Push It Redux

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Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VIII, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Author’s Notes: Squall, Seifer and all Final Fantasy stuff are not owned by me (mores the pity) and all rights apply to them. Slightly OOC behaviour by the lovely bishies here, but it’s my turn to play with them any way I want too in my sick and twisted brain. Feedback (good or bad) always welcome.

For those interested, this is a continuation of the “Push It” songfic I wrote earlier, although this piece is not a songfic. The songfic is not required reading, but it may give you a better idea where I have been/am going with these guys. Enjoy.

Push It Redux

After looking for Squall for almost an hour, I was gettin’ pissed. The little shit had promised to meet me in my room for some sweaty, body slappin’ behaviour and hadn’t shown. I don’t like being stood up. Not even if it was by the sweetest piece of tail I’d ever had. Granted, I’d only managed to nail his ass three times in the past two weeks since our first time, but he was still great between the sheets. Not that we’d done it in a bed more than once.

“Hey, chicken-wuss, you seen Squall?” I asked as I approached Zell and a group of cadets he was showing off to.

“Maybe I have, maybe I haven’t. Apologise for calling me chicken-wuss and I might remember if I’ve seen him lately,” Zell grinned as he bounced from foot to foot and made several jabs in the air with his fists.

Zell should have been able to tell that I wasn’t in any mood to play games with him. I decided to remind him why half the Garden still crossed the hall to avoid walking on the same side of it as me. Hyperion was out and hooked under his nose before the grin had time to fade from his face. Zell was suddenly very still at the end of my gunblade. The cadets who had been enthralled with Zell’s manoeuvres began to edge quietly away.

“I won’t ask you again so nicely. Have you seen the Ice Princess or not.”

“He went to the Training Centre,” Zell said in a rush as he tilted his head back against the wall to avoid the pressure of the gunblade under his nose. I sheathed Hyperion and started stalking in the direction of the Training Centre.

“What the fuck is up with you two?” Zell shouted after me. I ignored him now that I knew where Squall was. “The two of you are crazy. Made for each other,” Zell yelled down the hall.

I had to wonder at that comment. I hadn’t realized that anyone had noticed anything different about how Squall and I treated each other. We may be screwing each other, but we still seem to fight whenever we get within ten feet of each other. Squall doesn’t care who knows he’s bangin’ a guy. Most people have assumed he’s either gay or bi for a long time. I don’t know how I feel about it yet. It’s still a pretty new thing for me to realize that I like doin’ Squall better than any chicks I’ve been with.

Neither one of us wants to be the uke in the relationship. Yeah, technically, Squall banged my ass first, but I’ve been the top since then. I’m better at it than he is even though I think he’s had more practice at screwin’ guys than me. Part of the problem is that it’s turned into a competition between us like everything else we do. I know this. So does Squall. It doesn’t help. Somebody has to be the dominant one and somebody has to be the submissive one. I can’t help it if Squall looks so damn fuckable in the submissive role.

I have to admit that I was blown away with Squall’s actions the first time we were together. It was totally unexpected. Erotic as all hell, but very out of character. I had been prepared for violence, disgust or just his typical glacial behaviour. Jumping my bones like he did is probably the only reason that I let him fuck me. Sheer surprise and the fact that it was one of the better screws I’ve had. Still waters do run deep.

I reached the Training Centre and slammed through the doors. It was close enough to the supper hour that the place was deserted. The place was dead quiet. No beasties or critters were stirring in the heavy vegetation. I knew Squall was in here somewhere. I could just sense his presence. I pulled Hyperion and started along the path, knowing Squall was likely in the hidden area just waiting for something large enough to give him a work out. Well, Squally-boy, here I come.

I knew the pathways well and it didn’t take long before I had to step over the first dead monster. Squall was definitely in here. The kill had all the marks of a gunblade kill to it. What was left of it. Seems Squall was working out a little aggression in here. He was probably still a little mad over our last time together.

He was all primed to be the seme when I went down on him. Shocked my little lion when I did that. I don’t think he thought I’d actually do it. I am still kinda new at the whole screwin’ another guy thing. Oh he tried to control himself, keep himself from coming, but when I want something, look the fuck out. He came; tasted sweet too; and since I was still hard, guess who got their ass plowed. Yeah, it was sneaky and underhanded, but it worked and we both enjoyed his ass gettin’ fucked. I made sure of that. I’m not that much of a prick, no matter what everybody else may say.

I stepped into the hidden area and found Squall. He was leaning heavily on his gunblade and panting. There were two dead T-Rexasauruses with him. Oh yeah, Squall was pissed over something and it was probably my fault. I couldn’t help the grin that started. This was gonna be fun.

“Nice job Princess. You forgot our appointment though.”

Squall whirled and raised his gunblade at the same time. His face was coated with sweat and his hair was plastered to his forehead and neck. His shirt clung damply to his chest and I could see his nipples, hard and pressing against the fabric. He looked good enough to eat. As soon as Squall realized it was me, his eyes turned a hard grey and the hand holding his gunblade gripped it a little tighter. This was an interesting development.

“Piss off Seifer. I’m busy,” Squall said in a voice the temperature of an artic wind.

“What’s your problem? You still pissed about our last time?” I smirked. Hyne it was fun to push his buttons and get a reaction out of him.

“We had an agreement Seifer. I’d get to do you as much as you do me.”

“What, you had fun too. Don’t tell me you didn’t ‘cause I know you’d be lying. You make such beautiful noises when I’m inside you,” I said as I slowly approached Squall with Hyperion held loosely at my side.

Squall’s eyes widened slightly at that comment before he rushed at me, swinging Lionheart like he wanted to take my head off. I back-stepped him and felt the whistle of wind against my cheek. That had been close. Squall skidded to a stop and faced me again, breathing hard. I had no idea he was so pissed. I mean, yeah, we did sort of have an agreement from the very first time, but things just hadn’t worked out that way.

“I will not play second to you in everything, Seifer. I’ll fight you for it,” hissed Squall as he charged at me again.

I felt the wind of Lionheart again but this time there was a cold sting along my arm with the passing of the gunblade. I glanced down at my arm and was surprised to find a neat slice in my trench. Blood was starting to trickle from it. The little bastard had actually cut me. Now I was getting pissed.

“What, you wanna fight to see who gets to top who? That make you happy Squall?” I hiss back as I bring up Hyperion to get ready for the next attack I’m sure Squall is gonna make.

“Will you stick with it Seifer? You give me your word? Who ever wins this fight gets to be top the next time around,” Squall asked warily as he held his gunblade at the ready.

“Sure. No GF’s, just weapons and fists,” I nod in agreement. Squall looks half-dead on his feet from all the monster battling he did before I found him. So it’s a little unfair. He’s the one that came up with the bright idea. Not my problem if he didn’t think it through all the way.

In a move that was so very like another time, I motion Squall to come at me with a cocky grin on my face. I didn’t count on the determination behind his attack. He really wants to top me again. Hyne I love a good fight. And the prize at the end of this one is fantastic. I meet him move for move, amazed at the speed he has. Judging by the monster bodies I had to walk over to find him, he was monster killing for at least forty-five minutes before I came along.

Just like when he was in the grip of a climax, he was beautiful when he fought. In a deadly, shred your heart kind of way, but beautiful still. I had no idea it would be so difficult to fight with a rod in my pants. Squall seemed to sense that I was now distracted and pressed forward but his previous monster fighting was starting to show in the decreased speed and strength of his attacks. I still had to work to keep him from landing any serious blows, but they were coming fewer and farther apart. He was starting to get desperate. I could feel it. He was panting hard and sweat dripped off his chin as he stood across from me and glared. Squall made one last, reckless charge at me, Lionheart swinging low to take out my legs. I blocked his blow and countered with a move of my own. The gunblade spun out of Squall’s grasp and skidded to a stop just out of his reach. I swung Hyperion up under Squall’s chin and rested the flat of the blade there, forcing his head up to meet my eyes.

“Looks like I win, Squally-boy,” I smirked. I’ve never been a very gracious winner.

Squall compressed his lips into a tight line. Sweat dripped off him and there were several small cuts in his shirt and blood from the times he hadn’t been able to fully block some of my slashes. He was still breathing hard through his nose. I glanced down his body to make sure there were no serious wounds and sucked in a sharp breath when I saw that he was as hard as I was. We are so alike in so many ways. No wonder we’re attracted to each other. I yelped when Squall’s fist connected with my cheek.

“What the fuck?” I snarled just before Squall launched himself at me and took us both to the ground with the unexpected move.

Squall cocked a fist and smashed it into my mouth. It hurt like hell. We started rolling around on the ground punching and kicking each other. Squall tagged me in the arm right over the first wound he had given me. I couldn’t help it. I yelped in pain and backhanded him across the mouth. Squall’s teeth snapped together painfully hard when his head rocked from the blow. I flipped him to his back and succeeded in knocking the wind out of him. I threw myself across his chest and grabbed his wrists, locking them over his head with one hand.

“What…the…fuck…was…that…about,” I panted as I pressed my greater weight into Squall.

“Weapons…and…fists,” Squall panted back, not moving under me now that I had him pinned. I was obviously the winner here.

I stared at Squall for a few seconds before I started to laugh. Squall really wanted to top me bad if he was willing to try a fist fight with me after loosing his weapon and knowing that he didn’t have the energy left to really win a fist fight. Maybe I would let him top me next time, but this time I had won fair and square. I was gonna claim my prize. I worked hard for it.

“I win. You agree?” I asked Squall. I waited for his nod before getting up.

Squall lay on his back while I picked up Hyperion from where I had dropped it when Squall had jumped me. I also picked up Lionheart and waited for Squall to stand. When he did, I pointed my gun blade at his chest. He eyed me warily and waited for whatever I was gonna do.

“Strip,” I ordered. The expression on Squall’s face was priceless. “Strip or I’ll cut your clothes off of you.”

Squall balled his hands into fists and glared at me. I don’t think he expected me to do anything. He certainly didn’t think I’d actually snag the tip of Hyperion in the hem of his shirt and slice it open from hem to neck. I’ve found its best to keep Squall off balance if you want a more entertaining time with him.

“We are still in the Training Centre Seifer. There could be more monsters around. This isn’t the safest place for this kind of thing.”

“Think of it as preliminaries that will continue in a more secure place later. I'll give you to the count of ten before I start cutting off the rest of your clothes. That’s actually been a fantasy of mine. That and tying you to a bed to have my wicked way with you. I don’t mind which ever way you choose.”

Squall shivered from my words before he scowled at me. He actually let me get all the way to eight before he started taking off his clothes. When he stood before me naked, I had to get a grip on my own desires to simply push him to the ground and drive into that wonderful tight heat between his legs. Hyne he was stunning. Even more so when he was aroused and still a little pissed.

“Come here,” I demanded. I waited until he stood inches from me before I gave the next command.

“Kneel.” I waited patiently until he finished glaring at me and knelt before me. I could afford to be patient. Squall had already agreed that I had won. Stormy grey eyes looked up at me from under sweaty bangs. I wanted him bad and even though he was shooting me frosty daggers with his eyes, he was getting into this game as much as I was. His cock was already twitching and glistening with pre-come.

“Open my pants and start sucking Squall. You’ve got a talented mouth and I want you to put it to good use on me.”

Squall stared at the obvious bulge in my pants for a few seconds before undoing the fly and zipper. He raised an eyebrow but didn’t comment when he discovered I hadn’t worn any underwear. I knew he was fully into the game when he licked his lips and sighed softly with desire before reaching for my cock. He stroked it with his hand a few times, drawing it further out of my pants. It felt fan-freakin’-tastic, but it’s not what I told him to do.

“Suck it Squall. I want a blow job not a hand job before I plant this baby in your tight ass.”

Squall shivered and a small moan escaped him before he opened his mouth around my cock. I had to lean on the gunblades I held in each hand to keep myself upright. Squall really did have a talented mouth. He gave better head than most women I’d been with. He put every bit of his amazing concentration into what he was doing. I think he loves his work. I have no idea how Squall learned to get past the gag reflex but it was a little slice of heaven to feel myself slide down his throat in hot, slick heat.

One of Squall’s hands slid down to his own cock and began to stroke himself in time to the motion of his mouth on me. I think if I’d have continued to watch him pleasure himself while he sucked me down his throat, I’d have come on the spot and the game would have been over.

I stared instead at the top of Squall’s head as he knelt with my dick in his mouth. I was once again struck by the sheer, dare I say it, prettiness of Squall. And he was all mine to play with. I don’t know what I’d finally managed to do right to get Squall in my bed. Whatever it was, I’d do it again in a heart beat as long as I could still fuck Squall. My thoughts shattered when Squall really began to work over my cock with his tongue and teeth. Everything I was narrowed down to centre on my groin and what Squall was doing. I was going to come soon if I didn’t stop him. It took supreme effort of will to let go of the gunblades and tug Squall off my cock. We both moaned at the separation.

I had wanted to do Squall on a proper bed and take my time with him but I had made the mistake of getting him to suck me off. I should have learned better from the first time he had taken me into his mouth. I would never be able to make it all the way back to either of our rooms. I don’t think Squall would have made it either. I fished in one of my trench pockets for something to use as lube. All I came up with was a potion. Good enough. Necessity being the mother of invention and all.

I pulled the cork with my teeth and dumped some of it over my cock. I sank to my knees gasping as the most incredible sensations radiated out from my groin. I wasn’t sure if I was going to come from just that alone. That would be embarrassing. Not wanting to take the chance, I pulled Squall into my lap and straight onto my potion slicked cock. No preparation and no warning for him. I felt guilty about that until his back bowed and he drove himself fully down onto me with a low guttural moan. I guess if the potion felt as good as it did on my cock, it would feel just as good inside his ass, maybe better. I dumped the rest of the potion over Squall’s cock. The breath hissed out of him in a rush.

Squall held my face in his hands and pressed his lips to mine. He was still flushed from his monster fighting and our little dance of blades and fists. I may have won the fight to be seme, but oddly enough, Squall was the one in charge. He nibbled at my lips and brushed his tongue along the inside of my mouth. He sucked on my tongue like he had been sucking on my dick. Strong legs wrapped around my waist and he began to swivel his hips in small circles. His erection brushed against my belly, teasing and smearing potion to soak through my shirt. Now there were patches of skin on my belly that tingled from the magic of the potion. And the magic of Squall’s touch, if I was being honest with myself. It was adding up to one very hard to resist package of desire sitting on my cock. I never could resist things I wanted worth a shit.

Squall beat me to it. He began to raise and lower himself using his strong thigh muscles and my own shoulders for leverage. He guided one of my hands to support him at his waist and the other he wrapped around his cock. He did all this without breaking the mind-blowing kiss he was giving me. Squall is a very talented guy.

I had guessed it would be erotic to do Squall while I was still fully dressed and he was naked and subject to my will. I hadn’t realized how erotic. I could feel the heat of his body through my clothes but I couldn’t feel his skin against mine. I think it was the only thing helping me to last longer than a few thrusts into his tight ass. I think Squall was getting off on it as well as he was now panting into my mouth and moving faster on my cock.

“Seifer, I need you,” Squall gasped as he tore his mouth from mine and pressed his face into my throat, licking at the sweat that had gathered there.

“Look at me Squall,” I ground out while fisting his cock with my leather clad hand.

Squall lifted his eyes to meet mine and I found myself drowning in the swirling grey. Want, need, desire and something I wasn’t familiar with moved through his eyes as he stared at me. I don’t know what he saw in my eyes, but whatever it was; he was immensely pleased by it. A rare smile lit up his face. He passed from beautiful to dazzling with that smile.

“Come for me babe. I have to feel you come before I can,” I whispered to Squall.

His eyes widened in surprise and I swear his eyes turned a glorious silver colour before he bit his lip and gave himself over to me. He looked me straight in the eye and I watched his climax rush through his eyes before it claimed the rest of his body in great wracking spasms. Squall’s hot seed soaked through the front of my shirt and coated my gloved fist that still clenched tight and stroked his twitching cock. His body clenched down on me and pulled the orgasm from me before I was ready for it, milking me for every drop I had. It was the most intense experience I’ve ever had and still I watched his eyes. For a moment, I could swear that they glowed with an inner light just before they rolled back in his head and Squall collapsed boneless in my arms.

I held Squall crushed close to my chest. Something had happened. Something big. I don’t know what it was, but I was betting Squall did. I felt light and energized and bone-deep tired at the same time. More tired than I should have been. I knew Squall was fine, just utterly exhausted. I had to get us out of the Training Centre and back to a safe place. I wanted to know what had just happened. I needed to know what had just happened.

“Squall,” I called softly. Nothing. No response, just ragged breathing. His body was starting to cool now that the rush of the adrenaline was leaving him. “Come on babe, you’ve got to snap to it. I can’t dress you myself and we’ve got to go.”

Squall groaned softly and his eyes fluttered open. There once again was the faint glow of light in his eyes. It faded quickly, almost as if I had imagined it. I knew I hadn’t. Squall smiled softly and touched my cheek. He pulled himself close and kissed me gently on the lips. There was something different even in his kiss. I was confused by Squall‘s behaviour. Again.

“I win Seifer. We both win,” Squall breathed as broke the kiss and slid from my lap.

What the fuck? Win what? I was past the point of confused, if there is even such a place. I grabbed Squall’s arm and jerked him around to ask what the hell he was talking about. He just looked at me, kissed me halfway to arousal and then started to dress. He was done and picking up his gunblade while I was still sitting back on my heels with a semi-hard dick hangin’ out of my pants.

“Let’s go Seifer. We got lucky no more monsters showed up while we were…um… occupied. I seem to recall something about an appointment we had.”

A slow, lecherous grin spread across my face. He was in a funny mood and confusing the hell out of me, but if I got to slid into his ass again for another round of some of the best sex of my life, you can bet I wasn’t gonna say no. Something was subtly different about Squall now. I just couldn’t put my finger on what. We were gonna have a nice chat once I’d finished bangin’ his ass again. He had some explaining to do.

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