Push The Limits Arc

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Author’s Notes: All Final Fantasy stuff/characters are not owned by me and all rights apply to the lucky bastards who do own them. This takes place a little further down the timeline in my Push It Universe and I’m messing with these guys ‘cause that’s just the kind of sick and twisted little puppy I am. Push The Limits is by Enigma from the Screen Behind The Mirror album and all rights belong to them for that song.

I have also written an off-shoot to this called the Idol Worship Arc. It details the meeting between Irvine and the GF he finds. It isn’t required reading, but it has good smut.

Leia Avenrose rocks as my beta for this. Kisses babe.

~ indicates character POV
** indicates internal conversation.
// indicates emotions/feelings.

Push The Limits

Basic instincts, social life.
Paradoxes side by side
Don't submit to stupid rules
Be yourself and not a fool.
Don't accept average habits
Open your heart and push the limits.

Principals Of Lust


I was in a pissy mood. It was time for Squall and me to go see Odine, and I didn’t want to. Somethin’ about him just made me wanna pound him into the ground. He was a complete geek. Nuthin’ mattered to him but his damn experiments and tests. And I didn’t like those. This was all Squalls’ fault. If he hadn’t built up that ice wall between us, I wouldn’t have freaked out at the President’s Palace and those guardsmen wouldn’t have died.

Squall and I had to see Odine every four months for the next two years under our agreement with Laguna for going a little nutso. We had also needed to pay out a good chunk of cash to the families of the dead guardsmen. I didn’t mind that. I felt a little guilty over what I had done. I figured that even though the cash wouldn’t bring the men back, it might make things a little easier for their families.

But this thing with Odine; it sucked.

He separated Squall and me for the time that we were in his facility. We were still in each others heads but I missed havin’ him next to me when I slept. I was lonely in my bed without him. I knew Squall felt the same way.

“Tell me again why Laguna made us agree to this stupid thing with Odine?” I grumbled as I stuffed clothes in a bag.

Squall sighed and blew his bangs out of his eyes. “Because we both had some kind of magic going when neither one of us had GF’s nor stored magic. We’re a special case, Seifer. We’re both Knights bound to one another. I don’t think that’s ever happened before. Odine is the only one who knows enough about Knights and Sorceress’ to tell us why we could do the magic we did.”

“Well it hasn’t happened again and it won’t as long as you don’t do somethin’ as stupid as you did last time.”

Squall just sent me a frosty look and then ignored me as he carefully folded his clothes and put them in the bag. It was only our second time going to see Odine and I would have rather had Chicken Wuss bend me over and fuck me with sandpaper lube. The last time with Odine hadn’t been a barrel of laughs. I think the little fucker got off on hurtin’ people in the name of science. At least that’s the way it seemed when he jammed those needles into every possible location of my body.

Squall finished with his packing and walked beside me to the waiting ship. I wanted to suggest hijacking it and finding a nice cosy cabin to hole up in for a few weeks while I screwed his brains out every damn day. He would be tempted but he wouldn’t do it. He had given his word that we’d see Odine, and Squall never went back on his word.

That just fuckin’ sucked.

Before I was ready for it, we were at the facility and the ship that had brought us there was leaving without us. Squall held my hand as we walked into the building. Both of us wanted the physical contact as long as possible. Once Odine got his nasty little paws on us, we wouldn’t see each other until he was done. Odine wouldn’t let us eat together never mind share a room.

An aide brought us to Odine’s office where we waited for the little geek to show up. If it was anything like last time, we’d be waiting a while. For a brilliant scientist, he was pretty damn scatter-brained about appointments. Much to my surprise, he was on time for us. So much for makin’ out while we waited…

“Ah, you’re here. Right on time too. Good, good. I have many things I need to do this visit. I’ll need a week of your time.”

“A week!?” I exploded. He wanted me to stay away from Squall for a whole week? Was he fuckin’ nuts?

“A week is more than we can afford to spend here,” Squall began.

“President Loire told me I could have up to a week of your time on these visits. I’m running several tests on the two of you and I have an on-going experiment that’s in a critical stage right now,” Odine replied.

“If it’s a bad time, we can come back later,” I offered as I stood and grabbed Squall’s hand. I started to head for the door.

“No, the experiment just needs to be checked on while it moves along. It’s a small side project for my curiosity only. You will have my full attention. Your case is fascinating. You both seem to possess some sorceress powers but they only came out when you were both under tremendous stress and after you had committed yourselves to each other. Did you know that those powers are dormant in you both right now? No—I didn’t think so. Extraordinary really.

“Quite the unusual set of circumstances that brought it about,” Odine said with a sunny smile as he warmed to his favourite subject. I tried to interrupt him but he just continued, oblivious.

“You see, my theory is that since you were both Knights to powerful Sorceress’, you had a unique connection to them and the power they wielded. I think some of that power was transferred to you both. My research shows that the connection between a Sorceress and her Knight is strengthened by sexual relations. The two of you have sexual relations, don’t you? I’d like to study the effects on your brain chemistry while you are intimately involved.

“It would help my research tremendously.”

Squall and I stared at Odine with our mouths open. Either he was a complete idiot and didn’t realize what he had just asked or he was so wrapped up in his research that he didn’t think it was an unreasonable request.

“Fuck no!” I yelled, anger starting a slow burn as I stood and stalked to the scientist.

He just looked at me with a slightly puzzled expression on his face. I could tell from the look that he honestly had no idea what I was so mad about. With the one time mistake with Irvine, nobody but me got to see the passion on Squall’s face when he orgasmed. I felt the fire of that sorceress level anger start to build in me the more I thought about it.

“Oh my. This is wonderful,” Odine enthused as he watched little flames lick over my fingers. “Now, what was it that brought this to the surface? Are you feeling stressed right now?”

**Seifer, stop. He didn’t mean anything** Squall said in my head as he soothed my temper with his icy calm.

I felt the fiery rage cool with the touch of Squall’s mind. Fuck but Odine could piss me off like nobody’s business. Asking to watch while I screwed Squall. What kind of perv was he? Sure, Squall and I could put on a great show but he was mine and I knew Squall wasn’t into that kind of shit.

Odine frowned as the flames disappeared as quickly as they had come. He muttered to himself and pulled a dog-eared notebook from his coat pocket and scribbled furiously. He only looked up when I sighed loudly. Odine blinked owlishly then coloured a bright red when he realized we were still in the room.

“Follow the young man in the lab coat. They will take you to your rooms and get you ready for the next series of tests. I’ll call you when I’m ready for you.”

We had been dismissed.

Great. Now it was going to be a week of dealing with this geek pokin’ and proddin’ me in places that I really only wanted Squall to poke and prod. The things that I had to do…

I sighed and followed Squall out to meet the man who would take us to our separate rooms for the next week.


It had been two days of tests and needles and general medical hell. I had Seifer in my head but no physical contact. I missed that closeness with him. When we had gotten back from the Presidential Palace almost a year ago, Seifer had moved into my rooms. I hadn’t spent a night out of his arms, not counting the first time we had been to see Odine, since.

Now Odine was suddenly asking me if I wanted to see Seifer.

Of course I wanted to see Seifer! I was just a touch suspicious but I decided to let it go in favour of being able to see and touch him. The agreement from Seifer came so fast, I was surprised I didn’t have mental whiplash. Odine nodded and smiled and said he’d arrange for us to see each other for supper.

Seifer was a pleased hum in my head. He had been trying to sneak from his rooms since the very first night to come and see me. I didn’t bother. I knew the rooms were designed to keep unwilling test subjects in them. Seifer would have known this, too, if he had bothered to read the report I had ordered from SeeD intelligence.

**You’re going to behave yourself at supper aren’t you?** I asked as I stepped into the shower.

**You gonna make it worth my while?** Seifer leered. **Jerk yourself off while you’re in the shower and let me feel it.**


**Aw, come on, Squall. You know you wanna. It’ll feel so good. It’s been a whole two days since I was inside you. I’m dyin’ here.**

I felt the smile try to escape.

He was only half joking. He wasn’t dying from lack of sex, but he did want me to masturbate so he could share in my orgasm. Knowing Seifer, he would pester me through the whole shower until I did what he asked. If I didn’t, he would sulk through the entire supper. I slicked myself with soap. I stroked myself to hardness and began to move my hand faster.

**Slow down, Squall, and tell me what you’re doing. Tell me what you’re feelin’.**

**You know what I’m feeling. Why do you want me to tell you?**

I heard Seifer sigh in my head. I knew I was frustrating him. I knew what he wanted me to do. I would do what he wanted; eventually. I wanted him to beg for it first. Seifer had been rubbing off on me. I liked to torment him sexually, now that I knew I could. To push him to his limits was to experience an intense rush both physically and mentally. I had discovered it purely by accident. I don’t think he suspected me of doing anything underhanded.

He couldn’t really complain. Whatever rush it produced in me was sent back to him in full measure. I’d just never done it when we were separated like this.

**”Cause hearing you tell me what you’re doin’ while I’m feelin’ it in my head is double the rush.**

**I’m stroking my cock** I said in a neutral voice.

**Squall** Seifer warned with a bit of temper in his voice.

I smiled at the heat that rushed into my head from Seifer. That was my cue to give him what he wanted. I slowed the strokes to a languid rhythm and spread my legs. He wanted a description of my actions, then he’d get one he’d never forget.

//AROUSAL, NEED, WANT, LUST, LOVE// I sent to Seifer.

**I’m stroking myself slowly and imagining it’s your hand. I’m pinching the nipple over my heart and pretending it’s your teeth. The water is warm as it runs down my chest and belly and it tickles just a little as it trails over my balls**

Seifer gives a soft little groan and I can feel his arousal climb. I knew he was naked and laying on his bed, stroking himself in time to my words.

I kept pumping my cock, describing what it felt like and how much I wanted it to be him doing it to me. His lush desire for me had my legs give way and I slid down the wall of the stall to sit on the tiled floor with my legs spread and the warm water beating down on me.

**I want to feel your cock inside me, Seifer** I moaned as our combined desire twisted and pulled me closer to the edge.

**I wanna be there, babe. Use your fingers and let me feel that. It’ll be almost as good** Seifer panted as his desire echoed mine.

I did as he demanded and slid first one then two fingers as deep as I could. It was nowhere near as good as feeling his cock, but with him sharing and participating mentally in this, it was better than not having him at all. I gasped, as I was just able to pass the barest of brushes over my sweet spot.

I began moving my hand faster over my cock, eager for the rush of sensation that orgasm would bring.

**That’s it, babe. Come for me** Seifer growled as his orgasm pushed at him.

I gave a low cry as my cock pulsed in my hand and spurted across my chest and belly. I felt his release and bit my lip as his satisfaction washed over me. I closed my eyes and waited for my heart to slow its frantic beat. I could feel Seifer doing the same.

**Thanks, Squall. I only wish I could have watched you too. I love when you jerk yourself off in front of me.**

**You’re welcome, love. I would have preferred you coming in my ass, but I guess this will have to do.**

I felt Seifer’s amusement and his agreement. I stood and rinsed myself off, lingering over my sensitive cock. I could still feel the banked desire and need from him and it was making me want again. I gave myself a mental shake and stepped from the shower to dry off. I was going to be seeing Seifer soon; maybe I could steal a few kisses at supper.


Seifer and I found ourselves in a small dining room with a table laid out with food. The young woman who escorted me to the room gathered up the third place setting and offered apologies on behalf of Odine. She coloured in embarrassment when she said he had become wrapped up in an experiment and refused to leave until he saw the results of the latest stage.

Seifer wore a positively lecherous grin.

//WANT, NEED, DESIRE, LOVE// I felt the muscles in my belly flutter at the strong desire that he was broadcasting to me.

“Eat first, Seifer. I am not missing my meal for your libido.”

“But Squall, we don’t know how long we’ll have before they bring us back to our rooms. We should use every minute we have to fuck like rabbits. We’ve got five more days of this hell to get through.”

“The wait will make it even more intense. Sit down. You’ll see I’m right. I’m always right.”

Seifer sat across from me and grumbled the whole time. I picked up the wine glass and took a cautious sip. It was a surprisingly good vintage. I took a larger mouthful and toyed with the stem of the glass. Seifer’s eyes fixed on my fingers rubbing the stem and wickedness over took me.

I dragged a finger through the cheese sauce on my plate and licked and sucked the finger clean while watching Seifer from under my bangs. He swallowed hard and picked up his own glass of wine and took a health shot. I spread butter on a roll and licked the excess off the knife. I continued to torment him by licking everything I possibly could. I knew he loved what I could do with my mouth when I put my mind to it.

By the time we were onto desert, Seifer was ready to throw me down on the table and fuck me and I was more than ready to let him. I managed to push him past the point of restraint when I started licking and sucking on a fat ripe strawberry topped with whipped cream.

Seifer lunged across the table at me and pinned me to the wall with his body. “You’re fuckin’ asking for it, Squall.”

“About time. I thought I had you about halfway through the meal. You’ve really come a long way in the self-control department. You going to fuck me hard now?” Even though my goal had been to drive Seifer wild with desire, I found that I had also fanned the flames of my own.

**Little shit** Seifer growled in my head as he kissed me roughly. **Pick your lube, Squally-boy. After that little teasing show, you’re not getting any foreplay**

**Who said I wanted foreplay this time?** I asked as I dragged the butter dish closer, excitement suddenly whipping through me at the thought of feeling Seifer inside me.

**You’re really workin’ my buttons, Squall. What’s gotten into you?** Seifer asked as he started to undo his pants.

**You, if you’d shut the fuck up and get your pants off,** I hissed as I undid my belts with the ease of long practice. My pants hit the floor in record time and I felt a little impatience at seeing that Seifer still had his on.

What was wrong with me? I was suddenly dying to have Seifer buried in my ass. I felt hot and tingly and a little light-headed. How much of that wine did I have to drink? I remembered two glasses but it could have been more. It didn’t matter. Seifer was going to give me what I wanted; what I needed.

**Little hot and bothered are we? Maybe I should make you wait then,** Seifer teased as he paused in the process of removing his pants.

I nearly lost it at that suggestion. I sent him all the lust and desire I was feeling. He sucked in a sharp breath and yanked on the zipper of his jeans. He opened his pants just enough to free his cock. Seifer sat in my chair, pulled me to him and used the butter to slick his cock and mine.

**You sure about this babe? It’ll hurt like hell if I don’t play with you for a bit,** he asked me with concern.

Instead of answering him, I gripped his slippery cock and positioned it at my entrance. I moaned as I forced myself down on him. It did sting a little but the joy of feeling him finally inside me was well worth it. Seifer groaned and held me still in his lap. I gave a little wriggle and was rewarded by his hips surging up into me. I braced my hands on the table in front and started to raise and lower myself. Seifer’s hands closed over my hips and guided my motions. The only noise in the room was the slick sound of bare flesh meeting bare flesh, our harsh panting breaths and the gentle clinking of the cutlery on the table.

**Faster, Seifer. I need … I want…**

**You got it, babe. I love when you get this wound up,** Seifer said thickly as he moved me faster up and down his shaft.

I moaned and let my head drop forward and my eyes slid closed at the hard heat of him filling me. I dropped my hand to my lap and started stroking myself as I rode him. The intense pleasure had me whining deep in my throat as the pressure to find release grew.

**Squall, I can’t wait,** Seifer groaned as he pulled me savagely down and bit my shoulder to muffle his cries as his release swept through him and me.

I twisted my hips and let the bliss of sharing his climax inside me pour through as I continued to stroke myself. Incredible heat rushed from where we were joined, flooding my body with energy. I was on the knife-edge of release, my cock tingling and balls aching with the need to come; to follow Seifer. After over a minute of hard stroking and not moving from the edge of release, I almost sobbed in frustration.

Seifer reached around and closed his fist over me and began stroking me. The pressure in my balls was becoming painful as I panted with sharp desire. I jerked my hips and thrust into his hand. It felt fantastic to have his hand around me but it wasn’t enough. I moaned, needing something more. Suddenly, I knew what I had to do to find release. I stood, whimpering a little at the feel of him sliding from me.


**I need to be in you, Seifer,** I pleaded as I held out my hand to pull him from the chair.

Seifer looked into my face, grasped my hand and stood. He traced the scar between my eyes gently and planted a fierce kiss on my lips. He pushed his pants down to his ankles and braced his hands on the table where mine had been not so long ago.

**You’re gonna have to do a little prep work, love. I’m not as use to catchin’ as you.**

The trust and love that Seifer felt for me filled my head and helped to cool the almost desperate need to be buried deep in him. I slicked his hole with the butter and gently pushed a finger into him. He let out a slow breath and I felt his body relax. I began to finger fuck him slowly only adding another when I felt desire start to build in him again.

Sweat broke out on my body as I held myself back for a few precious seconds more from just sliding into the puckered opening before me. I was actually starting to hurt with the need for release. I slicked my cock with the butter and slowly I withdrew my fingers from him. I couldn’t wait any longer. I needed to be inside him; now. I pressed against his tight hole, groaning with the feel of the resistance before he relaxed and the head of my cock slid into him.

Seifer let out a sharp hiss and I felt his discomfort as if it was my own and was sorry for it.

**It wouldn’t hurt if you’d let me top you more often. I love being inside you, Seifer,** I panted as I continued to push inside him until my thighs touched the backs of his. I groaned at the feel of finally being buried in his ass.

**I love being inside you more than feeling you inside me. But this feels good too. I forget how good it feels. Remind me more often and maybe I’ll let you do it more often,** Seifer said with a grunt as I started to thrust into his heat.

Hyne in heaven but it was bliss to feel him around me. The pressure to come was almost unbearable. I reached around and took Seifer’s semi-hard erection in my hand and started stroking in time with my thrusts in his ass. He shuddered and moaned my name as he pushed back onto my cock. His newly awakened desire mingled with mine and broke what little restraint I had left.

I growled low in my throat and moved my hips faster. Seifer gasped and hung his head as what I was feeling rocketed through us both. A roaring filled my ears and heat swamped my body as I finally fell over the edge and came hard, deep in his body. A startled cry escaped Seifer from sharing the strength of my release and triggered his second orgasm. I gave a breathy little moan at the feel of his ass clenching down on my sensitized cock drawing a few more drops from me. I collapsed over his back breathing in huge gulping breaths. Seifer rested his head on his folded arms in front of him breathing just as hard as me.

I slipped from his ass and felt my legs give way. I sat hard on the floor, feeling my head spin pleasantly.

Seifer seemed to feel the same way as me and slid down to sit beside me. I felt drained and energized at the same time. I was getting the same strange mix of feeling from him. It was like we were sexually drunk from the orgasm. I wondered if we’d be able to repeat the performance again in the future.

“Okay, so you were right, Mr. Smarty-pants,” he said with a chuckle.

I looked at him with a puzzled expression. “It was way more intense to wait until after our meal to get down to business. Any more intense, and I think it woulda killed us. We’ll have to try it again.”

I let a slow smile curve my lips.

It had been intense. More than I had thought.

I couldn’t complain though; I had gotten to take Seifer’s ass, something that didn’t happen nearly as often as I’d like. I loved to feel him inside me and more often than not, I preferred to have him top me. But I did like to feel my cock planted in his tight ass every now and again. The information that if I reminded him how good it felt, he’d be willing to let me top him more often was a bit of a surprise. I was going to hold him to it.

“I suppose we should get presentable. Somebody is bound to come get us and bring us back to our rooms soon,” Seifer said as he began drawing lazy patterns on my thigh with his finger.

I nodded and rested my head on his shoulder, suddenly exhausted. I had Seifer warm and smelling of sex next to me. My cock and ass both tingled pleasantly from the work out they had gotten. I could feel the warmth, love and affection as well as banked desire coming from him. I felt like I was floating in the afterglow of good sex. I would have dozed off if it hadn’t been for Seifer reminding me that I wouldn’t appreciate any of the lab techs walking in and finding us sprawled on the floor without pants and come dribbling out of our asses.

Trust Seifer to point that out so delicately.

I pushed myself to my feet and retrieved my pants. We were dressed and sharing a kiss when the lab tech appeared to escort us back to our separate rooms. She blushed at seeing us kiss and Seifer just had to bend me over his arm as he plundered my mouth one last time. When he let me up, I scowled at him. He smirked in return and dropped a quick kiss on my nose as he turned to follow the lab tech.

**Later, babe. Dream of me.**

I folded my arms and huffed. I’d make him pay for that little show. He knew I didn’t like it when he pulled crap like that in front of total strangers. I wasn’t sure how I’d get him back, but I would get him back. I followed the lab tech that showed up a few minutes later, plotting revenge.



Our visit with Odine had been one huge fuckin’ pain. The guy was a loon. After treating us to a private shared meal only two days into our stay he had kept us separated for the rest of the time but watched us like a hawk. It was like he was expectin’ us to grow two heads or somethin’. I think he may have planted a camera in the room and watched us screw each other.

I hope the perv enjoyed the show.

Odine had done something to us. I was sure of it. Squall and I were dead tired half the time. We had to drag our asses out of bed every morning and we both stumbled through the day, falling asleep if we stayed in one position for too long. Squall wasn’t sleeping well when he did fall into bed and that disturbed my sleep. Neither one of us wanted to call Odine and ask him what it was he had done ‘cause we both knew he’d tell us to come back so he could check us out.

Like that was going to fuckin’ happen.

Kinneas had come back from a rinky-dink mission in the desert with the strongest GF we had ever seen. He also refused to give it up. Not that I wanted it or anythin’, but he wasn’t trained to handle a GF as powerful as the one he brought back with him. He sounded like he was being controlled by the GF. Squall and I told Kinneas that we were going to draw it from him and he had freaked! He actually summoned the damn GF! Right in Squall’s office! On us!

There was a nasty tussle in his office. Squall cast silence to keep it to the purely physical and I had the supreme pleasure of cracking Kinneas’ head against the floor a couple of times to knock him out and force the GF back into his head so we could draw it from him. I still had a little resentment towards Kinneas from that incident in Squall’s office almost a year ago. Never mind that it was mostly my fault that it had happened in the first place.

He still wanted Squall. I could understand that. But Squall was mine. I caught the looks that he gave Squall when he thought no one was looking. He wanted to know what it was like to sink into that wonderful ass. He could wonder all he wanted. It wasn’t going to happen while I was alive and probably not even after I was dead.

I had managed to knock Kinneas out. Squall started to draw the GF from him and even though he had been out cold, Kinneas had fought us. The fucker even managed to break my nose. Now, after all that, Squall wanted to talk to the GF. Not through the cell that held him but to put him into Junction and summon him. Squall said he’d learn more if he actually had the GF in his head, even for a short time. Sometimes I seriously wondered if the love of my life was insane.

Squall was already in the lab staring at the GF contained in the special cells built to hold the GF’s not in use. The GF, Sephiroth, was an impressive sight. I was only into one man, namely Squall, but even I had to admit that Sephiroth was beautiful. Power radiated from him. The lab geeks almost came in their pants when they found out what he had available for Junctioning. The catch was; he’d only Junction for Kinneas. We tried with a SeeD that was experienced in high-level GF’s and after finding out what happened to Kinneas, Sephiroth had lost it and turned on his summoner.

He had damn near killed the SeeD. I was in favour of sealin’ him away or killin’ him; which ever was easier.

**I still say we should kill him. Kinneas will get over it. He’s only had him for a few days** I said as I came to stand behind Squall.

**No. I think he’ll be useful. The techies say he’s more powerful than Eden. We can use him, Seifer. I just need to confirm a few things. If I decide he’s really that dangerous, I won’t hesitate to seal him away. You know that.**

I didn’t like it but it was true. Squall was damn good at his job and if he felt it was for the good of the Garden or the world, he’d do it. It was irratating that I couldn’t just force Squall to do what I wanted. I knew better than to try. He was in full Commander mode and he had no problem pulling rank on me, the prissy bitch. I scowled at the back of his head. Squall glanced at me over his shoulder and gave me a cold look. He wasn’t too fond of the prissy bitch title. Tough shit, it fit.

“I have a proposition for you. I want some information from you. You want to go back to Irvine. Depending on what you tell me, I may allow it. This is my Garden and my word is law. If I order you destroyed, it will happen. If I order you returned to Irvine; that, too, will happen. Do you understand?” Squall asked the GF.

Sephiroth seemed to consider it before nodding his head slowly. I felt Squall draw the GF into his head. As soon as the GF was in, Squall summoned him. I watched Squall as we waited for the GF to appear. After a few minutes, Squall summoned again and still nothing happened. I growled in anger and concentrated on Squall and the strange presence in his head. I was in Squall’s head in an eye blink. The GF was just standin’ there with his back to me. I gave him a good, hard shove between those wings he had. That got his attention.

**Squall wants you to come out and play. I’d suggest you do it before we have to kick your ass,** I said with a nasty smirk.

**You hurt my Beautiful One. You will pay for that. He called you a friend so I won’t kill you, but I can make you wish you were dead,** Sephiroth said as he finally answered the summons.

“You twitch funny and I’ll gut you,” I hissed as I stood with Hyperion drawn. I could really get to hate this GF.

“What is it you wish to know?” the GF asked, ignoring me like I was beneath his notice.

This GF was plain pissing me off. All I needed was an excuse to lay a whuppin’ on the conceited bastard. It would be my pleasure.

“Why is it so important to you for Irvine to remain unharmed?” Squall asked.

“Do not waste my limited time in this form with questions you already know the answer to.”

**What the fuck is that supposed to mean?** I asked as I caught the barest of smiles from Squall at that answer. Squall ignored me and asked his next question. I scowled at the GF. I was going to enjoy sealin’ this fucker away.

I paid very little attention to the conversation. Visions of tossing a weighted bottle into the depths of the ocean with this GF trapped inside made me smile. I don’t know what it was about this GF that just rubbed me the wrong way. The ego involved was even bigger than mine. He believed he was a god. He also believed he belonged with Kinneas. Since when did GF’s get to pick and choose who they ended up with? He said he wasn’t controlling Kinneas but I’d never known the cowboy to want to keep a GF in his head if he didn’t have to. Sephiroth had to be controlling him somehow.

“Squall, he’s completely bullshitting us. He’ll say anything to go back to Kinneas so he can control him,” I scoffed.

“While it is true that I would do most anything to go back to my Beautiful One, lying, in this instance would accomplish nothing and perhaps seal me away from him forever. The Lion is honourable and appreciates honesty. I have no wish to try and control my Beautiful One. I want him as my partner not my puppet,” Sephiroth replied.

**Would you listen to this bullshit? I’m telling you, Squall, he’s just like Ultimecia. He’s got some kinda hold over Kinneas and he’s going to use him to do Hyne knows what. He’s got all kinds of power and he even admitted to Kinneas that he tried to take over the world before he became a GF. What more proof do you need? Seal his ass and throw away the bottle. It’s not that fuckin’ hard.**

**No. I have him in my head, Seifer. He means what he says about Irvine. He won’t hurt him and he’s not controlling Irvine. I’m going to do as I said I would.**

**Are you fuckin’ insane? Do you want to have to stop another power crazed idiot? Life too boring for you? Fuck, Squall, use your brain!**

**Seifer, shut the fuck up. I’m the Commander, not you. This is my decision to make. If I fuck up, then you can say you told me so.**

“You will not have to worry that my Beautiful One will try seducing your Lion. I can see the appeal, truly I can, but he has me now,” Sephiroth said, interrupting our argument and knocking me for a mental loop on that statement.

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean? I thought you said you weren’t controllin’ him,” I said with a sneer. I glanced at Squall with an ‘I told you so look’.

“It means that I see to his needs and he doesn’t have the energy for any others. I am not pleased that he still finds excitement in remembering that little encounter with the two of you. That it was your idea, Malice, I have no doubt. He is mine now and gods do not share.”

It took a minute for what Sephiroth said to make sense. When it clicked, I was dumbfounded. “Kinneas is fuckin’ his GF? That perverted fuckin’ bastard. I knew he had done most of Garden, but I hadn’t thought he’d get that desperate.”

The GF moved faster than I thought he could even after seeing him in action in the Training Center when Kinneas still had him Junctioned. He grabbed me by the front of my shirt before I could bring Hyperion up to defend myself. I felt some of that weird energy of his leak out to me mixed with anger. After being linked with Squall for almost a year, I had gotten pretty good at reading feelings and emotions from people.

Sephiroth was pissed that he was being kept from what he felt was his. He believed Kinneas, his Beautiful One, was his. His anger pushed at me and my own reared up and pushed back. I felt a tingle through my body as more of that strange energy flowed into me. Sephiroth abruptly let go of me and stepped back, staring between Squall and me. I hadn’t done anything to make him back down so I was wary of what he was plannin’.


“Do not speak of my Beautiful One like that,” Sephiroth directed to Seifer. “I cannot harm either one of you at this point. I believe I’ve answered your questions and I cannot remain much longer in this form without the steadying touch of my Beautiful One.”

Sephiroth stepped directly in front of me. Seifer growled a warning at him and I saw him press Hyperion between the GF’s wings. He ignored Seifer and leaned down towards me.

“Seek out your doctor. You and Malice are with child,” Sephiroth whispered gently into my ear as his hand brushed lightly over my belly and I felt the faintest tingle of energy from him.

He stepped away from me and burst into a shower of stars and stray white feathers. I felt him settle in my head and followed him mentally, demanding an answer to the bombshell he’d just dropped on me.

**I can only tell that you are carrying a child and that it is not long since it was planted in your body. Less than two months past I would guess. Since you are a man and had no idea that it was there, I assumed that it was done without your knowledge or consent. It is Malice’s babe you carry just as he carries yours. I will let you deal with telling him that he carries your child. I wish you luck.**

No further prodding would get Sephiroth to say anything else.

I left the lab with Seifer hot on my heels demanding to know what the hell Sephiroth had said. I wasn’t going to say anything to Seifer until I got us both to Kadowaki’s office. I could feel Seifer trying to poke around in my head and find out what Sephiroth had said to me. I shut him out and heard a dark little snicker from Sephiroth at that. Those two didn’t get along and I’d be glad to get Irvine’s GF out of my head. I could only deal with having one towering ego in my head at a time.

I made a beeline for Kadowaki and almost dragged her into her office. Sephiroth shifted restlessly in my head. He somehow knew he was near Irvine and I caught the stray thought that he should just try and take over my body to get back to Irvine. Almost as soon as that thought flashed over, it was discarded and he settled down to wait and see what was going to happen.

“Is something wrong, Squall? I have several patients I must see to, so if this isn’t an emergency…” Kadowaki trailed off.

“I need you to run a test or scan or something on Seifer and me. Odine did something to us on our last visit and I really need to find out if the latest information I got is right.”

“Well, you really should ask Odine about any tests he may have done. Magic isn’t really my area of expertise.”

“It’s a physical thing that was probably started by magic.”

“I need to know what I’m looking for, Squall. What do you think is wrong with you and Seifer?”

“I’ve been told we’re pregnant.”

I watched all colour bleed out of Seifer’s face as he sat heavily in the chair behind him. Kadowaki, bless her soul, never even batted an eye. She ran a scan over us, checked the reading and removed her glasses. She didn’t need to say anything, her posture said it all. Seifer flushed red and hissed out one word with more malice than I had ever heard from him.


Blue-green flames flared to life along his arms and an unholy light came into his eyes. I felt frost begin to form on my own skin as an icy rage moved through me. I was careful not to touch Kadowaki. I didn’t want to injure the doctor by accident. I thanked her for her time and told her that I expected the findings to remain between her and us.

“I’m going to assume that hormones are making you insult my integrity as a doctor and ignore that,” Kadowaki said as she frowned at me. I nodded curtly and turned on my heel. Seifer was a burning presence behind me.

I stood over Irvine’s bed. He was in a drugged sleep. He was still restrained to the bed but bandages had been applied under the leather cuffs. I felt Sephiroth snap to attention at being so near Irvine. A small part of me that wasn’t being consumed by the icy rage I felt noted it and filed that detail away for later examination. I easily pulled Sephiroth out of Junction and shoved him at Irvine.

I watched as his eyelids fluttered before opening. Relief and gratitude was plain in his gaze as he found me standing over his bed.

“You have your GF back, Irvine. If there is even the barest hint that he is starting to control you or loosing his grip on sanity, I will take him from you and either seal him or destroy him. Consider both of you on probation until I tell you otherwise. Don’t fuck it up.”

I watched him as he had a conversation with his returned GF. His eyes suddenly widened and he gaped at us. I felt a moment’s irritation at knowing the fucking GF had just told Irvine about Seifer and my condition. Irvine seemed to finally notice the flames leaking from Seifer and the ice crusting my clothes. It still didn’t stop him from opening his mouth.

“What?! You knocked each other up? How is that even possible? I would never have guessed that Seifer would let someone top him.”

“You will not mention this to anyone,” I warned with an icy threat of violence in my voice. “The only ones who know are Kadowaki, you and Sephiroth. If word leaks out, I’ll know who to blame and not even that godlike GF of yours will be able to protect you from the hell that I’ll rain down on you. Is that clear, Kinneas?”

“Crystal clear, Commander Leonhart,” Irvine said with deadly seriousness in his voice. He knew when I called him by his last name; it was an order not a request.

“Good. Seifer and I have some business to take care of. I’ll clear your release with the doc. You’re to report to Quistis for training on handling higher level GF’s starting tomorrow.”

I spun on my heel and marched from the infirmary with Seifer at my side. We had a crazy scientist to hunt down and torture into telling us how and why he had made us pregnant. I was avoiding thinking about the ramifications of the whole pregnancy issue. I would deal with it later. Seifer’s thoughts echoed mine. Power from the two of us twisted together and became a solid force that was frightening in its strength.

Odine was going to be lucky if he died fast.

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