What happened?!?!

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“WHAT! …NOT AGAIN!!!” Zell yelled in frustration.
Selphie laughed to her self as she rounded the door of the cafeteria. Poor Zell, he’s always too late on Thursdays…now how to use this to my advantage? Selphie thought as she walked up to Zell and tapped him on the shoulder.

“Hi Zell, late again?” Selphie smiled as Zell let out a small whine-like noise. Ah I’ve got it. Selphie put on her reassuring smile. “Come on Zell. Tell me what’s up?”

Zell sighed, “Seifer was being an ass again and held me up in the training centre, then Squall found me and sent me to give Quistis a message, who then sent me to tell Rinoa that Squall said that Irvine was looking for her and that he would catch her in the quad after her class, then I got my butt over he as fast as I could but as usual, the hotdogs are all gone.” Zell took in a deep breath and blinked at Selphie, she was the only one he knew that understood all his high-speed rambles.

“I have a couple in my dorm if you want them?” Selphie offered while bouncing on the balls of her feet. Zell double blinked, shook his head and guppied at her “you had hotdogs all this time and you made me suffer the defeat of the cafeteria?” Zell took half a nanosecond to make his decision and within no time at all they were heading towards Selphie’s dorm and the tasty heaven of hotdogs.


Selphie’s dorm was looking tidier than normal, which meant only on thing Quistis had stayed the night last night. “Hey Selphie… I was just thinking, how long has it been since you and Quistis hooked up? Eight, night months?” Zell asked as he flung himself onto the little red sofa in the living room as Selphie continued onto the kitchen.

“A year today” Selphie called through from the kitchen over the sounds of a microwave being turned on and the light clatter of plates.
“A year today? Wow! That long already it doesn’t feel that long.” Zell mused as he flung his legs up over the arm, grabbed the T.V remove and started channel surfing. “Yeah, well it is one whole year today… well tonight to be exact.” Selphie plopped the hotdogs down on Zell’s stomach.

Zell wolfed into the hotdogs as soon as they had hit his stomach. Selphie grinned mischievously as Zell consumed the last crumb of his hot dog. “Since our anniversary is tonight I was wanting to arrange a surprise for Quistie and since I did you a favour I was wandering if you could do one for me?” Selphie asked cautiously. “Yeah course Selph. What do ya want me to do? Distract her for a while? Pick something up?” Zell asked happily, after all it couldn’t be that hard.

“Well… “ Selphie said as she stood in front of Zell’s sprawled form, “It’s a little more involved than that”


I can’t believe she talked me into this. Zell squirmed on the chair he was currently tied to shirtless. All of this for three hotdogs, I’m glad I didn’t ask for that phoenix down I was after.

Zell wiggled his wrists and ankles; his wrists were bound behind him and the chair back, while each leg was tied to the front legs of the chair. Everywhere he was bound, he was bound by long satin red ribbons and Selphie’s finishing touch was the big, red satin bow that sat on his right peck firmly holding a black tag in place over his nipple. On the tag engraved in gold was Selphie’s message to Quistis:

Happy Anniversary
Selphie xxx
(Hope you enjoy)

The room had also been decorated with scented candles and coloured drapes and scarfs in reds, blacks and golds. The only light in the room was the soft glow of the candles that filled the room with the soothing mix of lavender and yang yang.

Zell glanced around the room. Selphie had gone to a lot of trouble and was just lighting the last of the candles. “So. How do I look?” Selphie asked as she blew out the piece of paper she had used to light the candles and straightened her hair and dress.

Zell looked over at Selphie, she had discarded her usual yellow dress for one of black velvet with a sloping neckline. Her usually flicked out hair hung perfectly straight for once and the small amount of eyeliner on her eyes made them brighter and more defined.

“Selph you look amazing” Zell gave her one of his toothy grins “Quistie isn’t gonna know what hit her”. Why did I agree to go along with this again…Zell thought. Selphie advanced on Zell, watching as his smile turned into a look of confusion as she placed a large amount of red satin in his mouth and secured the gag behind his head. “There perfect… All we need now is Quistie.” Selphie ruffled Zell’s hair and sauntered through to the living room, closing the bedroom door as she went.


Quistis pushed in the combination for Selphie’s dorm, placing the flowers for Selphie behind her back as she pressed the enter key and the door slid open. “Happy anniversary Selph” Quistis smiled as she brought the flowers from behind her back and presented them to Selphie.

Selphie went to greet Quistis with a sexy little wiggle. “Thank you Quistie.”

Quistis ran her eyes over Selphie “You look beautiful honey.” Selphie bounced lightly on the balls of her feet to kiss Quistis lightly on the lips.

“Oh!” Selphie pulled back before Quistis could even begin to enjoy the feeling of her lips. “Do you want your present now?” Selphie grinned and grabbed Quistis by the hand and led her to the bedroom.


Quistis blinked in astonishment. “Selphie… is that Zell?”
Selphie grinned and nodded seductively. “What’s he doing gagged and bound in our bedroom?” Quistis moved to hug her girlfriend, wrapping her arms tightly around her and planting little kisses down her neck.

“He’s here to help celebrate our anniversary” Selphie pouted. “Don’t tell me you don’t like your present?” Selphie leaned in and kissed Quistis.

Quistis broke the kiss and cast a quick glance at Zell before her face bloomed into a grin that would of put the Cheshire cat to shame. “Well Selph… “ Quistis purred as she broke away from her and went to straddle Zell’s lap “he looks good enough… but how’s he feel?”

Quistis ran a finger over Zell’s collarbone and down between his pecks. She lightly scratched her nail towards Zell’s tagged nipple and lightly circled it as she read the tag.

Quistis smiled at her girlfriend and reached out with her un-preoccupied hand to draw her closer. Selphie took Quistis hand and allowed her self to be drawn towards Quistis. Quistis leaned back and wrapped her arm around the back of Selphie’s neck to bring her down for a long deep kiss. All the time her fingers played over Zell’s chest, stroking, scratching and teasing.

Zell was beginning to think that maybe this wasn’t going to be so bad after all. In all honesty he’d never thought of Quistis or Selphie in the sexual way, they’d always been his friends however it’s not like he thought they were ugly and what he was about to see would bring a hard on to a brass man. Why shouldn’t he enjoy it?

Selphie broke the kiss and moved to Quistis’s neck, licking and nibbling just under her ear and down towards her collarbone. Quistis was bored with just the feeling of Zell, she wanted more. She wanted to taste him. Quistis moved to rest her lips over his left peck; slowly placing little licks and kisses over his flesh. Selphie tore her mouth away from Quistis’s neck long enough to share the feral grin that crossed her girlfriends face. This is going to be fun Selphie thought to her self as she latched on to Zell’s other nipple and nibbled.

Zell’s head lulled back and he moaned into his gag as Selphie joined in the assault on his chest. He had no idea that sex with these two could have been as interesting as it was turning out to be. His head snapped up as he felt Selphie bite into his nipple as Quistis lowered a hand to rub his erection through his baggy pants. Zell moaned deep into his gag once again as Selphie freed him from his pants and Quistis wrapped a hand around his length.

Once Zell was released from his pants Quistis grabbed Selphie by her hair and pulled her firmly from Zell’s body to her mouth to receive a hard, deep kiss. Selphie’s teeth mashed with Quistis with the passion of the kiss, every breath they had taken until that moment had been nothing compared to the breath they took now. No amount of oxygen could fill their lungs as Selphie trailed her hand from Zell’s chest to Quistis’s face. Trailing a gentle line down her cheek until it reach the tip of her jaw line and dropped down to unzip Quistis’s Orange leather top. And people think it ‘s Squall that has the leather fetish Selphie mused as she reach for Quistis’s top and dragged the sides down Quistis’s arms until the top fell to the floor a like a long forgotten memory

The moment Selphie’s skilled fingers started to encircle her breast; Quistis lost all interest in Zell, it was only her own pleasure she strived for now. Quistis pushed back onto Selphie who was now kneeling on the floor with her arms wrapped lightly round Quistis’s waste while her hands massaged and teased her into a greedy need for as much of Selphie’s touch as possible.


Zell looked up as the firm stroke that had brought him to his full arousal was lost. He looked up to see a topless Quistis withering on his lap as a fully clothed Selphie ran her hands over Quistis’s stomach to her breasts and toyed with the nipples.

Selphie whispered into Quistis’s ear, making her lean into Zell. Quistis’s breast grinded against Zell’s chest as Selphie rubbed Circles over Quistis’s back as she struggled to free her self from her dress.

As soon Selphie had struggled from her dress, she nudged Quistis further into Zell’s lap and sat behind her, pulling Quistis back until her back was flush against her. Selphie leaned down and once again attacked Quistis’s neck causing Quistis to mew in frustration as her mouth work on Quistis’s neck and her hands moulded and cupped Quistis’s breasts.

Selphie released Quistis’s neck to nibble on her ear lobe “Are you ready for me babe?” Selphie’s sex roughed voice broke through Quistis’s lust fogged brain; Quistis nodded and let out little whimpers of frustration. It was all to slow, she wanted Selphie and she wanted her now. Selphie ran her hand up Quistis’s inner thigh, just as I thought Selphie grinned as she pulled Quistis’s mouth to her for another ravenous kiss as she wiggled Quistis’s skirt over her hips to rest crumpled around her waist .you came pre-pared.

Selphie found out when they first started dating that Quistis had a personal rebellion against underwear and any chance to go with out she would, which for Selphie always made things that much simpler. Selphie slide one finger deeply into Quistis and circled her finger slightly so her thumb could brush over Quistis clit as she wished.

Selphie new Quistis could take more but she wanted Quistis to beg, wanted to hear plead for more. Selphie pulled her finger out until only the tip of her finger rested inside of Quistis. “Tell me!” Selphie demanded. “Tell me what you want!” Selphie panted into Quistis ear. She flicked her thumb lightly over Quistis clit. Quistis gripped Zell’s shoulders and used them as leverage to rock onto Selphie’s finger. “More.” Quistis growled. She hated when Selphie was in control. Everything had to be begged for. “More! Faster! Harder! Deeper!” Quistis groaned as Selphie’s fingers returned, this time three of them slipped deep insider her hard and fast causing her to sigh in satisfaction. Better, fast, hard and deep just they way she liked it.

Zell watched in fascination as the scene before him took place. Quistis was on his lap with Selphie right behind her. Selphie’s arms were rapped around Quistis; one hand was lazily toying with her breasts while the other was plunging as deep into her as it could possibly go. Zell watched each time Selphie thrust her fingers deep into Quistis. With every thrust Quistis would use his shoulders to rock onto Selphie’s thrusting fingers setting such a fast and aggressive pace. The sight of them tangled together on his lap was so erotic; he was leaking a steady stream of pre-cum. He watched as Selphie brought her lips Quistis throat and began to nibble and kiss her way up to Quistis ear and then back down to place feather light kisses along her shoulders. Quistis began to trust harder on to Selphie’s fingers as she was brought close to orgasm. Quistis was close and Selphie could feel Quistis clenching at her fingers.

A few more thrusts and Quistis would be spent. Selphie watched as Quistis took one hand off of Zell’s shoulder and snaked it between them, slowly inserting three fingers into Selphie. Selphie through her head back and let out a moan that echoed around the bedroom as she pushed down hard onto Quistis fingers. She brought her head to Quistis’s neck and nibbled as she set the rhythm for herself and Quistis.

Zell Felt Quistis’s hand leave his shoulder. He opened his eyes and watched as Quistis slid her hand behind her back between her and Selphie. The moan that erupted from Selphie clued Zell into what Quistis was doing with her hand. Zell’s hips thrust upward, hungry to be touched again.

Quistis and Selphie were now both close so close to orgasm. Quistis was rocking onto Selphie’s fingers just as Selphie plunged herself onto Quistis’s. Quistis dropped her hand from Zell’s shoulder, leaving another set of half moon marks and began to circle her finger over the tip of Zell’s dick, then down to the base before taking his shaft in her hand and pumping it firmly and fast.

As Quistis’s orgasm crossed her in waves she clenched Zell between her thighs as Selphie continued to thrust into her making her cum hard. Selphie felt Quistis tightening around her and thrust firmly and deeply into her as she began decent into her own orgasm.

Zell felt Quistis’s thighs clench tighter round his legs as she road out her orgasm, pumping Zell hard, pulling his completion from him. Zell felt his sack tighten as Selphie bit down on Quistis’s shoulder and squeezed him with her thighs. His orgasm hit like an avalanche as he spurted his completion over Quistis stomach.

Quistis removed her fingers from Selphie and let Zell’s limp member go, leaned back and gently kissed Selphie. Selphie stood up and pulled Quistis to her and kissed her gently. “I hope you enjoyed your present honey?” Selphie asked sweetly as she plucked Zell’s shirt from the floor and used it to gently wipe Zell’s seed from Quistis stomach “I wanted everything to be just the way you wanted it?”

Quistis kissed Selphie reassuringly and smiled. “Thank you babe” she whispered as she pulled Selphie back into a hug “It was just like I’ve always imagined.”


Quistis and Selphie shared a final kiss and dressed. “Now what to do with him?” Selphie giggled as she looked at Zell. “I have the perfect idea” Quistis grinned evilly as she moved to stand in front of Zell again. Selphie walked to stand with Quistis in front of Zell. They shared a grin and untied him “Thanks for you time Zell” Quistis said as she wrapped her arm around his arm and ushered him towards the door. “Yeah thanks Zell. See you tomorrow. Remember! Get to the cafeteria before one if you want hotdogs.” Selphie piped up as she scooped up his shirt and took his other arm.

Quistis typed in the combination to open the door and press the enter key. Quistis gave Zell a final shove out of the door; pant’s still undone and trailing round his ankles. “Night Zell” Selphie said as she tossed him his shirt and shut the door. Zell was left standing in the corridor with his pants round his ankles blinking dumbly at the door. As he pulled his pants up and refastened them the only thought that he had was” What the hell just happened?…”

If you like this one and think it would be a good idea for the girls to attack some of the other FFVIII please let know because i think it could be fun ^_^

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