When Push Comes to Shove

BY : Mansonite
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Disclaimer: I do not own Final Fantasy VIII, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

**Author’s Note** This was written during an IM conversation with my girlfriend when she was going through the script for FF8 and said that Seifer pushed Squall onto a bed and that's where this starts from. Needless to say she was drooling for more as I’m sure some of you will be ^_^ enjoy. In addition, if stuff is spelled wrong or sounds stupid it’s because I wrote it in small increments and then converted it to its current format. **End Note**

"Unff, Seifer what if someone came in?"

"Hush Squally, i've locked the door and have Fujin and Raijin standing guard outside, we won't be interrupted" Seifer leans in and kisses squall slow and soflty. Squall presses his hands against Seifer's chest in a vain attempt at escape Seifer grabs Squall’s wrists and pins them above his head "Why must you fight me at every turn squall? Can’t you see I only want to love you?"

"But, we-we're guys," Squall reasons.

"Can't you see past that squall? or is that brown haired bimbo all you can think about?" Seifer hisses through clenched teeth

"I- just leave Rinoa out of this Seifer," Squall cries,

"That's it isn't it, that skank has you under her spell doesn't she? Well don't worry I have just the thing to break her vile curse," Seifer pulls his belt off and lashes squall's hands to the headboard.

"Seifer what do you think you're doing?" Squall questions in hurried panic.

"I'm going to make you see how much I love you squall and that that woman is nothing next to me." Seifer kisses Squall hard, forcing his tongue into Squall's mouth. Squall makes noises of protest and fights futilely against the bonds and the weight of Seifer straddling his stomach. Sefer's hands pull squall's shirt up to his neck. Seifer moves from squall's mouth down to his chest keeping squall's legs pinned underneath his.

"No, please Seifer, don't do something we both might regret" Seifer glares into Squall's eyes.

"Like what? Allow yourself fall in love with me? I don't see any regret in that" Seifer swirls his tongue over one of squall's nipples making the nub stand erect and closes his teeth firmly around the small bit of flesh. Seifer's hand trails down Squall's firm stomach and cups Squall's manhood firmly. Squall lets out a shuddered gasp as Seifer's hand begins to massage him through his pants. Seifer quickly undoes Squall’s belt and pants, and is pleasantly surprised to find squall was going "commando" Seifer slowly strokes his fingertips along the length of squalls quickly hardening shaft making Squall slowly rock his hips

"Please Seifer, no more," Seifer ignores Squall’s protest and undoes his own pants pulling them down to his knees.

"Not until you love me Squall," Seifer rips his shirt off and tosses across the small room and pulls Squall's shirt up over his head trapping it around his upper arms. Seifer presses his chest against Squall's slowly rocks his hips against Squall’s pressing their manhoods together. Sqaull shudders underneath Seifer's expert touch. Seifer tentatively kisses Squall's neck and jaw as his hips quickened their pace.

"Seifer, please just let me go, I don't want this” Seifer's eyes fill with anger and he rises up off Squall's chest straddling his thighs.

"You don't have a choice anymore Squall" Seifer moves lower on Squall's legs pinning his calves under his buttocks and takes Squall's manhood in his hands. Seifer slowly trails his tongue up the length of the underside of Squall’s shaft making the poor boy quiver; Seifer teases the underside of the tip with his tongue before slowly taking it into his mouth. Seifer sucks slowly as his tongue encircles the head. Squall struggles against the intense pleasure. Seifer uses his other hand to massage Squall’s testicles gently in their rapidly tightening sack. Seifer slowly moves his head up and down, pursing his lips tight as he reaches the tip and flicks his tongue against the underside.

“Oh God, Seifer no, it's so good!" Squall shouts conflicted by his emotions and the intense pleasure. Seifer's hand strokes the length of the shaft that isn't being taken by his mouth to the same rhythm Squall makes pleasured noises and begins to buck his hips against Seifer's mouth and hands as he nears orgasm. Seifer quickens his head and hand movement, keeping his lips tightly pursed against the length of squall's manhood.

Squall cries out as his orgasm overcomes him. Seifer feels the warm splash of Squall's semen as his manhood convulses in his mouth. Seifer withdraws Squall's member from his mouth giving it a few last pumps to siphon the last drops from within him and crawls back up Squall's body. Seifer kisses Squall firmly, letting his semen flow into Squall's mouth. Squall's throat instinctively swallows the salty-sweet fluid. Seifer licks squalls lips and then his own.

"Well now, has that little skank done anything like that for you Squall?" Squall gasps for air and slowly shakes his head from side to side.

"N-no, never" squall gulps.

**Another Note** I most likely will continue this since Grace is the reason I even wrote this in the first place and I’d love to see her reaction when Seifer and Squall take things further **End Note**

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