightforward as it was.

He made me remember those nights that Chappu and I spent nestled under the sheets on his bed. We would spend hours talking about nothing in particular, nothing important, just babbling and enjoying each other’s company. I can still feel his naked body against mine. His form was so refined, his skin smooth. His aroma still fills my nostrils—that musky, manly scent that sometimes gets me riled up. I can’t help myself sometimes, I am human after all, but more than that, I am a woman. Many times I would cradle Chappu’s head in my arms, holding him close within the cleavage of my breasts. As he spoke, his warm breath would cascade over my bosom, touching lightly on one of my nipples. The cold air and his breathing would cause my nipples to harden, sometimes so much that they would ache, and I’d tell him so. He knew what to do to ease the tension in my brown nubs, as he would do with the rest of my body. As we kept on talking, I would caress his form. His chest was broad and very solid. Once in a while I would pinch one of his nipples, which in turn would cause him to jump a little. It was very amusing. His back was just as broad and muscular…years of playing blitzball will do that. Then I’d trail my hands downward, past his abdomen, then downward even more.

There’s a rustling behind the door—he’s still awake. Come on Lulu you fool girl, either do or don’t. Just lift your arm and knock on the door…but once you do, there’s no turning back. Is this what you really want? Or are you just trying to replace something you lost with someone you don’t really care for…just to say I still have something? He interests me very much, that I’m sure of. And yes, the thought of making love to this man has crossed my mind. Maybe we’ll just talk and nothing will happen. Perhaps instead of making a lover out of him, I’ll make a friend. My hand comes up and freezes for a moment, inches away from this old wooden door, then trails down to the tops of my breasts. My breathing is very erratic and I can feel the tiny beats of my racing heart. The hand comes up again, closed into a very tight fist, straining the muscles between my fingers. Then suddenly, my fist hits the door, not once, but three times, then the fist quickly retreats to my side.

“Coming.” Says the voice on the other side of the door.

The thought of running away crosses my mind, but what if I were to trip and fall down. That would be pretty embarrassing. My heart feels like it’s going to explode. Even if I wanted to run, I don’t think my feet would have moved an inch as they feel like they’re plastered to the floor.

The door opens smoothly and there he is (Tidus? Chappu?). He looks so clean, so spirited and lively.

“Oh, Lulu. Is everything all right?” He says.

I tell him that I would like to have a word with him, though I pretty much stammer through the whole thing. I’ve never really stuttered before, but for some reason…

“Sure thing, why don’t you come in?” He stretches his arm towards the center of the room.

I walk quickly in, hoping no one sees me and that he would close the door quickly. The last thing I need is for Wakka to follow me in and start talking about the next blitzball tournament to Tidus.

“So, what’s on your mind?” He asks after he closes the door. He walks towards me—my back is to him. I can feel his presence getting closer. I stand like a statue in the middle of this room, still and unwavering. My mouth opens to speak, but nothing comes out of it, just the exhale of my short and shallow breathing. I think I’m going to pass out, but I never do. I’ve battled against many beasts and horrible creatures of the world, but never have I been more scared than I am right now with this boy. I close my eyes for a few seconds to compose myself.

“Are you ok Lulu?”

I don’t know what made me do it, but it was probably the boldest thing I’ve ever done in my life. My plan for talking to him was thrown completely out the window, and instead I used my lips for something else. I planted a closed mouth kiss on those lips of his and held it for a good five seconds, my hands encompassing his smooth face. My eyes were closed though I’m pretty sure his eyes were open in complete surprise, which doesn’t come as a shock to me. After I break off our kiss (or was it just my kiss?), I take a few steps back to assess his reaction. He is still…very still. His jaw drops open and afterwards, a long and intense silence ensues.

Biting my lip, I start towards the door. Yet as I pass him by, a strong hand grips me by the wrist, not painfully but it stops me none-the-less. I slowly turn towards him expecting him to ask, “What the hell was that?” or “Are you crazy?”

What comes next is a complete shock as he pulls me forcefully towards him, and kisses me fully, mouth open. Now it’s my turn to look stunned. His kiss is warm and tender, his arms embrace me around my hips, his body presses against mine. I allow myself to fall into the kiss, opening my mouth wide allowing his tongue full access to my own. His taste, his breath, I’ve forgotten about how much a kiss could spark such emotions within me. I hold him within my own arms, massaging his back, softly at first, and then more roughly with my passion. I bury my tongue deep into his warm, wet mouth, drinking his saliva and savoring every bit of it.

I reach downward to unbuckle his belt as his hands make their way downwards towards my rear. He cups my ass firmly, grabbing my cheeks through my dress (oh how I’ve missed that). I manage to open his belt and unzip his pants while still ravaging his face with wet kisses, leaving blots of dark lipstick on his tanned cheeks. My kissing attack continues, only stopping a moment to allow him to take off his shirt. My hands press against his bare chest, feeling his smooth skin and the firmness of his muscles. I kiss him along the edge of his chin, then lower down his neck, and lower still to the middle of breast…one last kiss and then I slowly push him away.

Now standing a few feet away, I stare at this boy, this young man, in nothing more than a pair of white underwear. His body is like a temple of manliness—strength, youth, confidence, but with a little of that innocence I spoke of earlier. My eyes scan his body up and down, and stops at the focus of his manhood. A large protrusion has emerged from his underwear, stretching the fabric, threatening to rip it down the middle. A tiny wet spot is completely visible at the peak of this protrusion. I can feel my mouth watering in anticipation.

I lift my eyes to his as I reach back to the zipper of my dress. I can sense his passion growing as he listens to the zipper making its trek down my back, stopping at the tailbone, and releasing me from the straining confines. Still keeping eye contact, I carefully let the top of my dress fall over my heaving breasts. I cradle my big jugs under my arms, tracing a finger under the base of my left one.

My breasts are one of the few things that I’m proud of physically, which is very apparent, as I like to show them off with tight fitting, low cut dresses. After Chappu’s death, I spent many nights alone in my bed fondling my own tits. I squeezed them and stroked them until they became very sensitive. I like to look at myself in the mirror, playing with them—to look at my large brown areolas, but most of all my nipples, which needless to say, are enormous. Chappu always said that they were probably the biggest of any woman in the world, and I’m pretty sure that that’s close to the truth. I enjoy my breasts to the fullest, bringing my nipples to my lips and filling my mouth with those hard nubs, all the while fingering the soft petals of my vagina through my thick forest of pubic hairs.

I start to feel a warm sensation between my legs as I let my dress fall even farther down my heated body, exposing my mid section. The cool air strikes like fire against my skin sending ripples of excitement coursing through my form.

I step out of my dress as it falls completely to the floor, leaving me with nothing more than a pair of black thigh high stockings and a pair of panties. Black, of course, is my favorite color, but when it comes to sex, black lingerie makes things all the more sexy. My hands absentmindedly caress my stomach, down to my thighs, and across the thin fabric of my black underwear--so thin in fact that you can practically see right through it. My black mat of pubic hairs press against my panties with many strands peeking out from the edges.

Now I make my way to the bed, walking backwards, still keeping eye contact with my soon-to-be lover. I place myself in the middle of the bed and lie down with my legs slightly open to afford him a view of my most private area through my see through underwear. By now the sensation between my legs has caused a wetness to grow and soak my underwear, like that of Tidus. He calmly walks over towards the bed and mounts me. His body now on top of me, my nipples pressed hard into his chest, and his unit pushing against my pubic mound—without a word—he kisses me with a passion like none I’ve ever felt. More than a lover’s kiss, but like that of a soul mate (Chappu is that you?).

I hold him close to me, reveling in his warmth. He kisses my cheeks, my neck, and my ears. His hands cup my tits and he wastes no time in pinching my hardened nipples between his fingers. A wave of pleasure washes over me as I let out a few whimpers through my lips. His wet lips touch lightly over my breasts. His tongue rolls over my brown nipples, and then his whole mouth engulfs them—first a few soft suckles, then he starts to suck them harder and pulls at them with his teeth, sending an electrical pleasure shooting through my body. My hands trace their way down his stomach to his hardened unit. I’ve so missed the feel of this hard piece of manhood, this beautiful tool of insane pleasure—to hold it, taste it, then have it plunging deep into my swollen little peach.

I reach into the cotton of his white underwear with both hands and they immediately come in contact with his very stiff penis. It feels larger than I thought it would be—a pleasant surprise indeed. He lets out a grunt to let me know how much he enjoys the attention. I reach farther down with one hand to his large sacks and start to fondle them with care, cupping them and caressing them. My other hand strokes his hot dick with a very tight grip. The thickness of his cock, the bulging head at the top, the veins across the surface, it’s making me feel so horny…my pussy all of a sudden cries for attention.

Tidus must have sensed this because he begins to make his way down my voluptuous body, tracing his tongue across my skin, dipping it into my belly button along the way. He wraps his fingers under the thin straps of my panties and pulls then down. I lift my ass off the bed to allow him to slide my underwear all the way down. He tosses my sodden panties onto the floor and he starts massaging my thighs. I like this young man’s foreplay…he takes his time—it makes the orgasm all the more satisfying.

I stop him from going any farther though, sitting up and asking him to remove his own underwear. He does so without any hesitation, and my eyes are greeted to the site of a very formidable looking erection. His penis isn’t the biggest I’ve ever seen, but I was never into large dicks in the first place. Tidus’s one however looked so perfect, framed with a patch of blonde pubic hair.

I laid him on the bed making sure his head was a good distance from the headboard. Then I straddled his head, my soft thighs cradling his cheeks. My pussy was mere inches away from his waiting lips; no doubt his mouth was watering. He lifted his head up but I was quick to use one finger to kindly push it back down to the bed. I told him to calm down and wait. Then I trace a finger down the middle of my honey pot, slowly at first but I quickly pick up the pace. I then use two fingers from one hand to press upward against the top of my pussy to expose the head of my clitoris, while a finger from the other hand starts to stroke it. Chappu loved it when I masturbated right in front of his face, so he could see how I pleased myself. My strokes become shorter and quicker, my eyes close in ecstasy. I stick two fingers into my damp cunt making soft squishy noises. I open my eyes slightly to look down at my handsome lover. His eyes were very intent in their observation, his nostrils flared, no doubt taking in the musky odor of my womanhood. I can feel his right arm shaking in rhythm, signaling that he has also begun masturbating. I sense myself coming up to the brink, so I take my now drenched fingers out of my pussy and frantically finger my clit. A few seconds later I feel my thick pussy juices start to ooze out of my hole and I tell Tidus to drink from my cunt. He didn’t need to be told twice as he immediately dove into my snatch. I was in heaven as his entire mouth covers my pussy lips and his tongue darts into my hole to get a taste of my honey. Tidus makes loud slurping noises as he attempts to drink me dry. I grab his head in my hands and press his face as deep between my legs as possible. I feel it, it’s coming…my first orgasm is upon me. One last lick of my clit and I explode.

One of the few things I pride myself on in bed is the fact that unlike most women, when I have an orgasm, I actually ejaculate a thick hot liquid from my pussy. Chappu spent many nights just drinking from my cunt until I couldn’t come any more. The taste is a little bitter, but still good all the same. Of course I’ve tasted my own juices before.

Now my white come is pouring into the mouth of Tidus who seems to enjoy the taste very much. I let him go on until my clitoris becomes too sensitive for me to take it anymore.

I tell him how much I enjoyed the pleasure of his tongue and that it was time for him to receive a little of that good stuff too. I do a u-turn, still on top of him, and take his member into my mouth. I know of a lot of women who don’t enjoy going down on a man, especially one who has a larger than average penis, but I’m one of those who just loves to suck a cock. When it comes to making love, I believe you should ravish all the parts of each other’s bodies, especially the most private areas because those places aren’t for just everyone to have, only a select few. As I go down on Tidus, I stroke him at the same time…Chappu loved it when I did this.

While I was going wild over his penis, Tidus does something that takes me completely by surprise. He sticks his tongue into my anus. This, believe it or not, is a new sensation to me. No ones ever eaten out my ass before, and I’ve never even given it a thought. But now I’m going crazy as his mouth attacks my tight, brown butt hole. It causes certain muscles to contract and react and I can feel another orgasm start to well up within me. I continue my assault on his hard cock, taking a few licks at his balls in the process.

It’s a good ten minutes later before he starts to buck his hips upward to signal that he’s going to come. I quicken the pace as my head bobs up and down with great speed. I want his seed in my mouth; I want to taste his juice, to quench my thirst. He shoots his hot load deep into my mouth. It’s thick with a slightly tangy taste to it. I drink from him until there’s nothing left, but I continue my stroking because the best is yet to come…no pun intended.

Before he gets completely soft, I straddle him. His dick smoothly makes its way up my love tunnel. It feels like such a release when I finally have him in me, it’s amazing. I grind my hips into him, brushing his crotch with the tangled webs of my black pubic hairs. Then I lift a tit to my mouth and begin to suckle on my still hard nipple. I watch him staring at me, looking as I pleasure myself again. I’ve done this enough to know that most men love a woman who can suck on her own tits.

I feel Tidus’s dick come back to life. It feels even harder than it was before, if that’s even possible. The harder it gets, the more it fills me up—a perfect fit. I start bouncing up and down. The bed makes small squeaky noises from under us. I try to contain my voice as I don’t want anyone else to hear us, but I find it extremely difficult. My normally husky voice is replaced with a higher, sexual tone—a tone of ecstasy, of pleasure, of love. Our sex is so intense that I come within mere minutes, spraying his dick and his stomach with more white pussy juice. My huge tits bounce up and down, out of control, my nipples ache with intensity, and my cunt grips his rod with a boiled fury, a shockwave of pure eroticism.

He grabs me by the hips and turns us both over with his prick still in my cunt, and now he really starts to pound into me. I raise my arms over my head giving my body to him totally. He buries his head into my underarm and starts to lick my armpits, which is another thing no one else has ever done. For some odd reason I find this extremely erotic and exciting, and it starts me towards another orgasm.

The bed creaks become louder as do my moans. I don’t care anymore. This is the best sex I’ve ever had and I’m not going to worry about what anyone else thinks or says. I love this man, this Tidus. He, of all people, has just shown me new ways in the art of sex, of making love. I lift my legs and wrap them around his ass allowing him to penetrate me as deep as possible. I dig my teeth into his shoulder as a third orgasm washes over me. I feel his cock start to thicken a little and his plunging becomes quicker. I tell him to come inside of me. I want to feel his hot semen in me, to fill me over.

One last, powerful thrust and one last orgasm for myself, and it’s finally over. I cradle his head between my heaving breasts as I’ve done for Chappu in the past. Our sweat soaked bodies’ press against each other, our heavy breathing in tune to one another. His penis remains in me, and we just lie like this for what seems like ages. I kiss his forehead and I tell him that I love him. He lifts his head to me and tells me that he loves me too, and then he kisses me on the lips. Tears streak down my cheeks as I kiss him back with a passion that I thought would last forever.

This is the first and only time that we share our love. After our journey ends, after we save the world, this young man, this Tidus—my lover—will be lost to me. Lost to me, as Chappu was lost to me. But I will never regret this night of ours, this union of our souls and bodies. Tidus has reminded me about the joys of life and love, about laughter and sincerity. He has given me a new and different feeling about my life, to allow me to enjoy it a little more.

“You’re more my type Lulu.”

That’s how it started, but it doesn’t end. Tidus is forever with me, not only in spirit, but also within my body as I wait to give birth to a new life created from our union. This new life will be my memorial to him, for I will teach this person to live, to love, just as Tidus has taught me throughout our short, but illuminating journey in this seemingly cruel and distraught world.


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