Students and Teachers

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Quistis sat behind the desk at the front of the classroom, reading Selphie's exam results. Occasionally the instructor would look up at the waiting student over the top of her glasses, and sigh theatrically. Selphie squirmed with anticipation and fear.
"Well, Selphie, your score in the written exam is not enough to allow me to enter you for the field exam. I'm sorry."
"I understand, instructor. How far off am I?"
"Only a few percent. It's not any worse than Seifer's, but he has already passed certain...other tests."
"Like what?" asked Selphie. "I didn't hear about any optional test!"
I should hope not, thought Quistis. The guilty memories of her encounter with Seifer flooded back, and she blushed.
"Never mind what, I don't think you'd be interested in the work involved. It's not exactly textbook stuff." Well, depending on what textbooks you read...
"Oh. Okay. I guess I'll just be going."
As Selphie walked dejectedly out, Quistis began to wonder whether she had made a mistake...

"Come on, Seifer, tell me!"
"Leave me alone!" yelled Seifer. "And get out of my bathroom!"
Selphie had hounded Seifer, Raijin and Fujin to find out how he had got onto the field exam. The two members of the Disciplinary Commitee had both gone off to bed, leaving Selphie to pester their boss.
"I'm not going until you tell me!"
"Fine," sighed Seifer, "stay there then."
With that he began to undress.
"What are you doing!?" exclaimed Selphie, half-covering her eyes with one hand.
"Well, I need to wash and stuff. If you want to wait, then you can. Otherwise, get out."
Hmm, thought Selphie, I wonder...
As Seifer stripped down to his boxers, Selphie found herself becoming aroused. Sure, he was no Squall, but he was at least as well muscled, and she could clearly make out his flaccid penis between his legs. He began to splash water over himself.
"Seifer, what can I do? I really want to be a SeeD!"
"Well, first, you have to know your role. Me, I'm a natural leader!" He spun round, and Selphie could see that his cock was becoming erect inside his shorts. "You, I see you as a 'yes sir' girl, right? You'll do what the leader asks, without question, with unswerving loyalty!"
"Uhh, yeah..." Her gaze swept down, and his followed.
"Well, whaddya know?"
He strode across the room and lifted Selphie off the ground, pinning her against the wall.
"Seifer, what are you doing!?"
"You really want to know what you have to do for Quistis? Well, I'm going to show you what I did. But you can't tell anyone. It could ruin my street cred."
With that, he carried Selphie into his bedroom and threw her down on the soft matress. Somewhat shocked, but strangely excited, Selphie began to undo her uniform. Seifer stood in front of her, now completely naked, massaging his already erect penis.
"Isn't this a bit unethical?" Selphie asked, struggling out of her shirt. "Sex with instructors is prohibited, I'm sure."
"Who's going to stop me? If Quisty tells now, she's out of SeeD too."
Seifer climbed onto the bed, advancing on Selphie's naked form. He was pleased to see that the uniform had nicely concealed what were in fact very generous breasts, and a lightly furred vagina. He slid himself gently into Selphie, she gasped at the feeling of his manhood inside her, and she began to push her breasts at him, encouraging Seifer to massage them. Happy to oblige, Seifer took one nipple in his mouth and began to squeeze the other breast in time with his thrustings.
"Mmm, harder!" moaned Selphie, pulling Seifer's pelvis in time with their writhing bodies. Seifer flexed his manhood, it seemed to grow within Selphie's dripping vagina.
"Oh god, yes!" she screamed as Seifer climaxed, filling her with his steaming juices.
"And that's how to pass the first exam," said Seifer.

* * *

"Okay, thank you headmaster. Yes, I'll make sure he's there. Goodbye."
Quistis put down the phone.
"Squall, please report to the headmaster's office. Find Zell, take him with you."
"Yes, instructor."
My god, thought Quistis, why doesn't he understand? I want him!
"Is there anything else?" asked Squall.
"Not for now. Send Selphie in please."
Selphie was almost wetting herself with worry as she danced about in the corridor. How the hell am I supposed to do this? she thought. It's alright for Seifer, it's more...natural. I wonder if Quistis has ever been with another woman before?
"Ah, Miss Timmet, please come in. You wanted to see me?"
"Yes, instructor. I wished to appeal your decision not to allow me to enter the field exam." Selphie locked the door, and scrambled the code.
"What are you doing?"
"Please Quistis, I really need this! I'll do anything!" She leaned forward suggestively, showing her massive cleavage to the instructor.
Oh my, thought Quistis, this is really disturbing!
"I'm quite sure I don't know what you mean," said Quistis, unable to draw her gaze from the shadowy valley between Selphie's breasts.
Oh my.
"Seifer told me about the, uh, optional testing. I'd like to try it." Selphie unzipped her dress and let it drop to the floor, leaving her standing in her underwear. Quistis went bright red, her eyes widening.
"Seifer told you?"
"Well, showed me really. He spoke very highly of you."
"Very well. Come here."
Selphie approached, nervously. Quistis stood up, and pulled her sweater over her head.
"Remove my uniform."
With shaking fingers, Selphie quickly undid the buttons and zippers of her teacher's dress and underclothes. Soon Quistis stood naked, her breasts gleaming in the lights.
"Sit," she said, pointing to her desk.
Selphie sat, cross legged on the shiny cold metal. She shivered.
"Here goes." Oh man this is really hot!
Quistis leant in, and kissed Selphie gently on the lips. Selphie grabbed the instructors head with both hands, and pulled her into a rougher embrace, sticking her toung right into Quistis' mouth. Shocked, but secretly thrilled,

Quistis responded quickly, and soon they were kissing each other passionately, their tongues feeling each other out. Quistis pushed Selphie gently down onto the table, and reached down with one hand to remove Selphie's lace panties. Rubbing her hand up the inside of Selphie's thigh, Quistis felt her way rapidly towards her student's womanhood.
"Mmm, Quistis," moaned Selphie, bending her neck to suck on Quistis' rapidly hardening nipples. She took one in her mouth, gently rubbing her tongue in circular motions, feeling the warmth of the firm flesh on in her mouth. Quistis responded by pushing her pelvis right up against Selphie's, and began to grind up and down.
"Oh good, good!" Selphie moaned with pleasure as she once again began to kiss Quistis deeply. She put her hands on her instructor's behind, squeezing firmly, much to Quistis' delight. The two of them lay flat out on the desk, Quistis on top, their bodies locked together, their breasts and hips grinding past each other, each woman nearing orgasm.
"Time for the final test," said Quistis, taking one of Selphie's hands in her own, and moving them towards her vagina. Gently, she put Selphie's index finger inside herself. "Make me climax," she ordered, still grinding her body against Selphie's.
"Okay, but you have to do me next," said Selphie. _I shouldn't be enjoying this so much,_ thought Selphie. _This is just to get onto the SeeD exam..._
_This is great,_ thought Quistis. _I wonder if Squall would..._
Selphie began to slide her finger in and out of Quistis. Then she tried with two, three, four fingers, until she was practically putting her whole hand inside Quistis' tight vagina. She located the instructor's clitoris, and began to massage it gently.
"Oh god!" screamed Quistis, immediately releasing a wave of sexual juices all over Selphie's hand, and dripping onto the student's throbbing body. "Yes!"
_Alright!_ thought Selphie, withdrawing her hand and placing it in her mouth. Quistis rolled off her, panting.
"Come on, instructor! Do me!"
"Give me a second," she said, breathing heavily.
After a few minutes, having recovered from her orgasm, the instructor opened the drawer of her desk, withdrawing a stiff rubber strap-on.
"You'll like this," she said to Selphie, attaching the instrument to her pelvis.
Selphie swallowed with excitement. The sight of Quistis with a penis was disturbingly arousing. The instructor straddled her student, and then with one mighty thrust penetrated Selphie as far as she could.
"Ow! Gently!"
"Sorry," said Quistis, "but this is the way it has to be."
Quistis flipped Selphie over, so she was sat on top of the impaling dildo, and began to bounce her up in the air, thrusting with her powerful hips.
"Ow! Ow! Oooh, yeah!" Selphie's moans of pain turned to pleasure as she felt the rubber sliding in and out of her vagina.
"Not yet, my girl!" said Quistis. She withdrew from Selphie, and ordered her to lie face down on the desk. Selphie quickly agreed. The metal felt cold against her breasts, and she felt her nipples go rock hard instantly.
Quistis looked longingly at Selphie's ass, then placed one hand on each cheek and pulled them gently apart. Selphie giggled, and then Quistis slid the strap on into her anus.
"OH MY GOD!" screamed Selphie, as Quistis lay down on top of her and began to thrust, doggy-style, sticking her tongue in Selphie's ear and grasping the student's breasts with expert hands. In a few seconds, Selphie climaxed, spraying juices all over the table, and the two lovers.

* * *

"That is all."
The Garden staff filed off, after announcing the new SeeDs. Seifer was not amongst them.
After the presentation ceremony in Cid's office, Squall, Selphie and Zell made their way to the cafeteria.
"It's the SeeD ball tonight," said Selphie excitedly. "Are you guys coming?"
"Yeah, it's gonna be great!" Zell always got overexcited about everything. Selphie found it a bit of a turn off. She still wondered what it would be like to have sex with him.
Ever since her encouters with Seifer and Quistis, she had been unable to think of anything except sex. She needed more.
"How about you Squall?" He nodded. Squall silence was a bit odd, but strangely attractive to Selphie. She'd heard he was still a virgin too.
"See you there!" she said, bouncing out of her seat. Zell looked appreciatively as she flashed her underwear accidentally. "Man those uniforms are great!" he exclaimed, putting his hand on his crotch.
"You're such a kid," said Squall, although he had also found the sight very interesting.

* * *

That night at the SeeD party...
Rinoa saw Squall across the room. Cid had described him perfectly, tall, pale skinned. Not that different from Seifer.
"Let's dance," she said to him.
After some pretense of fobbing her off, Squall agreed. Rinoa's dress greatly enhanced her already generous cleavage, and from his tall vantage point, Squall could see all the way down to her panties.
"Thanks," she said, afterwards. "That was great. See you around!"
Quistis approached, wearing her instructor's uniform.
"Squall, could you come with me please."
"Yes, instructor."
"You don't have to call me that anymore," she said, as the stepped into the cool air of the balcony. "You're a SeeD now. And...I'm not an instructor anymore. Just a SeeD. Like you."
Squall said nothing. But inside he was feeling strange, like something had just occurred to him.
"I...will you meet me in the training center? Tonight? I need to talk to you."

"Come on," said Quistis, "let's go! Watch out for T-Rexaur!"
The two SeeDs ran through the undergrowth, trying to avoid encounters with the wild creatures. Suddenly, Quistis stopped.
"In here," she said, pointing to a break in the dense bushes.
Squall followed her inside, standing to one side as she pulled some branches over the entrance.
"What are you doing?" he asked, as Quistis sat down and lit a small lamp. Squall could see that there were sleeping bags and blankets here.
"I come here sometimes, to sleep. It's somewhere to go when I wanted to forget I was an instructor."
"I...didn't want to be one. It was complicating my feelings. My feelings for you."
"Me? I was your student?"
"Exactly. But I didn't want you to be. I'm less than a year older than you, Squall."
"What are you saying?" Squall asked, moving closer to Quistis.
"I...I think I am in love with you."
"I see. Well, what do you want me to say?"
"You don't have to say anything. But you could say you love me?"
"I won't lie to you, Quistis," said Squall. "I won't say that. But I will say this - you are beautiful, and I will have sex with you. Is that what you want?"
Oh god, she thought, how crude. But, still...
"I...don't know. Oh, hell, yes! Of course I do!" Rapidly removing her clothes, she leapt into a sleeping bag. Squall smiled, and removed his dress uniform. His penis was already hardening as he slid into the bag next to Quistis. She smiled shyly at him, and then proceeded to kiss him. He responed slowly, his tongue gently probing her.
She reached down to feel his manhood - it was enormous! She felt him reach down and remove her hand.
"Not yet, instructor," he said.
"I'm not an instructor," she protested, replacing her hand on his torso this time.
"Then I shall instruct you." He bent his neck, biting her flesh gently, from her neck, down her arm, then across to her breasts. He used one hand to skillfully manipulate one breast whilst sucking on the other, all the while his rock hard manhood sliding up against Quistis' legs.
"Mmm, Squall, I've wanted this for so long!" Quistis wrapped her long, shapely legs around Squall, and gripped his ass while he ministered to her upper body. It was slightly haired, but she didn't mind. Unzipping the sleeping bag, Squall moved round until his face was level with Quistis' dripping vagina.
"Now you can begin," he said, placing his penis in front of her face. She took it eagerly in both hands, massaging his shaft from the base to the tip. Squall grinned, and began to lick Quistis' vagina. He probed her recesses with fingers and tongue, the bitter juices feeling great in his mouth. QUistis couldn't stand it, she quickly climaxed, but rapidly recovered, and took Squall's penis into her mouth.
She had practised on Seifer, and Raijin, and had become quite expert at giving men blowjobs. But Squall's penis was longer than the others, and as he thrust, she could only just accomodate his member. Before he reached orgasm, he removed himself, and took up a normal position, sliding himself inside her.
"My god, this is unreal!" Quistis threw back her head and laughed. Squall smiled, and began thrusting powerfully into the beautiful woman. She moved her body against his, making his shaft penetrate her as fully as possible. The stimulating effect wasn't lost on Squall.
"Here we go!" he grated at her, placing both hand on her breasts and squeezing hard as he ejaculated deeply into Quistis. She screamed in pleasure, responding with a cascade of orgasms, and lay crying with joy and Squall continued thrusting until his erection had disappeared.

As the two of them lay in the quiet of the bushes, a noise outside suddenly had Squall roll out of the bed and grab his gunblade.
"Stay there," he ordered, going to the entrance to look.
Quistis was about to tell him to put some clothes on, but it was too late. The branches were pulled back...
"Rinoa! What are you doing here!"
Oh no, thought Quistis. As Rinoa entered, Quistis could see that Squall was desperately trying to cover his rapidly hardening penis with his gunblade. She grinned.
"Hello, Miss Heartily. What a pleasant surprise!"
"Ms Trepe, I've heard so much about you! Do you know you have your own fan club?"
Quistis blushed. She had often engaged in certain...activities with the Trepies. They were all so willing to accomodate her whims.
"Yes, I seem to have that affect on some of my students. Squall frowned at her.
"Well, I just came here to find Squall. He didn't say anything about a girlfriend."
"Wait a damn minute!" said Squall, waving his gunblade wildly, revealing his massive erection to the two women, "Quistis isn't my damn girlfriend!"
Rinoa grinned. "I bet you enjoyed that, didn't you?" she asked the former instructor. Quistis smiled. "Oh yes."
"Well," said Squall, "I suppose you want some now don't you?" Rinoa blushed.
"Come on," said Quistis, "this could be fun!"
Somewhat intimidated by the presence of the other woman, Rinoa slipped out of her dress. Underneath she was wearing near transparent lace underpants, and Quistis could see that she had shaved a lot of her pubic hair off. Squall immediately strode over to Rinoa, picking her up off the ground. He kissed her deeply, and then almost threw her down next to Quistis. He knelt down on top of the grinning girl, and tore her underwear off. Rinoa's breasts were larger than Quistis', and Squall began to go to work on her in exactly the same way he had on his former instructor. Rinoa was less cooperative with Squall when he tried to stop her holding his penis.
"Do you want this or not?" she asked, stroking him and pushing her full breasts up towards his face.
"Oh, I think so," he replied, placing both hands on her nipples. They were large in comparison to Quistis, and Squall really enjoyed holding on to the firm flesh.
Quistis couldn't stand being on the sidelines. After her earlier escapades, Quistis was ready for more. She slid down until she was between the cavorting couple's legs. She took Rinoa's hands off Squall's member, and guided it into Rinoa's vagina.
"Quistis, please!" exclaimed Squall.
"Oh, god, this is amazing! Quistis, get up here!"
Responding to Rinoa's request, Quistis moved round to the head of the bag.
"I want to taste you," breathed the brunette, licking her lips seductively. Squall was still engrossed by Rinoa's wonderful breasts.
Sliding her pelvis down beside Squall's head, Quistis revealed herself to Rinoa. The girl promptly began kissing the dampening vagina, her tongue darting in and out, flicking the supple flesh and driving Quistis wild. Taking Rinoa's head in her hands, Quistis held the girl down to force her to probe deeper with her tongue. Meanwhile, Squall, having become bored with the breasts for now, began to thrust playfully inside Rinoa, making her laugh and snort into Quistis' womanhood.
"Wait," said Quistis, "I've got an idea."
She sat up, and knelt so that her dripping vagina was in front of Squall. Taking Rinoa's hands in hers, she pulled the brunette up, while not displacing her from Squall's penetrating cock.
"Kiss me Quistis!" squealed Rinoa, and Quistis was only to happy to agree. She leant in close, so their nipples touched, and the warmth of the flesh was transferred between them. They both began feeling each other's nipples, and squeezing their tits for all they were worth. Squall was in ecstacy, his mouth covering the whole of Quistis' now free-flowing vagina as he thrust into the tight vagina of Rinoa.
The three of them climaxed at once, sending shockwaves of orgasm through them. They lay there, rubbing each other's bodies with the fluids released, and panting in sexual release.

* * *

While Quistis, Squall and Rinoa were adventuring in the training center, Selphie had finally managed to get Zell back to her room. He had been stuffing himself with food all evening, and was completely hyperactive on the sugar from the desserts.
"Man you look great! Woah, look at this room! Silk sheets, we only get cotton in the men's dormitories, of course, now I'm a SeeD I'll get my own room somewhere else in the Garden, are you excited at being a SeeD too?"
"Zell," said Selphie, putting a finger to his lips, "Be quiet."
With that, she locked the door, and very firmly sat him down on her bed.
"What are you doing Selph? What's up?"
"Well, let's see," she said, putting her hand down on his crotch. She could feel his flaccid penis through the thin SeeD uniform. It suddenly hardened as she rubbed her fingers along it's length.
"Have you gone commando this evening, Zell?" asked Selphie, grinning. Zell looked down.
"I can't remember, let's have a look!" With that, he unzipped his flies and stood up, causing his trousers to fall down to his ankles. He had indeed gone without underwear to the SeeD ball.
"My my," said Selphie. She was somewhat disappointed - Zell appeared to be somewhat smaller in the manhood than Seifer, but she was sure his energy would make up for it. Kneeling in front of him, his penis was level with her mouth. She took it gently between her lips, licking along it's length as Zell began moving his hips back and
forward. As she sat there tasting the warm flesh in her mouth, Zell began to remove the straps of her dress and bra.
"Mmm, Selphie, this is amazing!" He came without warning, spraying her mouth with his semen.
"Zell!" she mumbled through the thick liquid.
"Don't worry, plenty more where that came from!" He picked up the girl and kissed her deeply, tasting his own juices mixed with her saliva. He pulled her down onto the bed, and began to knead her breasts with the palms of his hands.
"Oooh, that's nice," moaned Selphie, pulling her panties off and arching her back to give Zell more to pleasure.
He began to chew on one nipple, and Selphie noticed that his penis was already hardening again. She reached down and took his member in one hand, stroking and massaging it for all she was worth.
Without warning, Zell rammed himself into Selphie's tight vagina. She squealed in pleasure as he began to thrust as hard as he could, causing her to bounce around on the springy mattress. She could feel the length sliding in and out of her faster than Seifer and Quistis had done her, and she liked it.
"Faster, faster!"
Incredibly, Zell found more energy, and the pulsating manhood within Selphie caused her mind to go into a state of bliss. She could no longer feel anything - the pleasure was too intense.
The searing blast of sperm from Zell's orgasm brought her back, with a cascading multiple orgasm of her own. As Zell withdrew she felt him place his fingers inside her to replace his penis, still thrusting within her. From somewhere came another orgasm, the pleasure passing through her as Zell caressed her intimate areas with deft fingers.
The door opened, and in came instructor Xu.

* * *

"Let's go," said Squall.
The three of them had dressed and were heading out of the Training Center. After careful consideration, they

decided it would be best to leave seperately, Rinoa and Quistis first, then Squall.
_I know,_ thought Quistis, _I'll go to Selphie and tell her about this. She'll be so jealous..._
_I know,_ thought Rinoa, _I'll go and see what that Zell is up to. He was looking at me earlier..._
_I know,_ thought Squall, _I'll go and see what instructor Xu wanted..._

* * *

"Xu! What do you want?"
"I was looking for Squall," said the instructor, smiling girlishly. "I can see he's not here, I'd better be

As she turned to leave, Quistis almost ran into her.
"Oh! Xu!"
"Quistis! What are you doing here?"
"I was coming to see Selphie...oh, I can see she's occupied." Quistis waved to Zell, who was grinning bashfully

in Selphie's bed.
"Well, maybe we should go."
"Oh no, Xu," said Quistis. "Let's go in."
"You can't come in here!" protested Selphie.
"Oh? We're your instructors, Selphie. You may be a SeeD, but you are still outranked here."
"But Xu," said Quistis, "I'm not..."
"Shhhh!" whispered Xu, "We can have some fun here!"
Quistis was appalled. Was sexual relations with students so commonplace? _Oh well,_ she thought, _maybe this could be instructional for Zell..._
Xu and Quistis quickly disrobed, and jumped into bed next to Zell and Selphie. Xu's more mature curves were exceptionally well defined, and Zell found himself reinvigorated at the sight of the instructors. Selphie also was having trouble concealing her arousal, despite her tiredness.
Xu began by sliding her body up against Selphie's. The student shivered with pleasure, and then began to rub her hands along the length of the instructor's body. The two of them were soon locked together in a passionate embrace, their tongues deeply probing each other's mouths. Zell took his chance, sidling up behind Xu and inserting his penis into her ass.
"Oh, my!" exclaimed the woman, reaching one hand up to Zell's hair and pulling his face down to her neck, where he began to kiss her.
Quistis lay for a while, content to watch as she pleasured herself with a dildo that she had found lying under Selphie's bed, but she soon tired of it, and wanted to join in. She squeezed up behind Selphie, her vagina grating up against Selphie's crack, and reached around to grasp Xu's breasts, touching her nipples with glee.
"Did you lock the door?" asked Quistis, grunting as Selphie thrust her hips backwards.
"Me?" asked Xu. "You were the last one in!"
"Well, what have we here?" asked Rinoa, standing in the doorway.
"Xu! Headmaster Cid said you were heading here but I never..." Squall.
"Come in and shut the door you two!" said Selphie.
The two of them grinned, and complied.
"Room for two more?" asked Rinoa, pulling her clothes and Squall's off.
"Plenty," said Xu, releasing herself from Zell's impaling cock and letting him slide into Selphie's reach. "Come on Squall. Time for your postexam confirmation."
"Yes, instructor," said Squall. Selphie looked at the nine-inch monstrosity of Squall's penis with undisguised lust. "Me next," she said.
Xu wrapped one leg around Squall, kissing his chest. The tall student lifted Xu gently, and slid her almost effortlessly onto his member. The two of the fell down onto the bed next to Quistis, who was bending almost in half to suck on Zell's member whilst Selphie was recovering. Rinoa was stretching on the floor, spreading her legs wide and then placing them behind her head. She was so flexible, she could almost touch her own vagina with her tongue. But, she had to make do with the discarded dildo. The device was made from glass, and felt beautifully smooth within her.
Meanwhile, Xu was quickly becoming exhausted by Squall's unrelenting pounding. Her nipples stood out like it was a freezing winter's morning, and Squall was holding her pelvis in constant contact with his heaving body. The two of them climaxed together and separated, panting.
Seeing her chance, Rinoa leapt onto the bed next to Selphie.
"Hi, I'm Rinoa," she said, "and I'm going to have you!"
Too tired to protest, Selphie just laughed. Rinoa cast a Cure spell, and suddenly Selphie felt ready to go again. Taking the brunette's unresisting hands, she moved Rinoa's touch on to Quistis' breasts. Not to be put off from her target, Rinoa smiled at Selphie and locked her legs around the blonde girl's waist. Selphie reached down and placed her fingers between the brown fur and her own pale hair. Rinoa pushed her breasts into contact with Selphies - they were almost the same size. Manipulating Quistis with one hand and massaging her own and Selphie's breasts with another, Rinoa showed her experience with orgies by pleasuring both women at once.

End of Part 1


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