Embrace the Dead of Night

BY : Ravensky
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Disclaims: I don’t own D.N.Angel or Final Fantasy series.
They belong to Sugisaki Yukiru & Square Soft/Enix. Storyline does belong
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Warnings: Shounen-ai, Yaoi, Supernatural, Vampire Sex, Anal (Um
Duh!), Torture, Cross Over, Alternative Universe

Pairings: Seifer x Squall, Seifer x Krad, Dark x Squall, Krad + Dark, Laguna
x *all* (Implied)

Summary: Set back in the Meiji Era, Krad and Dark are samurai’s
that are wonder around from town to town looking for work. With no luck they
return home to rest before setting out again when they meet Seifer & Squall
one night. Not to Dark & Krad’s knowledge, Seifer & Squall are
vampire princes and on their 18th birthday they must find their mate and be
bonded. But will the two samurai’s agree and what will their reaction
be when they find out the truth behind their own birth.

~Embrace the Dead of Night ~

By Mitsuki Nakazato


On the a warm autumns night, the moon was a deep golden colour as two guys,
both with unusual coloured hair walked down the dirt road. The first had deep
dark purple hair with amethyst eyes, the other with long sun golden hair and
eye that were a melted gold colour. Both wore the haori, obi and kosode; the
usual clothing of the samurai.

“Why don’t we go and stay in a hotel tonight? If we go back to
sensei’s place he will have us training when our feet are sore.”

The golden haired male just grunted and completely ignored the complaints of
the purpled haired man.

“Well it’s settled. A hotel tonight with some lovely ladies.”
Dark smiled like a mad man.

Krad grabbed the back of Dark’s top s he started walking too fast with
a spring in his step.

“No girls”

Dark stopped and growled but followed with Krad none the less knowing not to
push the blonde.


“This place is so boring. It’s late night and we aren’t allowed
out. Who does he think he is? I mean seriously, it’s not like our fathers
care what happens to us as long as we are alive”

The shorthaired blonde lent back in his oversized throne like chair.

“It’s best not to leave. Its no use complaining since there’s
nothing we can do about it.” The brunette replied, not even looking up
from his book.

“Nothing about it hey…” The blonde smirked as he stood. “Let’s
just sneak out. It’s not like the old man is around.”

The brunette snapped his book shut. “No”

The blonde gracefully walked over to the brunette who lay across the couch
and took the book from his hands.

“Don’t you ever get bored of being told what to do? I mean really
Squally. The old man isn’t here and just cause he says ‘we can’t
go out’ you are going to obey? You are really a pussy Squall”

Squall growled knowing he shouldn’t let the blonde get to him. “Are
you challenging what I do Seifer? The way I am?”

Seifer smirked to himself, ‘Right on the spot. Man I’m good’

“Oh no Squall, never. I just think that you’re not man enough to
sneak out”

Squall stood from the couch, grabbed his leather jacket and pulled it on.

“Fine, let’s go. Oh and I’m more of a man then you Seifer

Seifer dropped the book onto the couch and grabbed his own long grey trench

“Oh I don’t know Squally, you didn’t sound that manly last
night” Seifer’s smirked widened as Squall scolded.

“You didn’t sound that manly if you were bent over with an oversized
cock up your ass cause someone wanted to fuck your brains out cause they are
a little bit horny”

Seifer walked up behind Squall and groped his ass, gaining a growl and a swat
from Squall.

“But Squall, you know I won’t let anyone near my ass with a cock
let alone anything else.”

Squall smirked unknowingly to Seifer as he opened the door. “It sure
didn’t sound like that the other night when I heard `Do it! Fuck me
` Sure you didn’t sound to manly and it sounded like you were
begging to be filled”

Seifer growled at Squall. The brunette wasn’t supposed to know about
what had happened. Together they steeped out and Seifer closed the rice paper
screen door.


Dark and Krad walked through the populated and bright lit town. Dark smiled
and waved at the young women who smiled and giggled girlishly at them. Krad
chose to ignore it as he tried to remember how the purpled haired man had ever
managed to become the ruthless killing samurai he was but then always remembered
that how Dark changed, his eyes; his personality; all of it changed in an instant
when they had a job to do or they were hired by someone.

“Here! We are going to stay here for the night”

Dark stopped outside to what look like some five star hotel that was extremely
expensive. Krad sighed, he knew he would end up being the one to have to pay
for their stay.

“Why do you always have to choose the expensive places? You know our
last job didn’t pay that good”

Krad growled at Dark when he saw the man had taken off without answering him.
Krad sighed and followed Dark into the hotel.


From their place in the woods, Seifer and Squall flew into town knowing that
they weren’t allowed to be seen by the local natives. When they were in
town, they jumped from roof to roof, hiding in the shadows until they stopped
across from a pricey looking hotel. They looked down to see the purpled haired
samurai and the samurai with long golden hair standing outside the hotel. Just
as the dark haired guy ran inside the hotel Seifer smirked as his eyes locked
on the blonde.

“Dinner is served…”


Oww spooky…okay not really but just go with me here. Well
anyway that’s the first chapter. I hoped you enjoy it. Let me know what
you think by reviewing and rating and I’ll have the next chapter up as
soon as possible…that’s if I get reviews

Ja ne,

Nakazato Mitsuki ^^

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