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He watched him languidly stretch out his long limbs like a cat, and then the limbs fell still again. Strands of his light auburn hair fell into his face haphazardly, the rest streamed over his bare shoulders and down his muscular back. He stirred again, this time rolling onto his back all the while his eyes closed still in a deep sleep. He kicked his legs out, and the sheet, the only thing covering his nude body, fell to the floor. Squall picked it up and threw it back over Irvine hoping he wouldn’t wake him.

Not that he was afraid of waking Irvine, he just didn’t want to face him. And be reminded of the fact that he woke up thirty minutes ago snuggled into the warmth or Irvine’s golden chest without so much of a shred of clothing on his own body. In his bed. Nude. With Irvine. Squall briefly recalled waking up and the memories of the night before rushing over him, then he smothered the memory and pushing it back - back into the farthest corners of his brain. He would be gone by the time Irvine awoke. Back to work and to the mountains of joyless paperwork. Irvine would go back to his quarters, pleased with his latest conquest, and life would continue as normal. Squall finished putting on his boots and glanced at Irvine once more. This never happened, cowboy.

Irvine grinned lazily as he opened his eyes, but it faded as he stared at the empty spot behind him. He sat up and scanned the room for his commander. Irvine had to smile at that thought, he sure was his commander last night.

“Squall?” Irvine called out. Silence. “Of course” Irvine grumbled, wrestling on his jeans. Why would he be there? He was Squall “whatever” Leonhart. Of course he wouldn’t be there. Irvine pinched himself, okay that proved it had happened. He felt a sharp pain on his back and reached back and felt swollen flesh on his back. Of course he didn’t imagine last night, he had the scratches to prove it. Irvine grabbed his shirt, realizing all the buttons were missing. The way Squall ripped off his shirt last night, it’s a miracle it was still in one piece.

Irvine approached the doorway of Squall’s bedroom. He figure he’d best leave as soon as possible, only…he had to make sure no one saw him. Squall would be none to pleased if there were any witnesses to a disheveled Irvine leaving Squall’s rooms, he made that perfectly clear last night between passionate kisses.

Oh Gods, Squall’s kisses. Would he ever be able to receive them again?

Irvine opened the door a crack and peered out. The hallway was empty, now’s the time. He dashed out and ran down the hall towards the elevator. If they gave medals out for sneaking out of people’s bedrooms undetected Irvine would have unending supply of them. However kissing and telling was another matter.

All of Balamb Garden seemed to know Irvine’s conquests, it’s a miracle he even has a bedpost, with the amount of notches in it. Heh. It was a reputation he was quite proud of. And, hoo boy! The amount of fame he would get if people found out that he bagged Squall. It almost made Irvine’s chest swell with pride. Of course, he promised Squall that anything that happened last night would be a secret that no one could ever know about. Well, not so much promised as he was threatened to keep quiet. Although Squall only alluded to skinning Irvine alive with a devilish glint in his eye, but Irvine wasn’t gonna take any chances. He doubted Squall would actually harm him physically, but he would probably take him off missions and give him so many menial jobs that he’d wish he were killed.

When Irvine got into his rooms he disrobed quickly and took a hot steaming shower. He almost regretted losing the scent of Squall on his body, but then he knew the memories of last night wouldn’t fade as quickly. Clad only in a towel Irvine padded to his kitchenette and took out a bottle of water. As he sipped it he began to remember all the details about what had transpired the day before, so much like a dream, yet undeniably real.

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