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Disclaimer: I do not own FFVIII, or rape. I don't condone rape or anything like that, but this was a long time ago where two of my own characters had a history, and I had to write about it. I don't own SeeD or anything. They belong to their respectful owners, see?

* * * * *
Ash Broulliard was just recently 14 years old. He had successfully completed his Second SeeD exam that very week, and was thrilled to find he had
only two more to go. Next year, he would do his third, and at 16 he would complete his fourth - a grueling two-part exam, consisting of a written exam and a harrowing field exam.
His best friend Kilek, an older SeeD candidate, had already taken his third exam and was now nearing the completion of his final year of military training. He was seventeen years
old, but that did not stop Ash from being his closest friend.

Kilek was waiting for him outside the cafeteria of their appointed Garden. Since the end of the war, there was little use for being a SeeD but that
did not stop a flood of students from all over the world to attend the schools. They had no idea what the real meaning of being a SeeD was... what fighting was truly for. Ash was
disgusted by them - not because of their ignorance, but because he was not human and felt a gnawing distaste for their narrow way of thinking.

"Hey, Dust," Kilek greeted, clad in dark purple and midnight blue jacket, matching blue pants and black combat boots. According to school dress
code, he was obligated to wear a shirt... but made a point to wear one that was sleeveless and skin-tight. His hair was dark, almost black, if not for the shine of deep, crimson
red that indicated its true color.

"Dust" was Kilek's cute little nick-name for the boy. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust... Ash walked up, bearing snug, comfortable jeans that snaked
around every lean, feminine contour as well as a short-sleeve button-down shirt, the first three or so buttons opened.

"Kilek, hey... I'm starving."

"I heard you passed your test, man. Good job! I think we ought to celebrate," Kilek replied slowly in his teenage, calm drawl. His eyes fixated on
him meaningfully, forcing Ash to look away and laugh nervously.

"No... I have to study... You know I've got classes..."

"Not this weekend. It's Festival break, remember? I have a friend of mine, says he wants to meet you. He's from Galbadia Garden, though. What do you
say? It's a blockhouse party in Dollet..."

Ash closed his eyes. He tried to think if he had anything to do over the weekend. He bit his lip, tucking his hands in his pockets as he tapped
against his hips with his thumb. Eve wouldn't need his attention over the weekend... she would be regenerating her energies from last week's battle test... leaving him free to do
as he pleased with his newly acquired free time.

"Alright. No problem. I can spare a night to hang out."

"Good!" Kilek smiled, reaching over to pat his shoulder, then give him a rough, brotherly embrace. "You're gonna like my friend. He's the nicest
guy... besides, you need to have more friends than me, right? For a guy from Galbadia, he really is a nice dude."

Ash absorbed his words, having no such ideas of intending to be this new guy's friend but curious about the party. He ought to have a little more
fun... he worked too hard, juggling school and his secret role in the underground Guardian Force experimentation.

The party was easily the most lovely convention of men and women Ash had ever attended. He arrived with Kilek and his girlfriend to meet the people.
Ash wore a pale gray, nearly see-through gray shirt, snug black pants, lacing up the front with string, and calf-length combat boots. Black leather wrist-bands tucked around his
wrists, and a matching choke necklace. He felt slightly odd... a slight smattering of make-up, to inunciate his eyes.

He always was a feminine child... his looks inherited from the White Wind GF that was the spirit which fueled his powers. Being a sexless entity, it
was neither female nor male, but its beauty was unmistakable in Ash Broulliard. His eyes, captivating as they were pale, were now darkened by the faint eyeliner that was subtly
applied by himself in the boy's bathroom outside his dormitory.

Harassment was something he dealt with daily. Girls who teased... boys who lusted. He avoided them... the only one who recognized Ash as a person
with a personality and not just a pretty body was Kilek. Kilek had a girlfriend, besides... and early on in their friendship, they both established that Kilek was NOT rump-ranging

"Now," Kilek murmured, holding his girlfriend's hand. "Where in hell's name is-- ZACH!!" Kilek raised his arm and pumped in the air. "BAY-BEH!! Over

Ash lifted his eyes, partially hiding behind Kilek. He noticed keenly that the majority of these party-goers, bearing questionable bottles of drink,
were older than he was. And several of them non-students. But he saw another guy, snaking through a group of Galbadia students.

Zach was of medium height, peaking on six feet but missing it by an inch or two. He had dark brown hair, styled in careless, gelled spikes, eyes
that were deciduous forest green. He wore what appeared to be some kind of hybrid of uniform and jacket, bare, creamy umblemished chest beneath. Solitary silver loops in each ear,
and a handsome, darkened face. (Basically, a Seifer Almasy reincarnate as a punk rocker, brown-haired guy.)

"Zach of Galbadia Garden, meet Ash of Balamb Garden. I know there's a lot of enmity between our two honorable schools... but Ash needs a friend in
other places other than boring old me."

Ash stared at Zach. Zach arched a brow, but smiled a sort of..friendly smile. He had had a few drinks. Ash could taste the alcohol coming from him,
as well as the subtle mask of cologne that seemed slightly different than Kilek's. He swallowed the ball of cotton that had formed in the back of his throat and smiled back
uncertainly. "...Hey."

"Hm. Hey, Kilek, looks like you were right!" Zach responded after a moment's pause, taking a look at Kilek and chuckling. "You told me he was
pretty," he supplied in irritation, swiping a hand through his hair. Then he flicked his hand dismissively at Kilek and once more fixed his disquieting gaze upon Ash.

"Well, I'm going to go scope the crowd," Kilek responded, shrugging his shoulders as his arm squeezed the pretty woman who was accompanying him. Ash
watched them in stunned alarm as he vanished beyond a sea of people.

"Well, kid... I guess it's just you and me." Zach folded his arms over his chest before he sauntered close to Ash and slung his arm across his
shoulders. "Come on... I've got a bottle with your name on it."

"B-But... where's Kilek going?"

"He'll be back after the party's over... which will probably be around four in the morning anyway," Zach replied nonchalantly, before he caught
Ash's disturbed stare. "Don't worry, I know we're both underage... but you're more underage than I am, so there's not a drop of alcohol for you, young man..."

"Of course I'm not drinking anything," Ash returned with amusement. He fidgeted uncomfortably under the weight of his arm before he spoke again.
"Listen... I don't know what Kilek told you, but... you *know* I'm kinda young and I'm really not into the whole dating thing right now... you seem like a really nice guy but--" He
pulled free and smiled. "I think... we should meet under better circumstances. Or none at all. I'm...just not interested in any new friendships right now."

"Hmm..Kilek always seems to assume that he knows what's best for everybody. I understand, kiddo. Don't worry about it. Go ahead and go find Kilek,

Ash took his time, picked his way, ducking around and in between couples. He bit his cheek as he was jostled to one side and slipped into the main
house. The room was large, hardwood floors and ceiling lights and sofas strewn randomly across the floor with a table with drinks and food. Music was blaring from a stereo
speakers, woofers thumping the floor and the ceiling.

"Kilek!" Ash walked in, looking around for the familiar dark-haired boy. "Kilek, where are you!?"

"Ash?" Kilek looked up from the table where he was in deep discussion with a few other Galbadian students. "Ash! What happened? Didn't you talk to

"He's not my type, Kilek. I told him I said no."

"You won't even TALK to him? Ash..." Kilek detached himself from the conversation and walked over to him, reaching over to tousle his cute hair.
"Come on, kid... I'm trying to do you a favor. You need a boyfriend or girlfriend." He spoke in a low voice, as he leaned close to talk to him. "But you just don't give them a
chance... you're so anti-social, it's just plain *wrong*."

"To YOU, maybe. Why can't I be fine just by myself? I only need one friend and that's you, Kilek. Stop trying to fix me up with your buddies, okay?
They just...don't seem *right* to me. If I want to meet someone, I'll do it by myself!"

"Yeah...but you *never* do!!"

Ash backed away, raising his voice slightly in anger. "Why do you care so much about my meeting people?"

"Because... I'm SICK and tired of seeing you mope around by yourself when I've got other things to do. I want you to be happy, man... you're my

"Then...then STOP, Kilek. Just stop it. I don't need you to do that for me. I'm not a child. I'm well-adjusted, just as I am." Ash snarled, turning
to stalk back out. "Just fucking leave me alone."

The cool air greeted his anger-heated brow. He brushed his hair out of his face with one savage stroke of his hand and made himself vanish into a
shadow just outside the door. He would wait there until the party was over, even if he had to snag a few dreams or two to occupy the time. The shadows enveloped him and kept him
safely out of sight. Women squealed in the distance and he saw a dark-haired boy emerge from a car. He looked familiar..ah. The prodigal son, Balamb Garden's commander, Squall

As usual, he was stoic-faced, a walking cloud of cold that turned off anyone who went too near. He approached the door and went inside, and Ash
smirked as he was greeted by ladies' shrieks and guys' teenage roars of response at his presence. He was infamous for his victory against evil, and as such was treated as a teenage
god - the epitome of every male's dream, the object of every woman's desire.

Ash found him attractive... but he knew too much about the man to actually get too close. He was beautiful in his own way. And sad, too. His dreams
were often filled with angst and emotion... Ash had his own to contend with.

A few minutes later, Squall Leonhart emerged again, waved without a trace of a smile. Then he vanished into the car like a ghost of a fantasy.
Someone must have put him up to visiting here, Ash thought, or he wouldn't have been within ten miles of this place.

"So," said Kilek as he appeared from the shadows next to him. "Watching the crowd?"

Ash twitched and glanced at him, hunching his shoulders as he unconsciously crossed his arms over his chest. "Are you still mad at me for being me?"

"No... I just forget you're not like the other guys I know. You're really acting menstrual right now, ya know that? I'm just concerned for you. You
need--" Kilek stopped himself in time and tried again, jokingly. "Don't you think you ought to get laid?"

"Maybe. Maybe not. I'm not familiar with sex... It never crossed my mind more than once in the same week."

"No kidding!?"

"I'm too young for that kind of shit."

"I lost my virginity when I was 13 years old, boy. Nobody's too young." Kilek stepped closer and for once, actually reached out and made a move to
touch his face. "You're damn pretty. If you were a girl, I'd take you in a heartbeat."

"You...would? Kilek, are you trying to say--" Ash blushed slightly. "--you think I'm...pretty? Hunh. Funny... I thought you were totally straight."

"I am!! I just... Shit, once in awhile I doubt my wiring, but that doesn't mean I'd actually-- you know."

"Right." Ash smirked at him, tipping his head up to look at him.

Kilek looked at him a few seconds longer before he sighed, looking away. "My date split on me. She saw us fighting and assumed that you and I were
doin' the horizonal mambo and you were getting jealous."

"S..S-Seriously? Kilek, that's almost funny... except she's your date, y'know."

"She was a bitch anyway."

Ash regarded Kilek curiously. The dark-red hair that fell behind his shoulders in a neat pony tail had come loose, his bangs trailing over his eyes.
He seemed to be thinking something over, avoiding Ash's gaze at all costs as though his very sanity depended on it. "Kilek, what are you thinking about?"

"Ah..." Kilek straightened and stepped forward. In the shadow between the tree and the building he seized his waist, pulling him toward him.
Catching him between the wall of the building and the wall of his body, Kilek pressed his face closer. Uncertainly lined his brow before he relaxed and teased his throat. "This,"
he breathed lustily.

Ash gasped, squirming slightly as his legs were unconditionally pushed apart. "Kilek, you--!!" He lurched slightly, his mouth covered by Kilek's. He
pressed his hands uselessly against his shoulders and tried to push but Kilek was always stronger... always better.

"And this," he insisted, sliding him down along his thighs, so that their groins inevitably met. He pressed, released, pressed again tenderly. He
gripped his waist tightly, keeping him still and pulling him against each gentle thrust. Ash writhed pushing against his chest with all of his might.

Not too far away was a crowd of rowdy teenagers, dancing and drinking and yelling over the booming music and perhaps, if Ash screamed loud enough,
someone might hear him but--

"Don't," Kilek warned sharply, reaching up to grip his jaw. "Don't you make a sound to warn anyone. Just hold still, you little bastard and let me
fuck you."

"Kilek, please don't," Ash sobbed quietly, quivering to his core. He did want to have sex... someday, but not now, and it should have been something
special. His first time, with someone he cared about...not this blind, ravaging curiousity that left him bruised and wounded. He trusted Kilek. Kilek couldn't be doing this, he
couldn't have been. He twisted his face away as his hand crept higher and toward his face, his thumb caressing his cheek, hard enough to bruise as Kilek's tongue snaked down into
the middle of his throat. "Kilek..."

The awful thing was, the more Kilek moved, the way his tongue moved hungrily against his skin, Ash felt himself wishing this were different -
because he was wanting it, his leather pants tightening around his uncompromising flesh. He twisted again, pushing against his chest again but his hands knitted into his jacket and
held tight instead.

Rough was the hand that pushed in between them, groping his crotch, outlining the subtle bulge that grew there. He unfastened his jeans, Kilek's
dark kisses laced more and more with hunger as Ash tried to avoid his touch but there was little room to move and his body, crushed against the wall as it was, forced to be victim.
And he smelled *good*.

"Stop... Kilek, stop, please.... don't do this to me, Kilek, you're--hurting--"

"Am I?" The hand spoke more than his voice, seizing his cock in one fist and pumping slowly, tasting the tender flesh of his lower lip with his
tongue. Their eyes met and locked, Ash's filled with horror and confused lust and Kilek's with determined need. "Tell me again if it hurts, pretty boy... go ahead and tell me this
doesn't feel so good."

Ash realized that Kilek was no longer holding him up... that his legs had wrapped around his waist and Kilek was holding his jaw tightly, licking
his cheek just under his eye as he moaned. "Come on, baby... tell me it feels good..." Raked his hand through his hair and crushed his chest to his, pumping hard, teasing longer
and Ash bucked his pelvis forward, whining helplessly.

And then, all at once, Kilek released him and Ash, by some means of luck, landed crouched on the ground in front of him. Kilek kneeled in front of
him, seizing his wrist as he lunged to get away and pulled him back again. "Kilek--!!" the boy squawked, but his protest was choked off by a hand around his throat. He choked
uselessly as he felt himself turned over and pushed against the ground, his cheek tearing, the tender flesh caught by a branch. It wouldn't leave a scar on his face, but the pain
bit him deeper than the flesh.

His hands were tucked behind his back as Kilek bent over him, and a few seconds of agony passed before he felt his pants pulled to expose his his
backs of his legs and hard, moist flesh push against his anus. He croaked uselessly, feeling penetration inch by agonizing inch. He was dimly aware of unfocused memory, of sex
between men, that he wasn't "prepared", whatever that meant, and he felt something inside of him give as a sudden thrust sent Kilek inside of him hilt deep.

Blinded by white, hot agony, he remembered little else during the next few minutes. The sound of harsh groans of pleasure echoed in the cavern of
his mind, the sensation of his flesh, slick with sweat and saliva as his tongue ravaged him. He belonged to Kilek now and there was nothing, not a damned thing in the world that
Ash could do about it.

Unconsciousness stole him away, thankfully, before he could remember the end of it. But this was hardly the end... he would regret waking up, would
regret everything the moment he opened his eyes.

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